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  1. One day someone will discover using pigs pee and a bit of tin foil in an old ice cream tub maybe the answer?
  2. Was that someone doing a PowerPoint presentation and filming it on a phone? I still like it some angles look a bit odd but zeds tend to look better in the flesh anyway as a rule? Come on 2040 hurry up I want to see one.
  3. If nothing else there seems to be serious investment now and eventually someone will get that breakthrough but cost and ease of manufacturing will be the turning point. Let's see hopefully by the time I retire but then I won't be able to afford EV unless they do cheap motors and battery kits for my old Beetle.
  4. This sounds promising on the EV battery front? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/19/electric-car-batteries-race-ahead-with-five-minute-charging-times Of course the expensive top end cars will no doubt get this first and by 2035 I expect cheaper cars like the Zoe will too but lets see? Although I do think there is a touch of showmanship going on to grab headlines and get investors?
  5. I think it was a cheap BHS copy, white socks and usually grey slip on shoes! Very Depeche mode. Wish I was that skinny now. I still have most of that car in parts (after it was written off by a Sierra)
  6. @zedmanalex can advise, his 350z convertible had 650+bhp from what I remember, complete with flames out the back, I know because I was behind him!! As a lifelong air-cooled fan, I waited with bated breath when the new Beetle was announced, but VW like Land Rover and everyone else wanting to make a profit. Instead of basing it on a Polo being an affordable peoples car, they went upmarket and chose the Golf platform instead charging a lot more money. Ironically when Lucy had our daughter she did buy a new Beetle (2004 model) convertible and it was a cool car actually. It just worked and because most of it was plastic remained like new. She only sold it to get a Caymen S, with subsequent regrets ever since.
  7. Blimey its getting busy this thread? I have to admit I was considering doing a (just for fun) Youtube channel but covering my classic car service bits and bobs - nothing too clever, some nice background music and basic honest advice. Lets face it all the old petrol tech is going eventually and the people with the skills to fix it, so its a good way to pass that on? But I realised the sheer amount of time you need on top of the editing later so thought naaa I don't have that much free time? If he wants to do it cool let him , personally I was happy with my first car, a 1971 VW Beetle 1200cc 42hp I think? I used to just leave my heel on the accelerator pedal on motorways and it found its own speed. Just as much fun as my 5 litre V8 Mustang. (1987 that photo - yes you are allowed to laugh now!)
  8. If I posted up all my non zed cars I would need my own forum!! I did find this picture from about 4 years ago when I was selling the Datsun and the Moggy not long after. The G37S sneaking in behind the Van.
  9. I think even the ladies on this forum are feeling as sick as I am.
  10. Have you evelr dropped that small spanner than fell into the engine bay or you left on the firewall? No matter how hard you look it's gone into the same place left socks vanish? Three months later it just appears, a little rusted but intact still on the car? How?!!
  11. Nissan paint you mean 'mist' We have enough seafarers in the club maybe they can 'borrow' a boat? So buy them from Mister Mishimoto Nissan dealers in Nagoya. Spray them with an inch layer of waxoyl for protection whilst on the boat. Paint a large 'Putin shipping' logo on the side then once we get to European waters change that to 'Trump love and peace shipping company' I swear nobody will bother us. Because Japan now has a trade agreement with the UK we only need to buy customs a cuppa merely as a courtesy and drive home. Urine yellows here we come!
  12. I love the LC500 always have kept an eye on it when it came out. I sat in one when the other half got her M2 from a Lexus dealer of all places. I only had the Stang a short time and parked next to a demo Lc500 in the carpark. Made the Stang look ancient! They will keep their value, even though initial reviews moaning about the 10 speed box and the hybrid lacking, on top of the track ball and infotainment system not being as cool as Audi, it's got the thing all those other cars in that class seem to lack, soul and its own personality. (Yes it's a car but you know what I mean) Anyway I love it but can't afford it. I think the zed will be expensive because the expectation has been set by the Supra and those kinds of cars. So it's a waiting game and see what happens. How many zeds fit in a container and how much are they to ship?
  13. Sadly I agree it will just be big or successful brands left. It will either be small city blobs or SUV blobs. Then there will be the Uber luxury side of the market, Bentley, Rolls, Aston plus all those F1 type offshoots then the cottage industry bespoke, Alvis reborn types etc. Shame. Of course we could be wrong things just carry on as they are or even better make complete cars using 3 d printing tech which should be super cheap by then? But there is no money in cheap cars why they all gravitate eventually to the posh end?
  14. Too right proper metal and none of that plastic chrome rubbish either. RS or Farnell stuff. My mate tells me even the Bentley Continental has plastichrome organ stop vent adjusters. Plastichrome on a Bentley come on! Cheap skates.
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