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  1. Welcome Eddie looks great. I used to have a 350z soft top and loved it to bits. I keep looking at 370z soft tops however finances not in place for such a toy. Got my 22 year old mx5 for now, not quite the same league. Stan
  2. Hey Alex !! Good to hear from you mate. I was thinking along the same lines try and do a 24 hour test drive? The GTR is just looking too expensive (extortionate)! See how it goes
  3. The Hertz site is hilarious I select the Mustang and it says sorry not available but you can hire a VW Caddy or Kia Piccant!!! She wont notice the difference!
  4. Guess what! £255 per day but minimum 3 days over a weekend ..... Wait for it... £1710!!!! Pick up 08:00 drop off 18:00 hr monday! I think the mustang is looking a better option!
  5. Thanks I am Manchester based. Think I saw that one too yes £255 is better than the other? When I went on the Hertz site it didnt seem to offer it for me? Maybe phone browser issue? Will check it from my lappy instead? Thanks and yes £895 per day?!!! Surely a lease plan must be cheaper?
  6. Hi folks I wonder if you can offer some advice? Lucy (my other half and petrol head) organised a cool surprise birthday party for me last week, which was great. I want to thank her with a surprise weekend somewhere but she gets to drive a GTR or Mustang (new one). Yes I know its chalk and cheese between those but its the surprise factor? I did a bit of web surfing and there are a few companies but they seem to be mostly London/south based and well £895 for a GTR for 1 day plus £1000 deposit!! So maybe have to adjust that plan? I would hope you can rent a mustang from ford but their website seems to do it for everything but the Mustang? Any ideas or advice greatly received. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys no idea about length of time and bit worried as they have gone a bit quiet on me anyway???! Phone them Monday see what the score is?
  8. Hi everyone I am hoping to go for a job interview in Glasgow St Vincent St,G2 5NW hopefully in a few days time once I hear from the recruitment agent but wondered if anyone knows that area and if there is suitable parking nearby? Thanks in advance. Stan
  9. Sounds like you are having fun too!! I loved my G37 but it had to go in the end to get the more practical T5! Either way good luck and who knows maybe a zed might sneak back into our lives again at some point? Probably when the petrol has run out and electric hover cars are the norm!
  10. Hey Lexx good to hear from you. We are ok thanks life is hectic, moved house just started a new job, driving a T5 as my daily and missing zed life! How are things with you? Still on the ships?
  11. Haha thanks I did tell Lucy I already asked this a few years ago but she insisted Nissan told her otherwise! We dont want a dodgy DIY fix not when number 1 childs life is in the balance! She might have to keep her Porker after all if Nissan dont come clean on this one!
  12. Thanks for looking I will let her know. She needs to phone Nissan UK really
  13. Thanks for the reply. Hmm interesting? The problem is some child seats are very heavy ? Suppose she needs to call Nissan UK to get proper confirmation?



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