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  1. I liked the last series of TGT, particularly good because it’s broadcast in 4K, some of the locations were simply stunning. i also agree with Ponsonby, Clarkson looks like death warmed up
  2. You might get a response in the right section.......
  3. Ditto, me n the ither half had a few laugh out loud moments last week and this week, I think the last time that happened was the US special years ago when Clarkson came back with a dead cow on the roof.
  4. Isle of Gigha is another, small, but beautiful little island for an overnight, short ferry ride for a few quid, it’s even got palm trees on it. Achamore Gardens is stunning.
  5. Have done that route a few times . Folks tend to head north in Skye and circumnavigate back across the bridge, the route to Armadale for the ferry to Mallaig is the fastest A road I’ve been on in my ‘Stang and once in Mallaig, the A830 is THE best road in Scotland in my humble opinion Defo gies a shout, we’re a wee bit bonkers but good bonkers and a very, very exclusive wee club
  6. You might want to consider Islay, beautiful beaches and the finest distilleries in all of Christendom. Port Charlotte is a particular favourite of ours. The drive from Glasgow, past Loch Lomond, Rest and Be Thankfull, round to Inveraray and onward to Tarbert and then Kennacraig for the ferry is an amazing road, one of the best in the UK. if you fancy, carry on down to Campbeltown and it gets better, just round the peninsula is Southend and Machrihanish, wildest beaches bar those in Sutherland, camping galore!
  7. Oh, and when you come up to Hoop Hoo land, give us some notice and The McMustang McMongos will organise a run oot for ye, in yer ‘Stang
  8. Skye is a busy island from spring to autumn. A few years ago in my 370 GT, us and another couple did the Outer Hebrides, the whole of! . From Vatersay to the very northern tip of Lewis. we did it in a week no problem, there’s not great distances to be covered. Ferry from Oban to Barra, joined by a causeway to Vatersay, then another ferry to South Uist, joined to North Uist by another causeway. Ferry to Harris and toured Harris and Lewis, ferry back to the mainland from Stornaway to Ullapool (we had an additional night in the summer isles) The beaches all through the Hebrides are amazing, South and North Uist are outstanding but our favourite beaches were in Harris, particularly Husinish (sp?) beach. We didn’t camp, but it’s entirely possible. The culinary choice is world beating, especially seafood, hotels, depending on budget, can be basic, but friendly and warm. Get some peat smoked salmon and peat smoked scallops from the Hebridean smokehouse, get up to Husinish beach, some fizz and you’ll be in heaven. *warning*. It’s an expensive trip
  9. Realised he was out of his depth, got found out and ran away, just like Raaaaaaab did. The quicker Bojo gets the job, the quicker he’ll be properly found out and sent to political oblivion, never to be seen again
  10. The first 6 Gen was Competition Orange, the new Orange Fury is a bit washed out looking. Ruby Red, a nice Shelby color (yes I know, the American spelling ) The car in itself is iconic, the colouring is secondary, the most offensive thing about a modern Mustang is the Ecoboost, even the word, Ecoboost, doesn’t look right
  11. BTW, they’re only rated to 7 degC



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