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  1. No - only two seats. More like this:
  2. One of the quick Clio's tempt you?
  3. Quote: "If you drove on a wet day and the water got in the disks it could literral be rusty water spinning out of the vents - thats why it would be in line with the disks. " Yes, in my experience disc brakes are prone to causing this inner wheel staining, but not those with drum brakes. It is more evident after a run following cleaning - no doubt the soapy water helps shift the build up of pad residue within the discs. A decent wheel brush will easily clean off the staining.
  4. Put a few miles on the clock with lots of gear changes to see if the 'dead' feel disappears. 12 months sitting idle is never a good thing for wear and tear items. That said, sounds like you have anticipated the box coming out anyway at some point, which is your fall-back option. Good luck
  5. Hi Andy - good to hear you and your Zed - always admired your car and it has served you well. Thought one of your last pics was deserved here so those who do not know the car can see what a stunner it is.
  6. Best to check the Forum guides: https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/35-350z-guides/ rather than asking for a response from a 12 year old old post Here is a starter, found in the 350z guides:
  7. Hi John Well I remember you (renowned stainless steel exhaust polisher, amongst other things you did for members) well, but maybe you may not remember this (very) old ex-mod no, not quite in the wheelchair yet and still remember with great fondness the Jockland Hoons and Welsh road trips that seem a long time ago. But as you say, it is great that the forum is still going strong and in very capable hands and I am always following what members, new and old are doing, as my 10 years of so with two 350's and then a 370 gave me some great memories as they were something special du
  8. Some good info about the Zeds that may help you:
  9. Course car at Goodwood FOS
  10. Heads up for anyone who has not picked up on the greatest motoring event or not going in person, you can watch it live here: https://www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/festival-of-speed/2021/7/2021-goodwood-festival-of-speed-live-stream/?utm_source=The Goodwood Estate Company Ltd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12506440_FOS - Watch from home - 07%2F07%2F2021&utm_content=Watch online BUTTON&dm_i=1QLU,7G214,5PGQYT,U99BZ,1 Live stream from today.
  11. I can see Cayman and Alpine sales taking a knock for that money.
  12. Nice pics Brings back good memories of many road trips around Wales in the Zeds and before the evo triangle got so popular and speed cameras were introduced. Yes the shed tuggers are painful - shame the Welsh police do introduce the same requirement as the Scots
  13. Love that road (A832) and the view going down into Kinlochewe. The exhaust sounds bouncing off the valley make it a driver's heaven. And also the the Scots Police sensible approach to encourage passing on single track roads:
  14. Ullapool on the north West coast has a Gleaner Petrol station with Super, and with a good range of accommodation/eating options forms a useful base to tour around northern Scotland on some brilliant driving roads so no need to worry about finding other petrol stations unless mileage is well into the hundreds.
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