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  1. Don't be put off by things like this there's no "skill" required it's following a process. Nothings hidden and there's no special knowledge required just follow the steps and don't drop anything inside your engine :P
  2. My GPS antenna sits above the rear view mirror, I took the A pillar and passenger dash off and put it up and through the headlining, looks 100% stock Just do it properly and it will look proper!
  3. quote a few guides on youtube. I've got mine to do and this video seems like a complete walkthrough...
  4. What an idiot, what's cool or clever about this? The only thing your showing off is your own idiocy. If you race a car in a street it's just a competition to show who has less regard for anyone but themselves.
  5. None of this is tricky but you do need a multi-meter and to do it properly, seal any new joints you make and not leave wires dangling, you obviously have to be OK with removing bits of trim etc. Think carefully about an existing circuit that meets all your condition and use that so your logic is all sorted.
  6. These already have oil seals in correct? so your replacing two components in one go? the main gaskets and the oil seals?
  7. Silly question. I saw some awhile back involved drilling bits out etc these I take it are completely identical to the OEM ones? remove and replace? How much work is it to replace them? I'm sure I have some leaks somewhere
  8. Well we can only go on what we know!
  9. Except they aren't building in Europe, not one of the Japanese factories is moving to Europe, the trade deal and decline in sales is what's started this. Us being in the EU might have delayed the move but that's it.
  10. If us leaving the EU was the cause then these companies would be moving to EU countries they're not all of the Japanese companies are returning to Japan, partly due to the fact EU sales are dipping and partly due to the coming trade deal between Japan and the EU meaning there's little point to having EU production for models reducing in volume. Yes we'll need to come up with our own trade deal but ultimately they're moving due to the fact market conditions have meant ANY EU production isn't sensible anymore.
  11. MDMetal


    Not a fan of that design but the finish looks great bodyshop or yourself?
  12. Mines mirrored with admiral, that's from my cheap 350 onto something much more pricey!



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