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  1. Gutted about my Z

    Sorry to hear this, but on the evidence you have hopefully there will be no dramas getting things sorted
  2. On one of our Welsh driving weekends (many moons ago ) we had a 17 year old driving his mother's glorious UY GT4 and his road craft could not be faulted - a credit to his mother, who was an avid supporter on the forum at the time, and it was her son who chose most of the very tasteful upgrades - his Welsh drive opportunity probably being a thank-you for the way the car was looked after. If Photobucket had not cocked-up the picture hosting for us users I would have posted up a pic or two, but sadly they have ruined some great historical image history of early days on the forum.
  3. Which engine is this??

    There were numerous pre rev 276bhp unsold models right through to 2010 iirc. There was no such thing as a a HE model - the version introduced in 2007 was HR, as Shezza states. Be wary of exactly what model is being sold - those of us who have been around on here since 2005 have lost count of the number of incorrectly labelled 350s.
  4. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    Alternatively, you could always let Bob cut a hole in the roof and add a 'bubble', in GT40 style
  5. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    Two storey side extensions are excluded from permitted development. See bullet point 11 here: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/17/extensions
  6. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    Just seen this. I'm sending you a pm.
  7. Ok BMW, thats enough.... please....

    Would you say no to this Porsche Dan? Well, maybe the Martini stripes might have to go
  8. New Zagato.... Oooohhhhhh

    That is a real stunner if it turns out anything like those images. But when you read all 99 scheduled cars are sold and yet it is only half built in clay atm..... you just know Investors just see it as another money pot for them knowing there are plenty rich enthusiasts out there who will buy one ('cos they can) at virtually any price asked. Meanwhile us paupers dream on......
  9. Pointless Porsche 911?

    Anyone drive/tested a 718 yet, either in 2lt or 2.5lt form? Reviews suggest the aural experience of the 4 pot is disappointing, even if the sports exhaust is added. Hope that is wrong as otherwise the new shape Cayman is very tempting......
  10. 2017 F1 Chat Thread

    From what I saw on Sunday every car would had at least one 5 second penalty for off track stuff - it was ...... free for all until the last vital moment for Max and even Kimi, who is usually quick to complain, had no issue with it. More seriously, with the new powers of F1 and the US hosts trying to make race weekend more entertaining I suspect they were cringing when they saw that an 'official', who cannot be challenged, effectively destroyed the outcome most at the track thought had occurred and given its been hard going to get the US public on board with F1, I expect that was in the back of Max's mind when he made his comment in the heat of the moment - as unfortunate as it was.
  11. Rozzers pull a Z struggling for traction

    Easy pickings for the police. Busy location and potential for accidents, as we have seen in previous vids. As others say, time and place.......as we see all the time in magazine performance car tests in deserted areas that don't attract the wrong attention - from police or otherwise.
  12. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    Credit to you Andy for sticking with the 350 - the mods you have done and continue to do have made your ZED arguably one of the best around, IMHO. Dread to think what it has all cost (not including the 'rebuild') but admire your dedication both with the ongoing changes and prepared to use the car in serious competition.
  13. 370Z Nismo RS 2009

    There was a Nismo 370Z in 2009 for those across the Pond - so LH drive only, but seemingly no mention of an RS version. https://newsroom.nissan-global.com/releases/release-5fe5f6d21e7e5119c3de19ab85c666ea-090408-01-e?year=2009
  14. Busters replacement zed..

    I trust Martini are rewarding you well
  15. What would you choose.

    You put the '45 on the list, so guess that ticks some boxes, but you have never driven one which I suggest you do (dry and wet ideally) and that is where you find its credentials. Have done a fair few hoons with fellow petrolheads and it more than holds its own on the B roads. Always amuses me those who dismiss cars they have never driven, often simply because they are put off by looks........ No idea what it would drive like on track, other than it did its very best to stop me drifing on the MB World Brooklands skid pan