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  1. The plastic parts, front bumper especially, are hard to get right, even Nissan struggled from the factory on this. There are a few on here that had matching problems with this. One of the detailing geeks will be along soon with recommendations of polish, wax and cleaning regimes. Storm White (pearlescent white), is the most gorgeous white on any car out there. I’m such a fan that our 2019 Mazda 3 is pearlescent white, stunning when polished and waxed up, in all light.
  2. This is a poignant movie, that reminds me so much of Trump/Johnson world, pay particular attention to the closing scenes....
  3. Summed up this morning by one journalist when discussing the Corbyn election roadshow, his young enthusiastic supporters only engaged with themselves to the point where they monumentally talked themselves into thinking other people liked Corbyn and forget that there was an electorate to convince. If it wasn’t so serious that a compulsive liar is now running the show, it’d be a good laugh. Lib Dem’s shot themselves in the foot in 2010 and have never recovered, absolute dotards for dismissing the leave vote in England and coming out with ‘we’ll just rescind Brexit’.
  4. Corbyn won it for him, Johnson is still a lying coward
  5. ...and apart from the SNP part, that culminated in 2015 but was happening since way before that...
  6. Anyone who thinks being a member of the EU caused austerity is naive to think that’s why people voted to leave. Austerity policies by the conservative government caused austerity, which in turn left the weak, the poor, the vulnerable and those without hope of a better future, through no fault of their own, looking for an out. Farage and co, along with the hard right sold the idea that Europe was the enemy, used disinformation, lies, underhand targeting of social media, racism, fear of immigration etc, etc, etc. So the disaffected voted for what was sold as the solution, without a clue as to what might happen. No one, not one person can tell me, you or anyone else, in what way they will be better off leaving the EU, not a soul. Three years now, I’m still none the wiser what any benefit of leaving the EU holds. They've held up two boxes, one full of useful things like medicine, regulation, employment and human rights, free movement and trade with your neighbours and as a block to your advantage, £20 The other box was full of, well nothing substantial, nothing of use, nothing of fact, but they promise, once you look under all the trash, you’ll find a genie with three wishes and a bag of magic beans that will solve all. The price? We’ll tell you once you’ve committed to buy. you decide for yourself which box is leave and which is remain. Johnson is a tool, a liar, a philanderer, a racist, misogynistic, did I mention a liar? If that kind of leadership is inspiring to you enough to vote for it, God help us.
  7. ^^ your opinion, not a fact IMO Don’t take yer baw hame as a conclusion Anyhoo's, we’re getting a new gang of bandits tae rob the lucrative WCML, First/Avanti, to be known as Avanti, which the MD of First told us was Italian for ‘forward’, he’s such a good egg that one All the Brexit supporting parties and voters must be delighted at all this European ownership of rail franchises, Italian, French, Dutch and German and all mostly state run
  8. What’s fictitious in that video?
  9. The G Man


    I saw one today in a Mazda dealership ffs!
  10. I used the railways in the 80’s, never let me down. I lived in Holland and Germany, I would still not consider bombing the f#ck out of infrastructure to enable a better service. i work in the railways now, Maggz is right, safety takes 3rd place, I could go way in depth on this, but, to the everyday user, they don’t really care. Network rail are a public body, that’s trying to be run on a private, profit making basis, not as a national, critical infrastructure basis. The water infrastructure in Scotland is still in public hands and is thriving, public owned infrastructure can and always has supported private investment, unless it’s the Blairite, PPF initiative, that left me, you and everyone else in debt, to the same extent as the global crash. Can I just implore, any right thinking citizen, not to vote for the profit without public accountability that the Tories and particularly Johnson and his cronies are promoting.
  11. I’m starting to like the look of these the more I look into them, in a couple of years I’d consider this or similar as a second car. The video gives an insight to what is behind the idea, not a bad watch
  12. Oh but you have, to declare absolutely no interest in an EV in an EV thread, is showing an interest in EV’s
  13. If Boris Johnson can and is capable to do all of the things and more that coldel mentions (only a snippet of his capabilities) to the people you would think that he most cares about, just think and reflect on what he would do to anyone he doesn’t know, all of the rest of us. i set out in my other post on this thread, Corbyn, being unelectable, is the problem, foisted on those who would like an alternative to the hedge fund management that a future Tory government will bring. Letting Momentum take over the Labour Party, has I’m afraid, led us into a brand of socialism that looks likely, from the Tories, that in any other time, may have had the prefix National. Johnson is a scary wee man, with a nose longer than Pinocchio and having his strings pulled by landed, self proclaimed privileged gentry.
  14. Little bit more in-depth look at this....
  15. Hmm....interested enough to keep posting about it....let it go man



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