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  1. Yeh. Haha we rented some converted barn chalets, and this was the essentially private road leading to them.
  2. Ah ok. I should have known as Norwich is near nowhere Yeh ill do including postage for you. Ill PM you.
  3. Its difficult to describe haha. Ive tried to show it in the picture. It is definitely used and does feel a bit rough in parts. You are welcome to come and have a look at it if you are local.
  4. After purchasing a re-trimmed flat bottom steering wheel, i have my standard Nismo wheel for sale. It is in used condition and the alacantra and leather at the back top of the wheel is worn. £150 collection from Norwich preferred. But can post at buyers expense.
  5. Haha you are fine, you made me doubt myself briefly
  6. Ive just found the confusion... it was one of the guys that commented on here mentioning they were worried about the warranty on theirs. Nothing to do with me
  7. Ive never mentioned anything about being worried about the warranty And i dont have any warranty left anyway, or at least not that im aware of I feel you are getting me confused with someone else haha.
  8. Oh nice! Well i havent really tried it out yet as am working from home currently so havent driven anywhere But will be driving it at the weekend.
  9. Snapped up the Royal re-stitched flat bottom steering wheel for sale on here and fitted it today. Definitely makes a different and looks more aggressive. Old and new
  10. Thanks! It was a such a nice road with the surrounding trees i had to get some pictures haha.
  11. Damn it, i live in Norfolk as well Edited
  12. A few pictures from a trip to Ely.
  13. Trip to Ely, Cambridgeshire and couldnt resist some photos.





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