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  1. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Doesn't really matter what the tyre make is but I have driven long enough to know that a relatively powerful rear wheel drive car with tread depths around/below 3mm and standing water is not good news. Fine if the roads are dry then the legal minimum is more than enough to cope, but sadly in this country that is an all too rare event. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  2. Am I missing something here ?

    Dyno graphs are the same in the seller's pics and Horshams instagam pics Seriously getting very tempted........someone buy this please before a divorce hits me
  3. Am I missing something here ?

    My thoughts too, and as it mentions work carried out Horsham Developments I'm sure Jez would be able to very the legitimacy or otherwise.
  4. 370z nismo feels unstable

    I don't believe so and is typical across the industry - we have all seen car manufactures use favourite number plates and those 'press' vehicles will have been prepped in house at Nissan UK to ensure they are as flawless as possible. Quite understandable when the media reports can make or break a sales success.
  5. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Glad you posted this as it serves a warning to all ZED owners (and like most performance cars) just how important it is to have regular 4 wheel alignments done, given the state of many of our pot-holed roads, and not just in the interests of tyre longevity, but so you can enjoy the cars to their full potential .
  6. 370z nismo feels unstable

    I doubt the journos cars would be affected as you can bet your bottom dollar Nissan UK would make sure the cars were 100%+ before releasing them
  7. 370z nismo feels unstable

    The number of reports we have seen about the transport blocks not being removed is staggering and that is only those owners who have signed up on here so God knows how many other 370's are running around the blocks still in situ which clearly affects the handling that should be available. Perhaps it's about time the forum drew the issue to the attention of Nissan that there are dealers who are failing to to do the necessary in the PDIs and releasing cars onto the road that have potential safety implications.
  8. Tramlining feeling like driving on ice!!

    From my 370 experience it could be the tyres. I found the Bridgestones that were fitted new were the worst and then changed to Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta which virtually eliminated the issue (and were great fun ), but the Michelin Pilot Sport were by far the best performance tyre for the car but I did notice road noise on surfaces I was familiar with became more noticeable but tramlining hardly ever manifested itself. You might want to try altering the toe-in to see if that helps when you have the alignment done.
  9. Nismo logo during start up

    Annoying feature and a question asked many times before, but not seen a positive answer yet. If you come across a way of doing it I'm sure many 370 owners would be grateful
  10. Welcome back, and in answer to your question there are a steady trickle of new owners joining the forum with the current Mark11's - I'm sure a few will be saying hi soon
  11. 'STANG thread

    I was hoping for a bit more seeing the name - guess they were running it in.....
  12. New Car!!

    Looks fun! That is some sculpture going on there compared to the lines of the 370. Enjoy
  13. For those who like a puzzle

    I had some issues that included ballsing up the forum on my Mac using Safari a little while back immediately after a Safari update and my friendly IT crew could not figure it out, but took their advice to change to Firefox and the 'issues' disappeared. Damn sure they push out these software updates to cure reported issues only to create new ones and happy to let users be the guinea pigs.
  14. 118mph and suspended sentence?

    Helmet/Dash cameras added by most no doubt as an added 'insurance' but can also 'bite', aggravated by the racing identified in this case.
  15. The worst day

    Tragic, tragic news and fully understand why you and Jo are in bits over the loss of your friend and the impact on his wife, family and all their friends. Sincere condolences.