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  1. Welcome to the OC Don't be shy. Post up more pics
  2. Watched Bowfinger again. This scene was as hilarious as I remember. "You'll be fine......They're all stunt drivers"
  3. Love the rainbow in the headlight shot
  4. Isn't this rule common knowledge? Finished work and see this There was only 1 other car there this afternoon parked on the far left of the car park til this numpty came No scratches or dings so no harm done......just the mind boggles
  5. That's a top job. You should post a link to that Scratc Doctor product for others
  6. Synthetic tracky bottoms will supercharge me with static. Especially the double layered ones. I'm so charged that if I take them off in a dark room it literally looks like lightning sparking from around my legs!!!!
  7. I did another one of these the other evening. Difference this time was 1.The zed had a coat of 50:50 Sonax BSD & Chemical Guys Hybrid Spray Sealant used as a drying aid last proper wash. 2. Ran out of Powermaxed Jetwash & Wax and using Powermaxed Traffic Film Remover now. 3. After the rinse I gave it a spritz of Turtlewax Dry and Shine then gently rinsed the TW off. The Dry and Shine caused epic beading as it was rinsed off and left a nice slick finish. No worries about it going dark by the time I finished as the only time I touched the paint was with my little pinky to feel the slickness imparted by the Dry and Shine.
  8. Welcome to the OC Been a great summer this year for a convertible
  9. Shows how far behind the times I am. Gonna kill the friend who blagged me that it was real
  10. This makes flying over the raised bridge in 2 Fast2Furious seem like a walk in the park!
  11. Cheers for the reply Max. I don't have space for 2 spare sets of wheels so I think I'll let somebody else benefit from your set. Just make sure you post plenty of pics of that porker when it arrives
  12. Can't beat a free fix to brighten your day though
  13. Sorry to hear you're leaving the fold but MY OH MY WHAT A REPLACEMENT Whereabouts in the country are you based? I have some pristine unkerbed OEM 18s that I could swap with you for some beer tokens your way? Tyres are very old as they've been in the garage since 2007 but plenty of tread left.





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