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  1. I'm looking to get rid of my revup roadster in blue, 56 plate, last MOT (pass) was Jan 2017 but it's been SORNd and in the garage since summer 2017. Starts up fine when jumped and gets driven around to keep things okay.. Quite a few mods, see my build page. Done about 50k miles, few paint issues (scratches) and slight repaired tear in the hood but only want about 4.5K for it bearing in mind it will need to be trailered and a bit of work done to it.
  2. Going to cut to the chase, just want to get rid off as easily as possible. Webuyanycar say £5.5k so if a forum member wants it for that ono they can have it, but also looking to see if I'm being stupid Info as per my build thread [url=https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/107513-stans-roadster/]HERE[/url] Basically: 56 plate roadster, azure blue, built in sat nav etc., revup model so 296bhp Mileage about 50k I think, but it has been SORN without MOT for a couple of years now, but has been garaged since and started up occasionally. Mods include:
  3. Yeah you can leave it in all the time. I have a OBD2 splitter so I have my bluetooth reader on it and the D1 controller as well. My D1 turns off with the car being turned off so figure the power must be off
  4. I have a nextbase 212 in my daily, hardwired in to the fusebox (you can get piggyback fuse adaptors on ebay which enable you to plug it in to a fuse that is only live when the ignition is on, and then plug the fuse on top. The best bit about the nextbases now is that they have magnetic hooks on the mount, so you can slide the camera off the mount to take out at night without unplugging anything (and just buy a new mount/wires if you have another car so you can then move it to another car in seconds).
  5. People say you get what you pay for... I've had a japspeed on for a year with no sign of any issues so far. As said, we all have different budgets and spunking over a grand on an exhaust is too much for me. I'd say go for it if you like the look of it
  6. Stan

    Bumper tuck wanted.

    Easiest job to do after the stubby swap, 2 screws to undo, lift it up to the existing higher holes, bolt/cable tie in place, job's a good'un
  7. You work at the garage, or you mean it's one you use for spraying? Would be good to get some more recommendations
  8. Just out of interest how much did you pay for this? I had some bad customer service from them about 10 years ago regarding quotes but may give them a second chance if they matched your spoiler (mine is azure too)
  9. Is it ok to tap into the interior light wiring for this mod?
  10. I thought a dodgy thermostat only caused overheating, not underheating? However for the sake of £50 maybe I'll just get it done anyway
  11. The garage did the replacement rad so not sure, however it existed before the rad change so maybe it is the thermostat?
  12. Not sure how to check oil temps?
  13. Bit of a wierd one but this has happened since I've owned the car. If I am in heavy traffic or just letting it idle on my drive, the engine will get to temp (i.e the needle reaches about 1/3 way up) and I will get hot air from the blowers, and it will idle around 800rpm which I assume is normal? If I start driving at any speed without hitting traffic, the needle will drop to almost the bottom line and I will get lukewarm air out of the blowers, and when stopping the idle will get up to about 1000rpm as if it doesn't realise the engine is hot and is trying to keep the revs higher. T
  14. I'm with you 350butcher, I find it wierd that so many people say they use a lot. I have a revup (notorious for using oil according to this forum) but I checked it when I got it, and didn't have to add anything to it after a year of ownership (admittedly only 4k miles, but still...) when it went in for a service. According to the dipstick it was still within the limits
  15. HR actually produces 313bhp. The regular DE is 276bhp and DE revup is 296bhp. With the revup you still get a facelift interior/exterior and decent power and you should be fine with a 7k budget. If you go for a fairlady you may have to consider standard JDM things like speed limiter removal, fog light addition and FM stereo band expander.
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