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  1. Thanks for the info. Like I said you have planned your journey well , the reporter in the article didn't, just decided to drive bit like a petrol owner, relying on apps etc. I agree Tesla are still in front with infrastructure and technology but I am still not ready to take the leap myself. If I do I will probably convert my old Beetle first for my work commute and stick with the Stang for now. Haha I do appreciate your dilemmas with your little one. My biggest joy was the moment when I didn't have to lug around the bleeding travel cot! Hated that thing!
  2. Cool thanks for that info. What car do you have? I think the key is planning you have it sorted and as someone who is familiar with young family life, you tend to stop more and we have a built in radar to sniff out a suitable cafe for feeding time. I think for me even though I have a gas guzzler I wouldn't need the same level of planning doing that same trip because of the large number of petrol stations and I know I can stop 5 mins fill up and I am off. What do you do when the car is charging, nip into a cafe?
  3. Haha classic! When I worked in North Wales I used to pass a Leaf every morning bobbing along on the M56 at 60mph exactly in the inside lane, whilst I tore past him in my '73 aircooled camper (well 65mph anyway!) I expect he used to watch his charge level like a hawk! I still have that camper and my old Beetle (since 1986!) So yes I appreciate your mates MG.
  4. stanski

    400 Zed

    I just found a great car on Auto Trader. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908191312346?atmobcid=soc3 Download the app to find your perfect car. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.autotrader.androidconsumersearch&referrer=utm_source%3DApp%20Share Bargain!! Nice set of alloys chav stickers and off you go!
  5. stanski

    400 Zed

    Deffo the mk2 bubble micra was a good very cheap all-rounder, if you ignore the garish interior patterns on the seats! But look for the sport version damn thing flies! Probably get one for £900 these days!
  6. Ooh? Is it not letting you get past the first page? Odd? Maybe asking for cookies acceptance? Its actually a good write up of a real life situation with an electric car today. We are a good 5 years off a decent infrastructure before this becomes easier to live with I recon?
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/electric-car-volkswagen-e-golf-london-cornwall-drive-a9056226.html
  8. stanski

    400 Zed

    Cars for people who dont care about cars just want something to get them from a to b! Ironically the older micras were pretty good, I had a mk2 sport on hire whilst my other car was being serviced, damn that thing could fly, weighed as much as an empty matchbox! Leaf has got to be the most boring looking thing on wheels ever! If you want to get people into leccie make it look at least slightly interesting or even just normal looking! Its the modern version of 1970s invalid cars where the kids laughed at them as they drove past!
  9. stanski

    400 Zed

    Mazda are good. I had a brand new RX8 when they first came out, one of the first ones in my area, bob on customer service and no crap off them. Inspite of the rotary doom mongers I never had 1 issue with that car ( shame I traded it in). Even a 22 year old mk1 mx5 I got off my mate for £450 was super reliable and great fun. I never intended to get one but glad I did. Going back to Nissan yes they wont do the sports side as lower price like they do with micras etc so the days of reasonable priced fun cars are over. Having said that its all heading electric isnt it, but glad Mazda are holding onto petrol engine development still. Anyway happy with my Stang hope it keeps going and they dont ban it for having a 5 litre planet killing engine.
  10. stanski

    400 Zed

    Mazda know what they are doing. They went back to basics with the MX5 , kept it honest and reasonable money, hence they sell by the bucket full. In all honesty who is going to buy a 50k (Z4) Supra unless they are absolutely committed to them. I am still surprised Ford sold Mustangs here for the money they did, although the price has crept up now , again heading to mid 40s-50s which makes it less attractive. So the Koreans will be the ones offering cheaper priced cars, ironically like Datsun used to when they started, or chinese companies for that matter. Anyway going back to Nissan, if they keep the next zed below the £40k mark ideally £30k they will be onto a winner but we know the market has conditioned people to expect cars to cost a certain minimum price.
  11. stanski

    400 Zed

    Exactly the whole point of a Zed is fun for reasonable money. Its always been a GT rather than full on sports but agree if they start going for the more expensive market they wont stand a chance in Europe against the usual German suspects unless the interior finish is on a par with theirs and its chuckable like a porker?
  12. stanski

    400 Zed

    It will end up being the Infiniti q60 coupe with a Nissan badge whatever that will look like? Shame Infinite never introduced the Essense concept car looked amazing instead they knock out dull stuff saloons, capable but boring looking.
  13. stanski

    New Z4

    Deffo, Mx5 for fun and top handling, but wait for the z4 to drop in price once the initial excitement dies down, if thats your kind of car.
  14. Same here they are so cheap on ebay too no need for some top end gps dashcam. With my other halfs car accident last week, if it wasn't for a lady having a dashcam fitted the day before, we would not have known what happened to her, as she cant remember the event still? For the sake of £20+ its a no brainer!
  15. stanski

    New Z4

    They need to remove their deerstalker hats and shoes, should be fine! I am 5'11 and there seems to be enough space left? I had a Mk1 Mx5 which is teeny and was fine in that? Do a test drive.



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