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  1. It's as best as I can measure - I kept the contents, for posterity, in a 250ml vape juice bottle and it's only about 10-15% full. It's really not much, but it's at least double the amount I've seen elsewhere for 1000 miles. @MDMetal I've been wanting to give my engine some TLC and wasn't sure where to start. Your comment led me on a quest of understanding that makes me think that such an undertaking is either woefully overdue or, if it turns out 25ml is surprisingly low, has already been undertaken by a previous owner. It may be that a new roof and spoiler have to compete for second place against a rocker replacement.
  2. As above, I emptied the contents of my catch can after about 1200 miles. I got about 20-25mls of that delicious oil/petrol sludge mix. Given the engine has done 130K miles, is this unusual? I've seen a few 'uncanning' videos on YouTube but they're all for shiny new GTRs and the like. They seem to get about half as much, tops. On a side note, I wasn't expected it to make the engine sound so much better. It has its notable growl back that it lost after 8 months of neglect.
  3. A bit late to the question but I had a JWT clutch and lightweight flywheel (also from Torqen) installed on mine about 1500 miles ago. It's normal. I tend to notice it a lot more at lower revs and, like bluethermal, when the sound's rebounded - especially with the roof down. Nice to see another well-kept roadster. I wish mine was as shiny as yours!
  4. Cheers. It's becoming a hobby now! Next up is a Celica GTS spoiler as I've seen one in the flesh and genuinely thought it was from some edition I didn't know about. It seemed to round out her notoriously fat arse when the roof's up.
  5. I work in Bedfordshire during the week but live in Lincoln. You probably saw the same black roadster that I saw last year that made me want black wheels! As it happens, the wheels were an accidental find: When I got the Abbey work done, there was nothing really cosmetic. It was a real step up in drive but I 'had nothing to show' for the 4 figures I'd put down on it. So when it went in for the clutch work, I promised myself a cosmetic 'treat'. I popped on eBay and found someone auctioning off '19" Nisan 350z alloys'. That typo may have been the reason I won them for £210. I HOPE it was the reason... I don't like the red protection strip much and the badly applied Nismo decals are cringey but they were 19" and black. I'm 1200 miles in on them and so far, so good.
  6. Nice to meet you mate! I didn't want to put the full reg in but I did search for users called 'Aref'... Cheers for breaking up my journey with some fun. I have to say, your car looked immaculate.
  7. It had a 5-digit personalised plate starting A1/AL. We leapfrogged for about 8 miles before I left him after the airport turnoff at about 2015 last night. First Z I've ever played with. (",)
  8. This has really set my mind to rest, cheers. My worries kicked off when I took my wife out a few days ago, roof down, and all was well. She's always complained about how loud the car is and it was running really smoothly - she hadn't been out, roof down, since the Miltec exhaust was fitted. Two days later, I've mapped the engine to an aggressive throttle response, the roof's up and she takes it out herself. When she gets back, she telling me about how something sounds wrong, it's growly again and there's something leaking...
  9. That. That right there is the best response I could ever have hoped for. Thank you. There's something else I've just noticed that may be completely unrelated: I get a static shock from the door when I get out. That's never happened before. Weird but consistent. It's got me every time I've gone back out to investigate. Could the expelled water from the aircon be having an unfortunate conductive effect?
  10. Only my 3rd post and it's a tale of woe. I've never looked under my car and now I have, I'm more than a little concerned. Whatever the fluid is, it doesn't seem very oily. It's just behind the nearside front wheel. I recently had a JWT clutch and lightweight flywheel installed, along with a Torqen master cylinder and Mishimoto oil catch can. He also replaced a suspension arm... if that might give any clue as to what's damaged. The really worrying bit is a hint of rattling and an intermittent, barely noticeable hissing coming from somewhere in the centre of the undercarriage (as far as I can tell). It sounds like fluid escaping under pressure. I literally just arrived on these forums yesterday and I'm really hoping that you guys will ease my mind. I am trying to brace myself for more bad news though.
  11. Cheers guys. @HEADPHONES Yeah, it's been a great summer to have the roof down, but it's taken its toll: An old tear has ripped open and worsened and I have a bunch of new ones forming. Tuff tape arrived today, Stormseal arrives tomorrow. Her next pamper will have to be a new roof...
  12. @HEADPHONES EDIT: I have no idea how this post ended up here. Really sorry to stick my nose in amongst all the love for this masterpiece. I can't even delete it properly. Bad start for the forums.
  13. I got it as a fun distraction to keep me busy in the down time while I'm working away from home. It's made the weekly commute a lot of fun and has become a bit of a big boys toy. I've been lurking on these forums for a year or so and have found the information so much better than that testosterone-charged 'other forum', so thank you to anyone who, without knowing it, has already helped me. She's had the following pamperings although these were a case of "The part's either broken or on the way out, so I might as well upgrade it." (By Abbey) Full Milltec exhaust Blox plenum spacer Super Hybrid Air Re-flash ECU and dyno (By Newton & Bailey, Lincoln) JWT clutch and lightweight flywheel Torqen master cylinder Mishimoto oil catch can 19" Drifz alloys with spacers (and, I presume, fake Nismo decals) (By me...) Zunsport front grill Black badges Decals Never thought I'd see a car as more than a tool but she's been a really welcome distraction from missing home. Still nod sold on the red protective rim on the wheels and the decals are maybe a little too cringey... Thanks again, Steve





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