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  1. Hi - glad to hear you are ok. I know its the strangest year. Sadly we all had it early on in April thankfully mild symptoms but it just made us consider a few things, like what would happen to Ania if both of us were not here. Anyway there will be no virus can ever catch you Colin you are too fast and never use your footbrake Ooh sorry I cant see signatures when on a mobile, just seen it now via a browser. Caymen nice, they handle superbly I borrowed Lucy's once for work trip to Scotland and came home via the highlands (ahem!) but she had issues with it and a second one, they were the older model I expect the newer one is better but just keep an eye on it. Stay safe you 2 and lets all pray next year will be a better one for all of us.
  2. They will probably just use the hybrid tech from Infiniti, which has been around for years now, it's there to boost power not fuel efficiency but they never tell the government that, sneaky. The Z p will probably be the very last of that type and be around for 10 years as you say. They won't want to spend money on yet another by which time the focus will probably be on milkfloat tech completely by then.
  3. Hi Colin good to hear from you. I hope you and June are well? Still got the Merc? I know there was a lot of fab stuff on here. I could just repost all the images from the meets we had as an archive but as I said it would kill the server. Photobucket was just greedy and wanted money for everything. Shame.
  4. Haha that's funny mine is a big fat blue elephant on the drive also. At some point we need to sort out the ex zed owners stang meet ( post pandemic obviously!)
  5. Oh dear seems to be a more common issue than you think? My Roberts Dab radio is about the same age and known for the same issue. I don't trash it just site on the window sill and now it looks like a spotty teenager. I will recover it in thin vinyl at some point. Super thin real leather is best but if you go for leatherette or vinyl maybe go for perforated like headlining in VW vans for example (obviously not white!!) Although not sure if that affects acoustics?. Best sewing slowly by hand although I think that shape will be a pig to copy, especially as your original is falling to bits?
  6. Looks great. I have to say a lot had cool Zed related plates too. Do you still have the Stang?
  7. Poverty spec Chris? I don't think so? You modded it to it's teeth didn't you?
  8. Haha thank you kind Sir. I have a lot more but don't want to drown the club server think I have done enough of that over the years.
  9. Thanks Andy feels like a century ago. Wonder how many of those cars are now reincarnated washing machines?
  10. Thanks it was like a car park sometimes. Amazingly good weather for most of those meets got to love that global warming it's ace
  11. After seeing Lexx's return I dug out some pics from old meets. I just thought you might like to see. Wales, Carlisle, Scotland, Manchester. I miss the old tank but 2 seaters don't fit when there are 3 of you! I saw it for sale on autorader by chance a few years ago shod with Bolivian remoulds This club has always been special to me and of course I met my other half here too! Not always online here but dip in every now and again see what's going on. Who would have thought to drive to a carpark or field to talk about cars, then drive somewhere to come back and drive home - would be fun!
  12. Welcome back Lexx! Great looking car, love that colour and great seeing that old plate again. Those were happy times, I can still see his ciggy ash blowing out of the window as I was behind him in mine on the Scottish Haggis run.
  13. Interesting concept, use your Nissan Leaf to store the energy you will need in the house? Read the article but surely just get a bank of batteries stick them in the shed (if you have one) and do the same thing no need for a PCP scheme for a car? Then again surely it must reduce the longevity of your car battery for erm your car? https://mol.im/a/8772011





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