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  1. Dan, I can’t forget your statement ‘Covid did US (?) a favour’. Who is ‘us’, never did me or my family or the 70,000+ dead a ‘favour’, not in a brexit scenario, a healthy nation scenario nor in a NHS scenario did Covid ‘do us a favour’. That’s pretty perverse. The only ‘favour’ Covid did was to temporarily let this band of incompetent scoundrels, off the hook, temporarily. Covid is still here, brexit is inevitable, none of these things ‘do us a favour’. As a father, a father in law, a brother and an uncle to 4 nurses, I asked them if they think Covid ‘did us a favour’, not in any shape, form or fashion was there a positive to that scenario. Stay safe
  2. One needs to be an adult to understand adults, clownheid is less an adult as my 3yr old grandson. This moron, masquerading as an adult, has shown toddler like tendencies when ‘appealing’ to “good old British common sense”. Anyway, the gist of this thread revival is to gauge, given what we know now of this unmitigated disaster known as Brexit, to those that supported it, would you still support it and, what are the benefits? Can supporters point to our ‘extra’ freedoms? What ‘freedoms’ are we to look forward to on 01/01/21, that we didn’t have prior to 2016? Bearing in mind, we now understand that the whole fiasco was brought about to allow the tax dodging rich avoid new EU legislation and was not about ‘ sovrinty’ that we already had.
  3. The G Man

    Wheel suggestions?

    Nismo Mk1 wheels, diamond cut wheels are gash, IMO
  4. Well, honestly, no, I want to hear them put forward why they think it’s right and, what benefits it’s bringing me and you and anyone else
  5. Yes, with the help of some NHS personnel from the ‘colonies’, no doctor has congratulated his survival
  6. Yes, I agree with that. I’m trying to gauge the general feeling amongst those that broadly supported this nonsense.
  7. That’s probably what the people of Kent, England, thought Kent looked like before they overwhelmingly voted for brexshit
  8. Holy thread revival whats the thoughts now that we've left, good bad indifferent? Anyone still entrenched in their support/opposition, is it a good thing, given what is understood now, is Irish unification and Scottish independence inevitable? Will Covid make the difference, will Covid produce the excuse, will Covid give cover, will Covid be in play? Will @Jetpilot come back and vociferously defend the position? Will anyone explain the “extra” freedoms, will we ever be the same? Will IDS read anything, will Priti Patel order the Navy to sink refugee boats, without the MOD approval? Do we believe that Boris Johnson is the leader he claimed to be? Do we believe he has done a good job? Was it right to open the pubs before schools, was it right that the furlough scheme is working? Do we think that business premises should get government support as they are now, undoubtedly under pressure from those that work from home? Can the people of Kent cope with vast lorry parks? Can the cope with independence before sovereign nations? just asking
  9. White one (very clean condition) parked up in the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and another heading north from Dunoon. Great day for a drive out today





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