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  1. Well the ball is rolling now and we all look forward to seeing the new Nismo chariot you're getting
  2. I think ShortPaul is thinking of selling his Zed. Only about 30k miles on it too.
  3. I thought pic 4 was just a photo of double doors and a workshop. 5 seconds later....... revelation.......it's a reflection
  4. That's a transformation and a half!
  5. The timing is perfect. The Zed looks perfect ........and 34k on the clock is unbelievably good. Even I'm tempted and I already got a Zed
  6. The finish on those wing mirrors looks epic
  7. Rears like I said still look good Bit the fronts were like me and showing their age I'm sure with the rubber cracking like this their grip properties must be unpredictable.
  8. Welcome to the OC That exhaust looks menacing. Definitely post up more pics with it on and even some sound clips
  9. Getting new tyres and wheel alignment next week. Then will be booking the zed in for its 15 year old service in a couple weeks. I know I'll need new platinum spark plugs, but are there any other additional items a zed this age needs in particular?
  10. Noticed front passenger tyre was low last week. Jacked it up.....no nails. Pumped it up but it's been losing 2-3psi a day. Fronts have 4-5mm tread but are nearly 6 years anyway so due replacement. Rears are 2 years 6k miles old and have plenty meat left. But I'm running Falken fk453 which are no longer in production so it looks like I need a full set of new tyres. So after 15 years of zed ownership I've ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. Ekona should approve July is gonna be an expensive month as the zed needs a big service too being 15 years old. Hopefully I'll be able to feel the difference after driving on Falken for over 10 years
  11. Welcome to the OC Going from Micra to a Zed is a jump and a half. Enjoy the good weather in your new chariot.
  12. Welcome to the OC. Definitely post pics. This is a very friendly OC. Don't even think about haters hating on your ride. I remember the auto 350 could be shifted into semi automatic with +/- to change gears. Does the 370 have that too? Perfect photo opportunity to reply
  13. Welcome to the OC Those reflections in the black paint are awesome. Almost looks like the paint is ALIVE. Got that "Predator" moving through the jungle vibe. Got good weather this week. Perfect for stretching the Nismo's legs
  14. The Ark Grip is a work of art. It would be criminal to not have a bumper tuck and good polish to show it off! In fact it would be criminal of you not to post up pics at some point





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