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  1. 1) davey_83 - PAID2) Andy_Muxlow - PAID 3) HEADPHONES - PAID
  2. Like watching a game of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune!
  3. My missus will check with work on Monday. Hopefully I don't have to mind the kids and I can attend. Will be a first for me.
  4. Ask the garage if there was anyone asking about "a Volvo" that day..........
  5. Damn..... You couldn't make this $h!# up!!!!
  6. Winter's coming! I gotta be like a squirrel and get them reserves up
  7. Were you a forum member back in your zed days? If not, better late than never. Welcome to the OC
  8. I remember reading about this in EVO magazine when the Nissan bods created it. Glad to hear it's still in good health. Bilstein should sell that shock and spring package that they developed. It sounds like a good setup for UK roads.
  9. I saw your zed, but I don't even know if I got to speak to you at all in person. I would have said a personal belated thank you for my boot divider!
  10. But think of the bonus extras. Prime example is that lady that asked if she could leave her Corsa behind and go home with Ken in his Gtr
  11. Was well worth the 4 & 1/2 hour round trip. Despite rain all the way there, it was dry on arrival until the last 10 mins Two free bacon butties each was a bonus. Should have taken a picture of Andy Muxlow's "Zed Hoodie" A true work of art that induced a bad case of "hoodie envy". Ken's comment cracked me up as he pointed to my rims.... "Did you know that those LMGT4s also came with diamond cut lips?" 2hrs of driving there in the rain made them look so manky he thought they were satin grey until I swiped with my finger to show the diamond cut
  12. On a lighter note, At least we're not like Brazil, Scaring the kids with a vaccination mascot that's a cross between Mike Myers and a KKK member!
  13. Looks like a decent turn out. If it wasn't about 5 hours away I'd be tempted.
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