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  1. I'm in no rush, sometime later this year would be fine need to save the pennies for a few months after buying something big and shiny for the weekdays. I didn't think the weber was being produced it's such a nice look, lusted after it for so long
  2. aw f*ck my wallet! How much is the webber front/rear? http://www.webersports.jp/gallery/gallery_list-3194-14915-1.html I've drooled over this for far too long.
  3. Lost nut inside tailgate... help

    The tailgate weighs a ton though!
  4. Lost nut inside tailgate... help

    I have tried but the problem is the whole boot is also a magnetic metal so magnet on the inspection camera isn't easy to manoeuver to the right spot, guess I just need to keep trying!
  5. I doubt there's much help but probably good for a laugh! I unbolted my spoiler and I've lost one of the nuts inside the tailgate void. Any thoughts on how to remove it? I've tried sliding an inspection camera inside with a magnet and although I can see it I've failed to fish it out It seems to be trapped up near the 3rd brake light and seems to be fully stuck as slamming the boot doesn't loosen it.
  6. Ceramic Coating

    Seriously pondering getting my new car coated so it stays nice and shiny and gets some added protection, my 350z is always looking like a mucky pup as I'm terrible for washing it
  7. If your paying main dealer prices then it's sadly going nowhere, the only real reason to pick a main dealer is... 1) the car is so specialist that nobody in the area is of any use (Not the case here unless you've got a very niche issue) 2) you want the main dealer stamps (adds nothing to the value of the car at this age) The car won't fall apart at an Indy it's not a complicated piece of engineering. If it does develop something more interesting the true specialist garages on here would be more worth your time and money.
  8. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    Arms and droplinks can all be done on the driveway
  9. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    is it a light or heavy noise? the heavy clunk is the banana arms the lighter clunk or clang are the droplinks.
  10. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    The Mazer nets you a Ferrari engine...
  11. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    Does the world need more german cars? Get a Gran Turismo
  12. Ripped off

    +1 for the trek quotes! Indeed large chains are masters for milking customers and generating profits but your average small indy is doing a tough job. Most of their cash is tied up in metal on their forecourts with no guarantee it'll sell or they'll break even on it. For every car you think they've made a killing on they'll have several which they've lost on. You just need to look how most cars loose in 3 months to see that the aim of the game is to keep the cars rolling as it were. That's before rates and tax! If it was that easy they'd all be minted and everyone would be setting up showrooms! Just think how many cars do they sell a week? Probably 1-2 so all of their weekly costs need to come from one sale, it's mental when you think of it, a few slow weeks and you need to start selling off cars for less than you paid just to sort your bills out and before long your underwater. I've a lot of time for decent indys and when I haggle it's different to a large dealership where you know it's already marked up excessively and the cars are as common as anything. Indys generally have individually better cars at more reasonable prices and take a bit more time and care (the decent ones anyways)
  13. DIY carbon parts for the interior.

    Still looks awesome, I did wonder how you did the little cubby hole in the door handles, looks like you just cut the sheet as best you could and polished the inside? That's the bit the scares me!
  14. DIY carbon parts for the interior.

    Nifty, the splitter was with 1 single sheet no join?
  15. Colour matching....

    I agree but considering the amount of scratches and chips it's either a full respray in which case i'd rather go for a unique colour but do all the shuts and interior so silly money or just fix it myself over time when I can. It's not terrible but it bugs me and I feel if I did them in one go over a month it would be back to looking awesome and then possibly move onto wrapping it myself but I'm not going down that route until the paint's sorted. Red is a pain but looks gorgeous when it's all washed and waxed! I guess I can fling them an email with a photo of their paint vs mine and see where we get to!