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  1. I have just put a new MOT on the car. It went through with no advisories again. New MOT due 2nd August 2021.
  2. Here are some better pictures of the MK2 Nismo boot spoiler on the car.
  3. Yeh i did the GTR starter button straight away. Havent got around to doing the gear knob yet.
  4. Im afraid the MK2 front bumper wins hands down for me. I think its one of the nicest stock front ends ive ever seen on a road car
  5. Yeh agreed! Its the one thing i think they made worse with the MK2.
  6. Finally got around to fitting my MK1 Nismo spoiler on my MK2 Nismo. I think it looks a lot better, and it really fits with the MK2 bodykit.
  7. I finally got around to putting my MK1 Nismo spoiler onto the car. I kept meaning to do this, but kept putting it off. The MK2 Nismo spoiler is definitely a lot better than the standard GT spoiler, but i just think the MK1 spoiler is the best by far. Im so happy with it, and it really goes well with the Nismo MK2 bodykit.
  8. Yeh, im now talking to Mark via email, so this can be closed off. Thanks guys!
  9. Every so often, when pulling away from stationary, my engine check light flashes a few times and then disappears. It only does it on occasions, and its always only a few flashes and then disappears again. I quickly took it to a garage and they ran diagnostics, but no error codes are being stored. Does anybody have any ideas on what this could be??
  10. Oh really? I dont believe that is stock is it..??
  11. Haha! Well i have my GT Spec for sale still... And it has a lovely new Nismo Mk2 rear spoiler on it now If you are serious about it, PM me as im open to offers
  12. That is very good timing as i have a nice update that i was going to post this weekend... But as you asked, here is a quick photo before i take some nicer ones.
  13. After putting my Mk1 Nismo spoiler on the new car, i decided to put the Mk2 nismo spoiler on this car. Its much nicer (and rarer) than the GT spoiler, so hopefully this will add to the car. I am also getting a fresh MOT on the car. Here is a quick picture of it, but i will get some proper pictures at the weekend.
  14. Thanks guys. Its actually the passenger door lock not locking into place when the car is locked stationary, as opposed to the doors auto-locking when you are moving. The garage has said its the door actuator that has gone. The signal is reaching the door lock, but its just the mechanism not actually locking. So ive got one on order and will hopefully get it fitted late this week.





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