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  1. Love that road (A832) and the view going down into Kinlochewe. The exhaust sounds bouncing off the valley make it a driver's heaven. And also the the Scots Police sensible approach to encourage passing on single track roads:
  2. Ullapool on the north West coast has a Gleaner Petrol station with Super, and with a good range of accommodation/eating options forms a useful base to tour around northern Scotland on some brilliant driving roads so no need to worry about finding other petrol stations unless mileage is well into the hundreds.
  3. Only sorry I could not make it to the Ace this year. Another great turn out looking at the stunning pics - thanks to Davey and Andy, not forgetting Martin for your continued organization.
  4. In which case I suggest you contact Marcus at http://discskimmers.com/ He does (or did) travel to jobs and as I (and many others have found) sorted wheel imbalance issues - well worth the journey to him if necessary IMHO.
  5. You said: "I got the fronts done by a local garage so I have to assume they did them properly" Sadly, we hear all too often that garages unfamiliar with Zeds do not always get things right. And wheel balance issues are high on the failure list. You really need to go to a 350 specialist, or from you have said a wheel balance specialist. You have not given your location but a disc specialist who is highly recommended (based in East Anglia) is here: http://discskimmers.com/ By posting up your location will help us to point you in the right dire
  6. Have you seen this?: http://www.the370z.com/diy-section-do-yourself/34044-diy-oil-pressure-gauge.html
  7. If you look at my car history below, (that does not include some 40 other cars before those) you will see I have owned 3 Zeds over 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed them all, not least of which was helped by members of this forum that made ownership a real delight that still gives me a buzz simply reading how many new and old owners clearly know they have/had something very special. Do I need to say more?
  8. Try this link: https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/jockland-hoon-pics.10294/
  9. Always thought the one that a, much missed member, Martinmac had on his roadster looked the part - see pics here:
  10. Best to send a private message
  11. Just a thought if a full battery recharge has been done.....maybe the sensor that has triggered the bonnet issue does trigger the limp mode - does anyone know?
  12. Ebized


    You can try here: https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/9648-zmanalex/
  13. No idea about the diff, but have to say the underside of your car looks remarkably rust-free - no doubt an advantage buying an import and in turn a £saver for years to come.
  14. Still looking as good as when we enjoyed drives together in Wales. Quite rare in red with genuine Nismo bodykit and the 370 wheels fitted with the best and nearly new tyres set it off nicely. Maybe a little attention to the marks on the black trim - (recommend https://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/solution-finish.aspx ) would address the eye-catching marks in the second to last pic A great car for someone
  15. Copy and paste list from the latest post on this thread - Zippypooz - 5 posts back on this thread
  16. Is it me, seeing more or a 370 - particularly in the profile?
  17. For me, E brakes were a pain in the arse on recent cars (including the Cayman) on several levels, and so glad to get back to 'proper' handbrakes in current choice of cars.
  18. The right choice, and we are seeing increasing numbers of well-looked after 370's coming up for sale. If they are forum member selling you can then look back over their history of the car on here to give extra confidence about a purchase.
  19. Yes, I think you are quite right - thanks for the correction
  20. Unless the front bumper has been upgraded too the indent suggests it is a HR, iirc.
  21. Given your location, if you decide to seek Pro advice you would do no better than to get Sly at Kaizer Motors, one of our recommended traders and are located at Unit 9, Jackson Park Industrial Estate, Jetty Road, Rochester Hoo ME3 9GA, to check the car out.
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