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  1. Yes visual is the biggest difference with having the more aggressive bumpers/skirts. Also, the Recaro bucket seats are just amazing to both look at and sit in (assuming you dont have any back or torso medical issues). Visuals aside, the biggest difference is the suspension. The car is definitely firmer and corners a lot flatter, improving the handling a lot. And the slightly larger (285) wheels help improve the grip. There is about 20 more BHP although that side of things i couldnt really notice. Going 6 years newer, a big thing for me is that everything just looks and feels a lot newer and less worn. I was also very surprised how much nicer the Alloys looked in real life than in person!
  2. I wasted no time in starting to modify the car. I didnt get a lot of pictures as i was using every second and making use of the time i had off work, but i did the following: - Bought and sprayed some 'Z' badges dark grey - Sprayed the door handles and rear 370Z badge dark grey - Installed the Stillen cat back exhaust from the old car - Installed the Stillen induction kit from the old car - Installed new wiring for the DRLs so that they stay on with the headlights, and also gave them a master on/off switch in the cabin Here are some pictures i did take:
  3. This build thread is now at an end as I decided to be very impulsive and saw a very well priced 2015 Nismo 370z that I just could not say no to... Therefore the car is now up for sale. Here is the for sale thread: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/125300-for-sale-tastefully-modified-370z-gt-pearl-white/ I managed to get a few pictures of both cars together which is so lovely to see! Here is the link to the new Nismo build thread: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/125346-2015-nismo-370z-modified/
  4. So again it was time to be impulsive and treat myself to an upgrade. After 18 months of owning my 2009 370z GT, i have now moved on to a 2015 Nismo 370z. Here is a link to my old car build project: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/121771-my-white-370z-gt-modified/ Here is the car when i picked it up: And here it is with the old car:
  5. I have meant to post for ages, but has just been super busy. I went down to Abbey Motorsport and got the EcuTek remap and Abbey Advanced Traction Control for the car. The guys at Abbey were great and very friendly! And the results were very good for the remap! The end result was: - 326bhp at the wheels - 272lbs/ft at the wheels Also, the advanced traction control i cannot praise enough! It does a great job of feeding in the power to the level that you set, and it gives you a lot more confidence in the wet!
  6. Ok perfect. Thanks for finding that explanation!
  7. After having my 370z for a year and a half and loving it, i have decided to upgrade to a newer Nismo version. Therefore needing to put this one up for sale. It is a manual 370z GT in pearl white. It has 56,000 miles. In the 18 months that i have owned it i have only put 6,000 miles on it as my work is very close by. It has been tastefully modified in the time that I have had it, to in my opinion become the even better sports car it should be. MOT until 18th September 2020 (had no advisories). Here is my Build Project for the car: The modifications are as follows: - EkuTek Remap - 325hp at the wheels (roughly 365bhp) & 272lbft Torque at the wheels (roughly 312lbft torque) - £540.00 - Abbey Motorsport Advanced Traction Control System (selectable map option) - £120.00 - Genuine MK2 Nismo Front Bumper- £400.00 (used) - New Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres all round - £640.00 - DIY Eagle Eye Daytime Running Lights - Headlight Internals sprayed Black - 370z Rear Debadged - Anthracite sprayed Z Badges - Anthracite sprayed Door Handles - Tinted Rear Fog Light & High Brake Light Extras included: - Stock GT Front Bumper (centre section sprayed black) - AAM Cat Back Exhaust System (didnt get round to fitting to the car) - Stock Rear Wiper Arm/Motor - Universal Nismo Looking DRL Units (were for future project) Not included (as they will be going on the new car): - Stillen Exhaust (has been replaced with stock exhaust system) - Stillen Induction Kit (has been put back to stock intakes) - MK1 Nismo Boot Spoiler (has been replaced with stock boot spoiler) - GTR Start Button (has been put back to stock start button) Bad Points: - It has the normal front stone chips and small marks as is expected of its age - Nismo Front Bumper has a few scratches and a small crack near the DRLs - Alloy Wheels have curbing and a little bit of paint peeling, so could do with a refurb - Headlights are a little cloudy when not polished I have tried to be as honest as i can with my description of the car. It is stunning to look at especially with the Nismo front bumper, it is lovely to drive and is very quick and capable with the remap, advanced traction control and decent premium tyres. Hence why i am getting another one. It has always been run on V-Power. I am based in Norwich £14,500 ono
  8. Ok, thanks for the info. It still has enough prongs/attachments to be securely attached to the car without that one im assuming?
  9. I currently have an 09 370z GT and am potentially looking at getting ‘15 Mk2 Nismo. I know the stock exhausts differ with the Nismo being full dual, but are the actual fitmesnts the same? My real question is will my Stillen Exhaust fit on the new Nismo? Here is the link for the exhaust from when i bought it: Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I have the Stillen (with stock cats) and i love it. I daily my Z so didnt want anything with drone or ridiculously loud, and this is just right. Nice deep tone when you put your put down, but no drone and not loud when you are taking it easy and cruising.
  11. I am leaning towards the F1 Supersports, only because its my daily car and so i drive it all year round (except for snow), so i really need to bear in mind handling in the wet (with this being england)... And the Michelin's appear to be very good in the dry, but suffer in the wet. Wheras the F1s have by far the best ratings in the wet.
  12. Thanks for the responses guys, its all very helpful! And @davey_83 thanks for the review URL.
  13. Just looking for peoples opinions, recommendations or experiences for new rear tyres. The two options I am looking at (both around the £200 mark) are Michelin Pilot Super Sports and the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5s. I currently have nearly new Eagle F1s on the front and do like them so it would be nice to match all 4 wheels, however there seem to be a lot of love for the MPSSs on the forum.





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