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  1. Is your car a JDM? if it is you could try the method I found below pasted in from a post a few years ago. I found it by trying slightly different variations until I found one that worked. It might be worth a try. I finally managed to get my JDM to store the key ID codes after much searching and trying different sequences, so thought I would share it with other members in case they are having similar issues. Not sure if this applies to all JDM or just early 350 JDM models, mine is a 02/03. There are many different ways online that tell you how to do UK and US cars but none of them work on the JDM models, the main difference is that you do not get any flash of lights/hazard/indicators to tell you when it is in programming mode. The key to the JDM is that it unlocks the doors when it enters program mode. 1. Sit in the car and lock the doors using the drivers door lock switch on the door handle not the one with the window buttons. The lock on the control panel only locks the passenger door but the door switch in the handle locks both doors. 2. Insert and pull out the key 6 times within 10 seconds until the door unlocks (no lights flash) do not take out the key when the door unlocks. The door unlocks when you insert the key for the sixth time, If you take the key out and insert it again it will not program. 3. Turn the key to the acc postion and then lock the doors with the same button you used in step 1. 4. Push the unlock button on the key and the doors will unlock if succesful. 5. Remove key and open doors. I have tried this a number of times and works everytime, I just need to test it with a couple of keys or an extra keyfob but I suspect I will just need to lock the door and put a key in ignition and follow steps 2 and 3. I searched and could not find this method detailed here anywhere so hopefully it will help other users I just need to see if I can find one of the ebay keyfobs now that works on the JDM frequencies to use as a spare.
  2. Well I got it all sorted, new spark plugs and 2 new coil packs and it works so much better when the coil packs are plugged in the correct way round. It seems that the coil pack plug which comes out of the middle of the loom is plugged into the back plug, not the way it looks.
  3. Hi, I think I am getting somewhere with sorting this but just asking for a little help on a number of things, firstly this is what's happened so far. Taking the zed out for a day out but it started to go wrong with a single misfire and then it was ok for a further 10 miles. I stopped to check I was on the right road and with the engine idling it started to idle uneven with a popping from drivers exhaust and a slight smell of petrol. I thought time to turn round and go home, at higher revs it seemed ok but pulling up to traffic lights or junctions it started again. I never got a engine light come up and checked with code reader later and no errors showed. Next day I pulled out some old coil packs from an earlier swap, to check to see if they were ok, one measured faulty (infinity or high ohms) on a resistance check so I binned that one, others were ok and started to dismantle the car. Passenger side 1st coil pack swapped over ok, second one I pulled out and found corrosion on the inside of the coil pack and also on the top of the spark plug. Not good I thought so made a note to order some new plugs and a plug socket to pull it out. I carried on anyway replacing 2nd coil pack and 3rd coil pack. Only 2nd one had the corrosion. Everything went back together ok and I thought I would start it anyway to see if there was any change. It was still not right but the popping had stopped and it was still misfiring and still smelt of petrol at the exhaust exit. I measured the coil packs I had pulled out and 2 measured faulty, 2 and 3, I was not expecting that. I assume I had been driving it with a faulty coil pack for a while or 2 had failed on the journey back, strange. So from the picture above with all the corrosion, what could have caused it and will it happen again? I assume the smell of petrol will be from the fact that there is a poor connection between the coil pack and the spark plug and it is not igniting the petrol in the engine? Replacement will prove that. When I unplugged and plugged the coil packs in I got the 2 and 3 wires muddled as you have to pull the wiring harness back to get access. I assume they are wired the same on both sides of the engine, 1 and 2 come out of the front of the harness together and 3 from the back on its own. That's how I wired it up so right and left sides of engine were the same. Also I think it would have really throwed a major wobbler if 2 and 3 were the wrong way round. I need to get a spark plug socket, I think its a 14mm, either of these two are what I need? Laser 3/8"D Spark Plug Socket - 14mm Bi-Hex - Wilco Direct MAGNETIC PLUG SOCKET - 14MM - 3/8D" | Halfords UK That is were I am at the moment, hopefully someone can advise or may have had the same problem and fixed it. I have fingers crossed for a spark plug change fixing it
  4. I have not got any plans for organising any meets this year but I am sure next year will be better all round and I hope to start doing some again. There was talk of some of the other locals organising something but I have not seen anything definite from them yet.
