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  1. On the original PlayStation it has to be Wipeout Enjoyed GT4 on the PS2. Never really got into Gran Tourismo as much on the PS3 as the PS2, but I really enjoyed Race Driver Grid on the PS3. That was the last racing game I ever bought so I'm not really qualified to say anymore
  2. My brother had a parking ticket slapped on his SUV outside his house! Hope that's the end of it and they don't start keying cars
  3. And here's a narrow kit
  4. Here's the wide one at a meet I was at.
  5. There were 2 kits if I remember. One was full monty with arch extensions etc increasing the width and one without. Used to be a lass on here years ago with a blue one without the extensions. Saw it a couple tes and I thought it looked good. But the wide one has more presence
  6. This OC is one of the reasons I think I've kept the zed nearly 15 years. It's a great place with fantastic members some of which are still actively helping members long after they've sold up and moved onto other cars. I'd try not to pigeon hole your search. Over the years I've seen zeds advertised with a very wide variation in quality. From the early DE models with well over 60k and 10 years under their belt, looking pristine and we'll maintained, to zeds that are under 60k and 10 years old with leather seats worn to buggery, rusted arches and undercarriages, with slipping clutches. So buy on history and condition and don't rule out the older ones.
  7. Ooooo....new acquisition. We need pics!
  8. Welcome to the OC At this age, many Zeds have had a new exhaust due to corrosion at the flange just behind the backbox that joins it to the midpipe. Saying that, I've cleaned there regularly over the past 14 years on my zed and the original exhaust is still fine! If it is falling apart here you could use it to haggle a little off. It's no biggy as you can either get a stainless system from Scorpion, Cobra, Miltek, invidia etc or just pay a shop to weld a piece of pipe in to replace the flange. Mine's just gone over 60k and needed new banana arms as I was getting a knocking noise from front wheels going over bumps at slow speed. Can't remember how much these were but better searching for Mooge aftermarket ones than Nissan OEM as they are about half the price. Rear boot may not stay up as the struts age......so careful when checking the boot in case it falls on your neck like a guillotine!
  9. Ahhhh......that famous dude. The artist previously known as Prince
  10. Goto 15:00 for the end result. This is how Sunset Orange SHOULD have been. As a sunset orange owner I'm going to have to say this is THE most beautiful paint I've ever seen on a Zed!!!!
  11. Good luck on your next car adventure.
  12. Very interesting read. I was intrigued as soon as I saw 2 stroke engine!
  13. I had mine replaced a couple years back by an independent garage. They said alot of people buy the part and mess about turning it before fitting which can bigger them up. I've no clue what they were on about but thought I'd just relay the story in case there was any truth behind it and "twisting" before fitting was hazardous.





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