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  1. See here: There are several threads on the subject, where you will find that for those who do have steering lock that seizes a decent tap or two on the housing can free the culprit, with the advice to remove the subject fuse. That said, and as said above ^^^, we doubt your 2014 model will have the lock fitted. Raising the issue with Nissan Customer services direct, if a dealer starts quoting silly money should help as reliable sources on here have advised
  2. Awesome weather today Andy! Thanks for arranging again and a good turn-out with some I have not met before in addition to the regulars - these breakfast meets are growing in numbers like we had years past - so let's hope that trend continues And some pics from the day:
  3. The White Horse Otterbourne Main Rd, Otterbourne SO21 2EQ Link to menu: https://www.idealcollection.co.uk/brands/the-white-horse/menu#brunch 1. andy James- White Horse Full English 2. Humpy - White Horse full english 3. StormWhite -White Horse Full English 4. Beb - White Horse full English 5. coldel - Eggs Benedict 6. Gg2040uk (Maz) - American pancakes 7. Keyser -  - White Horse full English 8. Ebized - White Horse Full English
  4. Maybe the venue used on 27/1, as they looked after us well?
  5. Put me down Andy on the list please - might be a bit late, following a bit of Chinese to enjoy first
  6. Good to see this meet still attracts a good turn out of Zeds and thanks for those posting the pics. Some real 'pride-n-joys' there along the length of Maderia Drive and have to say that Ford Pop looks utterly stunning. Sorry I couldn't along this year, but the pics ^^^ bring back good memories of this show in previous years.
  7. If you haven't got the owners manual, see pages 4.9 - 4.11 here that might help?: http://www.vadennissanservicecontracts.com/owners-manual/nissan/2007-Nissan-350Z.pdf
  8. Fully refurbished, as in how much extra bhp will they give
  9. Now I understand your username choice
  10. Do you intend to run around with minimal fuel in the tank as well? Sorry, but think you are going OTT with the weight saving - OK if you are going on track/racing then fair enough, but road use???
  11. Ebized

    Flat spot

    Noting your location, consider a little trip along the M4 to Horsham Developments for a diagnosis/tune. They are a respected trader on here with an excellent reputation for sorting out issues on Zeds (see their appreciation thread). I'm sure Jez will be able to resolve your issue to enable you to fully enjoy your car. https://h-dev.co.uk/?v=79cba1185463
  12. https://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-features/ph-meets-lanzantes-f1-engined-porsche-930/39779 Trust it will be used as intended and not sat as a showpiece.



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