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  1. Really great trip, want to go again this year except I sold my Zed! Beautiful scenery and roads are great too. We went in August and the weather was lovely the whole time bar a couple of showers while we were driving. Drove up to Scotland from Norfolk so was about 1500 miles total.
  2. And it's gone! Sold for £6,400 in the end. Sad to see it go, hopefully I'll be back one day!
  3. Problem is I still enjoy driving it! So if I'm keeping it till next year I will keep driving it till then as well. Thanks @rabbitstew - I've already got a new car so don't can't part exchange it, and WBAC only offer £4k which is ridiculous! I think waiting for the right buyer is the best option right now.
  4. A lot of things I can't change unfortunately haha! The mileage is probably the big issue, which is a shame as the engines are very reliable if they've been looked after - which this one has. I didn't like the frost seats at first if I'm honest, but they've definitely grown on me! Had a few offers for swaps but I'd rather keep them with the car as they really compliment it I think. You're right it's definitely the wrong time to sell. I'm in no huge rush as I've already got my new car sorted, the only real cost is the £50pm road tax, but it's not like I'm not a huge amount each month I'm holding on to it. I've also got the car listed on AutoTrader, Ebay & Facebook, so it's in all the obvious places - is Pistonheads worth paying for as well?
  5. No interest at all so far! These cars are hard to sell - I think it's a great price for an HR, but I've only had one person contact me and they were a time waster... Anyone got any thoughts on how to shift it? Photo's not good enough/poor description?
  6. It's a good bit of kit! I love mine. You will need a bigger battery though, you won't get anywhere near 400NM with the 2AH one - the 4 or 5 is a necessity with that kit. Mine struggles to remove wheel nuts if I just use my 2AH battery, but can remove rusty suspension fairly easily if I use my 5AH batteries.
  7. Sorry, now sold. The wiring loom you need is the Incartec one, loads of info available on here. And yes the kind of fascia shown in my picture will fit any double din.
  8. I don't trust them - the company is insolvent & there is very little info about them online.
  9. Price reduced to £6,500. Won't be going any lower as that's a cracking price!
  10. Creating a new post as it's the only item left and it will probably get lost at the bottom of my old post - admins hope that's okay Final spare part left from my Zed is the antenna amplifier - pay for postage (£3) and it's yours.
  11. I like it - the Brodit phone mounts sell for around £20 so that sounds about right for this. Only thing I don't like about is it points straight into the car, it would be much more useful to face the driver slightly. Would that be possible? The HR/facelift's also have a slightly revised cubby so I'm not sure if it would fit
  12. Only 2 bits left now - probably going to struggle to sell them so they are free to anyone willing to cover postage: Aerial Antenna Amplifier Brodit RHD phone mount Pictures in original post.
  13. Bluetooth ones don't work with iphones, will need to be done via wifi A quick search on Amazon brings up loads. This one has lots of reviews and looks okay. It's £10.99, should do everything you need. Only problem is the iphone reader is a bit bigger (maybe for the wifi module?) so if you'll have to try not whack your leg on it. For phone mounts - Brodit is the best, I'm actually selling mine, you can have it for a fiver + postage if you want it? It's this one here, clips on next to the radio. Apps: Torque is the best. I've only used it on android but assume the IOS app is just as good.
  14. All sorted - new amp installed courtesy of Zmanalex and the front speakers are back! Glad it was an easy fix, and not something I'd done wrong





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