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  1. MDMetal

    Lots of 350z Parts for Sale

    The intake pipe and spacers, you know the make of either?
  2. MDMetal

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Doesn't look like it was a case of something abrasive rubbing against it once or twice it looks very much like general wear and tear, only you know how forcefully you brush against it every time you get in and out but does seem odd for a car so new and with so few miles
  3. MDMetal

    Help! Fuel light faulty

    Known issue, you need to get the float sensors out of each tank side and give the contacts a good clean and reassemble, it's a bit of a pain I did mine years ago and it's better but it's never as good as it should be. There's a guide somewhere I tried to find it but failed takes a few hours but it's the same procedure as replacing them except you just clean them (obviously!)
  4. MDMetal

    bonnet gas struts

    Rite of passage
  5. MDMetal

    bonnet gas struts

    I've got em fitted, great product, great price what's not to like?
  6. MDMetal

    [SOLD]Hard race 350z gearbox mount

    IS it solid or stiffened rubber? Just thinking of the change in noise/vibration totally solid is going to be quite a lot of increase but a stiffer rubber shouldn't be too bad?
  7. MDMetal

    [SOLD]Hard race 350z gearbox mount

    How much work are they to install?
  8. The areo set is basically just the front and rear bumpers along with the skirts for a discounted price? Then everything else is optional effectively either in frp or carbon or without
  9. No :/ and I keep staring at this! BTW the webber kit with from sides and rear I assume doesn't include the front fins nor dlrs?
  10. MDMetal

    Battery Problems

    If your belts squeak at all esp during start up that's a sign they need replacing/retensioning
  11. MDMetal

    Coding options?

    Things are more mod based on the 350z, parts generally aren't coded so it's easier to do things. That's the plus/minus of the situation. Eg If you want auto folding mirrors there's a mod sold by flyboy on the forum which you can add to your electronics Throttle response you can buy a kit to change the curve Want an auto dimming mirror? Install one from another Nissan etc Most things are quite easy and only remapps and tuning are things that need to be done professionally, the rest is just getting your hands dirty
  12. MDMetal

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    The market is pretty clear as to the value of the e46 vs the 350z you can debate which is really nicer and everyone will have their own opinion but the market is pretty clear. Unless your holding something unique or something rare then it's down to what the wider world considers worth putting money into and classic bmws have for awhile now been safe bets
  13. Yah the weight is out, still doesn't spring I think it's the hinges need oiling, it creaks now heh
  14. MDMetal

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    They sold less of the cars so there isn't the same demand for mod's it's not a time issue it's a numbers one. While the looks are subjective I think for most people the 350 sits in with a set of "classic" japanese car and the 370 is a little bit further away from that. Time will tell I guess
  15. MDMetal

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Yup exactly this, the appeal of the 350 is the cost to entry for the power given and the availability of mods and parts, the 370 fairs a bit worse there and the looks are subjective, otherwise what's the real difference? They're very similar to drive, one has a slightly nicer interior and slight more modern styling but they're niche. I see the 350's having larger demand and therefore when prices bottom a higher demand.