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  2. You have not said what your previous car ownership was, but if it has not been a relatively heavy sports car then it may well be you have to adjust to a transmission that is designed to suit the performance on offer rather than cars than 'everyday' cars which are designed for ease of driving. That is not saying you may have an issue as you will see from threads on the 350/370 clutches there have been issues, but not seemingly with the issue you are reporting. From my experience of 370 ownership I suspect the feel you are getting is normal, especially when the car is not warmed up. As this was your first post, you may not have seen there are trade specialists who service etc the Zeds and if you continue to be worried I would suggest you take it along to one of those for their opinion.
  3. But I am still drooling over this new Carrera even if over £100k as that one was specced....
  4. You could well be right - in the photo taken at Porsche Silverstone all the spaces in front of the temporary black hoarding are having chargers fitted, in addition to ones they already have.....
  5. Absolutely normal when temps drop - in fact if the change was not stiff when cold I would be concerned as to whether the viscosity in the box was correct. If you change the oil for peace of mind see here:
  6. Would I have an EV? Only if they are completely self-charging, ideally with a back-up cable should the electric motor(s) fail - rather like the sensible cars that have a spare wheel rather than a bottle of gel when the need arises. At least I can say when one is bought, I am 100% eco friendly not having to plug-in or fill-up for my journeys. And fortunate as I am to have a driveway and garage, I am buggered if I am covering my roof with "look-at-me' solar mirrors or put up a bloody great wind turbine to justify no use of the National Grid. But what also puts me off most EV's (the lack of 'proper' engine noise aside) and many other new cars atm, is the move towards touchscreens - the Teslas being a prime example. I put them in the same bracket as dashboards with multiple manual/digital operations - the new A class Mercedes being an example - which has been slated by the motoring press for good reason IMHO. The H&S lobby bang on about mobiles distracting drivers and that is absolutely right if they are not hands free, but if used genuinely as hands-free then is that really any different than chatting, playing eye-spy with the kids etc in the car? For me, touchscreens in cars fall in the same category as hand-held phones. An alternative then.....? I recall the frustrating voice connection with the 350s bluetooths - and the endless grumbles from other 350 owners frustrated by madam bellowing back "pardon" when trying to add a new contact. Years on and being an Apple user, there is now Siri - works OKish (the Porsche is better than our Polo), but I really feel that voice activation is the way our in-car communication should be going: i.e. talk to activate info/changes/send texts etc rather than hoping you have hit the right button or a point on a touchscreen. A simple fingerprint entry on start-up would avoid voice recognition issues. I hate the touchscreen feature on our Polo in particular with a passion - maybe it was just not designed for my jumbo fingers but by God, using it on the move really does take your eyes off the road. So I don't use it.....on the move. And once the Government sees tax revenues from road users going downhill as more EVs hit the road, coupled with demands by those who only have on-street parking wanting charging points installed in those roads, you can bet new tax regimes will be brought in to keep the Treasury coffers topped up! So, a self-charging car with voice activation will help get me in the EV mood and maybe that may not be too long to wait, but in the meantime I will stay with a proper driver's car and enjoy the Chrono and sports exhaust combination that gives me a real and is not being outlawed until well after I meet my maker. But I will try switching off a few more lights at home to help the NG meet the increasing demand from the growing plug-in crowd.
  7. Will the absence of headlamp washers be an issue at MOT time?
  8. See the following link and at 2.20 you will see how to add pis (and text) in a new thread you need to start in "Zeds for sale". If still stuck, see final offer of help at the end of that video. Good luck with the advert and selling what looks to be a very nice 370 Roadster
  9. Has the OP wrongly posted in the 370 sub forum, noting what he says about "many others" and his username?
  10. Channel 5 Documentary Last night - quick glimpse of him making a get-a-away So what are others thoughts...........?
  11. I like that - looks excellent and very tastefully done



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