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  1. I envy guys who are so handy with a spanner. The only things I've done on cars in the past was oil and filter changes. Even that was pretty satisfying doing myself. You must be well proud of exploits so far
  2. Sweet Sundays is back. Assorted chocolates eg M&Ms, Maltesers etc. Promotion bags get stars. 2 stars per smaller bag. 5 stars per big one. Tesco's doing the big bags for £2. So 2 bags for £4 and go cinema on Sunday for free at participating cinemas like Cineworld.
  3. I've had a long and gradual path to my current home cinema set up. Back in the 80s while at college I got a stereo amp and speakers from Tandy (now there's a blast from the past) and ran my 14 inch TV into it The most bang for the buck sonic improvements after obtaining 5.1 gear I've experienced are as follows. 1. Active subwoofer. No average speakers will come as close to rumbling your bones. I started with a Rel 200w 10 inch. 2. BIGGER SUB. After 20 years my Rel started rattling so I upgraded to a 500w 12 inch sub with a bigger cabinet My BK Monolith Plus. Best £600 I've ever EVER spent on audio 3. I added 2 more speakers to 7.1. Improvement.......yes. But nowhere near the impressiveness that the Monolith Plus brings. It even rattles the doors upstairs!
  4. Welcome to the OC. I'm also based in Manchester
  5. Exchanged a wave with a nice GM/silver coupe today whilst in my orange zed. Second zed I've passed this week which is a record!
  6. Drove behind me down Kingsway and then Birchfield's road. Exchanged a at the lights.
  7. Welcome to the OC Another 05 owner here, of the coupe variety.
  8. Yeh......those lumps just make me think back to TOWIE and the VAGAZZLE
  9. You mean like "Candyman..... Candyman......Candymaaaaa...."
  10. On a budget? I got these for a couple quid https://www.amazon.co.uk/WINOMO-Polishing-Sponge-Buffing-Adapter/dp/B071LFWJ3Y Stuck on my cordless drill. Used whatever polish I had (Megs Metal Polish and Menzerna bodywork polish both worked well) Mask bodywork first. Unless you coat them the finish will fade after just a few months even if weekly waxing or light sealants like Optimum Optiseal. Stuff like Gtechniq C4 will last me 1-2 years though but are quite costly for just 15/30 ml. But I buy 30 ml and coat the wheels too
  11. Will be reading your exploits with this as we have a 13 yr old Mini Cooper. I find it bags of fun around town. Consumables like brakes and tyres for the diddy 15 inch wheels have been laughably low compared to the Zed
  12. Amazing video!
  13. Nice to see you posting on the OC again
  14. Last 2 mod updates are on point Especially impressed with how a simple rear brake light replacement makes such a big difference. Almost makes the OEM one look like a cheap bodge job!



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