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  1. Im looking to put in footwell LEDs that will come on with the sidelights. I have found from the US forums that you can tap in to the heated seats off the brown plug under the cup holder. You just tap in to the red wire there. I will also have a master on/off switch as well. Can someone confirm/advise on the below wiring diagram i have made for this? The only thing i wasnt sure about was having to put in another fuse, but i guessed that the heated seats power would already have one further down? (there should be a plus symbol on the righthand side of the left LED strip) Thanks in advance.
  2. I havent had a chance to do anything to the car recently, but managed to get my hands on a Stillen CAI off ebay. This links in very nicely to my Stillen CBE. It was actually easier to fit than i thought it would be, and extending the holes for the piping out of the engine bay was actually very simple. All i can say is im blown away by the results. I was just running a stock intake without decent panel filters, which is why i guess im noticing this improvement. The throttle response feels improved and its definitely a bit quicker. It feels like its breathing and flowing very well. And there is definitely more of a growl when you floor it and more suction intake noise. Anyway, here are some pictures:
  3. Thanks for the advice, but i have done this a few times now, and its still not working... Any other ideas? Has anyone done this on a 09/59 plate? That is the only thing i can think of as I know they have differences to the newer plates.
  4. I just cut all the tabs off, and the passenger switch now has a double click like the driver switch, but even with the double click it still wont auto up. Is there a window module i need to reset or anything? Thanks! I have a 59 plate, dont know if that makes any difference...??
  5. Perfect, thanks guys! Didnt know you could get non gloss laquers...
  6. Im looking at painting mine. One quesion, how does painting them hold up? As obviously they have hands and fingers rubbing on them regularly, so wouldnt want the paint to fade/come off shortly after they have been done. i would just be looking at sanding them, priming them and then a satin anthracite to finish. As i dont want a gloss finish. any advice or experience to share would be good
  7. Thanks for this. Where would be a good place to cut in to the taillight wiring? I would assume it would be easiest to get to near the tail light plug and then wire back into the front of the cabin?
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Thanks, thats really helpful. Sorry for the silly question, but where is that light module? If you have a guide that would be so helpful! I did have a search but couldnt find the wiring to the lights/light module.
  9. As the title says, im after a set of Stock cats for my 370z as mine are rattling inside and so need replacing. David
  10. Hi guys, Im looking to put in some footwell lighting to my 370. I would really like the footwell lights to come on when my headlights (or if not then sidelights) are turned on. And then ill also put a master on/off switch somewhere on the centre console. My question is, how would i wire that in? Is there an easy power source linked to the lights heing switched on? I can see loads of guides for wiring up to the door lights or just the ignition, but not to the headlights/sidelights. I had this on my old 350, but it was already installed when i got it, so not sure how it was done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! David
  11. I have a standard set from my old Azure blue 350z. You can have them for free if you can pick them up from Norwich. There is a dent/scrape on the underside of one of them, but it cant really be seen once on the car.



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