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  1. I've seen this on a Zed and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The tips are heavenly with discrete and classy branding. The back box has a lovely Nismo embossed on it. Sounds a little deeper than stock but not brash or OTT. Good luck with your hunt and post up pics and video when you get one
  2. Wow. That's one mean zed there. Proper wideness and road presence
  3. Wow......that fabric is ultra mega hydrophobic. You're rivaling even Illogical and Lewis. Schwier with those spheres
  4. I always found the Brabus Smart Roadster/coupe pretty cool for a small car. A bit more manly than a Diahatsu Copen (which I am also strangely drawn to ) ....... just checked and the Copen IS coming back https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows/daihatsu-copen-return
  5. Don't see many mk1s. Loving the MK1 rims........and dat rear
  6. That's proper slammed! The reflections in your paint are just as awesome as your drop
  7. Having 2 primary school children myself aged 8 and 10, they have been exposed and are aware of transgender people way before any formal teachings in school. As such I don't see the harm in schools explaining that some people are different and shouldn't be deemed in a negative way for it. However it's delivery in class is what has to be governed carefully and impartially. In the same way as a child's political and religious views can be easily swayed by influencial people in their lives such as parents and teachers, I am sure at such a tender age so can their identification with gender. I would take a very dim view of any teacher trying to sway my children's views to suit their own. This happened in a secondary school local to me. At an independent school namely Cheadle Hulme Grammar, the old head mistress was openly Lesbian which was fine. However students from the 6th form were telling me how unfair they felt it was when a new common room was constructed exclusively for LBGT students. There were also extra curricular events that were held EXCLUSIVELY for LGBT students such as talks from Sir Ian McKellen. Whether it was this non inclusive promotion of views that resulted in a change of headmaster I don't know, bit the fact it was allowed to happen at all is a little concerning.
  8. We need a NEW thread.........."The exploits of Ms Bidoulph" I'd subscribe
  9. What are your thoughts on this guys explanation? Would a track based bedding in procedure simply mean the pads and rotors mate up quicker for normal street use rather than the usual garage advice of taking it easy for the first few hundred miles?
  10. Beautiful inside and out. Looks like a lovely place to be now. Car....check. Toolchest....check. Fridge for beers....CHECK
  11. Third pic with just the zed and a pitch black background is my favourite. Nothing to distract from the beautiful lines and paint
  12. Check your brake lights come on when you press the brake pedal. The brake pedal switch may have fried and melted/seized inside.
  13. Great ingenuity regarding the cardboard "heat shield"!
  14. Welcome to the OC Don't see many red Nismos here. Looks great. Don't be shy about posting more pics
  15. A friend went and sent me some pics too. My favourite was this monster



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