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  1. Andy James + Kat Shezza Valy Keyser Paul k + Dawn Nso93 Humpy G1en Rickdon VeilsideZ Andy-Muxlow +1 possibly Bob94 Buster and Netti Winkj(if I get her back) Teejay+1 Flashback Modo +1 TT350 (try) Papa Olly350z Louis350z (not on here) alexclabbs
  2. Saw it parked up and had to have a look. Loving the front bumper lip, looks like it is having some work done to the front with the duct tape or is it JDM adhesive Good to know there is another Z addict nearby, you'll see my blue Z out and about in Wokingham soon once I have fitted some new brakes to it!
  3. Yeah I think I'm going to need to do a part by part replacement to find the issue, just had a quick look and found two cables that aren't plugged in (images below), don't know if they have anything to do with the heating system though. https://ibb.co/hZCyOv https://ibb.co/bWmQ3v https://ibb.co/cgoGAa
  4. Hi Alex, The three at the back are plugged in, that's what is baffling me as they're all plugin in on the control unit, the heater blows but when you turn a dial it stops for two seconds and starts blowing again, so unusual.
  5. Thanks for that, so the car has been sitting on the drive for a few months now as I've been having to drive further to work. I'm out of ideas on what it could be now, from what I can see all the cables are plugged in, the ribbon cable is plugged in and the cables in the back of the control unit are too, anyone got any ideas before I have to take it to Nissan?
  6. My bad looks like I put it under 370z, any chance of this being moved to 350z technical?
  7. Thanks for the response Paddy, I unplugged the ribbon cable from the dials back and plugged them back into white AC controller to see if there was a loose connection but that didn't do anything and the heating turns off for a few seconds when i turn the dial or switch AC on so I'm guessing its not the ribbon cable as there is a connection. Is there another cable behind the dash that is heater related?
  8. Hi People, For some reason my heating is constantly blowing in my car, it only seems to be the windscreen heater that is blowing and when i change the heating on the dial it stops for 5 seconds and carries on again. Any ideas why this is happening, could it be a loose cable behind the dash? It seems that it started after a mechanic had to get behind the dash so I guess it could be a plug? Iv'e tried looking but can see anything suspicious. Cheers, Alex
  9. alexclabbs

    Wheel nuts

    If you want just the original wheel nuts and not the locking nuts then this seller on eBay is selling original ones. You could go down the route of snazzy aftermarket ones but up to you http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-350Z-Wheel-Nuts-12mm-x-1-25mm-GENUINE-FULL-SET-/272300905433?hash=item3f666613d9:g:bVEAAOSwLVZV1eAk
  10. I'm guessing something has been damaged behind the heater control unit within the dash since that was removed for the clutch and flywheel install. The lights on the climate control dials light up but it just pumps out air to the windscreen regardless of the settings on the dials. Been killing me these past few days since its been hitting 30 degrees down here
  11. Hi Mark, Is that one of the cables by the OBD port?
  12. Good news!!! Picked the car up yesterday after work and found out it was the flywheel that wasn't aligned properly, she now runs perfectly again . The only thing i have discovered is that the windscreen heater is constantly on now and i cant control it via the climate control dials as it does nothing at all. I pulled out the fascia and checked the ribbon cable and that was plugged in so I think i'm going to purchase another heater control unit and see if that's the culprit. Appreciate all your help guys, you saved me from going to replace the solenoids and pulling my hair out! Cheers,
  13. Yeah have been reading up about it and apparently it it is possible to fit the flywheel without it aligned and that's when the crankshaft sensor will pick up that its not aligned and put the car into limp mode. http://www.advancedclutch.com/blog/technical-bulletin-act-flywheel-on-a-nissan-350z-and-infiniti-g35/
  14. Looks like this is the problem, the mechanic wasn't aware about this when he fitted it but has now found out online that alignment needs to be done when fitting the new flywheel... The earliest it can be rectified is next week so another week with the poor thing sitting on the drive . Will update as soon as its in the garage (fingers crossed) .
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