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  1. Had a little diversion on my way to the supermarket to get a quick picture outside Norwich Cathedral (30 seconds from my house).
  2. I have done it 4 times with a hairdryer, so it does come apart eventually. You have to be quite aggressive with the screwdriver and pulling the lights apart. But they will come apart.
  3. I would never use the oven personally. You cant really keep an eye on them properly and there is so much risk and damage that can be done. Whereas with a heat gun (or ive even used a hairdryer a few times) you have complete control and there isnt much chance of damaging the lights unless you put it at a stupid temperature or really dont pay attention. My key piece of advice would be to go into the job expecting it to be a slow process. Therefore you wont get impatient and frustrated, which can lead to trying to rush it and damaging your lights. I just kept heating up a section, then pulling apart a little (starting with wedging in a screwdriver), then heat a bit more, then pull apart a bit more etc. and just keep going until they come apart. I had my heat gun at about 220 degrees, and i would say it takes like 30-45 mins per headlight to take apart? Once they are apart its very easy as its just a few screws to take apart the internals, paint, and then reassemble them. With regards to putting the lights back together, i bought plenty of sealant and put it all around the lights where the old sealant was. Dont use it sparingly, as you want to make sure the unit is well sealed and has no gaps that could cause condensation. Once the sealant was on, i then went around the lights with the heat gun to soften the plastic again, and then pushed the lense back on. Then you can get the screws back in on the back to really pull the headlights back together. It honestly isnt difficult to do, it just takes A lot of patience.
  4. Thanks! Yeh definitely, i was pleasantly surprised when i saw mine for the first time haha.
  5. Decided to have a little lockdown mod day and take the headlights apart to ‘de-amber them. Ive done about 5 lots now, but that doesnt ease the length of time it takes to do... It was really worth it though, and im very happy with the results! Before: After:
  6. Still for sale - Happy to accept serious offers
  7. I am looking to wire in some footwell lighting to come on with the sidelights. I did this in the old car by tapping in to the Heated Seat button light, but the Nismo does not have heated seats so i have to find another power source. The rear light wiring would be a good place to tap in, but i am not sure which of the 5 wires is for the rear sidelights. I believe, but will double check and get a picture, that the wire colours are; red, black, green, brown, tan. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Yeh thats what i thought. Ive put the interior back in now, so ill just leave it and forget i noticed it
  9. No, i unplugged the subwoofer and that plug is near the strut bar end. My only thinking is its possibly to do with the folding roof for the convertibles and they just kept the same wiring loom or something?
  10. So i took out all the boot trim as i had a rattle and wanted to try and find the cause. I them spotted on the main wiring loom right near the passenger side rear light wiring, there was a taped up spare plug not connected to anything. Does anyone know what this plug is for?? It looks factory rather than a DIY job. Its a 2015 Nismo if that helps.
  11. Bump - Price reduced Will accept offers from forum members
  12. I managed to find one, so mods please close this.





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