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  1. Sorry for my lack of reply and input, Ive been off line for a bit Hope everyone is keeping well and safe in these challenging times Cheers
  2. Many thanks to all of you for your reply's. Very much appreciated I like the sound of the Peebles triangle, Hamilton via Biggar - Peebles - Selkirk - Moffat, back up the old A74, as I live close by. Going to try this .... ASAP ..... weather permitting Thanks again guys Cheers G
  3. Hello Many thanks for your input and sharing your experience very much appreciated, I hear what your saying about the petrol, I've a friend who did it in his defender and spoke a lot about range anxiety. Was looking to do this in the spring I've driven bits of in in my boring company car so in the Z would be something special Cheers
  4. Hi All I'm very keen to arrange to experience the NC500 I'd be very interested if anyone would like to join / participate in / or even offer advice share thier experience of the 500. I've recently acquired a 370Z and think the NC500 would be a great first road trip. Many thanks in advance G





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