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  1. Congratulations on your latest acquisition. The cars look so good sat on your drive I'd be tempted to stick a deck chair out there and enjoy a few beers JUST LOOKING AT THEM
  2. How the hell did he not go blind with the reflections
  3. Very distinctive wheels and bumper Will definitely wave or flash if I see you about Manchester. I used to go to Middleton Arena sports complex once a week but my classes have moved. Very nice centre you guys have there in Middleton I'm normally commuting up and down Kingsway to Manchester Curry mile daily in my orange 350 so keep an eye out and wave
  4. Even intricate lips aren't a problem for this craftsman.
  5. Put some C5 on Curing in the hallway. Back on the zed tomorrow. If the test patch holds up over time I'll strip the whole lip and just maintain with C5 and regular washing. If not I'll strip the whole lip and try to use 2k lacquer on afterwards.
  6. Did a test patch on the lip with paint stripper. Before.....
  7. Welcome to the OC Looks well kept. Even the seats showing very little signs of wear
  8. @Silverthorn If I was your local plod I'd be pulling you over so often you'd be mega p!##ed off to the point you'd be like..... "LOOK officer Headphones..... I know it's slammed lower than most and my rims poke out a bit, but can you give me a break and hassle someone else YOU'VE ALREADY TAKEN A DOZEN SELFIES WITH THE CAR THIS WEEK ALONE!"
  9. A local traffic warden definitely agrees with you. He wrote a ticket for my orange zed. "Make: Nissan Model: 350z Colour: Unknown" I wish I took a photo of that ticket
  10. Fellow Manchester member here. Post up a pic of your zed and I'll keep an eye out for you on my travels. The last Zed I saw in Manchester was a gunmetal 370z on Kingsway I think last week. Was it you I was driving behind?
  11. Proper well sorted 370z there. Zeds are totally transformed with a few mods. Amazing how so many different wheel designs suit the Z. I even remember someone fitting BMW 6 or 7 series rims to his zed and it actually worked really well due to their deep concave design!
  12. Those rims are just to die for Especially love the concaveness of the rears.
  13. PS I think you need 4.7 litres for a full oil change too so a 4 litre can wouldn't be enough. The one I found is 5 litres
  14. For an extra £1.25 I'd go Castrol edge On offer here.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-EDGE-Titanium-5W-40-5W40-Fully-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5-LitRES-MOTOR-/143989624448
  15. @Brummiestormer You should post up more of your Temper Orange in different lighting conditions. Very rarely get to see this colour
  16. Got a birthday coming up so I'll put that on a wish list
  17. Congratulations on your incoming chariot. I'm an owner of a much older 05 zed so not so knowledgeable on your questions. I'm sure others will be along with more help. Welcome to the OC anyway Loads of good info here. Sometimes I find it easier to use Google to search info on the OC rather than using the dedicated search function. Eg type 350z-uk.com gallery gaskets It'll throw up lots of threads.... https://www.google.com/search?q=350z-uk+gallery+gaskets&oq=350z-uk+gallery+gaskets&aqs=chrome..69i57.13603j0j7&client=ms-android-xiao
  18. You guys will have to give me an insight with regards to the good the bad and the ugly of car shampoo. I've only ever used Turtlewax and Autoglym shampoo decades ago before switching to Simoniz wash n wax when I discovered Costco about 10-15 years ago. Maybe the £6 for 5 litres is just to hard for me to resist
  19. @msitpro Looks as delicious as an original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut
  20. Welcome to the OC Looking mean in black
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