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  1. Ebized

    Write off or Not?

  2. Ebized

    donut muppet

    This worked for me - link is same as Neos https://news.sky.com/video/driver-doing-donuts-shuts-down-motorway-11635475 This one is more eye-opening.... https://news.sky.com/story/the-fast-furious-and-deadly-craze-of-street-racing-leaves-dozens-dead-in-the-us-11463907
  3. Ebized

    370z GT Ray 19" tyres suggestion

    No point in repeating what has recently been debated
  4. Ebized

    Write off or Not?

    Why not try this as it was just before the accident? Or see if your Nissan garage would be preparec to put the prices they mentioned in writing?
  5. Ebized

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Impressive work
  6. Hang on...... You drove the car to the garage? If so the steering lock IF IT HAS ONE has not failed then? From all the info we have seen, and I have just trawled through umpteen posts on other 370 forums as well as all the tech stuff issued in current Nissan blurb, and I can find no reference to 2012 and onwards 370s having steering locks, so if it were me I would be seriously questioning the dealer's findings. First and foremost, clarify if your car has a steering look - get the question raised at Nissan customer services using the fault code(s) the dealer has found.
  7. My reference NeeZ to your post was the idea of info being provided against by a previous owner being unlikely, hence my link. The following info in my post was nothing to do with your suggestion.
  8. If nothing was declared when the previous owner was selling to Stu, then it is unlikely they would divulge now - see here as a quick reference example: http://www.problemneighbours.co.uk/what-you-have-declare-about-neighbours-when-selling.html Single biggest reason when it comes down to it and having worked in the planning process all my working life as both gamekeeper and poacher involved in thousands of neighbour complaints was:- JEALOUSY, that comes in many forms. Relatively few were ever found to be otherwise (or admitted by either party) and those resolved amicably were when the parties were sat down together face to face and talking to each other, usually encouraged by others or advisors. Failing which it would end up in a legal process costing silly amounts of money when stubbornness kicked in. My advice if a face to face discussion is rejected or gets nowhere, is to talk to a solicitor to find the pros and cons or taking the matter further.
  9. Ebized

    Mazda 3 2019

    That Mazda 3 does look good to my eyes, and having had a Mazda 2 not so long ago the build quality was excellent.
  10. And if you do move house but have a recorded issue with neighbours, then that has to be declared in the legal docs and of course that can easily put off potential purchasers. So this:
  11. Ebized

    Tyre Query

    I ran Falkens on the 350 and at the time thought they were great...... But then I found out on the 370 just how good a premium tyre - MPSS were in comparison - it was really night and day and that was also compared to the Bridgestones that were supplied new on the 370. The reason I bought the 350's and the 370 are because they were (and still are) one of the best drivers cars, but to enjoy their full potential the most important factor are the tyres, period. OK, if you are not someone who likes to get the most out of their car then why buy a performance car in the first place?
  12. Ebized

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    From today's meet - and some great banter and a good breakfast Another pic from today, coldish (as Andy's face shows!), but sunny for a good scenic drive home:
  13. Ebized

    Low oil temperature query

    I see in 2013 you posted queries in the 350 forum, but now it seems you have upgraded to a 370 - which makes sense as the 370 has an oil temp gauge whereas the 350 has an oil pressure gauge. So, guessing you are new to 370 ownership and in my experience of 370 ownership for near-on 5 years, given the cold snap we are currently having I am inclined to say it is nothing to worry about as the engine is being cooled by the ambient temps.
  14. Ebized

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    Add me in Andy Oh, and having checked the location I see for those who are concerned about an early start, or the venue being too remote, I see there is a handy Travelodge on site