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  1. I seem to recall similar symptoms mentioned on here previously, and a Google search revealed this (amongst other similar posts): "If you're noticing sluggish engine performance, reduced acceleration, a smell of rotten eggs or sulfur from the exhaust, dark exhaust smoke, or extreme heat coming from under the vehicle, these are symptoms of a clogged Catalytic Converter, and it should be repaired soon" Maybe the answer?🤔
  2. Does look a good buy, but I would suggest it would be good to add some interior/boot pics to help your sale 😉
  3. This company in Chessington has received very good feedback from members: https://www.carhood.com/ See here for a member's experience - came up during a search to help you):
  4. Ebized

    Exhaust Rattle

    Yes, interior trim rattles are quite often the problem, more so in winter when the plastics harden. But Tomato said: "When the car is stationary makes no or maybe a slight rattle" which seems unlikely to be trim related.
  5. Ebized

    Exhaust Rattle

    Heat Shields are usually the culprit(s) 😉
  6. Binotto resigns and leaves Ferrari on 31/12, so will be interesting to see who takes on arguably the most difficult team manger role in F1.
  7. And a pleasure to meet you Ed, and very pleased my need to off-load the system has gone to a forum member in need, and meeting half-way to handover was a bonus on an otherwise 4 hour+ round trip for one party . A win-win for both of us Please lock Admin.
  8. As new. Stored for 12 years in dry shed, wrapped with less than 100 miles on my 2010 370 as it was replaced by a Stillen exhaust. Includes all bolts/nuts/gaskets Tips are undamaged and like new. Preferably passed on as a single entity but will split if by the end of September '22 if there are no takers. Located near Littlehampton, West Sussex and willing to help with transporting if a forum member is not too far away. Please pm me if interested and, if necessary, it will be first come first served. If no takers, sadly it will go for salvage/scrap.
  9. I have a complete 370 OEM ,cat-back, undamaged exhaust - taken off my 2010 car after less than 100 miles in favour of a pre-orderd Stillen I had bought before the car arrived! It has been dried-stored and wrapped ever since then. Yours for free, and seeing as you are in Henley-on-Thames and I live in West Sussex happy to arrange handover, say midway? If you are interested, please pm me.
  10. Having no idea about your car's history but if it were used for drifting/racing and given the buzzing noise from the rear, maybe a separate electric fuel pump to boost the supply? I recall from my competition days many, many moons ago, that was quite a common/necessary mod.
  11. Given your location, you could try Sly at: https://kaizermotor.co.uk/find-us/ Many of us who have/had 350/370/GTR have use/used him, so you might like to give him a call.
  12. Don't forget the shims - lack-of is likely to be the cause of the squeals you mention if absent. The caliper differences sound strange - do the pairs match other than the paint issues? If unsure, best to post some pics on here given brakes are the the most vital parts on cars that help to keep you safe.
  13. Agree with the warnings above ^^^ I would be inclined to search out reputable outfits by looking at Classic/Historic car forums. Hopefully someone on here might have a good suggestion, but whatever, taking time to ensure a quality job is done, for me, is critical.
  14. Amazed this generous offer has not been taken-up. Absolute no-brainer, to have a far, far, better chance of getting you home than relying on the Gel that be all accounts means that once used that tyre cannot be reused. Especially if you are unlucky enough to get a puncture in a Mobile dead area.
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