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  1. Missus told the kids tonight that she'd planned LEGOLAND for us all that weekend Kids kicked off saying they're too old for LEGOLAND. So I'm now free for this
  2. When you next see a "free" battery check offer at Halfords, drive your car there. Switch their bogus battery back in. Call them out to check it. "Sir....... your battery is dead.....we can sell you a new one" Whip out your receipt and ask for your FREE replacement
  3. Coil pack failure seems to be quite common on Zeds. Had 2 fail on me a few months ago. I also opted to change out all 6. Couldn't be doing with the aggro of the others failing soon afterwards.
  4. Those are some quality images. The only problem is CHOOSING A FAVOURITE
  5. Took the family car for MOT and service. Always nice to see a Zed.
  6. Destined to be back in your hands. How many extra miles had it done since you sold it?
  7. Can't help with any discount codes, but once you've got a price, you may be surprised that your local independent tyre fitter may be able to match or beat it. My local guys matched Blackcircles and MyTyres on supplying MPS4s and included fitting.
  8. Welcome to the OC The Zed definitely has that special "something". Alot of modern offerings are sleeker and faster but the Zed still brings admiring glances and nods of acknowledgement. ........and those curvaceous arches ALWAYS make me look back at her If I had to describe a Zed to someone who's never seen one before, I'd say she's like Salma Hayek, Not the slimmest or most svelte. But for years unanimously appreciated for a dependable performance with killer voluptuous hips
  9. Welcome to the OC The ECU can't adjust the timing of the engine to run safely above around 4k revs on regular unleaded. It needs 98/99ron. The engine oil pressure gauge will read high on initial start up. It drops as engine oil warms up. Don't rag it until it's reached optimal oil pressure. This will read midway at when going 30mph in third or 40mph in fourth. A few Zeds are using oil so check when cold and left overnight. Check every week or so to see if yours needs regular top ups. They don't like mixed tyres so run the same back and front.
  10. The Tarmacsportz FB page shows 14 going so far
  11. Turtlewax Hybrid spray sealant aka Seal n Shine used as a drying aid last week. Moved the car out the drive and got an interesting bead pattern
  12. Welcome to the OC. Absolutely adore those 370 rims. Keep an eye out on the events section. The meets really add another level of enjoyment to zed ownership.
  13. Got my Saturday ticket booked. Looking forward to meet for the convoy. 1. davey_83 2. Andy_Muxlow 3. HEADPHONES
  14. Welcome to the OC Any pics of the soon to be yours Zed?
  15. It still amazes me what a bargain 350z/370Z OEM forged Rays wheels are on the used market. They probably cost Rays MORE to make than the TE37 due to their relatively small runs in comparison to the TEs
  16. Looks like we've got more in common than just a Zed
  17. Good save She must think you're some kind of wizard with those results
  18. Looks like another successful day. How many Zeds were there in total?
  19. Have a great day peeps. I'm spending tomorrow with my parents otherwise I would definitely be there be it rain sleet or snow I look forward to some great photos of the meet.
  20. I thought about that but didn't want the paint stripper to drip down past the lips to the rest of the painted wheel. Keeping it vertical prevents this.
  21. Finally got round to sorting ONE rim today. 1 hour repeatedly applying paint stripper with a brush and wiping wit a kitchen towel to the bottom half. Then rolled the car forward and another hour on the other half. Washed and coated with Soft99 Fusso.
  22. Poor Zed looking much happier in your hands now. That GT4 plaque looks gorgeous. Brings back memories of many hours playing GT4 on my PS2. That cracked alloy looks like an accident waiting to happen Imagine if you knew nothing about cars and bought it driving off without checking!
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