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  1. Yellow stuff are pish haha! Seriously I’ve no idea of their effectiveness, even after the few ‘War and Peace’ type posts, bored to death after 3-4 lines. Doc mad a good point re member 4, the end!
  2. Apologies if this is a repost, oh @*!# it is
  3. Must’ve turned your world upside down.......
  4. Och, well done Max again, hard lines Chuck, Big George had a blinder, wee lewis?, another piercing me thinks Great race, right result, apart from Perez
  5. Just to add, you may require camber bolts (I’ve got eibach ones) for camber adjustment, depending on the set up you want
  6. No mate, no magnaride, my Muzzer is from a long, long time ago and a galaxy far, far away I’m not a fan of Steeda, well Steeda UK, they’re overpriced and overrated, with a lot of fitment issues IMO, but may work with Magnaride The Ford Kit, fits first time, made by Ford for a Ford Contact Benny @ Levittown Ford for a great price
  7. I’ve had the FRPP Track Handling Pack on my old Muzzer since almost brand new, remarkable difference for a road set up. The kit comes with uprated sway bars and produced a totally flat cornering ability. The ride is slightly compromised though, especially on the ‘dirt track’ system of roads in the uk, a bit harsher. My only bit of suspension failure so far, 6 years in was a control arm replacement two years ago. Because it comes in FR Blue, I’m often asked by service techs if the car was a special US order , of course I say it was! Sailed through its MOT, emission checks etc even with a 3” engine back with ‘sports’ cats, active exhaust and headers all good. fantastic looking Mustang, £65k in the uk!
  8. While aimlessly looking on auto trader, I put in 2013 Nissan 370Z Nismo white, two came up, and lo and behold my old Nismo was one of them! I contacted the dealer this morning and there’s a deposit been put on it, hopefully the new owner didn’t pay the full asking price (£22k). It’s only had two owners since me so I’m assuming that it’s been well looked after. Ach well, the new owner might pop up here and I might have the chance to buy it off them in a few years Bon chance to the new owner
  9. Christ, dis that mean a’ll no git oany mair pm’s via this fella, telling me thit some bigots huv complaint about me posting in Scottish? Woner how offended theyd be if they heard me talk Guid luck auld yin, pit yer feet up and enjoy whitever ye want tae dae wi yersel
  10. Not so local, but an awesome route that’s fast, challenging and utterly beautiful, Invergarry to Ullapool via Gairloch takes some beating.... for a mor local run Strathaven - Muirkirk is my go to thrash on a boring evening or afternoon..
  11. PI’m no expert by any manner of means, I run MPS4S on my present Mustang, I’ve used MPSS on both my 370’s, GT and Nismo, as well as the Mustang. i Don’t think you can get them any more but I ran Ultrac Sessanta (Vredstein) on the GT as well. The Nismo came with Bridgestones IIRC but in any case I only ever used Bridgestones on my RX8, they were superb (REO55), many haters off them on here tho, but my experience on track, multiple alpine passes, Euro roadtrips was a good one. Still an expensive tyre. Bear in mind, no matter the tyre, if you don’t drive to the conditions, even Lewis Hamilton will end up backwards in a hedge, I think that’s the key with any choice As to pro’s/cons to a wider set up, playing about with ratio or width won’t do much harm if it’s minor, example, going from a 275 to a 28 or 95 width, I’ve run spacers on 370’s and Mustang, purely for stance aesthetics and with my limited ability, I’ve experienced no negative side effects
  12. I ran MPSS for the last two years before replacing them with MPS4S @ October last year. The MPSS replaced P Zeros, which on or in a warm climate were a fantastic tyre, get close to their minimum temp range and I mean within above 7 or 8 deg and they were a danger to life! The MPSS performed superbly, again in dry/warmer temps and were only marginally better than the P Zeros but there was a significant improvement over the P Zeros in colder, damper weather. The MPS4S are no doubt a great summer tyre (not ran them in the summer yet), but over the winter that’s just past they’ve only just very slightly been better over what I felt with the P Zeros, not a great improvement at all. i know they’re all primarily summer tyres but when the question is “ wallet friendly” who can afford two sets of wheels with summer and winter tyres? I think there’s probably better, cheaper all rounders out there that don’t suffer the catastrophic fall off of P Zeros and or the MPS4S. unfortunately when you’re talking 19” with the type of width and profile that the 350/370 requires, none of them are that ‘wallet friendly’ for this category. Just my most recent experience, I’m no tyre guru.....
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