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  1. Behave yourself. All my messages go to all my devices. I'm a busy boy these days!
  2. So you have mate, I don't know how I've missed them! They're showing as read, so can only assume they were read on my MacBook or iMac at home, if somebody has been using it.
  3. No worries, thanks for texting back What's next? you text?
  4. Thanks for the support Irfan It's sitting not getting used mate, feel bad watching it do nothing when somebody could be having fun in it! There will be a new steed or 2 replacing it and the 1 series though
  5. Car is now Sold, pending payment and collection! Deposit Taken
  6. Some serious interest at the moment. Weekend bump anyways
  7. Used them loads and they've always been great.
  8. My car has Recaro's from an accord type-r. I had to get custom mounts made up and it cost pretty much the same as the seats! Get a set with specific rails and make your life a lot easier.
  9. Thanks Kev, I have missed out that the anti roll bar's have been fitted with Superpro PU bushes, and also the banana arms are fitted with the same. I will add this to my OP.
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