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  1. Over 8 years now since I was a "Town Planner" so had to do some research knowing the OP's issue has always been the subject of frequent debates for decades. This link will give you a flavour on the subject (ignore the non-boundary discussions) but about a third of the way down is a helpful summary: https://www.planningresource.co.uk/article/1209017/general-permitted-development-order-part---2-q---dcp-section-434 "As you say there is no guidance to be found in the GPDO but the normal rule observed in appeal decisions is that natural ground level is the appropriate datum. While in some cases natural ground level may not easily be established with any precision, particularly when the wall in question has already been erected on uneven ground, it is reasonable to try and estimate the position before the ground was disturbed. A number of cases are summarised in Development Control Practice at 4.3447." You touched on a building next to the boundary and there is an anomaly in that on sloping ground the height restriction is taken from the highest ground level meaning that the normal 2.5metre limitation for house extensions/outbuildings can easily 'grow' to a more substantial height where the land slopes down. Hope that helps, but you can apply to your Local Planning Authority for a formal determination as to whether you require planning permission or not. Where there is a known neighbour concern, getting a certificate can give you confidence to proceed. Ask about the process at you local authority.
  2. That's what a lot of us look like now in Lock-down!!
  3. I'm just imagining the reaction indoors when you said you were now making a vibrator
  4. Keyser - “Inside me there’s a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate him with four or five cupcakes.” – Bob Thaves Thought it an apt quote thanks to all those pastries O and they were lovely for desert last night. You are very welcome Chris and also a shout out for Pandaoras Bakery in Ferndown who were very helpful in making sure your calorie intake was kept up, given all that work you do - and not just for yourself. You are mate and to be fair one of the great reasons why I and many others stick around on here even though our ZED ownership days are long gone, thoroughly enjoying threads like these.
  5. You are a star mate after my cheeky ask. Thank you so much. For anyone wondering, not car related at all - but new soles for the legs of the garden table that had seen better days.
  6. Agreed, although the boat idea made me think that they are designed to float, so was wondering with our typical English weather, if there will be enough drainage holes in this boat so it doesn't turn into a water play tub
  7. In another "locked in moment' of idle, found these from http://nissan4u.com/parts/350z/ Hope they might help identify the ones ZMANALEX has? To my eye from those screenshots the Caliper structures between front and rear have differences, that you might be able to work out from his pic, otherwise very similar. FRONT BRAKE REAR BRAKE
  8. Yes, very sad to know he is no longer with us - one of the true greats and very loyal to British racing cars of his time behind the wheel. His name, well not only known to enthusiasts but probably to even those least interested in motorsport.
  9. You are best off sending ZMANALEX a message as he may not see/read this thread.
  10. Not sure if this helps you but Google: Nissan 350z steering wheel electrics Images that popped up for me show plug connections. If not, contacting Zmanalex may prove helpful Good luck
  11. Ebized


    In those immortal words "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS" At least the vaseline will help anyone, desperate enough, to nick them.
  12. Looks great Try this about your bonnet sensor fix (and note the Nissan link ):
  13. Is there a reason why we can't view archived threads, or can we?? Several times when queries have been posted that I can recall were answered in the past but searching to try and help with an answer shows they are no longer available and in turn Google seems to not be able to help.
  14. Good choice From what we heard the GT4 engines were built to better tolerances and in a different engine shop than those fitted to the 2006 Rev-up engines in much greater numbers. I was once told by 350 engine specialist that the expression "round pistons and oval bores" in the Rev-ups was evident from his findings. And if 98ron fuel was not used and the engine was regularly revved to the max on 95ron that did not help longevity. That said, feedback has shown some owners who chose to only use 95ron (in both DE and Rev-up variants) have said they had no issues, but sadly it became apparent that what appears to be a disproportionate number of owners of the Rev-ups have had what appears to be more than their fair share of engine issues - mainly high oil consumption. But then, forums like this will hear about the downsides more that the vast majority who have enjoyed their Zeds without engine issues.
  15. Given you have said it is a 350 you are looking for but you have said your budget, in my experience I'd forget the rev-up and if money is limited look out for a well looked after DE or if you have a few more thousand to spend then a HR would be my 350 of choice.
  16. Ebized

    Can I ?

    Here are the rules: https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/51-zeds-for-sale/
  17. 350 spacesaver will fit over the caliper fine, but it's design means you will need to use a spacer - ideally 25mm. Those size of spacers on all four wheels ideally suit the looks of the car IMO and frankly made little if any real difference on the car's road behaviour. See attached link about fitting - apologies about the pics but Photobucket ruined those when they wanted silly money for hosting pics in years gone by. Like you, the car was going to be used on trips to Wales and Scotland and with no mobile signal in parts a spare was 'must-have' for me. Having one of the first 370s in 2010 there were no 370 spacesavers available but then I wanted to use spacers all round for the appearance. I had found that 20mm + 3mm slip spacers overcame the issue of the front wheel studs stopping the wheels (+ the spacesaver) from seating properly on the spacer. But a couple of years on the slip spacers had distorted and led to brake juddering and discs then needed skimming. I then upgraded to the 25mm spacers. The second link that also includes includes a post of mine about the tool kit. If I can find any better pics I'll add them here later. Nso93's avatar shows he is in Tewkesbury
  18. I used a 350 spacesaver when I had my 370 that are a lot more available - so would be worth widening your ask to include the 350 sub-forum.
  19. Think he has been hitting too much of his favourite drink





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