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  1. My import 350 came with the Sat Nav system (I use a double din for sat nav) But it also came with the front side cameras and reverse camera, just wondering if anyone knew how many video inputs the system has as I would like to add another camera. Thanks in advance
  2. Look forward to seeing the video and subscribed
  3. Thank for organising the club stand and it was great to meet you all. I will edit the YouTube video soon and the club stand cars will be featured. Thanks again Glenn
  4. Just re read and we need to be in at 7am so I will have to leave at 5:30 lol
  5. I received mine and all printed in colour thanks. I'm leaving Bognor regis around 6:30 aiming to arrive at 8am, if anyone wants to meet on route give me a shout.
  6. Sent you my email address via pm, sorry it's late been away.
  7. Sorry just spoke to him and his Mrs got him tickets to another show
  8. Is there still spaces? Just sent another owner this link and told him to asks.
  9. 24 minutes ago Rgvrip - (ticket) Lbow350z Dra1975 - (ticket) Jamez87 Mad Glenn (ticket) Rudling8 - ticket Jay Wilmot (Facebook) Kingsley benfield (Facebook) Pat350z
  10. Great news and just got my ticket.
  11. There was so much to see we made a 2nd part.
  12. MAD Glenn

    My Fairlady

    I was just reading that, I have alot on this year but will try to attend.



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