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    Clutch noise

    So I have recently got a 2005 350z Roadster which is a credit to the previous owner however I have a noise issue. I know that the noise from the clutch that disapears when you put the clutch down is normal but I find when I'm driving and the car gets to tempreture I can here the noise through the gears. For info it has a JWT Clutch and flywheelcombo from Torqen so I am hoping that its perfectly normal, the link to whats fitted is here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/powertrain/clutch-flywheel-packs/1895-350z-de-jwt-jim-wolf-technology-flywheel-and-clutch-kit-14lb-light-flywheel-and-1200kg-clutch-l3503-ncf-ktp.html Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. I'm looking for some ideas on rear spoilers for my roadster, I am thinking duck tail? Anyone got one fitted that I can see just to give me an idea, I am open to other suggestions. Cheers Dave
  3. Fronts are 245/35/19 rears 265/35/19
  4. So picked up the 350 roadster a couple of days ago and the paint was a bit tired so stage one mop and cut back today with mirror glaze 105 2nd stage tomorrow if the weather holds out, well happy with it so far. The carbon skirts were so grey and milky I never realised they were carbon!!!!! 1500 wet and dry and a couple of coats of laquer and they came up a treat.
  5. I am in Horsham, where and when do you meet up in Sussex?
  6. Hi all, new to the 350z scene and just collected a 2005 Roadster.





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