  5. I renamed the tread sometime ago to Norfolk-Yarmouth when we were attending car shows and rallys. Just arrange a time and place and I can change the first post of the thread with any extra information that might be needed.
  6. Hiya, no plans from me to organise anything yet. I am not sure if anything will be possible from my end through June but hopefully early July. But you can always organise something amongst yourselves, just pick a place and a time Also nice to see a new local owner, hope you are enjoying owning one. I still smile to myself every time I sit in mine and start her up and other people seem to enjoy seeing my Z on the road as much as I do
  7. HI, everyone and its good to see we are all OK. You are right there are definitely more zeds about, seen a good few more in Great Yarmouth. I doubt I will get mine back on the road till early April, looks like we are in for some more winter weather around Easter so sometime after then. I would be up for a meet May/June and then we can see how many more we can get in after that for reat of the year. Stay safe.
  8. Good news for the new year, got to pick her up next weekend.
  9. It looks like I will be off the road now for at least 5-6 weeks. The parts will have to come from Japan so it will be almost 2 months before I can drive her again. But there's nothing to stop the rest of you meeting up somewhere if not in Yarmouth. I guess I will not be trying to organise anymore this year now, as the winter will be well set in by time its done and it wont be worth putting her back on road then until March time.
  10. Err wrote off after leaving for a quote? do tell. I think they will go up to 2/3rds the value of the car before they write it off so at £4795 that would put value of car at about £7200. I think it is but once you take of the modifications which are not insured its a 17 year old low mileage JDM 350z, not sure if they would see it that way. I finally heard back from guy at the pig farm place today, they are accepting liability for it and their insurance company will be in touch with me so that's good news. Also I can deal direct with them without getting my insurance company involved, more good news as there will be no claim through my insurance. He even said to make sure its done by a reputable firm who does good work, even if it costs more, there will be no complaints from them but don't use East Bilney he said. Maybe he has heard something about them. So it looks like it will get sorted by them in time, I am feeling a bit better about it now but I'm still gutted about it.
  11. Thanks for offer of help, I have a feeling this could get a bit messy with the insurance and may end in my car getting written off. If that is the case I will have to buy it back off them and buy the bits myself, I've had a quote of between 700-1000 on labour for fitting and spraying all the parts. Another problem will be getting the right parts as there are some differences with it being a JDM.
  12. Sorry guys I wont be able to make it this Sunday, Zed is off the road. You may or may not of heard of the incident on the Norwich bypass when 60 pigs escaped from one of the farms on Thursday. One of them ran out right in front of me while I was driving at 65-70mph down there and hit the front bumper. Me and my wife where ok but the front of the car was not. Damage so far is new front bumper, washer bottle, headlight (bracket is broken), wing liner, slightly bent front wing and various metal brackets, number plate and holder and various little bits and pieces missing. Pretty gutted about it as I got an estimate from East Bilney who is the company my insurance use and they said £4795 which would mean they write the car off. Spoke to director of company who own the pigs and they say they are insured for damage caused by the pigs so I a hope I will not have to go to my insurance and work direct with there insurance. I had another quote which was over a £1000 less so I am hopeful we can get something sorted if not it will have to be second hand parts off the forum.
  13. Same format again if everyone is up for it. Next Norfolk-Yarmouth Mini Meet scheduled for 22nd September 2019 at 7.15pm outside Wellington Pier/Winter gardens. 1. TimC 2.
  14. Sorry I will not be able to attend as I will be at work and it looks like it will be a busy one. I don't have the pleasure of weekends off through the summer months. So looks like 22nd might be a good idea and maybe we may still get the tail end of the summer for it.
  15. Yea we had a good meet, chatted for a couple of hours but it was cold (maybe that was just me). I think that may show in the following photos, a little bit of camera shake maybe. I think we had yet more confirmation that no two 350s are a like, so many possible combinations of modifications. I also noted a couple of more little corrections I need to do. We will have to get one more in next month if everyone is up for it, maybe 15th or 22nd. We could do another in Yarmouth or maybe Norwich if anyone can come up with a better location.
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