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  1. That’s probably a bit optimistic for the U.K. market. If a base one is $60k, plus 24% VAT + duty, that’s $75k before shipping, add in the extra build cost of a RHD, middlemen costs in getting them over here and supported, the small numbers that would probably be involved and the £ bombing against the $ at the minute, I’d say nearer £85k -£90k for a reasonably well spec’d model. That’s highish end 911 territory, but if it’s as good as has been written...... I don’t think Chevy will put the effort Ford did into the Mustang as a ‘glogbal’ brand and at the Mustangs launch in the U.K., the £ v $ was around $1.75ish. I’d love to see The Camaro being pushed as a global brand, with competitive pricing against the global Mustang. Will that happen? Who knows, but a Mustang GT is getting close to £50k now (again exchange rate not helping) Anyway, if I had £85-90k I’d buy one
  2. Got the colour wrong, it’s shadow black chrome, not black chrome
  3. .....and the bonus that the car is now clad in MPSS rather than P Zeros
  4. Spare set of alloys have been painted Chrome Black, pic of the car with one on the front, stock on the rear. Picture not doing it justice really but paint job really thins the stock alloy down. all the detritus is due to sorting out a bent mud flap and cleaning the Brembo other picture with both on.
  5. The G Man

    Stubaru BRZ

    Cracking wee motor Some really nice touches and a good wee power output, super
  6. Christ Almighty, that’s a rotten thing tae happen. There’ll be some technical reason for the airbag not going off, I couldn’t begin tae speculate I’m afraid. All ok is a good result the motor is just a piece of metal and will be replaced. Hope the perp gets a thoroughly good ‘thrashing’ figuratively speaking, from the law!
  7. That was her face as I was trying tae explain, RWHP and Crank
  8. Rosie was just told that my car has now got 540 RWHP, 620 at the crank
  9. Big giant really old kids (one for you two )
  10. Lighten the mood a bit from car meet maniacs:
  11. I would suspect that one of the perpetrators, at least, will be a member on here. No doubt they’ll not be posting much soon. Sadly this is a tragedy for all involved, more so the injured or the dead’s, if any, relatives, but also for the two drivers, their lives will also be ruined. This will happen again sooner or later unfortunately, it’s inevitable, given the modding scene and the social media input to such meets. Together with people mixing up ambition with ability on the driving skill side, youthful exuberance and encouragement from peers, this will happen again. I’ve no answers other than for all involved in these collaborations to enthuse moderation and common sense. As of 10mins ago, https://apple.news/AnteHgVrOT9Kb2y4RmkmqEg
  12. It got more disappointing as the series wore on. Flintoff got more wooden, McGuinnes is no motoring journalist (the Supra spot was excruciating to listen to) and Harris looked a little more desperate as time went on. Didn't finish well IMO, hopefully there’ll be more cars in the next series, once the two ‘amatuer’ drivers hone their skills.
  13. Thanks, just want to get a feel for them. I’ve read some of the reviews of shiply, not delved into particular quotes yet as to their reviews.



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