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  1. Sorry to hear that I have a full door in black if that helps
  2. or maybe not ... 3 things to collect from Torquen and fit Terminal hood rs1 fenders zakustech louvre that will do for now
  3. Recon it will be quite epic once it s done but it might take a year or so
  4. Thanks,hope I can get as much done as I want ,until those dates
  5. nice wheels,what are they and what specs?
  6. thanks Andy time to start fitting things on haha
  7. thank you will be at a few ,probably starting with the 2 March ones,one at the farmshop and the other at Torqen followed by Japfest
  8. cheers, the exhaust was from a chap in Leicester with an anniversary edition
  9. mate I have a fair bit of catching up to do looking at the level of yours
  10. a serious option this haha
  11. Well well well...here we go again New car = new project...or so goes right... Picked up a 2010 370z GT 7AT in black about 3 weeks ago.Call me an old man but I left in the past any manual gearboxes .It was a deal too good to be missed ,so decided that the rocket bunny 350z will be sold for parts and the 370 will take it's place and I have to say I haven't looked back since I stepped foot in the 370.One of the key things for me was the interior which is miles better then the 350. obviously the extra power comes also at extra cost but happy with it overall. Here are a few older snaps of it as I didn't get the chance to get any new ones yet: the only thing changed to it were the wheels , powdercoated in black. Knew the previous owner had a small oil leak from the radiator and after investigating decided to bite the bullet and order this beauty from Torqen,since a new radiator was the best solution: package arrived about a week later and got it all sorted Thanks @Adrian@TORQEN Next on the list was an exhaust and managed to pick up this setup from another 370 owner: Akrapovic Evolution exhaust paired with Berk High Flow cats not fitted yet but hopefully this weekend if my new gaskets and bolts get delivered in time and then will be able to film a few clips of it and the difference it will make Also decided to order a new MeisterR ZetaCRD suspension today which should arrive by the end of the week This time around I have decided will keep the car static rather then on air ,although I have part of the Airlift kit ready to use if I wanted to go in this direction. More things to come soon
  12. Well well well...I was curious when the next local meet is and there we go 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier 4) zzIncubus 5) Valy bringing the big Datsun back , I envisage a good drive





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