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  1. Hi everyone, not new here but I have got a new car, here are some photos, it's supercharged and it's amazing: It does mean I have to sell my old one but for now I'll enjoy seeing the two Z's next to eachother
  2. There's a lot that makes a difference, I believe the Rev9 kit you are referencing is top mount, and the Kudaka kit is a mid mount, which requires an oiling system, scavenge pump etc. Which are usually fine however more moving parts to fail, I can't say I've looked into the Kudaka kit and the spec of it. Heat will play a big part in both if you like to hoon it, so maybe up-rate the cooling system also. cheap, fast, reliable, pick two. I'm about to pull the trigger on a supercharger kit as I plan on tracking the car and don't want to forge the engine. Plus the units being
  3. Sounds good to me, maybe @davidv10 and I could organise a little Yarmouth meet soon? With everyone from the groupchat etc.
  4. Will be interested to hear what people think about this kit after use. Commenting so I can follow
  5. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone here wanted to sort something out for after we're allowed to go out again (still social distanced of course). I am seeing an increase in amount of Z's in Norfolk which is great. (Either that or I'm getting better at seeing them)
  6. Great looking car, look forward to seeing it next year at Snet again hopefully
  7. Hi guys at the moment there is a twin turbo 350z for sale that used to be a forum owners car. Car in question (CK54 XDV): Click me Relisted (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/nissan-350z-gt-twin-turbo-430bhp-modified-fast-drift-race-track-car-big-spec/313352138233?hash=item48f53e2df9:g:HNwAAOSwS1pfuUPE) Relisted again(https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/project-350z-gt-twin-turbo-430bhp-modified-fast-drift-race-track-car-big-spec-px/313405876415?hash=item48f87228bf:g:HNwAAOSwS1pfuUPE) Description at this time: I was interested in it, however it seemed apparent
  8. Thanks for the post unfortunately that’s an old post. I know the current owner was going to sell it to me however he bailed today.
  9. Bump, cash waiting for the right car.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the reply, could you send me a private message with some pictures and more information when you can, thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, Please delete if not allowed however I am planning on purchasing a boosted 350z. What is about? Thanks Alex
  12. Nice, I'm on a stand now too! I believe they are called flashcars_uk. Look out for the bumper with paint missing
  13. Hi, Anyone going who fancies a convoy down from Norwich area?
  14. Yep, we was in the same boat on Tuesday I am going to be ordering some Performance Friction pads before the next one as well as get the disks skimmed and do a fluid flush and see if that helps. Hopefully they do.
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