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  1. Agree with the warnings above ^^^ I would be inclined to search out reputable outfits by looking at Classic/Historic car forums. Hopefully someone on here might have a good suggestion, but whatever, taking time to ensure a quality job is done, for me, is critical.
  2. Amazed this generous offer has not been taken-up. Absolute no-brainer, to have a far, far, better chance of getting you home than relying on the Gel that be all accounts means that once used that tyre cannot be reused. Especially if you are unlucky enough to get a puncture in a Mobile dead area.
  3. Hi Stephanie I seem to recall from one experience I had after a gearbox change, that if the 'gate' under the lever which provides the slots for each gear is not correctly positioned maybe that is meaning it is effectively not able to shift to sixth gear from neutral properly. As I say, just a thought.
  4. "I just replaced the radiator and thermostat, they are now Mishimoto, coolant bleeding was done properly and the car does not over heat." From years on here, many times issues have cropped up by not following the correct bleeding of the coolant - the heater being often being the 'culprit'. Only offering the thought in case this may be related See here:
  5. Check out the advice in posts further back on this thread - if you have not already done that.
  6. Sadly Miami, like an increasing number of other new ones, are more about the show celebs and the bucks to be made more rather than an F1 race. And such circuits, with the size and weight of F1 cars nowadays, is hampering the good intentions to make the racing closer. One Monaco is enough without trying to go one better.....and racing at Las Vegas is only happening to draw in crowds with very, very deep pockets to make the mega rich backers and casinos ever richer. Imola did show that good racing, with the current cars, can work well and I'm looking forward to Barcelona which should offer the racing we like to see.
  7. Your exterior mods work very well, with the rear view being one of the best I have seen: Mind you, at first glance I thought the underside of the Duck Tail had been damaged - but given your attention to detail, no way could that have been overlooked but the second more serious glance revealed just badge reflections vvv- phew!: How do you find the Dunlops - are they keepers or you have something else in mind? Asking, as not a tyre that has featured highly on the 370's, on here. A ZED to be very proud of.
  8. Yes, and reminders on the good driving roads in Scotland:
  9. One of the best drives (just before Covid) over the Abergwesyn Pass from Llanwrtyd Wells by a small group of 350z-uk "veteran members" .
  10. My experience: Michelin Pilot Sports on the 370 (and A45) were excellent, wet or dry and and used by many on here with 350's/370's who like me want to push their Zeds to the limit and have tried various other makes beforehand. Pirelli P Zero on both the Cayman and the i30N are fine in the dry, but two quite different cars and in the wet they fail to give the confidence of the Pilot Sports. Would have opted for the MPS4 on both, but on one axle (I can't remember which) on the Cayman the size was not available and nor were they an "approved" tyre by Porsche....wtf? All down to Porsche not bothering to test them, from a reliable source. Too early to think of a change on the i30N but if the MPS4 are available when I have done a few more miles I would not hesitate to use them and dump the P Zero's, due to their poor wet road ability. That said, the electronic LSD diff has resulted in the car that is by far the quickest/safest on a favourite roundabout in the dry or wet.
  11. Agreed - credit to you
  12. Best to contact ZMANALEX for both the answer and the part.
  13. Welcome to the retiree club Graham, and yes the years you have put in towards keeping this forum going and the organization of many events and drive-outs (thoroughly enjoyed those with you ) which has been second to none. And you still have arguably one of the best modded 350s. A true Legend.
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