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  1. Last time I was out ‘socially’ in my car for a drive, two weeks ago, we stopped off in Moffat, all the, normally sit in places were open for takeaway only. Place was plagued by bikers, mostly middle aged or older, milling around each other in larger groups, sharing flasks etc. All well behaved but at the same time, behaving like mongtards on the social distancing front. All the takeaway cafes, as far as I could see, had hand sanitizers at entrances, with very few of the customers using them. Struck me as sheer arrogance and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I can’t help but feel that the availability of refreshments contributed to the ‘gaggles’ and groups wandering about the countryside
  2. Really don’t know what to say to your post @gangzoom. But as the parent, brother and uncle to four nurses, I’m scared for them. When we get through this, there needs to be a fundamental rethink to how we treat, pay and arm our NHS to cope with, rare events like this and, day to day normal running. Thoughts as always to you, your fellow workers and their families.
  3. Amazing machine, just gets better and better
  4. Oh I’m with you on the hypocrisy front, the premier league clubs fiasco for instance is galling to the point of being disgusting. I would love to see players being furloughed and getting the government maximum monthly payment, which is probably more than most of the ground staff get anyway (or will get under furlough rules), utterly disgraceful. No need to PM me, there are a lot of people being treated unfairly or are caught in circumstances that don’t fall within the criteria set out. I have a certain amount of empathy towards what those in power are trying to do, it can’t be easy, what I don’t empathise with is the wasted time that they’ve used to gamble with peoples lives for the sake of fiscal security for the ‘haves’ and scant account taken for the ‘have nots’. The ‘have nots’ are a vast proportion of our society, the best outcome of this tragedy will be a bottom up, rethink about how we are governed and how our wealth is distributed. That’s my wish anyway. I can see your point now, but to begin with it was a bit cryptic (to me at least), but again, if we’re to get the likes of those you mention, to share the burden, a complete rethink of this countries wealth distribution needs a rethink
  5. Well, lots of people are victims of something that is unprecedented, that’s for sure, screwed? How so? There are always going to be some that are insulated, that’s not the problem is it though? The problem is the situation we’re in with regards the threat to our WHOLE society. Those that are amongst those that are getting ‘screwed’ have always been screwed, I include the whole of the NHS, the whole of those who are economically stagnant. There are those that prefer to take a dividend and a low wage to avoid paying taxes, who are now getting ‘screwed’, but that’s not the point. The point is, anyone, economically insulated or not, WILL be screwed, if we don’t stop this virulent virus with the means that those in charge give us as a starting point. To punish, those that, AT THE MOMENT are economically insulated to salve a feeling of injustice, pales into something so insignificant, the Hubble telescope couldn’t see it. I gave a homeless person outside Glasgow Central Station £20 that’s been in my wallet because I’ve been using contactless or card payment for a month or so now, because that poor bastart has been inconvenienced by mostly everyone who is economically ‘insulated’, since time in memorial. I still don’t wish the economically ‘insulated’ less of a chance than he’s got. Seems that you might want the economically ‘insulated’ more in tune with his chances? We’re awe in this the ‘gither, hope you and your family come through without too much detriment.
  6. You're not exactly making much sense, to me at least
  7. Ok, once again, geez yer plan? What do you want to happen, what is it that will make it better for you? Is there bitterness towards how you’ve been treated any differently to anyone else? Oh and, am I missing something glaring?
  8. Kieran, are you self isolating in a beverage?
  9. Mostly following up complaints o me posting in Scottish
  10. Are you advocating that everyone that are still working full time or part time, doctors, nurses, supermarket workers, distribution workers, transport workers etc, etc get a 20% wage cut? Are you aware that those furloughed are not working but receiving, up to £2.5k per month for NOT working. I’m honestly not seeing your point, or your brothers glass analogy
  11. 5 mins included 8 stoppages and faffing about fixing my bayonet On an even brighter note, the best thing aboot still working is I get to drive ma ‘Stang tae work every day
  12. @gangzoom and @HEADPHONES I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you and your staff are doing for us all at the moment. The mental health of everyone you’re working with is extremely important, as it is all over the country. My paltry effort of driving trains pales into insignificance compared to what you face day after day. Your whole family and friends will be extremely worried about you every time you walk out your door, I know mine are and I worry sick about my daughter and her husband, both nurses. Ive seen and dealt with quite a few dead bodies in various capacities, it’s never easy and is something that you hope you won’t ever get used to. Its people like you two that keeps me going out the front door to my work everyday
  13. Amazing, me n Lexx got the same numbers after 15 years Just what’s apped ye Lexx





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