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  1. Very creative ad. Someone at Bosch must have some funky nightmares to come up with this
  2. Got one from the main dealer. They ordered it. 2 days later it arrived. Drove to collect it. About £7 if I remember. Including petrol there and back I reckon £12-15. So if you can get one delivered from a different supplier for £15 I'd do that and save time. Or jam a Haribo in and hope for the best
  3. Not sure if a repost. Only just watched this and spotted a blue convertible 370z in the end battle.
  4. +2 Lockwood and Greenwood. They've looked after my zed for the past 11 years. They have a courtesy car available if prebooking work in. If your car is lowered, be wary of the entrance. The left side has a dip. Approach from the right half
  5. Congratulations. Lovely photo that.
  6. Probably been going on for years but still a distressing sight to return to for any owner.
  7. Went to Arcade Club in Bury with the kids today. https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/ Absolutely fantastic with machines I spent much of my youth on in the 70s and 80s upto current VR Occulus stuff. A bar with basic food like hot dogs and burgers that come with Nachos for £3, so not extortionate. Plenty of parking.......but don't bring your lowered cars in case you need the overflow car park with a steepish ramp.
  8. Was at Arcade club in Bury and spotted it Arcade Club was amazing. Europe's largest collection of classic machines. All unlimited use on entry
  9. Spray onto a wet car after washing, rinse again then dry type products. Interesting to see Turtle wax Dry and Shine come 2nd. Carparts4less have it for £5 delivered this weekend with code WEEKEND17 so thought I'd order it just for fun :b https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/turtlewax-dry-shine-750ml-552777351?gclid=CjwKCAiA5JnuBRA-EiwA-0ggPVSCmWK2MT45PMEZq4yxG_V6rosqTSGgz7fqXGRCjAdmwfZoc-_DqxoCwPMQAvD_BwE
  10. Congratulations on the arrival of the newborn baby. Now with two kids 11 and 8, the Zed is about the only thing that keeps me sane. When I'm feeling down and sorry for myself sacrificing friends and hobbies time for the daily grind, just sitting in the zed and go for a simple drive to the supermarket brings a little brightness to my day. Maybe keep it til the warmer weather returns. Get a better price for it then. Or if it becomes your little oasis of calm and a sanctuary from PAR.ENT.ing, keep it, coz every dad needs AphukenbrakE
  11. Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. I've got a Japanese performance magazine somewhere featuring 3 zeds on the cover. One twin turbo. One supercharged. And one with a while heap spent on an NA upgrade. The NA one was owned by Giles who was chairman of the "other" UK 350z forum that became **REMOVED**.com. Was an amazing feature. Gotta have a root around and hope the missus didn't junk it
  13. Surprisingly close! Not to mention the zed had uprated suspension, and the BRZ bigger wheels than stock (probably heavier unsprung weight hampering performance)
  14. In a blink of an eye ten years flies past! That's a Banzai copy worth cherishing



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