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  1. Well I think this is the 2 pronged attack to get the public into leccie cars. Go for electric classics or interesting performance cars for the petrol heads or should that be Battery heads, and the boring but practical blobs for everyone else. Sort the batteries , drop the price fix the infrastructure and generate the leccie by so called clean means and I might be tempted.
  2. I still think this was just an experiment drawn up by someone who thought The Trueman Show was a documentary!!! Dumbing down, social media and the requirement of filling 24 hour news chanels with content, helps to breed all this rubbish. Far right parties/ groups have noticed this and use it to their advantage. Feed people enough junk and they will believe it! Strangely they DID believe it and look how the country has suffered and will continue to suffer for decades. My 9 year old daughters future is affected by this cr@p! I get so angry with the politicians and the press, even the BBC have dumbed down on their news website. Have you noticed when something happens no matter what ,they feel the need to have an explanation thread for 5 year olds? News story ' Plane crashes over the sea' Thread following the article. 'Why do planes crash?' then goes into 101 things about why planes crash and what can be done about it but with a childlike simplicity! We have covered politicians already but they forget why they were elected to serve the people not themselves. I am just glad Spitting Image is coming back, sadly watching the news already covers their humourous stories which are sometimes so hard to believe you think it was just a TV show but we cant see the cameras yet?
  3. I wonder how many of those zeds are now recycled as Whirlpool driers or washers!
  4. Whilst sorting out the spare (junk) bedroom, I found this old copy of Banzai from August 2009. Contains an article about the club and coincidentally pic of my old zed (Dino), Marzman, me and Lucy (my other half). Must have been one of the last Wales trips we did before parenthood took over. Happy days nice memories.
  5. Whatever do you mean its probably a special 370z edition model they are offering, after the last poor anniversary edition, drilling holes in the front makes it a little more hardcore, although Zedmanalex did this at least 10 years ago, so there is nothing new under the rising sun (see what I did there!) Whatever they do it will no doubt be based on the current Duke styling elongated and some weird vents installed, but really an infiniti q60 coupe with a zed style dress? What I always liked about infiniti was the hybrid electric power models weren't there to save baby rabbits from pollution but to boost the power!
  6. Love the red one , the white one looks erm a bit.....
  7. Do you mind? That's my best Cambridge boating blazer! I have since discovered electric toothbrushes and fancy toothpaste.
  8. Erm very random, is your way to avoid congestion charges or build a cool ride on mower with attitude!
  9. Re Porsches they might handle well etc and look pretty but the 2 Caymens my other half had were nothing but trouble, exposing how cheaply made they were. I know the Caymen saved their bacon but the first one Caymen S (2007) had engine issues, window winder mechanism failed, radio playing up, the second revised shape Caymen (2010) had a cable snap for the gear linkage ,cable ?? In a car like that with a crappy plastic fitting that fell to bits leaving her beached in the outside lane of a motorway slip with no way to move. There were a lot of other issues which just highlighted how it was almost built to cost, reliant on the badge to keep the price high. She wont touch another again! I hope they have resolved all of those kinds of things in the new shiny ones?
  10. Sorry for all the Ev posts but VW have jumped on the volks-wagon now and did what I will do to mine (one day!) Good idea, like the flip up tail light power feed, but whats wrong using the original petrol flap at the front? Plus all the mud gets thrown up in that wing area. Not sure why they needed to wrap the runnerboards around and make them fatter, maybe to cover the extra battery packs? If you look at vw's press site you will find more pictures not least the UP engine and controller. Sheesh its huge! If you look at the zelectric and other classic conversions its just got the washing machine motor , controller and empty engine bay this thing is almost as big as the old engine? I shall expect stupid prices for this conversation. Just have to wait for the tech to drop in price. 5 years I recon. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/vw-e-beetle-on-the-way-to-frankfurt/40898
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    Heres the new zed we will end up with! Phwaaarrrr! Max Power!!





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