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  1. I must save for a house... I must save for a house... GLWS, may hit you up if I decide to change my mind from FI
  2. Hi, I was looking at this and I have also discovered this. Thanks for the message, I may alert the Facebook group with my suspicions
  3. Ready to see a Z go for a crazy amount? Unsure if this was posted here already.
  4. Hi, after some advice, I am currently looking at a Z that has had a forged engine and wondered how much power it is good for, if anyone knows a ballpark figure. Forged engine by Z1 Motor Sport consisting of .... Wiseco pistons piston ring set. eagle rods with cap with optional super A Carillo rods. Nissan OEM gasket kits ( cosmetic head gaskets). ACL Engine bearings ( rod main thrust ). ARP Head and main stud kits. Z1 Viton Valve Seals. Z1 Plenum spacer. Organic fast road clutch. Thanks Alex
  5. Yeah, seen this loads, this garage has had this for around 3-4 months. Could be worth a lowball offer.
  6. Found this while scrolling through 350z stuff on ebay, super nice example. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-350z-Twin-Turbo/264490697514?hash=item3d94dfc32a:g:mzYAAOSwKc5dmyHR
  7. Hi, I have searched on the forum for the following question but couldn't find it. I live in Norfolk and there isn't an uprev licensed vendor close to me (as far as I know) and would like to remap my car, is there any downside using a closer remapping vendor with a dyno? I have an 04 DE so I can't get multiple maps. What other downsides are there? Trying to weigh up the pros and cons and seeing if it's worth the trip down to abbey/horsham.
  8. Glad to see it's looking up, sad to hear about your Z, it's a cracking car. Unfortunately I am at a wedding this weekend so cannot make it. Driving to Wales in the Z on Friday.
  9. Weird, I'm 20 with 1 year NCB, 2 yeard driving experience. Mods declared (admiral) £909.
  10. Darn, missed this one, following the post now. How was the meet? Any pics?
  11. Great post, just finished reading it, I'm a long way off being able to get FI installed by myself (a lot to learn) and a lot to save up on for insurance! Sad to hear about your tyre, you scared me and I thought the engine blew.
  12. Hi, I think I will be able to make it, just looked at my flight time and I will be back around 2pm, been way too long since I drove my z (1 week) and would love to meet you guys, where abouts on the front is the meet starting and what time? I see discussion about it above but would like clear guidance as it’s around an hour and a bit drive for me. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow
  13. Good to hear, please can you PM me a link to your website, or post it here. Thanks





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