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    Nismo wheels

    As an ex-team member I know that managing a free forum throws various challenges from time wasters and worse.....that takes up a fair bit of time, apart from enjoying what the rest of us members want to read, follow and benefit from. And yes it is dedication/passion, that keeps team members going, giving up what free time they have and remembering they do it all for free. No doubt your interest Silverthorn in what a team member gets up to has been noted.....as a future recruit
  2. The i30n is a bundle of fun - bought for £25k (pre-registered) last December, that comes with all the toys as standard and 5 year warranty that also allows for track use, providing Hyundai do the servicing which are are not expensive. It all works very well. Customizing the drive mode gives you a real hardcore feel and the cornering grip with E limited slip diff is something else. Chose it after reading road testers reports and compared to the VW offerings etc so much more for your money. The fact it is manual with a handbrake and spare (spacesaver) wheel ticked more boxes for me. The only downside I have found is that it likes it's octane and with a relatively small 50 litre tank means fill-ups come round quickly, but then I did not buy it to tootle around in..... Be interesting to see how the i20n is rated, no doubt the smaller size with a 1.6 turbo as opposed to the 2 litre turbo in the i30n will make it another fun machine.
  3. Avatar says his location is Truro Suggest you message him
  4. Best to pm Zmanalex, rather than chance he sees your posts
  5. From your description a failed wheel bearing does seem the most obvious problem, given you checked there are no stones between the disc and shield ? Given what you have done, in the process did you check out if the noise was there with the car jacked up and turning the wheel + checking for play? Might sound daft, but did you also (thoroughly) check the tyre(s) to see if there was any sign of potential carcass failure or something embedded in the tread? Otherwise, if you have a breakdown cover give them a call is about the best option I can suggest. (Away from home of course)
  6. Try Zmanalex, based in Perthshire https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/9648-zmanalex/
  7. A little extreme to avoid kerbing the rims
  8. Stunning Zed, great find and info and look forward to further posts
  9. Reminds of an earlier futuristic Jaguar effort 30 years ago (XJ22) that did not exactly sell like hot cakes.....
  10. Welcome and nice looking 350 you have there, but is it OEM Azure or another blue - as the colour I am seeing in the pic does not look OEM?
  11. Ebized

    370Z Sat-Nav manual

    Online option: https://ownersmanuals2.com/nissan/370z-coupe-2016-navigation-system-owners-manual-51273
  12. No complaints given the covid restrictions, especially seeing how many have had their lives turned up side down or worse...... Car history in my sig Stan Sadly the Cayman has little 'exercise' this year and sorned for a while as I was/is one of the vulnerables (not sure if that tag was to keep me off the roads )
  13. Good thread It is really frustrating that Photobucket ruined so much of the forums history by blocking/deleting/obscuring many or 'our' historical images, that unfortunately was a photo host that most forum members used for some 8 years since the forum was set up in 2005.
  14. Here you go: https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/9648-zmanalex/
  15. You need to get it to a Zed specialist - hopefully someone local to you in Shropshire can recommend one.
  16. I am sure that will/would put a smile on Martin's face that you have not only taken over his space "on the bridge" but now have his "number" to display on a ZED model he once owned. Good on you Al
  17. Ebized

    Huge misfire

    Good news, but as Alex says given the garage cocked up with the coils and if you did not specify the correct plugs adds to suspicion they were not not careful about plug choice.
  18. Ebized

    Huge misfire

    Not unknown for the coil packs to be incorrectly connected to the wrong plugs.
  19. The timing of the 370 onto the market in 2009 was a commercial disaster with the financial climate at the time, and I do wonder if Nissan have targeted markets for the 400 where spare money is more available in a shrinking market for petrol guzzlers. Europe and the UK in particular have clearly put their marker down that non-fossil fueled cars are the future, no doubt prompting Nissan to not be bitten again, with the writing on the wall that anyone other than true sports car enthusiasts (and those with more money than they no what to do with ) are likely to risk forking out their hard-earned cash on something that will be increasingly tax targeted. As nice as twin turbo V6 might appeal and no doubt the final detail renderings will react to initial feedback from the teasers released, my head will, sadly, not let my heart yearn for another Z given a combination of the financial climate and the green agenda.
  20. Are you using it with the separate OEM handbrake assembly or adapting the rear discs to accommodate a new handbrake system, given the OEM system is not exactly that efficient for road use, let alone for rallying I would have thought?





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