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  1. Damn I can see why you regret selling it, that's a beautiful car. I think I'll keep it tbh, its just not a great start to owning it! They remap really well up to about 450bhp with only a few basic mods, so power wise its brilliant. Feels about the same as my HR with it mapped to 360hp, but it is much heavier
  2. Yep it's a bit of a bummer 😅 New engine all in will cost me about 3k, it's sort of put me off the car though, so I'm thinking of just flipping it once it's all running well. Only issue with selling it is I'll never find another one like it... BMW only made 19 of the LCI 335i estates with a manual, so it's not something that comes up for sale very often at all. Hopefully once the new engine is in my love for it will come back! The 3 litre twin turbo engine really is great when it's running properly.
  3. Nope... I've got a £3k invoice for them replacing the headgasket and installing a timing kit, but they want nothing to do with it as I'm not the one that paid for the work. I'd called them up a week or so before when I was having a couple of issues with the car, and they suggested replacing a few common causes of timing codes like vanos solenoids etc, then they used the fact I'd worked on the car myself against me to say that it might be my fault. I later found out that the crank bolt was completely loose, so definitely nothing I did. The garage isn't local to me, so not like I can do much about it! (DMS Performance in Caldicot, if anyone wants a garage to avoid!) Currently halfway through pulling the engine out on my driveway, not the best time of year for it!
  4. Thanks guys, ended up going with a e91 335i instead, bit different to the Zed! In hindsight, wish I'd stuck with the Zed... The BMW is lovely, 100x better quality inside than a Nissan, but it looks like I bought a bit of a lemon - the crank bolt came loose at about 6k rpm, pistons hit valves, and I'm now stuck fitting a new engine in it! Only had it for about a week before the engine blew up lol. Never had that issue in my HR!! Reason for failure is a garage did the headgasket on it and reused the crank bolt which is torque-to-yield. They only did the work in April this year but aren't interested in helping as I'm not the original owner... Lovely looking car though!
  5. Starting to miss my 350z HR that I sold a couple of years ago... Anyone selling an HR or Revup in decent condition? Preferably less than 100k miles, but open to anything that's been well looked after. Budget is around £8k HR, £6k Revup. Revup would have to be in Blue or Orange, HR either Silver or Black. Must be GT spec. Not interested in anything that's been written off. Thanks!
  6. Really great trip, want to go again this year except I sold my Zed! Beautiful scenery and roads are great too. We went in August and the weather was lovely the whole time bar a couple of showers while we were driving. Drove up to Scotland from Norfolk so was about 1500 miles total.
  7. And it's gone! Sold for £6,400 in the end. Sad to see it go, hopefully I'll be back one day!
  8. Problem is I still enjoy driving it! So if I'm keeping it till next year I will keep driving it till then as well. Thanks @rabbitstew - I've already got a new car so don't can't part exchange it, and WBAC only offer £4k which is ridiculous! I think waiting for the right buyer is the best option right now.
  9. A lot of things I can't change unfortunately haha! The mileage is probably the big issue, which is a shame as the engines are very reliable if they've been looked after - which this one has. I didn't like the frost seats at first if I'm honest, but they've definitely grown on me! Had a few offers for swaps but I'd rather keep them with the car as they really compliment it I think. You're right it's definitely the wrong time to sell. I'm in no huge rush as I've already got my new car sorted, the only real cost is the £50pm road tax, but it's not like I'm not a huge amount each month I'm holding on to it. I've also got the car listed on AutoTrader, Ebay & Facebook, so it's in all the obvious places - is Pistonheads worth paying for as well?
  10. No interest at all so far! These cars are hard to sell - I think it's a great price for an HR, but I've only had one person contact me and they were a time waster... Anyone got any thoughts on how to shift it? Photo's not good enough/poor description?
  11. It's a good bit of kit! I love mine. You will need a bigger battery though, you won't get anywhere near 400NM with the 2AH one - the 4 or 5 is a necessity with that kit. Mine struggles to remove wheel nuts if I just use my 2AH battery, but can remove rusty suspension fairly easily if I use my 5AH batteries.
  12. Sorry, now sold. The wiring loom you need is the Incartec one, loads of info available on here. And yes the kind of fascia shown in my picture will fit any double din.
  13. I don't trust them - the company is insolvent & there is very little info about them online.
  14. Price reduced to £6,500. Won't be going any lower as that's a cracking price!
  15. Creating a new post as it's the only item left and it will probably get lost at the bottom of my old post - admins hope that's okay Final spare part left from my Zed is the antenna amplifier - pay for postage (£3) and it's yours.
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