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  1. I keep missing bits but what I have seen it looks good. They need to change the format more that was the mistake previously just copying what had gone before? So far so good.
  2. Thanks mate will do. A830 think I have done some of it not sure I went as far to the coast. More to add on my list.
  3. Thanks its all great information. I will plan it (naturally with lots of petrol stations for the Stang) but its going to be the van best all rounder.
  4. Haha if we go camping its the McVolkswagen Van but then as a pre-test the wee-Stang might go first. One of my fave roads is from Dalwhinnie A889 - A86 - A87 to Skye. Used to do that in the Zed and my MX5 (roof down naturally). Stangs turn when I can. Will deffo give you notice.
  5. We have been going to Scotland for years but never gone to any of the Islands. My other half is suggesting we go camping or at least do a bit of a tour of an island or 2, obviously not all of them we only have a week? I heard they have superb beaches and scenery. Can you recommend any as a starter please? Ignore Skye though know it well. Thanks Stan
  6. stanski


    Exactly sorry forgot to state that or you end up in a ditch!
  7. stanski


    Originally Zeds came with Bridgestones and made it 'interesting' in the wet, I didnt like them so when it was time to change I went for Falcons transformed the car so much better, safer! My current car (Mustang) come with Pirelli pzeros, they are okish but everyone says ditch them soon as and get Michellin pilot sports. Costco sell them if you are a member. Failing that go on Blackcirles.com and get them delivered and fitted cheaper locally. Usually good price. Hope this helps?
  8. Naa you are wasting your time with all of these. Mk1 Mazda mx5 pop up headlights runs on rails cheap to run whats not to like.
  9. Exactly a lot of bad stuff has gone thankfully, well mostly, instead we have trial by social media, and Ronald MacDonald running a large country across the pond and another clown wanting to be PM in this country!
  10. Yes free entry to all the museum's up there. Its worth a visit. Howard's way!! Good grief thats a blast from the past! I didn't watch it but remember it. Funny when you see that or Bergerac or Lovejoy all those kinds of programmes on rerun freeview with the cars looking really weedy by todays standards. I do miss the Jam Sandwich cop cars rather than the Amercianized current ones. I.e in case you are really thick, we put a strap line on the side to tell you what we do! Even the CSI vans, ffs all because of a TV series.....
  11. For no other reason than to say I started this thread 10 years ago!! Wow has that flown! Nice to see people continued with it. Funny how our old cars seemed to bring us a lot of happiness even if they might have been less than perfect in some cases. I still miss my Zed and the great times we had in the club outings etc. Made lifelong friends based on a niche jap car!
  12. Haha nice write up. If you ever go the national museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and they have a tech section in the too floor. Just looking at phones and mobiles, I point out to my daughter (9) all the phones I have owned!! Then the computer section too, I feel really bleeding old. Massive texh expansion from the 80s/90s. Vhs might have gone but cassette tapes are back . Obviously hipster kids keeping them going. I still have all of my mix tapes etc and of course if you have a 350z you can still play them haha! I got my mate into old school film cameras now he doesn't bother with digital! Analogue is still better in some ways its just got soul.



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