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  1. I've had my 05 DE for 16 years and 70k miles. It's been my daily but with the arrival of kids 12 years ago I use a family car when needed hence only 70k. The only memorable repairs I've needed were. Airbag clock spring costing about £200 where the garage sourced and fitted a second hand unit. Brake pedal switch failed 4 times, but that's a £6 part and 5 minute DIY job. O2 sensors have thrown a wobbler a few times but just needed the codes cleared. Tailgate struts failed twice......it's a HEAVY tailgate. Boot popper s
  2. That's a good price Amazon is doing. The Castrol site says the cheaper M is for the Zed. The Opie oils site says both are recommended. The M it is then Although the Mini has an indicator for service interval which can be upto 24,000 miles or 2 years, I never paid any notice. We've done 48k since taking delivery in 06 but get a service every year never waiting for the service light. Then there's others like my boss. He's got a '91 911 Carrera. Hasn't even changed the oil in FIVE years coz he says he only does the odd Sunday drive in it. But th
  3. I got some oil from Costco for our 06 Mini Cooper. 4 litres of Castrol Edge 5w30 M was £25 Inc VAT. £5 cheaper than the Castrol Edge 5w30 LL. The only difference I can see in the label is the cheaper one is MB and BMW approved whereas the dearer one is MB and Porsche approved with "titanium fluid strength technology" The wife's Mini got the cheaper one last week but would the zed benefit from the dearer LL version? Pics below
  4. I watch quite a few of the creations from this outfit. Extreme conversions done to a very fine level.
  5. Welcome to the OC Looks like you bagged yourself a great car. Always amazes me how extreme the difference in condition can be between cars that are 15 years old. You see some really battered 350z's out there. Leather ripped and worn. Interior scratched to buggery. Arches rusting away. Gearbox shot. Paint looking rougher than a 15 year old chopping board. Then there's yours which looks fresher than alot of 3 year old black cars on the road
  6. I love the darker V1s when the embossed logos are painted and the silver if not. Really love the embossed logos Ray's did a limited run of black embossed LMGT4s too. Wouldn't say no to either V1s. I'm sure they'll hold their value well or even APPRECIATE!
  7. OMG....... that's scary. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. And there was me expecting a typo for "ready to SELL"
  8. Sad to hear you're now zedless, but hopefully you will stay around as an expat and post up your new exploits
  9. The red infinity leather looks lush. This is up for £14.5k. Wonder how much extra you need to spend to get the exterior looking like yours above Whitevanman?
  10. Dang!!!! Those have got some serious road presence. Dare I say even more than a C63 AMG. Looking forward to seeing yours in the flesh Irfan when you come to Manchester
  11. Following on from our resident G35 representative's build thread, I've had a rekindled interest in the G. Thought we could put G related stuff somewhere so it'd be easy to find and showcase the Zed's close cousin. I do envy the US owners. So much supporting mods available to create stuff like this
  12. The cardboard shows his caring side😄
  13. Another supermarket run. Car was washed today so thought why not take a snap or two.
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