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  1. Those highlighted words should make it absolutely clear that it was the tyre change that has prompted your current issue - I really hope you have taken the advice fully on board and not wasting further money on unnecessary work.
  2. You chose to fit a new set of tyres on the rear, noting that a different make on the front still had some life in them. Irrespective of the different make of tyre, your choice only served to undoutedly bring on the poor handling, that you imply was not there before that tyre change. By all means have the suspension checked, but frankly if that does not improve things then you have to accept it was your choice to just change the rears and given the comments on this thread from Zed owners with many years of experience, sadly, you will be wasting your time IMHO suggesting you have been supplied new tyres to used in conjunction with worn tyres that "are unfit for purpose". Suggest you bite the bullet and either get yourself a new pair PZeros on the front, or more sensibly ebay the new rear tyres and get a full set of the MP4s all round.
  3. Ebized

    Considering a ...

    Steve Burns comes to mind - sure he will know. https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/7359-steve-burns/
  4. Inclined to agree that P-Zeros do not give the same confidence, particularly in the wet, as I found with the MPSS on the 370 and also on the A45 - but to be fair, the 4-wheel drive of the '45 made wet days seem dry - ridiculous grip levels even on launches! The P-Zeros on the Cayman have done just over 10k miles and starting to think about new tyres before the year is out but the bugbear is that the Michelins are not 'N' rated that Porsche specify so as not to affect the warranty, but I really would like to use the MP4s so in two minds about what to do come tyre change time. No way would I mix tyres on any car though, unless I wanted to slide about everywhere but old and wise enough to have grown out of that need now
  5. Not the right shade of green but here is one https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-hand-tools/elliott-and-samson-hand-guilotine-/1327149500
  6. Le mans green: http://www.appreciating-classics.com/car/ford-escort-rs-mexico/
  7. Another shot for your album
  8. Great to see these Ace meets still attract a good number of Zeds after so many years. The cars and owners may change but after some 13 years on the forum, still seeing another fabulous turn-out says much about how much these cars have an on-going interest. Long may that last Some pics from today and thanks to Martin for organising......including the flypast by 4 of the RAFs finest- check out the sky shot
  9. Hope Mrs K knows what you are doing behind the scenes
  10. Proverbial sods law in my experience, prices drop when you want to sell and of course prices rising on the replacement. But, exceptions do occur and found when trading in it's always best to wait ( if you can!) until Jan/Feb time when dealers are looking at their cash flows. Or, you strike lucky with someone on the hunt for the very car you have and then have more cash and buying power for your preferred replacement. And of course, the green energy movement is not exactly helpful when trying to shift cars nowadays that are heavy drinkers, particularly with mainstram dealers, so better off going to specialists to get a better trade in if a private sale looks unlikely. So keep an eye on the wanted ads!
  11. Agree with that and look forward to the video
  12. Niki Lauda - RIP - one of F1 true Legends - courageous, fearsome and a huge loss
  13. You are both what makes this forum a very special place for 350/370 owners and us previous owners who found your knowledge and help invaluable
  14. I take your point about pricing and no doubt most Spanish and real hard core fans used the general admission, whereas those who travel from elsewhere in Europe and further no doubt opt for grandstand seats but their cost coupled with travel/hotel costs mean a very pricey weekend for and lets face it, hardly the most exciting racing with leading runners all too predictable. I do agree about Max - he will be off to Merc or Ferrari for 2020 if he gets no wins or few podiums.



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