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  1. What would you choose.

    You put the '45 on the list, so guess that ticks some boxes, but you have never driven one which I suggest you do (dry and wet ideally) and that is where you find its credentials. Have done a fair few hoons with fellow petrolheads and it more than holds its own on the B roads. Always amuses me those who dismiss cars they have never driven, often simply because they are put off by looks........ No idea what it would drive like on track, other than it did its very best to stop me drifing on the MB World Brooklands skid pan
  2. 370 steering lock issue - recall - action

    All the background material about the recall can be found in this thread - see post No.153 in particular, but also post nos 60, 95 and 127 for the necessary detail. Your only issue is one of time since the recall was first issued but as MrMartinPGrant found this year, badgering away at least got him a fair slice of the cost paid. Wonder if his idea of getting a new Nismo had a helping hand
  3. Steering lock and a stranded 370z.

    Replied to your other post here:
  4. 370 steering lock issue - recall - action

    See post No.165 above - the latest (partial) success by a member - you really do need to keep pushing dealer/Nissan. OK, the older the cars get after warranty has expired then the harder getting a 'goodwill' gesture from Nissan it is going to be. If your car has continually serviced by Nissan dealers that might help things, but going on previous charges yours seems way over the top. It is a shame the owner of your car did not repsond to the recall notification at the time.......or maybe it is a second failure, hence the fuse pulling work-around post the fitting of a replacement lock to stop a reoccurence. Hopefully a member local to you in Coventry may be able to advise as to a dealer who will be more helpful and push on your behalf, if the current one is not. Good luck.
  5. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    Overall results from Saturday - - placed 36th - well done Andy
  6. Has your friend considered renting out the space using one of the many companies that act as agents and I guess will take action against unauthorised users to protect their 'interest" (Income). i.e. https://www.parklet.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKEAjw87PNBRDA_rHbypeJmFkSJADRcAiv0yBehA2jED-EslhtgmCFCHHuQ5_M5FhkrNMXhPA0lhoC3gzw_wcB Maybe there are clauses in the lease that restrict that and it is likely planning permission would be necessary, but it could be a useful earner and remove the chancers?
  7. Thankyou to Will370z

    Echo what Lexx says, but also one of the greatest stalwarts of the forum generally and always up for meets, drive-outs and a good old hoon whenever other things in life did not intervene. Seems a very long time when we first met up at Horsham for a drive with other Zedders.......but have looked up to you ever since, me being a 6'2" shortarse in comparison.
  8. The new forum

    Thanks Al - I'll keep me fingers crossed I get the links right And spell better
  9. The new forum

    Big, big plus is the ease of adding pictures now. Great times.... Whilst I have largely got use to the new format and yes there have been a few frustrations along the way as you find with any tech changes, we do have to remember that the forum is run on peanuts as it always been the priority not to charge membership fees or have the pages riddled with ads. So it is down to those volunteers who have IT skills to do their best in their own time to keep things going and up date with such limited resources. Hats off to you all in the team who have played a part in keeping the forum going which was in danger of being taken out altogether by malious actions of those who have nothing else better to do than spoli others enjoyment. But I will take opportunity to ask if a preview pane is availble before posting replies, as it just seems you get the "Submit Reply" only and before posting I miss the opportunity (in particular) to see that links work as expected? Edit! And correct spelling mistakes....opps
  10. https://www.motorsport.com/indycar/news/crash-indy-500-dixon-fire-941379#image-scott-dixon-chip-ganassi-racing-honda-jay-howard-schmidt-peterson-motorsports-honda-inv-12971400 Lucky to survive that!
  11. Great idea Alex, but given the endless oiptions of potential road cars and you indicate the Roadster will be for the track fun that kinda suggests the new car will be more for passion than track, howabouts you give us a mininum and maximum new purchase price figure within, say, a £75k range? For me I would be happy to pay a few quid for the forum, which we all use for free, for each go given 50p might be a headache for the forum treasurer Oh, and I'll pass on the prize ......................when I win
  12. Caterham 620R maybe, or more likely with the sale of the Atom and the GTR a Radical RXC 600/650, knowing just how much you love your track days?
  13. Perhaps she is going to buy one in that vid for you............ The yellow one!
  14. That is going to be a mega buy for some lucky person but as LFR4N asks, really intrigued by what you have chosen as a replacement and given you were also off-loading the Atom from your 'fleet'
  15. Could never afford all these makeovers for GUNs while in my hands.........have enough of that with the other half I guess ZMANALEX has it right with the slogan on his number plates: "GREAT LIFE NO WIFE" , so bear that in mind Nino