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  1. MDMetal

    Radio reception issues

    It was indeed it's located just by the antenna in the boot. I've no idea if it's the same across all the 350z's regardless of age.
  2. MDMetal

    Radio reception issues

    It was my exact issue yes, sorry I can't tell you what the expected voltage is I just took it on faith to replace it but yeah testing would be good!
  3. MDMetal

    Radio reception issues

    The antenna needs to be powered to work correctly. I had to buy a new antenna unit many moons ago when I bought the car for the same reason (existing unit was doing nothing) I think I got it from Alex
  4. MDMetal

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    According to It'll be blue/white striped wires, they also power the antenna
  5. MDMetal

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    There is I believe an amp-on cable from the stereo to turn the amp on when required, maybe with an aftermarket system your amp has been made always on or on via a switch somewhere.
  6. I think it looks gorgeous tbh, if you swapped all the badges back to Nissan then we'd all be opening our wallets! It arguably respects the shape and design a lot better than most after market kits.
  7. MDMetal

    How to - Fix the Inaccurate Fuel Gauge (.pdf)

    I don't have the pdf but I have done the procedure, it's not too complex, -Move your seats forward -Disconnect the battery -remove the subwoofer/parcel shift trim -Remove the insulation/sound deadening behind. -Remove the screws from the tops of each side tank -remove the o rings, -wiggle the sender out. -Clean/replace -reassemble Make sure to do it outside or in an open space, with as little fuel in the tank as possible as you'll be getting lots of fumes. Advice at the time was to replace the o rings and avoid getting fuel on them. Electrical contact cleaner was what I used to clean the floats. Bare in mind it'll break again but maybe not quite as badly as it was previously, mine still gets fluffy once you get under 70 miles
  8. MDMetal

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    The volt meter on the dash isn't going to help, the difference between starting fine and lacking enough juice is about 1/2 a degree on the dial!
  9. MDMetal

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    Even the most basic battery testers usually also help spot if the alternator is charging correctly. How many times have you started the car per battery? Either something is draining it like an accessory that's plugged I. (or an after market stereo) or the alternator isn't charging the battery. It's quite simple either it's leaking or not being charged! Work out which one and the remedy should be simple
  10. MDMetal

    4 door audi TT

    Heh the tt is the a4 platform isn't it?!
  11. MDMetal

    Pitted Brake disc. Replace or monitor?

    It's just advice, have a look at it yourself and see if you can see the issue then just take a peek every few months. Probably find they happily last a year or more and might not even come up next year.
  12. MDMetal

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    Personally I swapped both arms as its a driveway diy job so I did it over a weekend as at a time it was a daily car. Means it's all done and good, that's just me though!
  13. MDMetal

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    I figured the ball joints would be going as well and bought some Moog ones from Torqen and did it all myself. With the bushes you'll need to get a garage to do it so either pay for them to do everything or take the arms off and take them to the garage to press out/in. Obviously not so good if it's your only car.
  14. MDMetal

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    Just to be clear your saying you just want to replace one arm and both drop links? I'd really get both arms swapped, if one's failed the other won't be far behind. The car's going to feel a bit odd with very differently behaving arms not to mention that the process for swapping one is pretty much the same for 2 if your doing it yourself or paying it's more economical to do both at once.