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  1. Well said. Amazing how at the beginning the experts said a flimsy surgical mask is useless for the general public as they are leak around the face and offer no protection. "Full gown and N95 masks MUST be worn before coming within 2m of Covid-19 patients" Then March 16 when more PPE was needed more than ever they released new guidelines saying when working within 2m all you need is an apron, gloves and a flimsy surgical mask. The same one that weeks ago was deemed so useless it wouldn't even protect the general public going for a shop down at Tescos I'd like to see these experts leading by example and spending just one day working on these wards with these levels of PPE. They're telling us that in these times we don't need to change the surgical mask for every patient on a Carona ward, but maybe one per session. It was only a few months ago we were being reminded to change surgical masks at least every 25 minutes due to them becoming ineffective when saturated with moisture! We received a lovely reassuring update on the 3rd April. This is my favourite bit at the end "There is good stocks of FFP3 masks in the UK" Yes......coz they're locked away and not allowing staff to use them
  2. That blue looks great under all light conditions. Unless you were a detailing nut like the rest of us you wouldn't spot those blemishes. Had to watch the video twice as the first time I was just bopping away to the tune
  3. You could lose yourself in the bonnet reflections in the second pic Must've been great to forget about the world for a moment and see the fruits of your labour. You'll be popping to the car every now and then tomorrow to run your fingers over that smooth as glass finish on the paint
  4. As mentioned in another thread, little blue tits been perching on my car door and flirting with their reflection in the wing mirror. Pooping while they're at it So I covered the mirrors with plastic bags. but they started just looking at the reflection in the window instead Put the zed in the garage and the Mini on the drive instead. So this is my last resort. Hopefully when they go to perch on the top of the door this moggy will put them off ogling at their reflection in the window!
  5. Glad it's sorted. All the better when you managed to do it yourself
  6. I've been using my AA intelligent charger for over 5 years as we have 2 other cars that get used infrequently as well as my daily Zed. It's slow but steady As I have a garage it makes no difference as I just fit and forget til the next day. £27 now. Was cheaper way back but still cheap enough to be a no brainer. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AA-Battery-Charger-Maintainer-Batteries/dp/B00DW6RHN2 Literally only changed the battery on our 2011 Kia 2 weeks ago. 9 years out of it isn't bad going. I'm sure topping the battery every couple months helped it's longevity. Zed's had its Bosch S4 battery 8 years now and still going strong. Our Mini's battery is 9 years old and still going too.
  7. Looks lovely and clean under there. Must admit I've never seen under mine like that as the garage always does my service and I've never even removed the undertray. The garage do assure me each year that it's looking good underneath
  8. Finished the 2BM wash with polishing the tailpipes. Despite washing weekly I hadn't polished them for a good few months. Feel so smooth now.
  9. As an NHS dentist, all dentistry was banned last Tuesday. We were told only to give advice over the phone and hand out antibiotics and pain killers on prescription as our PPE isn't up to Covid-19 standards. A few practices in each city will be equipped to give emergency dental care only. The rest of us have started to receive redeployment details. 12 from our practice will be part of "comfort/hygiene" teams. As you can see they are expecting severe staff shortages with a team of 3 looking after groups of 30 patients. Each team will have 1 nurse and 2 dental staff. So keep spreading the word to everyone to do their bit to stay safe or it could be ME looking after you in hospital Hopefully I get better PPE than Mr Bean above
  10. My parents live in London and are both elderly, with one having diabetes.They have been staying at home for weeks now.My brothers have been doing the shopping for them and leaving it on the doorstep.But at first they would simply take it in and then into the fridge/cupboard etc.Now got them wiping packaging down with Bleach/Milton at the recommended dilutions and treating the bags as contaminated etc.Just thought I'd share this especially for those with elderly/frail relatives as this is a weak link in the chain so to speak
  11. That's a cool living room setup there. My kids have turned mine into a bomb site
  12. I have been using a Worx Hydroshot for a couple of years now. You can add a prewash soak with the soap bottle accessory. Jet rinse. Do your 2BM wash and then rinse off wheels and body. I use 2 buckets to rinse if I'm doing wheels as well. Plus my 2 buckets for the standard 2BM wash. A single fully charged battery copes with this fine. So in total I lug out 4 buckets and the Worx to the driveway.
  13. The London Underground is a big problem. Carriages are packed like gas chambers





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