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  1. Ebized

    370z 12 plate alarm going off randomly

    I recall some 370 owners have had the issue like you describe, but did a quick search on here and could not find any outcomes to help. But, it might be worth you contacting Sly at Kaizer Motors (trader on here) who is an award winning ex Nissan Master technician who may be able to help, although I see you are based in Hampshire and he is based near Hoo in Kent, but that did/would not deter me traveling from near Littlehampton when I had the 370 or indeed as I have since, failing any help from your ask on here.. https://kaizermotor.co.uk/
  2. Great venue, weather, food and an excellent number of Zeds - good to see they remain as popular as ever. Thanks for organizing Martin and to everyone who were able to come along to make it a good turn-out. Couple of pics of the meet that will hopefully become a regular venue
  3. Lunch added for me Payco - lunch zippypooz - lunch HoundDog - lunch Nissmoandy+catering manger -lunchs Ebized - lunch Adrian @ TORQEN - no lunch Darren-B - no lunch Paul - lunch Seb - lunch Olly - lunch (Maybe bring Skyline too) Darkside - lunch Paul K+1 - Lunch Stephanie -Lunch Flashback - Lunch Jon - Lunch
  4. Just love your ingenuity. Is there much weight difference between the OEM 350 engine/box and the Monaro pairing? Maybe a baffle plate in the sump to help keep oil around the pick-up, especially if you tracking it? Is a dry sump set-up out of the question?
  5. Ebized

    Nismo on its way.

    I started buying sports cars in 2005 (first Zed) at the ripe old age of 57 and still doing so - see my sig. Never got on the snow slopes either, but I'm skiing now
  6. Ebized

    2 weeks into ownership and its dead !

    As you have previously mentioned starting issues: Sounds like it is a battery issue. Do you know if the steering lock issue has been fixed that affected many 370s of similar age to your car:
  7. Payco - lunch zippypooz - lunch HoundDog - lunch Nissmoandy - lunch Ebized - lunch(s) to be advised
  8. Ebized

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    A first post accusing a Zed owner, who may not even be a member on here and without evidence to justify the post, gets zero credit in my book and deserves to be binned
  9. Ebized

    370Z Nismo Styling Ahead of Its Time?

    Quite possibly - I had one of the very early GTi's with a 4-speed gearbox - here doing a Sprint at Goodwood many moons ago......in the 1980's
  10. Ebized

    370Z specialist in Essex?

    If Sly was not phased by your worries I am sure he would have said if he felt otherwise. Given you are new to 370 ownership and assuming it is a manual, from my experience and what I have seen mentioned numerous times on the forum over many years, it is not uncommon for both the 350 and 370 to emit "smells" from the clutch after a run, especially if that was spirited! Not sure where you are feeling the exhaust heat, but yes in both the cabins of the 350s and 370s the tunnel alongside your legs does get warm. Otherwise, given every exhaust system gets hot whereabouts are you feeling that heat? Again with manuals, the gearboxes in the 350/370 have been described as 'agricultural', and that is particularly noticeable until it is fully warmed up and/or you are in slow moving traffic. The release bearings are known for being noisy, but as your 370 is relatively low mileage and Sly did not mention an issue there would suggest the "humming" you hear was not abnormal. I bit surprised to hear the diff oil (as opposed to the gearbox oil) was changed to see if that cured the humming noise given the noise is audible to you when idling and the diff is obviously not turning. But once you get on the open road the gearboxes come alive and personally I found them a delight to use whereas many modern manuals are so slick there is no real driver involvement, so for me was part of the enjoyment of Zed ownership. Best suggestion is to get yourself along to a meet where there are other 370 owners and get them to see if they think any of your issues are significant or just typical for the car...which is what I suspect.
  11. Ebized

    Wanted - 20mm eibach spacers for 370z

    Word of caution fitting 20mm spacers on 370s. You are likely to find that the length of the front hub studs will protrud through the spacers with the front wheels having not having enough recess to allow the wheel to bolted flat to the spacer. Not an issue with 25mm spacers. See this link, but do not use the slip spacers I show there as they distorted and led to wheel judder.
  12. Ebized

    370Z specialist in Essex?

    Without a doubt:
  13. Ebized

    10th Birthday Present.

    4 + turbo + two less driven wheels are plenty to keep me occupied, and with a whole host of creature comforts to make our more sedate () scenic drives these days enjoyable. Sure we will up your way in the not two distant future, so would be good to meet up with you and Fran again
  14. Ebized

    10th Birthday Present.

    Hi Andy Good to hear from you again and kudos to you for not only keeping one of the best looking 350 Nismo HRs I have ever seen, but still in such great condition......but then again it always looked immaculate whenever we met up on the Wales drives etc The LMGT4s really add the icing to the cake Sadly, I had to let the 370 go in favour of 4 seats, but recently back to a 2 seater now :