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  1. Just after a quick bit of advice if anyone can help I've just taken the car for the first proper drive since the alignment, and it feels terrible. The steering feels very light and vague, I don't have any confidence in pushing the car around a tight corner, it's hard to explain but it definitely doesn't feel right. The alignment specs I've posted above appear to be okay, so what is now causing this? In the last month, I've fitted 4 x MPS4's, Tein lowering springs (which should increase handling), and now got an alignment. If anything the car should feel much better than it used to? Could the wheel being off centre cause the steering issues? The car still seems to track straight, so I really don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I take the car back to the garage next Saturday.
  2. Yeah I can see the OEM specifications in the middle column, I was just replying to @G1en@waxandshine's comment about positive camber being a poor OEM spec.
  3. Just thinking about it, if there's no camber adjustment on the front, and the rear camber/toe bolt was stuck, I've just paid £75 for them to minutely adjust my front toe? That seems very excessive doesn't it?
  4. So to make the car drive as well as possible, while also trying to reduce tyre wear, what would be the recommended front camber setting?
  5. Took it to the garage today - not too impressed with them as the steering wheel is now off centre. The guy also seemed a bit off, I won't be going there again (apart from when I go back to get the tracking re done because they did a crap job...) Anyway, he's also said that he couldn't adjust the rear toe or camber as the bolts are completely stuck. The camber is almost in spec so it's not a huge deal right now, but does anyone know what parts I need to replace to get this sorted in the hopefully distant future? He reckons I'd probably need to cut the old bolts off
  6. Do you want aftermarket or OEM? I've got an old OEM Y Pipe from my HR in the garage that I have no need for (I think it should fit a DE after a quick bit of googling). You can have it for free if you want it? It's probably got about 80,000 miles on it and doesn't look that great, but if you just need one that doesn't leak it should do the job.
  7. Thanks - I do like those sidelights you've got as well, they looked pretty great when you were behind me.
  8. Yeah definitely - I'll see if he doesn't mind taking a few photos as he goes, then post up on the forum with his company details if hes happy for me to. Whens the next Yarmouth meet? Tomorrow? I'll see if I can make it down
  9. My thoughts exactly - he really seemed to know his stuff though. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. He showed me round his workshop and some of the cars he works on were pretty expensive - old Aston Martins etc. - so I feel like I'm in safe hands.
  10. Got it thanks, looks like there's 2 different S Tech models - SKP24-AVB00 = 17/14mm drop SKP26-AUB00 = 38mm drop I've ordered the 17/14mm from Demon Tweeks - thanks all for the help & recommendations
  11. Sorry Alex I think I'm getting a bit confused now. We're talking about Tein SKP26-AUB00 S.Tech right? Horsham - 1.5" drop per their website Torqen showed the drop as 0.7" F/0.5" R until I contacted them 20 mins ago on live chat and they said the description is incorrect and they are actually 1.5" drop = 38mm. Direct from Tein on ebay - 1.5" drop Am I looking at the wrong springs, or are they all wrong about the drop? If you're sure they are 17/14 I'll buy them - just a bit unsure now. Thanks for the help



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