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  1. Fitted mine last night absolutely perfect, boot springs up and I can then lift the tailgate one handed, previously it was a two handed job to press the latch and lift the boot at the same time. Very happy! For reference this is the spoiler I have..
  2. Heh yeah and always with the driver door opening out! I'll always park near a nice car but with a cars width between that usual discourages people parking between.
  3. Yeah people say that but I've done the penny trick when I bought the car 7 years ago, I've bought new springs as well and it's never cleared properly (also new struts updated) so I'm.eager for these to arrive and me to try
  4. Cool thanks! I'm genuinely torn in terms of what to do I think a cylinder block stick thats 1-2 inches taller would be perfect the ball and stick is probably the easiest to get the height perfect but not the style
  5. Looking good, where did you get the extension? I was pondering if an extension and ball knob was better or something longer like the mishimoto cylinders if they added some length
  6. Anyone have any recommendations for a slightly longer shifter knob? I've wanted to change the stock for awhile now and with the short shift something that sits an inch or 2 taller would be nice.
  7. Wow what a change! Still getting used to the extra effort but the firmness is really something you know exactly where the gears are that's for sure! I'd never understood the point of them since the 350 has such a short gearstick but that's because I didn't understand what they actually did till I watched a video. Very easy to fit maximum two hours and a chunk of that is wiggling the rubber boot back on the linkage underneath. Anyways of people fancy one then I'd say it's definitely worth it to give the car a more solid feel. It's a better feel than changing your gearbox mount and doesn't add all the nasty noises! Ps it was the tarmac sportz shifter i got
  8. More than you'd want to pay :P Seriously the OEM stuff is more than the aftermarket parts which sound nicer, I said I'd just keep it stock but as soon as bits fail your better off buying something fun and cheaper thats just as good if not better quality.
  9. Nothing wrong with secondhand cats when I bought the z originally and the cats needed replacing I did get the Berk HFCS they've never had any issues with the test and it's had about 6 mot's with me at different garages so no winks or nudges needed. I did get the warning light a few times but since replacing the rocker covers last month so far the light hasn't come back so perhaps the light is triggered by oil in the exhaust. Either way second hand is fine and the Berks (or similar) have the exact same fitment. They sound nicer and from new cost less
  10. In the interests of the group (but mainly myself) I've ordered some so I'll let people know how they cope!
  11. Amazing! These are basically stronger more powerful versions of the OEM ones? I'd buy some 100% even before buying a big heavy spoiler I had updated struts and new OEM versions of this and the boot refused to open so this would be great. How much would they be? (Sorry I looked at the website!) Looks like a decent price. Do you know how much more powerful they are than OEM?
  12. MDMetal

    Huge misfire

    Leave it on idle and stick your hand underneath to see if you've got an exhaust leak somewhere in the system. You can normally feel the breeze against your hand if you do
  13. MDMetal

    Huge misfire

    heh good stuff, although annoying a garage managed to put them back wrong :/ it's not a huge mystery if you look at the harness
  14. MDMetal

    Huge misfire

    You'd hope not but it's true the plugs on the passenger side aren't connected in the order they leave the harness however it should be obvious from the lengths where they go.
  15. MDMetal

    Cylinder brace...

    Are these available for our differently sided z's? Is there a UK alternative? Seems like a simple and effective mod https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-motorsports-350z-g35-brake-master-cylinder-brace-p-8459.html





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