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  1. Thank you! I really do love it. Yeh just everything worked out perfectly. Im sure the photographer a mate of mine (who has a doluck 350z) would say it came out better than he expected
  2. The car is looking great with the mods! Interested to see whats next...
  3. Followed back Thank you, will do!
  4. If anyone is interested i now have an instagram account for the car: @_nismo370z_
  5. Couldnt resist quickly stopping on this road with that sunset. Its a really quiet road so was no traffic. The joys of living in Norfolk.
  6. @TimC any chance you could rename the thread to Norfolk/Yarmouth Meets or something like that?
  7. Yeh can definitely get one organised! Any good days/evenings for people?
  8. I could not agree more! The V2 Nismo one looks great on the GT (i put it on my GT before i sold it) but its too tame for the Nismo kit. Here it is on my old GT: It was my first thing to move over from the old car when i got this one! I was lucky enough to find a genuine Nismo spoiler imported from Japan (so all in pearl white) on Ebay and snapped it up
  9. My passenger side windscreen washer jet has packed up, and even after trying to clean it i cant get it working. So after that jet unit (dont need any of the tubing). Dont know if the drivers and passengers are any different, but if so its passenger i need. I have PMed zmanalex as well.
  10. Drove to the end of my road on a new build estate to get some photos. Really happy with how they came out.
  11. Went to the end of my road on a new build estate and got some pics.
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