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  1. Guess the car part

    Yep, one of the rallying greats - especially in Henri Toivonen hands .
  2. 370z spare wheel (space saver)

    The space saver fitted the boot lining foam in my 2009 370, but I did have to remove some of the foam to fully accommodate the jack, handle and wrench. Also meant relocating the bottle of tyre gel that I chose to keep on board...but that was OTT in the circumstances. Maybe the pump as well - not too sure and as bloody photobucket have removed most of my pics from that era I can't be 100% sure.
  3. 370z spare wheel (space saver)

    Just a word of caution. The 350 spacesaver will not allow the fitment of the 370 front wheels, unlike the 370 spacesaver, without using a spacer due to caliper size. Theoretically, if you had a front tyre blowout you could put a 370 rear wheel on the front and use a 350 spacesaver on the rear, purely as a real emergency, but best option is use a spacer. No issue if you already have spacers on. Edit: see this link to explain a little more:
  4. 370z Aftermarket exhaust help!!

    Had the Stillen cat-back system on my 370 for the near-on 5 years I had the car and quite sure it would suit your requirements. Perfect for long journeys but a big when you opened it up.
  5. Next Corvette

    http://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/01/12/mid-engine-corvette-coming didn't need the 's' in http
  6. new car

  7. Overheating,No Rad fans, HFCs, failed mot

    Glad you got it sorted and had a helpful MOT tester
  8. Overheating,No Rad fans, HFCs, failed mot

    Good luck - about time you had some
  9. Overheating,No Rad fans, HFCs, failed mot

    See post No.15 on this link about the fitting, dealing with fan motor refurb that might also help you
  10. Wow.

  11. Overheating,No Rad fans, HFCs, failed mot

    Sorry to hear your woes. I'm sure you are not the first to have both fans fail, but iirc they do not always come on together. I'm sure someone will be along to help out and also with the cats issue, although it is always helpful to get them fully up to working temp before an MOT to stand a chance of passing. One thing you should respect is the procedure for refilling the coolant as the ZEDs are notorious for air locks - see here: Edit: see Zmanalex's post No.16 on page 2 here showing fan failure reasons
  12. Shake Up To Regional Meets

    Having never had the desire to sign up to FB (and I suspect I am not the only one on here), the forum has, and continues, to serve my interest in the 350/370 perfectly well. Yes, the interest in meets has gone down over the years for various reasons and clearly the growth of FB post the formation of the forum back in 2006 has not done anything to prop up meet interest as time has gone by. I do suspect though that Whasapp is more commonly used for friends to meet up for drives/meets (speaking from experience) as that avoids the timewasters. So as for the Regional meets being banded together that seems a way forward and I never shyed away from traveling long distances to enjoy a good drive etc - after all, the 350/370s are great cruisers, so why not?
  13. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Could be birds. Living near a coast and supermarket car parks tend to favourite places for scavenging birds like gulls and crows to use cars as lookouts for their next meal.
  14. Guess the car part

    Fiat 500
  15. Cracked Windscreen

    Here you go: 30 second search Pasted 'member' in the search box (use the drop down option) and there it was - his last post.