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  1. I have managed to get hold of a used 2015 Nismo front bumper, and just need a few plastic bits that its missing. Firstly i need the stock nismo number plate holder, as the bumper shape is different to the ‘09 GT model so mine wont fit. The second is a set of the black plastic inserts that go in just below the DRLs. Hopefully the below pic helps show which bits im on about. Or alternatively if anyone knows where i can get either of these that would be great. David
  2. Still available: Battery Cover Plastic - £30 Stock Lip Spoiler - £25 Touring Alloys - £50 Stock Azure Blue Sideskirts (small scrape/dent along the underside of one of them) - Free (wont post)
  3. Oh yeh! Its pretty much my opinion to every Z, so i lose track who ive said it to
  4. Great diary! The yellow and black theme looks great! The thing i think would really finish it off (IMHO of course) is to spray the headlight internals black.
  5. Yeh, that could work. Im sure i can just get the cloth coverings off for you. Ill PM you.
  6. The difference with those brakes is quite something!
  7. I bought a replacement set of Cats from a breaker as my passenger side one had crumbled inside. However when trying to replace mine the garage just could not get the drivers side cat off as it had rusted solid bolts, hence I was not able to fit the new one on that side. Which is why it is now for sale. It comes with the sensor and plug. The sensor has not been tested by myself, only the breaker, as i could not get that Cat fitted to my car. I found it very very difficult to find replacement stock Cats, and was lucky to get these ones. Im not looking to make money, I only want to make the money back I spent on it. £150 collection from Norwich. I can get a quote for postage if this is needed.
  8. Im having another clear out and still have this for sale: I have for sale my JDM option Momo steering wheel for sale. This was an option in Japan, and is very rare to find. So much so that I cannot find a single one for sale on the internet... I did find a USA forum thread stating that on the rare occasion they are found for sale, they can sell for $700+. It came on the car when it was imported. And the reason for the sale is that i have upgraded to a 370z and for the trade in they wanted the car as stock as possible so I took what i could off the car. It is a great modification to the car, making the car look very sporty, whilst keeping the Nissan badging and genuine parts. It has an airbag in the centre section. Please note is has a single connector for the airbag as shown below. The pictures really dont do it justice, it just looks amazing! SOLD collection from Norwich.



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