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  1. valy

    350z Autumn pictures

    nice pics Davey
  2. Just down the road for me,would definitely be up for a meeting here
  3. valy

    photoshop mock-up needed

    Hi all, Any photoshop enthusiasts that can help me with a quick mock-up of my zed Just send me a pm if you can help! Thanks in advance
  4. valy

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    nice,where did you powder coat them? was it expensive?
  5. I like that Ian,modifying the small one to see how it will look on the big one ...nice
  6. Saw this Davey but I am away on holiday until the 6th Nov will be over for the next one
  7. start spending on 'pollen' now
  8. valy

    Considering a 370 again chaps ;-)

    Always though these Nismos can do better than that
  9. valy

    Project: WeaponiZed

    I have to say that does look rather good ,love a bit of custom work
  10. valy

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    cool,I think I missed your car on the day at Trax,not sure which area you were in and me and my mate haven't really wondered around too much but some nice changes ahead,looking forward to see these done
  11. mate,honestly you cannot go wrong with this.there is no rasp to it only a deep note. I always said since I have installed mine that it tends to sound more towards a V8 then a V6
  12. I have these with a Motordyne Shockwave on my 350z DE and sound is amazing...definitely worth every penny
  13. don't think Nino can live without the bling colours
  14. valy

    It's Humpy's birthday!

    Happy birthday Steve! Have a good one
  15. valy


    have a good trip guys,will see you all there decided I will save myself and my mate £40 by joining the Fast Car stand FC400 this year