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  1. 2-4 isn't an issue for me but 6-8 is definitely on the limit, at 6 weeks it's a properly spluttery slow start, 8 weeks is dead battery territory. No worries though I'll pop it on a trickle charge in the garage. Speaking of which my current charger is basically a transformer and 2 croc clips (ebay special) it works fine but I wonder if there's a nicer version people recommend?
  2. For the past year and a bit I've been swapping between the 350 and my other car (Thwarting my attempts to get it over 100k miles) Often it sits in the garage for up to 6-8 weeks, twice now the battery has discharged and I've had to let it charge over a few days before using it when it's perfectly happy again. In the 7-8 years of ownership It's had a few batteries so it's kept fairly up to date. I've no problem with putting it on trickle charge while in the garage I'm just wondering if people consider it should be able to sit for up to two months and still be able to start happily? It has an aftermarket stereo/rear camera/auto folding mirrors, rear view mirror mod but all of them should have been wired up to the correct power (ie not the always live). It's perfectly happily not being used for a few weeks but 2 months seems to be the limit, does that seem about right? The fancy BMW just seems to turn things off to ensure the battery doesn't drain obviously the 350 doesn't have those sort of features. Just curious
  3. MDMetal

    Quick Jack

    Similar for £1000 I really want to know they're awesome! I'm always looking for better jack's I hate using the smallish trolley one I've got!
  4. Damn you Adrian! I'm a good few years behind on my z purchases and you keep adding cool stuff!
  5. I think most people get YouTube.... The issue isn't that he financed it, he broke the terms.of the agreement. It's not his property why on earth should BMW want him messing with their property?
  6. 100% agree, what's scary if he doesn't understand his responsibility to read some paper that clearly outlines the terms of the contract does he actually understand the responsibility of driving not just a car but an extremely powerful car? Why is it in these situations people defend this sort of action? have sympathy for these people or even rail against the terms of the deal. Don't like them? Don't buy the car, it's not an item you need to live. I bet he sets up some sort of donation page and gets other idiots to pay for it. Ridiculous and the rest of us who accept our responsibility and make choices accordingly get the rough end.
  7. Inexperience is applicable to a skill that's learnt through experience/training/repetition he decided to either ignore or not check or assumed because his friend did something he'd be fine. That's what I call stupidity, your in charge of your own actions, the documents contain all the info needed you are fully responsible if you comply or not. If you've decided not to comply with the conditions then you've assumed responsibility for the outcome. To pretend there's some injustice here is laughable.
  8. Inexperience? I'm confused, he didn't read or choose to ignore the terms of his finance deal that's nothing to do with experience!
  9. I think I have aftermarket bushes on my frame so would have to see if they'd fit. Do they do one for the diff?
  10. Shame then she didn't speak her mind at the point her mind was exactly what were people were using to decide their vote? She's elected because she got the most votes, votes cast based on her views or the views she stood next to. If she feels the people she represents are better represented with another set of views that is also fine but she should go back to those people and check. Principled politicians in the past have done so, why can't she? I think we know the reason, that if given a chance she would be unlikely to be returned to parliament, and if she knows that then surely she can't be expressing the views of her constituents?
  11. Which just underscores why people are voting for a brand new party that has one explicit aim...
  12. So just pick the one whose name comes first because if they can change their personal views entirely 180 whats the point in asking me who to pick? There's no mechanism to hold them to account, there's no requirement for them to actually stand on the views they intend to vote on... but they get to decide how to act on a referendum outcome and pretend they stand for their constituents, so how does that work?
  13. I think you miss judging my point somewhat I have no issue with debates taking place and indeed whatever my personal view is winning or losing (to put it in those terms) However what I do have an issue with (and you seem to be saying is just how the system works) my local MP Heidi Allen standing for election last time round as a conservative alongside the party manifesto to enact brexit. She's now decided she didn't really mean that and is busy pretending she never said any of the things she's said on camera and in print. Further more she's decided what she really meant was that we should a vote with express outcome of choosing to Remain. That's not debate or adjusting to a change in landscape that's an about face. While she's arguing this is only fair and the people should decide she hasn't actually checked whether that's what the people she represents at a local level actually want. So she's all for votes if she things she can get the outcome she now believes in but presumably against votes where she won't agree with the outcome (ie a local election) So how is that democracy? How can we have a system where every 4 years we get 1 go to pick who nest expresses our viewpoint if they can then the next day change their mind and stand for something different. Both main parties have done similar and this is why the brexit party is gaining traction as it seems somewhat unlikely they'll come to an arrangement that involves not leaving.
  14. Sort of... The fact certain MPs stood on a party manifesto and are now backing away for it and arguing that we should have a "peoples" vote (which they can't actually spell out what the question would be) whilst simultaneously saying they don't need to stand at a by-election despite radically changing their views somewhat complicates things.
  15. To raise an issue and say hey look we want to get started but we really need to work this bit through. Instead they all lept on board and now a laod of them are trying to pretend they never actually voted to leave. Assuming the issue of being stuck in a horrid limbo is resolved and assuming the transition is purely temporary then I guess the WA is largely acceptable although again it's trusting a bunch of people who seem untrust worthy!



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