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  1. The G Man

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    RX8 - Borla, 370GT - Akrapovic + Berk Technology Hi Flo Cats, Mk1 370 Nismo -Ark GRiP, all lovely sounding, but after replacing back to stock when selling, it was a refreshing change. Running a FRPP by Borla Touring on my Mustang now, truly makes an awesome sound over stock. The two Borla’s are the best sounding exhausts I’ve ever had or heard, on a Rotary and a V8. The combination that Borla offer is astounding, Touring, Sport or Attack, resonated, non res, H or X pipe, outstanding. On a V6? No idea, but would be interesting to find out. Quietest was the Akro, before hi flo cats, loudest? Definitely the FRPP by Borla.
  2. The G Man

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Och, it is a good looking car, with good numbers for those that like that kind of stuff
  3. The G Man

    A performance daily?

    You can get a low mileage, late 16, early 17 Mustang GT for around £27K. It’s not that large a car, sitting behind the wheel it feels large, but it’s smaller than a Mondeo. An unmodified one does need tweaks to make it a bit more planted, such as a Track Pack or updated sway bars and coilovers, simple set of springs is not enough on its own regarding suspension set up. Budget around £1.5k for either, including fitting and geometry. On the noise front, a set of axle backs or a cat back is a must, the stock is not that great. The stock 16-18 tyres (P Zeros), are shockingly bad in the cold or, from slightly damp! They’re only rated down to 7deg C. Budget for a set of Michelin tyres, to complement a decent suspension set up, so another £8-900. Power wise, out the box is pretty good, some aftermarket tunes can add a few ponies but as a rule of thumb, it’s about £3K per 100hp (18 manifold, headers and tune, for instance, gives @ 100hp for £3k investment, Roush or Whipple stage 2 SC, after importing, fitting and tuning (several experts around the country re fitting/tuning (Lund, the preferred option) much cheaper importing the SC yourself rather than using a trader, will run @ £9K fitted and tuned, depending on deal struck with supplier, this will give anywhere between 720 and 850hp. so now it’s nearer £40k, however, for a £27K base and if you enjoy modifying your car, it’s a great one to play with. The Mustang is more a ‘capable’ GT than what you might want, a ‘supercar’, however, it is more than capable on most roads. It’s not a car, I’d say, for fannying about in town, ‘shooting the breeze’ with the corsa/Golf mob. Having been over the Alps twice and completed the whole of the Route Napoleon (with a few other choice south of France roads), tremendous fun, capable and on the right Autobahn, you’ll be going faster than the ground speed dial goes up to, without too much drama. Apparently, my friend reckons, we’re in the 175+ club I use my car as a daily, winter 17-20 mpg, summer 22-25, motorway/cruising can get as high as 35+, even on an Autobahn at a steady 110-120, the V8 is hardly working in this scenario. It’s not a car for the track IMO, that’s not to say that owners don’t track them, but not dedicated track use. Hope that helps in any decision on a Mustang, it’s coming from an owner of three nearly three years, if you do get one, make sure it’s a GT not an eco boost, you will end up embarrassed when someone asks for a rev . Good of luck with the search
  4. The G Man

    Mazda 3 2019

    Soul Red My Mrs has the 3 in Soul Red, pops like a poppy thing
  5. The G Man

    Z & the Ring

    thanks very much
  6. The G Man

    Brexit again

    Jeezo Shug
  7. The G Man

    Brexit again

    https://www.jcb.com/en-gb/attachments/shovels/6-in-1-shovel ‘dozing capability’ Used this capability on many a BFI as a POM
  8. The G Man

    Brexit again

    FYI JCB blade can be used in a ‘dozer’ mode (3 in 1 bucket)
  9. The G Man

    Z & the Ring

    Off to ‘The Green Hell’ either before the 6hrs of Spa or after, they haven’t published their ‘open’ days just yet, should be in a week or so (according to an email reply). The fast A road advice is spot on, there will be faster cars, there will be faster ‘slower’ cars, the locals have a definate advantage over the ‘occasional’ user, of which, I’m definitely in that camp. just drink up the experience and go for an early, midweek option for an emptier track.
  10. The G Man

    Riots in France - petrol prices - UK comparison

    I don’t remember any protests!?! Some public grumbling, vaguely, but no ‘protests’
  11. The G Man

    Brexit again

    I don’t do Facebook, so have no idea of your position on it. The fact remains, no one of the Brexit camp has yet to offer or convince that their option is better than the status quo. All the evidence that has been produced on this thread points that way, there’s been no offerable evidence to the opposite. i want a brexiteer to give me the argument that will change my mind on exiting the EU, there has been none offered on here, the opposite has been true of the remain side. The status quo, is what we know of as fact, the rest is pure assumption based on nothing. Have a listen to the video REgards the latest ‘Norway+’ deal and what that bloc thinks. Feel free Dan to support one way or the other, but justify it, don’t just offer platitudes with no input to what we could face as opposed to what we know now. Its a mess, God help us.
  12. The G Man

    Brexit again

    So, what is it you want? hard, soft, Norway+, backstop? Back to terrorism in NI, rickets? Kids up chimneys, what? still waiting to hear what your nirvana is and how it’ll benefit the nation? geez a clue
  13. The G Man

    Brexit again

    Dear oh dear, still no argument to leave then. The electorate have moved on, you know, just like they do at every general election. You have still to put forward the continued case to leave, given the evidence now. im keeping up, not stuck in 2016
  14. The G Man

    Brexit again

    Hugh, I thought better of you
  15. The G Man

    Brexit again

    still waiting for your argument to convince remainers to leave. You’re points are continually mute in this discussion. You have no stance other than, ‘leave is gooder’ What is your point?