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  1. Car was like a fridge this morning so was nice to know the heated seats were still as toasty as ever
  2. Your bolster wear looks identical to what I had. For a few pounds and about 20 mins work you can get it 95% perfect.......
  3. Loved the background music in this second installment with some cool visual effects too
  4. I think the weather has been very kind to this summer's car meets. Looks glorious from the photos. Really regret not getting involved in Zed meets more until this past year. Hats off to all the organisers working on getting members together as it really adds that extra special something to Zed ownership
  5. Any reason why you don't plan to use it over winter? I've used mine daily for 17 years unless it's snowing as I don't have winter tyres and she doesn't like some of the steep inclines I drive past. The exterior copes fine with winter when coated with a good wax/sealant. Soft99 Fusso is cheap and easy if you don't want to go full on ceramic coating and is considered by many detailers on YouTube to be as durable as they come next to a ceramic.
  6. 1. davey_83 2. tauvp 3. monkey1983 4. Andy_Muxy 5. ozzy_350zed 6. Defacake 7. PhilT_Zee plus Gimbal😁 8. SHEZZA 9. GranTurismoEra 10. Butcher 11. HEADPHONES
  7. I bought these as recommended by @davey_83. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252659046182 One sheet easily covers one headlight but not quite enough to do both. I struggled doing it myself and would have preferred to have someone help heat it with the heatgun as I stretched it over the curved headlights but that's maybe just me being a novice.
  8. I've only got Autofinesse Tripple which I use occasionally and like. BUT I LOVE my Autofinesse hoodie
  9. Many years ago when Soft99 Fusso went viral, I bought a tub and was well impressed. Watched new products pop up as the new "must haves" Used and loved Sonax BSD neat Sonax BSD mixed with a range of other cocktails. Turtle Wax Seal n Shinea Turtle Wax Dry and Shine Past few months I've gone back to Soft99 Fusso and loving the beading and self cleaning properties. The tub is still about 80% full🤣. I use Turtle Wax Dry and Shine on the rims every wash. Autoglym tyre gel dressing. Gone back to Autosol for tailpipes. What are your current favourites for pampering your Cars?
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391631271373 I got these for the arch liners and engine bay
  11. Two blazing hot summers and my wrapped headlights haven't oxidised at all after their last correction. Spoke to many members now who get amazing results after polishing only to be disheartened after a year as it hazes back. @veeg33had a few years success getting a shop to respray clearcoat on but even this started to fail after a few years. If you plan on keeping the zed for any length of time........ DON'T do what I did for 5 years and try different sealants or ceramic coatings. WRAP FOR THE WIN
  12. Welcome to the OC Nice to have another fellow sunset orange
  13. Wow.....you got a good deal on your insurance WINNING 👍
  14. Nissan certainly have a good eye when it comes to choosing blue paint😎👆
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