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  1. I’d have my Nismo back in a heartbeat. As a second plaything, not as savage as my Mustang. My RX8 was the most usable on UK roads as something that you could use every ounce of its capability. Would I buy another Nissan? As others have said, nothing in my price range would tempt me. I’d buy another Mustang tho
  2. I concur on the comfortable GT qualities, trans European or commuting, all good. While I’ve got the full FRPP Track suspension kit, it’s still very comfortable, I might change this out for some Pedders adjustable coilovers this year tho, just to give the option of an even smoother ride. With the X Force Varex Smartbox engine Back Exhaust, I’m neighbour friendly in the mornings now as well. Facelift models have the option of an active exhaust and magnaride tho. Nothings fell off yet and no rattles to report, the panel gaps will annoy some people, Ford quality rather than Audi , but pretty well put together otherwise. mine goes in for the oil cooler swap out tomorrow, not a necessity, more peace of mind for our upcoming Euro trips. Getting some paintwork and a new look at the front end as well done, oh and new Stoptech discs and pads all round as well. A joy to spend money on
  3. Irn Bru has done an organised trip the last few years, so I’m sure he’ll offer his experience and some tips. I’ve did it a few times and know most of it really well, my top tip would be to do it anti clockwise, up the east coast first. No need to worry about super unleaded, plenty in Thurso and Ullapool. Venture into the interior if you’ve time, awesome roads to stretch the legs in. From Tongue round it’s a bit tight in places, mostly single track with a LOT of idiots (mostly camper vans) that don’t know how to use passing places properly. other than that, take your time and enjoy If you’ve not did the Peebles triangle, Hamilton via Biggar - Peebles - Selkirk - Moffat, back up the old A74, a great practice and will test your Zeds and your capabilities
  4. The G Man

    My 911

    Moving to Oz?
  5. Is that the one I sold ye for £15?
  6. ......or just slap them and claim ye missed
  7. OP, have you actually clicked on ATTAK Zs’ link? Here’s what it looks like.......
  8. Agreed! The bastarts that like tae steal them seem tae love them I've had umpteen sets stolen, stick with plastic now
  9. https://youtu.be/IHEdj2CvwH0 Allegedly there’s a V8 under the bonnet
  10. JW3 was a sh1te movie, visually very good, but the series has lost the ‘plot’. I got the 4K HDR box set for a birthday present, so technically very good
  11. Aye, ‘kin Rolf Harris and his jake the peg.........bastart, childhood gone
  12. ......the increase in rogue social media interference in lawful elections, hand in hand with incumbents full knowledge, unduly influencing results. Cnuts in charge on both sides of the Atlantic. Russia conquering the Middle East (lots of shots fired) and most of the west (without a shot fired) oh and “austerity” for the poor in the UK in particular
  13. The plastic parts, front bumper especially, are hard to get right, even Nissan struggled from the factory on this. There are a few on here that had matching problems with this. One of the detailing geeks will be along soon with recommendations of polish, wax and cleaning regimes. Storm White (pearlescent white), is the most gorgeous white on any car out there. I’m such a fan that our 2019 Mazda 3 is pearlescent white, stunning when polished and waxed up, in all light.





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