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  1. I'd love to join. Won't know til closer the time after the MidlandZ Summer meet. Will check in after that
  2. What a difference. Will almost make you look forward to tasks involving removing the wheels to see the fruits of your labour!
  3. Welcome to the OC. Gotta love the Zed community. Very helpful bunch
  4. Full oil change and new filter is 4.7 litres
  5. Really envy you having a car port. Car protection from the sun and the rain and lots of space I have a small garage but it's a tight fit and a bit of a faff to shuffle cars round to get in and out so I keep our occasionally used Kia Sportage in there and park the zed on the drive unless I'm detailing or topping up the battery. Ideally I'd like a car port too........or a massive double garage
  6. My aging brain can't remember if I got sent a ticket. I paid on 2nd of June registering under 350z-uk.. Did we get sent a ticket or email confirmation?
  7. Car was covered in dust/sand. Only had a coat of Fusso 3 weeks ago. A quick wash after work turned into an extra coat of soft99 Fusso.
  8. MOT and service due on Friday then squeeze a wash in sometime before the meet to see you there
  9. Treated the Mini with some Bit Hamber Korrosol today. So satisfying on white paint.
  10. Nissan should order in bulk and include it in the sale of forthcoming 400z Nismo!!!
  11. https://www.fratellowatches.com/casio-nismo-eqs-930nis-1aer/
  12. That's a fine looking "stand out" chariot you have acquired
  13. That's glowing as if the paint's on fire!
  14. Forgot about Condorman. Saw it in the cinema as a kid
  15. Proton Satria GTI. Weapon of choice for petrol heads in Malaysia back in the days
  16. You'll have to let me see and hear your install at Drive-R
  17. The sky reflectio s look so magical in your Azure bonnet . Now minus the coating of dust and grime you must have got that new car feeling again. Hopefully the weather holds out and you can enjoy a good blast around without instantly having muck thrown up the sides of the car. I often mystify neighbours by rinsing the car down just a day after washing if the roads were wet after a drive (Filtered rinse BTW to prevent spotting)
  18. I do get a bit mystified at the ones who feel it's too much effort to use the designated cycle paths on my commute and then show the finger to the drivers who overtake them at high revs when the opportunity finally arises. I try a big "WOOSAAAA" and think to myself.......poor sod has only got a bike and lucky me living the Zed life in my 350z
  19. That's the meanest looking exhaust design. Bumper tuck is definitely mandatory with that
  20. 1) davey_83 - paid 2) monkey1983 - paid 3)HEADPHONES -paid
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