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  1. MDMetal

    DIY wrap

    Amazing stuff! Did you remove any panels prior to wrapping? How was your paint work before wrapping? I have so many chips and scratches
  2. MDMetal

    DIY wrap

    Wow, so how long did the wrap take and how many mistakes did you make? It's something I've always fancied doing over the winter or something, from the photos it looks superb!
  3. MDMetal

    Sooty rear o2 sensors

    Yah looks like that's what they're reading so the heater circuit is fine. I assume there's no way to test the rest of the sensor? So ruled out the heater circuit, either the sensor itself is broken or the oil is causing issues or the hfcs just really really don't like them
  4. MDMetal

    Sooty rear o2 sensors

    Continuing my little saga of trying to tidy up faults.. My battery died about two weeks ago and the reset my cell so I figured after a year or so of ignoring to see what the current codes were... P0158 O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2) P1166 - HO2S 2 bank 2 - minimum voltage So its the same sensor. I lifted the car and removed both rear sensors they both look very sooty and very black. I'd seen a video where someone was saying you should be able to measure resistance across the two black wires, well I tried the black and the grey and the black vs everything else, infinite resistant is that a valid test? Given my issues with using lots of oil and looking at photos of oil contaminated sensors is it possible that my oil issues caused the sensors to fail and not the hfcs? If so sorting the oil issues and replacing the sensors is a sensible direction rather than just ignore the sensors?
  5. MDMetal

    Passenger door unlock

    Works on any car surely? I have a 54 plate and I switched the functionality
  6. MDMetal

    DE losing oil slowly...

    I'll be checking the rocker gaskets and spark plug o rings I guess! Out of interest if it is burning some oil would that explain the HFC's throwing cel's occasionally? As the exhausts will contain slightly more oil vapour than expected?
  7. MDMetal

    DE losing oil slowly...

    Sounds similar to me, I checked out the PCV this weekend and it's quite oily when removing, I'm going to see about checking inside the plenum to see how clean it is in there, maybe an oil catch can is a good investment. I'll have to read up on the rocker cover and see how to check for issues there.
  8. MDMetal

    DE losing oil slowly...

    5w30 from halfords *hides* what do people recommend? 5w40 perhaps?
  9. MDMetal

    DE losing oil slowly...

    What's the fix? Mile wise It's actually been standing for awhile but 6 months ago it was my daily and had the same issue, certainly had many happy years previously but the fact it's persisting makes me worry. How serious is this issue?
  10. MDMetal

    DE losing oil slowly...

    For the past few years it feels like I need to completely refill the engine oil every 3-4 months. I'm not seeing any puddles of oil or odd smoke so not really sure where it's going. I used to suspect the sandwich plate to my extra oil cooler wasn't tightened properly but I fixed that awhile back so it's a mystery again. Anyone have any thoughts that I should check for?
  11. Awesome sauce! I've foolishly agreed to move house but this kit is still on the cards! Especially since I'll have a nice double garage to play in!
  12. MDMetal

    Gen 3 Glasscoating

    Claybar makes such a difference I claybared my 650i last weekend which is obviously much newer but looking forward to giving the 350z some love, it's never had a proper detail really just lots of washes so time for a treat!
  13. My wallet is burning! How bad is it likely to be?
  14. MDMetal

    am I mad? pad Won't fit

    What's tight the pad against the disc or the top and bottom of the bad against the caliper?
  15. MDMetal

    New wing.. looks like crap!

    I assume he didn't check the work prior to you picking it up then? Frankly I wouldn't care who did the work if it left unchecked it's still the owners mistake. I never understand how these things happen surely everyone involved knew it was @*!#, why not just come clean right away