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  1. Personally on the DE I found the airbox trumpet mod (I forget what it's really called :P ) gave the best improvement in feel vs cost. made the car much smoother on the throttle.
  2. KK so if you've not negotiated a reduction on the sticker price then as you say it's a straight 8K for the car. I wouldn't be faffing round in the hopes of saving a grand over a car you really want.
  3. but whats the sticker on the new vehicle say? Have you negotiated on it?
  4. Do both need replacing? Drop links are cheap and easy to replace, I'd narrow the issue down before replacing everything you can.
  5. The level of movement is often hard to spot, you can either undo the drop links and see if they seem stiff and firm or loose and wobbly or if you can replicate the clunk on the driveway or whatnot just undo the droplinks and see if that cures the clunk.
  6. Hehe it's the phone bluetooth thingy (though not the actual dongle) feel free to remove
  7. The navara is the lefthand side it's a standard 7pin plug (I think it's 7?) I found one on ebay but they're in no way special
  8. I picked up a second hand Navara mirror which is what several people have done. Essentially they're all similar, power negative and a reverse input to ensure the mirror isn't dimmed when reversing
  9. There's a speaker or mic up there somewhere, if you want to run an auto dimming mirror I'd recommend you take power/negative/reverse from the stereo rear and run it up the passenger pillar, it's what I've done as have others. The dome lights are notoriously finicky and people have blown fuses or even the body control unit fiddling with the dome lights and power. If you've got the headlining off then you can also pop a gps arieal or whatnot up in that space as well. You could retro fit auto lights or wipers from other cars. Plenty of slightly newer Nissans have these features they're essentially wired to "on" with the function acting as a relay.
  10. Quite 4 expensive tyres later.... If you want it get it but best not get it on the assumption of what the price will be in a few years.
  11. Admittedly not a fancy electric car but I've a BMW 650i GC, original owner paid £89,000, after two years the second owner paid £55,000 and after another 2 years I picked it up for £27,000. For me that's a typical depreciation curve. Now clearly although it's rare (only 13 in the country!) it's just a rare version of a common car (plenty of 6 series around) I don't see what will be a special but fairly common Porsche holding it's value much better?
  12. Which one? The running costs are still something unless you've got free electricity? Even then no fuel and no road tax is going to save you what £1500 - £2500 a year?
  13. Yah Cambourne to the science park :/ stuck with the times as I have to drop our son at nursery as well
  14. Well Cambridge's roads are just awful atm so I feel for you, my morning commute is 45min to an hour to travel 6 miles! It's definitely nicer with an auto, I've taken the BMW to work most days to give my left foot a rest from the clutch in the 350
  15. As my dad says "someones got to keep the economy going!" You'd have to be doing some serious miles for that to bare out. Purchase price is always the biggest factor. I'd always get something cheaper with slightly higher running costs if I could get something nicer. It's like people who worry about the tax band, if it's a serious concern then your buying the wrong type of car. That said buying something with silly maintenance and running costs won't end but most cars available are much of a muchness.





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