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  1. So I don’t really know to go for this ebay turbo kit and they’ll have to modify it to get it to fit or get an actual UK made turbo for the 350z by Kudaka Performance and just spend a bit more?
  2. I’m not looking for something insane like that😂 just a little bit more power for a fun daily lol. I have all the supporting mods it’s just the kit and tune I need
  3. Not a waste of my time as I’m just trying to get some ideas and other people’s opinions so might be a waste of your time but just don’t reply😂
  4. Just want it to be reliable😂
  5. Thanks for the information mate. Well you say that but I’m looking at this ebay single turbo kit which a few people I know have and apparently it’s very reliable and good (with a different wastegate). And then I could always upgrade the turbo at some point. Or even get a separate turbo before. Horsham Developments have quoted about 6k for supply and fit. Honestly no I am terrible with mechanical work I don’t even want to attempt it haha so would have to be professionally done. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292201496331
  6. Hi guys so I’m really stuck between getting a single turbo kit or a supercharger kit for my 2006 Nissan 350z, I want it to be reliable and over 400bhp. Problem is I absolutely love the sound of the turbo noise compared to a supercharger but if it’ll be perfectly reliable then I would rather that. I have a budget of about £7k which would be for supply and fit from a mechanic so could someone please help me decide? Thank you
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