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  1. Yeah close enough to see the track. But not to close to get covered in tyre crap 🤣
  2. Wow blue entry time is 7:30. Guess I’ll have to wake up then 😭 Get everything printed of tonight. Ready for tomorrow. I’ll see you guys there I don’t think we’ll meet up at the station
  3. who cut me off 🤣 Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Paid Nismoandy 350z Paid Archtects - 370z Nismo Paid Seb- 350z Paid Borris 370z Paid Tobezzz. 350z. Paid zippypooz-350z Paid
  4. Dw found out 👍 Where you got the table
  5. thanks a lot! Where did you find this if you don’t mind me asking? the part numbers match that’s good. although 14 inches? Means there’s roughly half an inch each side? But big Unless that’s the bevelled edges. thanks though will do some more research 👍
  6. I’m trying to find the smaller OEM front bumper bracket that holds the number plate on to the front bumper. im getting a set of new plates 330 x 165 and the bracket that’s on the car is the uk spec one and it’s broken, wobbles all over the place I’ve tried to tighten it up but it looks like the plastic bracket it’s self is cracked and keeps wiggling when I drive. does anyone know where I can get it. anyone know if the one below is the jdm size bracket? The torqen website has both, but the images look the same. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/body-styling/exterior/45076-370z-z34-nissan-oem-front-license-plate-bracket-kit-for-2015-nismo-bumpers-96210-6ga0a.html?search_query=License+plate&results=139
  7. hey I got a mate who’s got a g35, she drifts it, I’ll see if she has any radiators nocking about. She lives up in Boughton Monchelsea.
  8. Really nice day, got a mad amount of pictures, not gone through em all yet. nice to meet you guys as well 👍
  9. this is why you don’t try use internet in the middle of no where 🤣 I saw this message after I replied to everything I’ll try come down for 8ish. Sounds good 👍 if you don’t see a black nismo appear at the pub dw it means we still fast asleep 😴 Or wife is still doing her hair 👍
  10. already got mine printed off. I don’t have any color ink left in my printer so it’s black and while lol 😂 I’m try get there for opening but knowing me and my wife we’ll over sleep 😴 what time is everyone aiming to get there? never been, we already down. left this morning, it’s only a 2 hour drive from Kent, but I didn’t wana get stuck in loads of traffic. looking forward to the show down 👍 sorry I missed this, no it’s not, but I saw a white 370 parked round corner from me the other day. I live in aylesford. Was it completely stock? The one I saw was. Looks pretty cool!
  11. Clear the code and after a drive see if it comes back. Some times codes popup randomly i had a few on my cars in the past where one would just show up but because the code never got cleared it just stayed. In theory it should be a very easy fix, I would normally advise having someone run a live data test on your o2 sensor but considering its only like a 50£ part may as well just switch it out if its a consistent issue. https://www.nissanhelp.com/diy/z/projects/nissan_z_o2_air_fuel_sensor_location.php
  12. Welcome. Hope to see you at some meets in the future 👍
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