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  1. Ebized

    Brexit again

    Agree with this entirely. We voted remain after discussing the pros and cons with my boys and daughter-in-laws as it is going to be their future and their children's future. To be honest, we were minded to vote out as we were around when the UK voted to join the EU as it was then - a completely different animal to what is nowadays. In typical current EU fashion that we have come to experience, we are now being bullied around over the deal. Mr Cameron has a lot to answer for in my book with the yes/no options that did not spell out at the time the full, truthful, implications of voting ether way.
  2. Ebized

    370 Steering Lock

    If it had been me I would go straight to the CEO, mentioning that this a known issue - refer to their "Vehicle campaign" letter; the relevant info in Wayne370's post , the internet/forums littered with the problem and that if you not receive a satisfactory outcome you will be escalating your complaint to WHICH/WATCHDOG as an expectation to pay some £2k fix for a known problem, you and your daughter having been long-term customers of their products that is now off the scale in terms of customer satisfaction. It is, sadly, often the only way in my experience to get satisfaction on several occasions, to avoid this: https://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-8976
  3. Ebized

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Now here is something you need Chris https://www.motor1.com/news/279112/v8-engine-fireplace-video/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_3525816
  4. No one did more for the forum than Martin - sadly missed
  5. Ebized

    Profile question

    Living near the south coast I stick with 'summer tyres' throughout the year. But I lived further north I would certainly invest in a set of 'winter tyres' having experienced just how good they are in cold/snowy conditions. When the temps drop any summer tyre feels crap when they are cold, but once warmed up and providing it is not snow/ice conditions a good set or summer tyres are fine and the MPSS I had on the 370 were so much better than anything else used before. So much confidence on the wetest of roads. The Cayman is shod with the usual Pirelli P Zero tyres. Not impressed so far, but then coming from A45, on which i had MPSS, the grip with 4WD was phenomenal. Looking to change to MPS4S next year (as Dan notes) - not MPS4 that reports suggest are not best to have.
  6. Ebized

    Throw out/ thrust bearing noise

    From what I have seen on here in the last 12 years thrust bearing noise in the 350s is quite normal and I experienced it on my first 350, But if there are no other issues with the drivetrain/changing gear then just accept it as part of the car's character and wait until there is a need to change the clutch. Always helps to meet up with other Zed owners and compare with theirs
  7. "It's there to help protect potential buyers." That comment is true in respect of the Zeds for sale sub-forum but not so in respect of parts for sale. See rules here: However.... As SuperStu indicates in his post before mine, it's the fact we are a free forum that does attract the chancers - seeing us as a free advert board and who really give nothing in return, certainly not any confidence through posting history. It has been the forum's policy since its inception to impose a minimum (non-spam) posting limit to hopefully discourage the chancers but, at the same time not removing ads that may include items that members would dearly love to get hold of. Maybe the minimum post limit does need to be raised if the team are nowadays finding ever increasing abuse of parts for sale sub-forum, or if they have less than X number of posts the advert is held back from appearing on here until they pay the forum a fee - as traders have to?
  8. Ebized

    370 Steering Lock

    Best info I have found in the past as to the cause is here - see last two lines:
  9. Ebized

    BMW with no dipstick?

    Think yourself lucky you can at least still see the engine - but at least I am enjoying confusing the non-petrol heads by guessing where it is on the Cayman.
  10. Ebized

    370 Steering Lock

    Anyone with the issue should do this first - no brainer!
  11. Ebized

    370 Steering Lock

    Info here: If the car is at a Nissan dealer doubt they will do the work arounds that some have done successfully (see later pages) or get to a point where the fuse can be pulled. More likely they will want to do the Nissan fix and charge silly money and if that is what you decide to do and knowing replacement locks have failed you really ought to consider the fuse removal afterwards to avoid a repeat failure. Chances of getting it done as a goodwill gesture or giving you a contribution seems to be unlikely nowadays, sadly.
  12. Ebized

    370z Nismo automatic in UK? do they exist?

    370 Nismo is manual only (unless the option has been added recently?) but pretty sure the non-nismo 370 offers auto. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-japanesecars/nismo-reveals-344hp-370z/26988
  13. Ebized

    Hampshire 370z specialist

    I'm not sure if there are any 370 specialists in Hampshire, nor in Sussex where I live, and the nearest specialist I know is Kaiser in North Kent who I and many other members on here have used - in fact a good friend is travelling down from Lincolnshire this week in his 350 to have work done there such is his reputation. Might be further to travel than you would like, so why not give Sly a call - maybe it might save you time and money in the long run.
  14. Ebized

    Hampshire 370z specialist

    I see you have started another thread on the same subject - did you follow up my advice here:
  15. Ebized

    350z Autumn pictures

    Stunning car and pics - the three-quarter view I particularly love