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  1. Shopping at night. Carpark to yourself. Great lighting for Zed photos
  2. Did the Zed put up a fight and bite your thumb during the process😬
  3. Maybe contact Tarmacsportz on their Facebook feed to get your car on the display car park. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1035110229843335/permalink/5400056663348648/?app=fbl
  4. Get that new car feeling after a good clean
  5. I'd get someone to help. On the lower edge you will find the curved contours results l in the film bunching up and you'd find it easier if you can use two hands to stretch the film while someone else heats the film from above. Watch some YouTube videos, buy some Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo to dilute down as lube in a spray bottle. Cut a mmm or so past the edge of the lens and tuck in around the edges. I'm the worst at wrapping and I managed a half decent job, despite forgetting to remove the top protection layer at first then ripping it all off thinking the finish was garbage. Like I said, if you can see any crazing like in my pic it's worth a shot for a few quid. But give the lenses a good polish first. Even if the lenses weren't leaking I'd highly recommend wrapping them to prevent clouding returning after polishing cloudy oxidation away.
  6. @davey_83 has had this brand on his zed for a few years and recommended it to me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252659046182
  7. Your calipers look as new as your new discs
  8. Mine had condensation due to a small crack (I think). Due to overzealous machine polishing the headlights me thinks🤔. After jetwashing or heavy rain, it'd get condensation in. Headlights had never been out in the 17 years I've own it since new. I wrapped the headlights with clear film nearly a year a go and ZERO issues with condensation OR oxidation returning. So for a few quids worth of clear headlight film, I'd give it a go if you can see any crazing before spending on new headlights
  9. I had a DAB headunit fitted in 2010. The aeiral is a windscreen one and is so discreet I don't even notice it anymore. Here in Manchester, in built up areas I may get some drop outs and gurgling when stationary at the lights etc, but never have problems when I'm actually on the move. I must admit I only occasionally use it seeing as I have so many playlists on my phone now, but radio 1Xtra is a always working well for me The adhesive hasn't failed at all despite 12 years of facing direct sunlight. My Zed is always parked on the drive as the garage is reserved for my weekend toy.........the family Kia Sportage which handles like a bus
  10. Blue skies and green grass setting off the cars beautifully there The only downside to this great weather is forgetting to bring suncream as I regretted at Japfest🥵
  11. Tesco pumps near me have been closed for days V-power was 10p more a litre! But it's bank holiday weekend Sun was shining. Petrol tank is full. Zed is washed. .........AND I'M GOING TO THE MIDLAND Z MEET TOMORROW If the Facebook page is correct it looks like about 45 coming with just as many "maybes"
  12. Bronze and black is such a nice combo. Your tyres look dressed to perfection too What dressing are you using?
  13. Have you checked the oil level? May need a top up or an oil change.
  14. Can't beat seeing your rims with clean barrels. These rims would be an absolute nightmare to maintain.......
  15. 2nd Zed must mean you're truly a fan.
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