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  1. See here for exemptions https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/paying-vat-and-duty
  2. Every day is a MLC, you’ll be driving a V8 soon enough, with 4 seats Enjoy yer new toy
  3. HNew Mach 1 Epic sounding
  4. *it’s* Great car, much better than a 350, in so many ways. Awaits the usual suspects........
  5. I’ve had the front wings, bonnet, whole front bumper done recently, £2K. A whole car?, expect £5k. Pick your shop wisely, one that will pay attention to detail. Good luck
  6. So, wasn’t far off with my price guesstimate, 2 trims available for U.K. market, starting at £81,700
  7. The G Man


    I’ll have a sniff around when the order book opens, mibees they’ll do a Champions League type launch . Stang stays tho, more fun than a funnery Been toying with a MX5 for ages, bit this might meet the need for another 2 seater
  8. The G Man


    Might gie it a go
  9. It’ll never make it through that gap Hugh...............
  10. If you’ve never heard of Janey Godley, get a taste here
  11. Hertz selling off their fleet of Z06’s https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a32585545/hertz-corvette-z06-for-sale/ Grab a bargain
  12. Just been watching the complete covidiots that have been travelling 50+ miles to, essentially, go for a walk and, “feed the ducks”. Without cognisance to where they are going to sh1t or p1ss, as most, if not all, public conveniences are closed, unable to wash their hands, without face coverings and with little thought to the communities where they are going. Ignorant bastarts at best, culpable knuts at worse. Stay local ffs, don’t be a f’kin drain on resources, at best, or a spreader at the other end of the scale. The level of selfishness is jaw dropping.
  13. DFDS did this with my payments. Deposit paid first followed by the balance a few days later. Random and arbitrary amounts of money withheld is utterly unacceptable and should be accompanied by an explanation, so it can be challenged.





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