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  1. Welcome to the retiree club Graham, and yes the years you have put in towards keeping this forum going and the organization of many events and drive-outs (thoroughly enjoyed those with you ) which has been second to none. And you still have arguably one of the best modded 350s. A true Legend.
  2. Delayed a bit and got there just before 10 (divert off the A25 at Brockham turn-off with half a dozen police vehicles blocking A25 both ways and mega congestion in side roads) and left around 11.30 when cars started leaving. Yeah, chatted with the 370 owner - think his name was Neal and a forum user? and yes, he had a 350 before. Chatted with quite a few owners (no one I knew was there) so name might be muddled
  3. Quite a good turn-out it seems - variety of 'Classics' - nice to see the rare Elva in particular and more of the cars as the fog gradually cleared.
  4. Feel I can't miss a great opportunity to come along to this meet and give the i30N some exercise especially as the weather is looking kind
  5. The Cayman my budget allowed was a 2018 'base' model but dealer specced with most of the options on offer - critically including the Sport Chrono and Sports exhaust which transformed the enjoyment in Sports mode from 'good neighbour' mode
  6. Don't lose heart with the sale - at least you can be bolstered by this ^^^^ interest.
  7. Back in 'em good ole days a lot of us were lured into 350's by VBH. A grainy vid now, but for those who young-uns out there here is what/who turned a lot of us on.......driving the great roads around the Elan Valley that so many of us enjoyed in our 350/370 days
  8. Have we really seen that in his character? Marko YES! But with Max, still relatively young, he is surprisingly laid-back and saves his aggression for the track - no quarters given but does not resort to the out and out 'no-quarters given style' of what Michael Schumacher resorted to on track on occasions. Max is not as dignified as Lewis in defeat but then Lewis has so much experience and knows racing is not just not how well you perform on track. For me, Max has brought an excitement back into F1 and has tamed his car to put on a show that is what top-level racing should be about
  9. Is it? Then why are different decisions being made by the Stewards, who are never the same from race to race? We are constantly told they have a wealth of information us viewers never get to see - maybe that is the problem - too much to consistently digest in the heat of the moment. And it is wholly wrong that the Race Director can be lobbied during the course of a race by teams. But when the rules are being interpreted differently amongst the decision makers, that clearly points to the rule book being too open to interpretation. Yes, this final race was certainly not one of Mas
  10. If Lewis had won, no doubt RB would protested the first lap. So Max won the driver's championship, but the fact Mercedes won the manufacturer's championship seems overlooked. Think of the money they will make on the back of their 8th win. Maybe Mercedes might want to reflect on the fact that Lewis will work a lot harder next year to get his 8th Championship, as otherwise he will not have won all the titles in F1 there was to be won...... It's the rule book that needs sorting out!
  11. A bit off topic, but recently I had a similar experience paying for parking that uses cameras. The payment machine would not recognize a 0 (zero) in my number plate, but when the better half suggested using a O, hey presto it worked! Bizarrely, the receipt showed the zero correctly!! The wonders of technology
  12. A little more as far as I recall: 115nm or 85ftlbs
  13. Maybe an Injector - seeing what Alex says (2nd post down) given you have done the fuel damper check:
  14. Been around long enough on here to know from feedback that Zed engines prefer the 97+ plus octane for longevity particularly if using 5k+ rpm regularly. IMHO, and like others have said ^^^, it is not worth the risk to use lower octanes other than in emergencies simply to save on fill-ups, and especially now most 350 engines will have a lot of mileage on them now.
  15. No - only two seats. More like this:
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