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  1. Exactly just like a 10 month vaccine. It will be fine. It's just the thought of meat being created in a lab? Handy for space travel I expect? We are back to that distopian future? All we wanted were flying cars, hover boards and nissan 240zs instead we get lab grown meat, social media and a tax on everything in sight for the foreseeable decade.
  2. Not very appetizing if I am honest would rather go for the plant based stuff if forced to alternatives (although Quorn tends to give me wind). A particularly worrying statement? '“It was found to be safe for consumption at the intended levels of use'!!! There have been conspiracy stories for years about Kentucky Fried Cat growing just the bits they need to sell? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55155741 So if they can be bothered to do this why not enviropetrol.
  3. That's how to grab attention. They got a car for X amount sold the parts and got the money back to offset the cost of conversation is not entirely £900 is it. If they did a crate engine and basic battery setup for £900 they couldn't cope with demand. It's a cottage industry right now until things start going up in flames then the regulators will stop it. But still they are not charging the extortionate £20-30k + everyone else is.
  4. Fab that's me all over. You know older EV conversations were just fork lift motors and the boggo lead acid batteries. No fancy Tesla motors with expensive powerful magnets. I mentioned a while back you can get a kit for my air-cooled beetle and van but it's extortionate, it's not worth it but if we don't have petrol then we have to look at alternatives. Good luck to that company
  5. Those aliens are being a bit low tech?They do look a bit on the portly side maybe they are too heavy to use their ships? Oh well probably worth a few bucks down the scrapyard. Every little helps.
  6. Apparently in Romania now? Hope it had a Covid test first? https://news.sky.com/story/mysterious-monolith-found-in-romania-days-after-a-similar-one-vanished-in-utah-12147652
  7. Exactly. I can imagine that initial design meeting, 'oh we want to showcase this new tech so we must have a futuristic looking car' (from the 1970s TV series UFO maybe! -google it kids). This one is more Lexus/Audi stylie quite smart and probably more useful to someone like me doing longer cross country trips (post pandemic of course) still not on that money. Plus where do you get your hydrogen from? You can only eat so many curries and stick that tube up your bottom before the fuel runs out?
  8. It looks better than the first, but still a full set of fangs on it. But £50k is still expensive for most people. Glad to see they are finally learning you don't need to start making weird looking futuristic blobs for new tech cars? https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-9000645/Toyota-steps-gas-new-hydrogen-fuel-cell-Mirai-cuts-price.html
  9. Does it make a click cluck cluck noise that increases in speed the closer you get to the object then splat you get a free egg?
  10. I feel sorry for that couple but I just have to say I told you so. I think everyone on here at some point has mentioned what needs to happen to make this wonderful ev nirvana happen. Never mind (see what I did there? Ok so it's an age joke!) Bless them on the plus side they could listen to that Tron inspired fake sound whilst waiting.
  11. I don't mind Charlie and Lola but I prefer Ben and Hollies little kingdom that was a bit more hard core. We are not yet in the Dystopian future but still in the ' wtf who voted for these blood thirsty or stupid clowns with fingers on nuclear buttons period?' Where celebs are regarded higher than the Muppets in charge. No disrespect to the genuine Muppets who live on Sesame street, they have my total respect!!
  12. This is what EV lacks. Oh yes they can put a fake sound making machine and I bet they will look at vibration generating devices to get that authentic petrol feel but it just won't be the same will it.
  13. No no no. I had a MK1 and it was fab. £20k to electrify it no thanks prefer to run the original petrol as long as possible.
  14. stanski

    Mud -Stang!

    It will have the Taycan engine synthesiser no doubt. none of your proper V8 petrol limp lettuce stuff.





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