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  1. I know you will definitely need a UK slip ring with the stalks, but not 100% on the wiring loom. My guess would be not, as the connectors into the slip ring are the same. But thats only a guess...
  2. davidv10

    Wanted - 370z Bonnet Strut Clip

    Thanks for the link. I did search your site but couldnt find it myself.
  3. davidv10

    Wanted - 370z Bonnet Strut Clip

    I have snapped the bonnet strut clip for my 370z. Ive looked Ebay but can only find them in Australia with £20 shipping! Im hoping someone may have a spare, or know of a site that sells them.
  4. davidv10

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    Headlights look great! I was debating exactly the same thing, but went the other way. Yeh yours are exactly like stock Nismo now. Regardless of what else you do or dont do, you just have to paint the main bit black haha.
  5. davidv10

    My White 370z GT

    Also, the 370 lights are a lot easier to do as you can just spray the whole section. The 350 lights i had to tape off half of it due to the reflectors, which was a nightmare!
  6. davidv10

    My White 370z GT

    Thanks guys! Its looks even better in person than from the pics. I was more confident this time as i did the same on my old 350z. It seems a lot more scary than it actually is. Although i dont have a heat gun, so they were taken apart with a hairdryer I went mad with the sealant and so far no condensation so fingers crossed.
  7. davidv10

    My White 370z GT

    It has been a long time since anything has been done to the car, but with the Christmas holiday i had some time free. So i decided to pull the headlights apart and spray the internals black to match the white with black theme. Im so happy with them and the difference is incredible! Before: During: After:
  8. davidv10

    2004 DE Coil Packs x 2

    Oh yeh sorry, apologies!
  9. davidv10

    2004 DE Coil Packs x 2

    I have my standard suspension from my old 2004 DE as it have coilovers on when it got sold. But they would have to be collected from Norwich. PM me if you are interested
  10. I got it working again by taking everything apart and gently hitting the cube cd unit behind the main facia. As soon as i hit it it started making noises as if to try and eject a CD for about 10 seconds, then stopped and when put back together, everything is working again. Maybe i need to get a new cd player unit? Lets see how long it lasts this time...
  11. So i had a problem that i thought was a one off but its happened 2 more times now. Randomly ill start the car and the stereo will not come on. Hitting the power button and all the stereo buttons does nothing. However all the air conditioning buttons and everything else on that panel works fine. Trying to push in a cd also does nothing. After taking everything apart and putting it back together, when hitting the knee pads back into place it seems to kick it back into action, as i hear the cd ejector suddenly starts making weird noises for about 10 seconds. Then when turning the ignition on its all working again fine. And then seems to work fine for like a month and then will do it again. However this time i cant seem seem to hit it back into action. And have taken it all apart a couple of times. Does anyone have any ideas on this?? I have taken a video to try and show the problem. Its difficult to see with not great quality, but when changing the temperature it does work, its just the stereo buttons that dont work. https://youtu.be/j_33r2mmCWU
  12. davidv10

    Lots of 350z Parts for Sale

    Yes mate, i have sent you a PM
  13. davidv10

    Lots of 350z Parts for Sale

    BUMP - Still for sale: Battery Cover - £30 JDM Option Momo Steering Wheel - £300 K&N 57i Induction Kit - £150 Chrome Z Badges - £15 Stock Lip Spoiler - £30 Touring Alloys - £80
  14. davidv10

    Lots of 350z Parts for Sale

    Brake pads sold