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  1. Yeh thats i wondered...Stick to just wax. Since owning the Z (4 years nearly) Ive only done 1 extensive polish/decon.....since then a safe washing routine and topping up with spray wax now and again has kept it looking tip top (No winter/bad weather driving helps). Its now time for a full decon and polish, sidenote im going to give the new carbon collective clay applicator dooda a go this time. So for me its worth the money for a decent long lasting premium wax.
  2. I do highly rate AF tripple and have used it on all my dailys so far, its very good stuff if you want an easy relatively fast decent finish.
  3. I think it was soul or temptation, was defo one of the cheaper AF waxes in the range. I used there wax applicator (waxmate) but didnt dampen it. I found i was having to only do half a panel at a time to allow it to be buffed off with any sort of ease, it was applied very sparyingly because of this. (Was done on a cool cloudy day as well). Almost a bargain on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Auto-Finesse-Desire-car-wax/dp/B007FR4PQQ Im thinking maybe the illusion or desire.... do they work well when applying a sealent over the top? My Z doesnt see much harsh weat
  4. So ive used almost every brand, but havent bought any new wax for a few years, last was auto finesse which was good but pretty hard to buff off. I have plenty of sealents so looking more for a decent wax to make the azure pop! Im not on a budget as such but dont want to pay "scene" tax. Options ive looked at so far are the bilt hamber double speed (Often comes highly awarded when googled) at a very good price. Or something from the Soft99 range (gloss king/fusso) which i was under the impression these are more of a sealent than a show shine giving wax? I know Autofines
  5. No your bang on correct, we make and process demin water at work and yes demin water is perfect for rinsing a car as it wont leave any marks, soft water still will leave marks just to less of a degree. But no drinking demin isnt good and a softner needs to be set up to the water ppm you have in your area.
  6. I have done a search and gone back a few pages but cant find much on water softners? Basically im looking what ones are good to look at without spending a fortune ? My area has very hard water, to the point where if you leave any water on the car it leaves solid white spots that almost need polishing off....which is a pain when after drying the car it continues to run out from around the rear screen and under the spoiler down the bumper for about an hour... Are the cheaper inline ones that connect onto the outside hose any good? or is it better to spend more and have a prop
  7. I assume this is gone....dam I live in norwich as well.
  8. Hello and welcome, also from sunny norfolk
  9. Ive been looking at getting some bling nuts, if you get there required number for the discount before I buy something else id be interested.
  10. Azure 350 sitting in the gapton traffic, i was the one waving from the grey golf, looked smart
  11. Final bump before it sits in the loft for all of eternity
  12. Do you have one to fit a 2007 Rev-up..Im led to belive there slightly different to older DE ones?`
  13. Anyone that wants to see a couple of video clips have a look on my instagram @jboggis
  14. So me and a buddy of mine really wanted to do a drift day, after having a look around we decided on RDX drift academy (was always my choice due to using zeds) after speaking with RDX they suggested going for the silver package due to me and my buddy both having plenty of performance/rwd car experience. On the day. We got up there nice and early for the afternoon slot about 12:45. The academy is set up at Rockingham (concrete jungle) large area with water sprayers all around keeping the surface wet. Then had a quick chilled out introduction on drifting/the cars and the
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