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  1. Probably the most gorgeous red I've ever seen
  2. Absolutely stunning this As a sunset orange owner this really is making me drool. Out of interest, what was insurance like with all the mods. I know it varies from person to person greatly but compared to other cars you have or have had.....
  3. Not many of these left that are being cherished. Must be fun running through all the gears in it without doing daft speeds like it's modern hyerhatch counterparts.
  4. +1 for Lockwood and Greenwood They been looking after my zed for past 16 years and she runs smooth as day 1. If you book in advance they offer a free courtesy car. Nothing special. Either an 06 Micra, an Aygo or a Nissan Note, but IT'S FREE
  5. Higher bhp figures and faster acceleration doesn't always translate into greater behind the wheel. Zeds and Miatas are a testament to this. May you and your Zed share many more joyous moments 👍
  6. Proper supercar silhouette and colour The type of car that school kids would have posters of in their bedroom. In years to come you'll be reading posts online of a petrolhead that read "My love of cars started when I was a young teen and I'd see this bloke in the neighborhood driving his blue Lotus Emira......"
  7. NEW TOYS! Did the battery have enough puff to do the whole car in one go?
  8. This is great news for Zed owners. Another place to help keep Zeds in tip top condition with technicians with genuine passion and experience in looking after Zeds. All the best for your future endeavours
  9. Could it be after exhaust work it has been nudged a little lower and now touches the W Brace when revved? If so maybe a little adjustment or some washers to space the W Brace a bit lower may help.
  10. That engine bay is just I'd be checking my engine oil daily as an excuse to just enjoy the view
  11. Can't wait to see loads of pics of your Lotus
  12. @SHEZZA got first dibs on it I'm afraid. Hopefully someone else will have a spare ticket. Life can throw a spanner in the works at short notice so you never know 🤞
  13. Please remove me from the list. I'm unable to attend this year 😔
  14. This will tide you over for a couple of quid. Just took a photo of my repair to show you how well it's holding up
  15. Welcome to the OC 65k is a nice low mileage example for an 04.........what a find
  16. Input your reg number here https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle/ Should say it's ULEZ compliant as my 05 Zed still shows as exempt from ULEZ charges
  17. Proper bonkers isn't it. Entry within seconds. No Faraday cage gonna help you.
  18. Was torrential rain on the roads but we got a couple dry hours there. Nice cafe in the museum to get fed and watered while having a natter. Good call @Andy_Muxlow on the carrot cake...... definitely hit the spot. Sorry @SHEZZA, no matter how good their Victoria sponge was I think the carrot cake was just in another league . Good to see @buster back in good health. Half expected to see his Fismo with ANOTHER change of rims . Thanks to @Phil T and co for doing rolling shots with the window down IN THE RAIN. Last not least thanks again @davey_83 for organising another meet at a top venue 👍
  19. That was a awesome ride! The zed did you proud. Definitely a video to treasure 👍
  20. 1. davey_83 2. Cosmic73 *maybe 3. Ksaw 4. Rhysos 5. Andy_Muxlow 6. SHEZZA 7. HEADPHONES
  21. Welcome to the OC Good to see another Zed in the hands of an enthusiast
  22. Have a good trip peeps........not jealous at all stuck here working in gloomy Manchester 🌨️
  23. Received mine today. Thanks @Stutopia
  24. Is this an ALL IN ONE? No need to shampoo wheels, rinse, dry and then use a fallout remover and then rinse again? AND use on the tyres too?
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