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  1. Can the bar behind the seats in my MK2 Nismo be used to attach a racing harness? The Recaro seats certainly have the cutouts for a harness so was wondering how much work would be involved putting on in? Have a possible track day coming up at the end of Feb. Also any recommendations on harnesses?
  2. They disputed that also saying that they have no evidence of seats being replaced under warranty since 2017
  3. I've been as civil as I can be - I'm tempted to post the email chain up here - but they have been disinterested and dismissive the entire time. The fact is, the damage isn't that bad and could be repaired pretty cheaply (I could probably do a reasonable enough job with stuff i could get from Halfords). My concern is that it has happened so fast which doesn't give me confidence that it is fit for purpose (i.e. years of ownership, not months). Doing some maths; if you combine the sales data online which as of May put the number of 370Z sold in the UK at 74 (https://www.topgear.com/car-news/opinion/why-nissan-370z-marks-end-era) and Autocar's statistic that approximately half of all 370Z's sold in the UK are now the Nismo (https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/nissan/370z-nismo), suggests that there were approximately 37 2018 Nismo's on the road when my car first started showing signs of wear on the seat. If you then take the number of people that have shown photographic proof of the same wear to their 2018 Recaro seats in this thread alone (3), then that accounts for > 8% of all UK 2018 370Z Nismos sold this year having the same problem...
  4. So Nissan have dug their heels in and have refused to accept that it is unreasonable wear and tear. I provided them the pictures of the wear that you guys have shared with me, but they have said that each case was different and doesn't point to a larger problem and that the wear must have been my fault. I guess my next step is to contact the finance company and deal with it that way, but the unpleasantness of dealing with Nissan customer service has been the real kicker here - despite the efforts I have made to provide them with all the details, pictures and evidence they have asked for, they have quickly dismissed all of it, not even inspected the car in person and continued to blame me for it making it abundantly clear that they would not cover it in whole or in part under warranty or out as a gesture of goodwill.
  5. I tried, the dealership took a look at it and forwarded the case onto the Nissan Warranty department who came back saying they weren't going to cover it as they didn't feel there was a manufacturing issue. I've been contesting that decision and it seems like a fair number of people here have been having similar issues with the wear on their leather so there's clearly a bigger issue than just a one-off with my car (which is what Nissan has been saying to me). Will be talking to them again on Monday.
  6. Nissan have gone very quiet on this - no response from them today. I doubt I'll hear anything over the weekend now so will call them up on Monday and will post how I got on. If others have seen this issue, please post about it so we can see how widespread it actually is
  7. Thanks for this. I've gone back to them - will see what they say.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Nissan UK customer services are aware I am a forum member here and asked me to see if anyone else had reported a similar issue so your response is just what i needed to go back to them with
  9. I bought my 370Z new back in late January and it's now done about 3500 miles. Recently I noticed that there was a patch of leather on the side bolster of the driver's seat that is looking very worn/cracked already. The rest of the seat shows no signs of wear so I took it back to the dealer to take a look at. They were initially surprised to see it too and the lady helping me took a couple of pictures on her phone to send to Nissan. A week or so later, the dealership called me back saying that Nissan has decided that they believe something has rubbed on it and so they weren't covering it in their warranty. I was advised to call Nissan directly to take it from there which is what I did. A few days later, they responded back to me again saying that the damage was my fault so they weren't prepared to help me out. My 350Z's leather looked fine after me owning it for 7 years and doing 50,000 miles in it so my question is - do I accept that something has rubbed on it and try and recondition the leather or is this level of wear unreasonable given how new the car is and how low the mileage is? Also interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar issue.
  10. Thanks, went with the Compact as it sounds like you rate yours and was on Amazon Prime for £135
  11. I'm looking to replace my Sealey washer with a Karcher as the Sealey connector is basically incompatible with anything it seems. Looking at the Karcher K4's, I can get both the Full Control and the Compact for approximately the same price so am wondering what I should go for. I like the idea of the pressure control display on the Full Control, but I don't think i'd ever use the detergent stuff as I have an Auto Finesse Snow Foam lance. The Compact appeals purely because it is smaller. I can see the flow rate and water pressure are basically the same on both so wondering if anyone has any recommendations on either one? Thanks
  12. Just walked past and seen a rebadged 350Z in the car park of my local
  13. Your car is about 5 miles up the road from me! Enjoy!
  14. Bought my 2018 MK2 in late Jan - 18 miles on the clock from the main Nissan dealer around here. It's on PCP so I know how much it is per month, but can't remember what the total price I would end up paying if I bought the car outright at the end of the PCP. Hadn't seen the illuminated kickplates mentioned before... Think I'm going to have to try and find some of those!
  15. Can confirm I get a lot of tramlining in my 2018 Nismo, not just on breaking or on bad roads either; I get it driving around the ring road here which I never really had problems on with in my 350Z.



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