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  1. Hopefully I will be able to attend the next meet Just a heads up there is a cars and coffee meet this Sunday from 9am-1130am at the old ram inn, me and my wife will both be attending and bringing our cars,hope to see some of you there here is the postcode Ipswich Rd, Norwich NR15 2DE
  2. no i think you are right,main problem is rust and the W brace is made of dust lol,i have sorted the cosmetics now but i think it might need a new clutch soon. here are a couple of update pics
  3. Looking for rays alloys or aftermarket alloys for my 350z
  4. thanks for the welcome everyone TimC thanks for the heads up but i think the Z wont be ready in time as trying to sort out the bits and bobs that are wrong with it But this is how she looks now, new stripe an lip
  5. Just quick hi to everyone just purchased a 2004 350z GT with 65000 miles on the clock. The only mod so far is a toyosport exhaust system and the car came with mishimoto rad fans(that are very loud ) the main bad point about this car was the roof as it have 2 big dents which i have now filled,my freind has some matte white wrap for the roof just wondered peoples thoughts as im trying to do something different from the normal black roof! here she is





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