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  1. When I had vibrations on my 370 it was sorted out by Marcus @ Disc Skimmers: http://discskimmers.com/contact/ My issue turned out to be using 3mm slip spacers (with 20mm spacers) that had warped - alloy too soft. Well worth the drive up from Surrey for me - as local Nissan dealer had no idea. I know a number of owners on here have used his services and the feedback on his work was like mine - Excellent!
  2. Try this link (Body/Electrical): http://nissan4u.com/parts/350z/er_z33/2005_6/type_3/
  3. Long time since I owned a 350, but as I recall on UK supplied Zeds the fog light operation is included in the light stalk. I'm saying that as I am puzzled by what button/switch it is you are using on the steering wheel to bring up the warning foglight warning icon in the gauges that is addition to the headlights 'on' warning icon? So the headlamp (not sidelights) must be switched on for it to work. Spotted this info in a member's post: "just noticed this this morning.... if you have headlights and rear fog light on, when you turn the headlights off, the fog light also clicks off at the same time. similarly if you just turn the fogs on without turning the headlights on, it will automatically click on the side lights - however you then need to use the headlight control to switch on dipped beams." Otherwise, sorry I can't help further.
  4. Looks a good day out Would recommend a days one2one at Cat Driver Training with Colin Hoad. Helped me to explore the limits of the Zed on the various test tracks at Bedford, and once you have done that the confidence levels are on a different level! Money very well spent IMO.
  5. Saw them back in October 2018 at Goodwood at a prospective owners invitation day. Happened on it by chance and have to say in the flesh they looked very tempting and the power to weight ratio no doubt makes them a tremendous drive. Main issue for me is lack of Alpine dedicated dealers anywhere near me and a previous Renault ownership with dreadful build quality still lingers - hopefully unjustified now.
  6. No doubt he is one that values the extended warranty that carries on for up to 13 years I believe, providing of course it is not modded; all services done by a Porsche dealer; Porsche approved 'N' rated tyres only used, etc etc. Something not lost on me and to be honest the Cayman I have has virtually every option on it that matters to make it a pure driving delight. Except..... I do not have the same confidence in the P Zero's (in the wet) as I had with the MPSS on my two previous cars and would love to fit MPS4s that strangely are not 'N' rated by Porsche. Be glad to un-sorn it this weekend with the lock-in ending and enjoy driving it again!
  7. As I have said before, the 370 was released just after the world-wide Financial collapse in 2008 and by the time people had money in their pockets to buy niche cars again in the following years the market had moved on. When the 350 was released back in 2002/3 there were no serious competitors, apart from which the 350 was a real game changer (justifiably) in days when car perks for reps was rampant they became the mile-muncher of choice, as echoed by the respected car testers at the time. When I bought my first one-year old Zed in 2005 it was one of several ex-company Zeds in one garage alone to choose from, hence it remained hugely popular for several years. We still do not know exactly what the 370 successor will be, but with car technology changing so fast I fear Nissan will be behind the game again, given what has been said so far.....unless they uncover another real game changer like the 350 was.....and if the price is right.
  8. Steady, this is either Mr Black or Mr White you are dealing with here. Another cracking looking car you have there now - these latest photos set it off a treat.
  9. There is a lot to be said for having relatively under powered cars but which handle well so you can push them to their limits without straying all too easily into license loss territory. Those with big bhp numbers under the bonnet might go down well in the bragging rights, but on the road offer little involvement for drivers unless used on track. I must have owned over 50 cars in my driving time and certainly the 3 Zeds gave me tremendous fun and certainly were at the top end of the grin factor, especially when on road trips with other other Zeds.
  10. If you run out of options and noting you only joined the forum this month, then a visit to one of our experienced traders on here could be very worthwhile. Noting your location, Jez at Horsham Developments has a very good reputation and years and years of experience with 350's: See here:
  11. Have you Googled the issue? Just loaded this link - maybe something there to help you https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=pQfuXtHDO6eRlwSUqbjYBQ&q=Nissand+350Z+roadster+roof+problems&oq=Nissand+350Z+roadster+roof+problems&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQDDIGCAAQFhAeOgUIABCxAzoFCAAQgwE6AggAOgQIABAKOgQIABANOgYIABANEB5QghBY2Y4BYJ2fAWgAcAB4AIABqwGIAZAqkgEEMC4zNZgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXo&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiRqtHhuJDqAhWnyIUKHZQUDlsQ4dUDCAg
  12. A stunning roadster and so good to see ownership has moved onto another enthusiast who knows a thing or two about tastefully modding Zeds, so little for him to do this time........we shall see Enjoy





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