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  1. Not an area I know well, you maybe best off starting a new thread asking members who they would recommend near to you.
  2. You have not added your location and given you are at your wits end after all your efforts, I would suggest you get yourself along to one of Zed specialists to help you out? In this link are the contact details of those who have signed up on the forum (that is how our free platform to members is mainly funded) You can also search for their appreciation threads for your own peace of mind. https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/93-professional-traders/
  3. Seems he is licensed to drive on the highway as you can see in this in this vid. Not sure what the boys in blue would make of that if ventured this side of the Channel Bit more about him if interested:
  4. Ebized

    Ferrari Roma....

    Seems so - hence the rather untypical Ferrari colour choice. Only very little people for the rear - just hope they can see enough of the cockpit that is the best bit about car IMHO.
  5. Does that allow you to sell excess energy back to the 'National Grid?
  6. Welcome to the club, but sorry to hear what happened to your wife and car. In addition to Zmanalex check out the 350z parts for sale section on the forum https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/213-350z-parts-for-sale/ and maybe post what you need here: https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/31-wanted/
  7. He has obviously done very well out of what he does, even if some petrolhead purists do not like him. Each to their own, as they say.
  8. Many congratulations - as for the karting just make sure she does not mix her tyres.......
  9. Given you never felt the same love for the 370 as you have done for the 350 - that's fine, but the fact that Nissan released the 370 at the end of 2009 when the financial melt-down was really biting and all car sales were taking a big hit, as many forget, was undoubtedly the primary reason for 370 sales getting nowhere near 350 sales. Indeed, many 350 owners at the time did not enthuse about the 370 anyway (personally I found it a significant improvement over the 350 in everyday use compared to the 350), but as the years have passed by I have seen many doubters 'upgrade' to a 370, maybe to get a newer ZED or because it ticked more boxes than anything else the competition have/had to offer. And having since owned a 4pot turbo auto/AWD (Merc A45) - yes the performance/grip off the shelf was mind-boggling, but it was simply too easy to drive hence why I have moved onto a Cayman that is far more driver involved.....albeit with a 4pot turbo. Yeah, not what a true Porsche enthusiast would opt for maybe, but a combination of the chrono/sports exhaust certainly gives me the grin factor and turns heads when the rev needle spins round the clock... Be interesting to see if Nissan finally decides to produce a Z35 and hopefully in a format that maybe excites my juices enough to raid the piggy (pension) bank....... again
  10. Unless you are thinking of serious tracking and/or adding FI you will not need an oil cooler. The feedback about oil temps largely emanates from across the pond where ambient temps are generally higher. Just keep an eye on the oil temp guage and as long as it does not exceed 125 (and the oil is good quality) you should no worries. Enjoy!



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