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  1. Oi! Ma Mrs resembles that remark! (except the poverty spec bit )
  2. Probably 4WD Dan, and I would like a modern interior. Would I have to raise my budget? That’s not out the question, would also like it to be current, I’ll have a look at the numbers you suggest. On the depreciation, I’m thinking on my side, as in what’s the drop off from new to nearly new, todays market is very unpredictable. needs to be special, needs to be modern, would like it sub £100k. I’ll take that on board Dan, re driving one, would ideally, on a near £100k car want an extended test drive, off to Braehead on Monday
  3. Jesus Christ, £225k! Lovely looking car but ma pension pot wouldn’t look at that, well the kitchen would need to wait
  4. I’m pretty sure there are a whole range of people on here that are in a much more beneficial position than myself, with regards a large pension pots and lump sums. Im also sure that there are a number of Porsche current and former owners who know their sh1t! So, over the past few years I’ve been tempted by all sorts of stuff. With that in mind, in the not too distant future, as well as financing myself relatively comfortably with a relatively good income and some sound investments in my 42yr working life, when I retire, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wan
  5. Living extremely north of the “liberal elite”, I’d rather not have any propulsion than run one of them Wonder where the V8 petrol beemer sits in the “liberal elite” London still you n Dan can walk together tae the bus stop Get an Aygo
  6. Don’t rule out a 335d either
  7. +1 on that, an awesome vehicle in every way. Bonus is that normal sized adults or huge 9 year olds fit in the rear seats no probs One of the best cars I’ve ever driven
  8. Bring me one back and I’ll tell ye I would imagine that you’d pay tax on the new price for starters as well as tax on every other aspect of importing, mostly made up percentages. sorry can’t help and I envy your position but I’m guessing your biggest problem will be support in getting it re-mapped (?) if that’s the right word to not talk and operate in Japanese, considering how new these are. Unless of course, there’s massive import demand. Emissions ? I guess that’s why it won’t be available in the UK
  9. If it ever did come to the U.K. (moanty fck brexit ), I’d add one of them to my drive
  10. Mine was 0075, be interested if anyone on here had it, 2013 Pearl White, traded it in April 2016. SN63 AAV
  11. not heard Captain George for a while, all good here Pauli, hoose fu’ o grandweans and dugs Thats Izzy on the left and Mabel on the right, just picked the wee monsters up on Saturday. Muzzer has done a lot, over 5 years I’ve had it now, keep yer eye oot, but it’s slow, very, very slow (about town ). Always loved the GTR, you have a great time in it
  12. Hey Pauli I remember Nismo when he was a pup . Great looking car hope you and the other half are doing well? Couple of changes for me as well, some Mustang madness and another two terriers, that have just joined the fold with their 3 series Touring pupmobile, cue dog pic
  13. Change of names and updated pic of both dogs. Mabel and Izzy
  14. Cheers Dan . Practicality in a small/medium estate was the priority, to be honest all beemers look the same to me , but that statement by Chris Harris a year or so back stuck in my mind and the Mazda, terrific little hatchback, wasn’t going to cut the mustard on our ‘newest’ dog adventure. Lockdown and all the difficulties along with it has, I suspect, changed a lot of folks perspectives, certainly mine. Packed full of tech (well enough for my Luddite mind) and, roomy in the rear for grandkids and an elderly dog, coupled with a more than useful boot for tw
  15. New Mazda 3 is gone, to be replaced with the new pup mobile (following on from ‘Fran & Anna’ reveal in the pet thread) BMW 3 Series Touring, M Sport X drive (and no, The Muzzer stays, it’s a car thang!) couple of jobbyish pics, but you’ve all seen them before!
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