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  1. That's an absolute gem of a find
  2. My covers came from CUCU. I went for some custom images I pulled off the net. Full cover for my newer card and a half cover for my older card with raised embossed card details on the lower half. Code ANDY30761 for a 10% discount
  3. So I cleaned the area up and left it overnight to dry. Masked off the area. Cut a section of card to use for smoothing the bead. Placed some sealant on the old trim to secure it back in place. Filled the missing section. Smoothed the bead. Removed the tape.
  4. So the seal on the driver's side was starting to look a little worse for wear compared to the passenger side.
  5. Welcome to the OC We're lucky to have a fantastic Zed community here. If you or your Zed ever need anything, ALWAYS ask on heat before going to the main dealers. Some common fixes could be free and only cost you 5 mins tinkering. Others may still see you going to a garage, but costing you a quarter of the price! Lovely white 370z by the way.
  6. Thought I'd tidy this up a bit 1. davey_83 2. pintopete58 3. George1966 4. Rhysos 5. Headphones
  7. Welcome to the OC . Seems like you found a gem of a Zed
  8. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/23073992.traffic-filters-will-divide-city-15-minute-neighbourhoods/ Oxford are planning to carve up their city into sections that have a 15 min walking radius. To drive through your boundary you need a permit. Your yearly permit will only allow 100 days cross border travel. If you live in a household with multiple adult drivers, your house can have a MAXIMUM of 3 permits a year. YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP First Oxford. Who knows where it'll end
  9. That was such a beautifully video. Could literally have been an advertising video years ago upon release of the 370z
  10. Still have unopened bottles from last year. I was still tempted but managed to resist .
  11. All that worry eh.........we always worry about being palmed off with shoddy work but in this case they came up good
  12. Received mine today at work. The girls at work voted @Azurez33 as being the winning photo AND the most sexy wheels.........well done @Azurez33 Many thanks for another awesome calendar
  13. ........by my 14 yr old daughter She graciously sketched me alot slimmer too
  14. Congratulations on being a mum. It's medically proven that you need to take the below meds...... ......and get to a few meets
  15. Here you go mate. Mine is around 2&1/2 years old
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