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  1. Just ordered a set of these French springs as I'm already in 2 rubber washers in each OEM spring and I'm now needing THREE clicks to open the boot Thanks for the video and the link
  2. So I repolished one of the headlights and then wiped down with alcohol. Re wiped with water. Then started my wrap. All went well til I peeled off the protective top layer. No bubbles but some cloudy patches similar to when celotape sticks against itself adhesive side to adhesive side and when you pull it apart it isn't clear anymore. I thought maybe I used the wrong lube so tried again with JUST WATER........ May as well have tried using it dry....... total mess Going to order another FOUR pieces as I'm adamant to nail this
  3. With my ever losing battle with oxidising headlights no matter what coating I used after polishing, I committed myself to try a wrap to protect them. Being aware of my limited skills I bought 3 pieces with the plan to try wrapping a spare old rear light cluster I have lying around The size and curves being similar to the front headlights would be a good training exercise. Armed with a heat gun and some spray lube (750ml water and a teaspoon of shower gel) I made quite good progress. Just needed to use my fingernail to tuck the edges in tight.
  4. So then I attempted to wrap the headlight.
  5. After just 3 months both of the products have failed. The Meguiars kit looks marginally worse but I'd say both are not really worthwhile buying again. I repolished the driver's side and left the Meguiars kit for comparison.
  6. I rarely do any motorway mileage in my zed. Just around town and 40 and 50 limit dual carriageway for commuting. I average 18-19mpg
  7. There was an owner at the Midlands meet who had a lovely set of leatherette Braums and said he was very happy with the finish and comfort. His are recliners which he said we're so much nicer than fixed buckets. Not sure if he's on here much but I know he's on the Facebook Zed group.
  8. Good to know there's a good place in Leeds to look after our Zeds. Post up a pic of your Zed all coated up. Can't beat a nicely detailed Zed pic
  9. I found this interesting yesterday and I've never even changed my Zeds oil let alone done any engine work. Thought someone else may too.
  10. Welcome to the OC I've always considered the rx7 one of my favourite car designs. Never even sat in one but those curves are to die for
  11. Congratulations on getting your Zed. Glad it's found a caring owner and getting put back to good health.
  12. I bought a big batch of Eurocarparts. They were about a fiver each. Got an OEM Nissan one now. The OEM one has a greater and smoother travel than the generic ones I too dismantled the switch and find it mind boggling how a simple contact switch can fail but fail they did. Let's hope the OEM one I got lasts at least a couple years
  13. I've had a whole batch of switches go on me after just a few weeks/months. I reckon maybe 5 switches in the past year. Also check that the brake fluid level isn't too low or too high. My last switch change was a few weeks ago and at the time I noticed my brake fluid level was slightly high after a service and brake pad and disc strip and clean due to squeaking.
  14. Good to see you back Husky. Like you say. Time just flies by
  15. I'm really liking bronze rims on a white Nismo 370z. Saw one in the flesh with bronze 20" Rohana rims that was lush. But even with the OEM Nismos in bronze really sets it off.
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