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  1. That would be THREE times the price though and lose it's "budget" status
  2. Self powered. Fit in under 5 mins. Available for less than a fiver
  3. Even when comparing these two PETROL RS5s, the consensus was the engine noise and drama of the older 2013 model trumped all the comfort and performance improvements of the newer turbo model. I wonder what the consensus would be between the 2013 and future electric RS5 version would be!
  4. Ever since I changed out the Bose headunit to my current DAB JVC one, i really like my Bose ampnand sub. The EQ on my JVC suits it perfectly with the EQ set flat but Super Bass on. That guide linky you posted cracked me up. The guy opened the amp up planning to stuff a piece of card in to tighten the contact and he found someone beat him to it as a piece of card was already there Glad you're able to enjoy yours again
  5. Welcome to the OC Good to see another Zed under the ownership of an enthusiast
  6. Don't see many dark blue Zeds on here. In fact I've never seen one in the flesh. Looks well tasty now though
  7. Congratulations on the quick sale. Hope the car stays on the Owners Club.
  8. Wow...... looking factory fresh. They may have to make this a sticky for future alezan owners to benefit from

    Nismo wheels

    That's more like it.......been teasing us for AGES and this is the first proper glimpse of them on the car. But, still not really showing them in all their glory. You're like one of those burlesque dancers just teasing with little snippets here and there. Some nice pics out in the open with full car in view and proper lighting please
  10. Looking in quite good condition without any rips or bad scuffs. A good foundation for cosmetic touch up Looking forward to pics of their transformation
  11. OMG!!!!!! Can't believe you're selling it. Someone is going to get a belter of a Zed Wheels and tyres alone are worth nearly £3k meaning it's the equivalent of getting it for £7k which is a steal!
  12. I'm terrible at spotting staged or bogus videos. What do you lot reckon ........fake or real?
  13. That's a really cool find with such low mileage too Welcome to the OC





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