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  1. I already managed to get one from a breaker mate. But thanks for the reply!
  2. I am after an OEM 370z drivers side rear light unit as mine got cracked. Needs to be in great condition. I will need it posted to Norwich (or can locally collect) or I can arrange a courier if needed. Thanks.
  3. No they are dead easy. Once the bumper is off they only have 2 screws and a plastic bumper clip, and then unplugging the connector. Takes 2 seconds.
  4. Another update i forgot to put on here… I tinted the DRLs. I had de-chromed everything else on the car, so tinted the DRLs to get rid of the last bit and to match the headlights. I dont know why i didnt do it sooner as it looks a lot better now imo 👌
  5. Damn it, thats another thing i forgot to update on here 🤦‍♂️ New post incoming… 😂
  6. Thanks. Yeh i agree! Next will probably be new discs and pads, so ill get some grooved and drilled discs (for aesthetics).
  7. Completely forgot to update this thread for my latest update Finally went ahead a bought some 20mm spacers all round. Ive always hated how pushed in the wheels looked. And the difference now is amazing, they sit just how i want them.
  8. There are loads of Zeds in the Norwich/Swaffham area (who are not on the forums), and we try and organise meets every so often. Where abouts are you located? We also tend to go to meets for Project Kotonaru, EA Modified and Suffolk Tuners. Check out the groups on Facebook and you will be notified of meets etc
  9. Car is looking great! Interested to see what is next.
  10. Thank you! I really do love it. Yeh just everything worked out perfectly. Im sure the photographer a mate of mine (who has a doluck 350z) would say it came out better than he expected
  11. The car is looking great with the mods! Interested to see whats next...
  12. Followed back Thank you, will do!
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