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  1. valy

    ART Test Pipes

    yes,I think there was a version 1 (tdx1) a few years ago but quite sure is not about any longer so you are getting a tdx 2 more likely I don't think I have made videos of mine but definitely sounds amazing...you will love it I had 2 k1 and an Injen before but nothing compares to this exhaust setup
  2. valy

    ART Test Pipes

    I run ART decats with the Motordyne shockwave V2 and it is amazing,not too loud,no drone or other things so definetly one of the best setups you can have on your zed
  3. need those rear spacers soon ...who would have thought...
  4. the thing is the show is not Japanese only so the whole diversity makes it great but by all means I was happy with mine
  5. Ok,so attended Gravity last weekend and I have to say it was probably one of the best shows I have ever been to...I mean the quality of some of the builds there was just crazyyyy not many snaps at the moment but here are 2 of my favs:
  6. Oi Oi look at them wheeelllssss,nice one Davey
  7. valy

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    cool,looking forward to see what you come up with, even my airlift 3p is not perfect and always thought is something simple to do but overpriced because of the companies/brand....
  8. valy

    World Cup

    I must be a doom merchant then ... but England can prove me wrong by beating Belgium on Saturday for the bronze medals
  9. valy

    Plasti dip colour

    hi mate,you have to be a bit carefull when chosing to use the plastidip as the finish is usually matte,many of the pics you see online are also manipulated for sales if you want to do a good job speak to someone in USA and get a wheel kit from Autodip
  10. valy

    FEW 350Z BITS

    sending you a pm now
  11. haha,no worries,I am confident I will still have it by then so big chance will see you there
  12. valy

    Scream if you want to go faster!

    nice work there,I have as well just finished cutting for the second time my rear inner arches to get a better stance wish I would have done it right the first time but probably was too scared to cut more then I should.
  13. That is the plan,I am attending Gravity on 15th of July and JPS in August,both indoor show and shine with tickets booked. Always tricky to sell cars like this anyway,unless the right buyer comes along,so don't think it will be a quick sale ,just put it out there testing the waters
  14. Thinking more and more about a 370z so here goes,car is up for sale atm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223035128691 If it sells great,could try a 370,if it doesn't still cool,I'll keep it