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  1. Other than this forum ('cos it remains well managed!), the only 'social media' I use is WhatsApp that at least stops the uninvited. When you hear about loved ones who have passed away due to covid, and know relatives/friends who work in the NHS, simply brings it home just how potentially vulnerable we all are. I despair when I hear those who cannot accept fact, that leads them to only make matters worse, they should be locked up. Period. Being in the clinically extremely vulnerable category and the 70+ age group is not exactly comforting, and so those non-believers and the current crop of politicians unable to make prompt decisions or heeding scientific warnings, not helped by the latest question marks over the vaccine roll-out, only adds to the worry that this pandemic will be with us for a long time yet. Just hope I, and many other like-minded people we speak to, have got that current conclusion wrong.
  2. Fantastic skills and work I can see why you changed the front badge. Given "Nissan" on the OEM badge is black, I wonder how the chrome badge would look with "Nissan" in red, to reflect the Nismo theme?
  3. Long shot, but send a message with this thread link to Zmanalex - he may be interested https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/9648-zmanalex/
  4. It was just a supplier possibility I was giving you, so ask them what you want
  5. Maybe?: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/119019-torqen-350z-de-350z-hr-and-370z-high-flow-cats/page/5/
  6. Hopefully someone will be along who knows the answer, but in the meantime maybe this pic gives you a clue?
  7. Here you go: https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/14439-ken/
  8. That is bad luck, but at least the neighbour is doing the right thing. Just one observation - have you checked the offside that looks very close the wall/fence, given the way your car was shunted?
  9. Better book an appointment at Specsavers Stan
  10. Ebized

    GT Pack vs GT

    I recall electric seats being fitted to base models in years gone by. It seems the wiring is all there so just plug and play, although for heated seats to work you would need the switches as well. Best if you can post up some pics of your (inside and out) to help us verify the model for you.
  11. One of the best 'how-to' vids I have seen on the forum and a sure winner mod for anyone seriously tracking their Zed.
  12. Check out the i30N, get a good 1 year old one with your budget. 5 years warranty that includes track use (if you want to do that). Only downside I have found is that it tempts you to exercise your right foot and with a smallish tank (50ltr), fill-ups come round pretty quick.
  13. Try searching "Jockland Hoon", but you vid is also on You Tube
  14. Found some pics here of the 2008 Jockland Hoon posted by Martinmac (miss you Mart RIP). https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/jockland-hoon-pics.10294/ Sadly Photobucket, which was used for photo hosting in those years, screwed up image clarity .





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