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  1. I am leaning towards the F1 Supersports, only because its my daily car and so i drive it all year round (except for snow), so i really need to bear in mind handling in the wet (with this being england)... And the Michelin's appear to be very good in the dry, but suffer in the wet. Wheras the F1s have by far the best ratings in the wet.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, its all very helpful! And @davey_83 thanks for the review URL.
  3. Just looking for peoples opinions, recommendations or experiences for new rear tyres. The two options I am looking at (both around the £200 mark) are Michelin Pilot Super Sports and the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5s. I currently have nearly new Eagle F1s on the front and do like them so it would be nice to match all 4 wheels, however there seem to be a lot of love for the MPSSs on the forum.
  4. Lets postpone this one then, maybe for a few weeks time?
  5. Oh im really sorry to hear that! Obviously the most important thing is that you are both ok! But its very annoying about the car! Let us know if you do need any parts and we can keep an eye out for them on the forums/ebay.
  6. I mean technically by the rule book it shouldnt pass. But in reality, some mot garages would just see the washer covers which are there, and not actually test them. But the plan is to have new nismo washer units by then anyway.
  7. No worries Yeh so that was another little headache. For some reason Nissan decided to make the nismo headlamp washers smaller than the GT spec, so they dont fit in the nismo holes. Well at least the whole unit doesnt. I have decided short term, to just unclip the washer covers and double sided tape them to the bumper. So i dont actually have headlight washers currently. I have no idea how much the nismo headlight washer units are to buy...
  8. Thanks for the reply But no, not interested in the rims im afraid.
  9. Im after a Nismo rear bumper and Nismo sideskirts for my 370z. They need to be in pearl white (QAB paint code), as i dont want to have to worry about painting them and colour matching etc. I am interested in either the V1 or the V2 options. And can do a swap (plus cash your way) for the stock GT bumper/skirts if preferred.
  10. I dont think ill be about on 15th. 22nd i should be good for.
  11. Thanks! Theoretically, they arent difficult at all to remove, however mine had a couple of little niggles. The main bit is easy and its just undoing the two main bolts in the side of the door. That lets the handles loose. Once the handles are half out, you have to reach in to the door to unplug the harness, which was not easy to get to! But i got there eventually after some scratched hands. The drivers door also has the mechanical key turn metal rod to pop off, which is easy to come off, but very fiddly to snap back on again. Again i got there eventually. Its easy enough to do, it just requires some patience for the more fiddly bits. This is the youtube video i used which helped a lot:
  12. Ah nice. Yeh im keeping my eyes on ebay for a rear bumper. Either a V1 or V2, but preferably a V2. I dont want to mess around with painting it as the pearl white is apparently really difficult to colour match, and my OCD wont cope if its not right So looking for one already factory painted. Im impressed you have preempted that, as i did not There are not holes that i could see, so i unscrewed the sensors from the grill plastic on the old bumper, left them all wired up (as it causes all sorts of error lights that just wont go away if you unplug them apparently), and have just bolted/cable tied them where i can. I found the front crash bar struts the best place. I should have taken a pic, but didnt think before i put the bumper back on. I have got not error lights, and they are all sitting secure, so all good. That picture is just making me want to find a Nismo rear bumper as soon as possible! Looks great!
  13. Thanks, all sorted now Yeh im looking forward to the next one with hopefully more people again!



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