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  1. I'd have thought it's a bush on the control arm (if that's what it's called I always forget) the shocks are testable by pressing on the car but worn shocks shouldn't bump they just don't restrict the movement as designed.
  2. Have you changed the rocker covers? I'm definitely burning less oil with new covers (Which include a new pcv valve)
  3. Nice stuff! Did you spray your fluid bottles or are they aftermarket replacements? Looks very neat and tidy!
  4. MDMetal

    Rusty nuts

    What type of grease do you put on the threads? Presumably the gtr doesn't have those annoying metal clips which seem to only serve to shred plastic components?
  5. MDMetal

    Rusty nuts

    Argh! Is what we all say, once again we need to undo the under tray once again the nuts have rusted once again an arch liner or something gets torn. What's the solution? I have my lovely torqen undertray which is still going strong after 6 years or so (buy one of you haven't got one) but arch liners are still prone to the stupid rusted clips spinning and cutting through them. For people who regular get under the car and fiddle with bits what's the solution?
  6. I've gone off the back of the maser now, it would need to be sharper these days but it's a lovely car and would certainly drive people wanting to own one (actually owning things is a different topic) but instead they went off and built a limited supercar that nobody will ever get the chance to own
  7. In case anyone ever stumbles over this. I replaced the rocker covers which had been leaking and causing lots of oil in the plenum and I've yet to have the 02 light come on so no doubt a ton of burnt oil was making it's way over to the sensor and causing issues. If you've an o2 sensor that constantly trips with HFC's then I'd recommend checking your Plenum to see if things are leaking
  8. MDMetal

    DE rocker covers

    I fitted his replacements last month and all well so far Garage wise it's a good few hours work (ie 4)
  9. Lovely pics, Ely is in Cambridgeshire tho
  10. Anyone installed them on the 350? They look a lot cleaner, was thinking of painting them the body colour when I tidy up my engine bay and do a wire tuck, makes it look a lot more minimal.
  11. Fitted mine last night absolutely perfect, boot springs up and I can then lift the tailgate one handed, previously it was a two handed job to press the latch and lift the boot at the same time. Very happy! For reference this is the spoiler I have..
  12. Heh yeah and always with the driver door opening out! I'll always park near a nice car but with a cars width between that usual discourages people parking between.
  13. Yeah people say that but I've done the penny trick when I bought the car 7 years ago, I've bought new springs as well and it's never cleared properly (also new struts updated) so I'm.eager for these to arrive and me to try
  14. Cool thanks! I'm genuinely torn in terms of what to do I think a cylinder block stick thats 1-2 inches taller would be perfect the ball and stick is probably the easiest to get the height perfect but not the style
  15. Looking good, where did you get the extension? I was pondering if an extension and ball knob was better or something longer like the mishimoto cylinders if they added some length





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