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  1. talking about rear tyres,my pilot sport cups are at the limit and since Tyreleader does a good deal currently on Michelin Pilot Super Sports I got a set.Again I went 325 30 19.looking forward to get these on the car
  2. Mustang Build Thread

    cool starting a build thread here for your mustang,think you made a good deal on those louvres
  3. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    I see your point but is not about how many you can buy for that money is about the quality you get don't seem to find too many good reviews for them eithter....
  4. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    I am surprised there aren't more people jumping on this offer,that's probably as good as you can get for your wheels... unless you like rusty wheel nuts and you chuck £20 for a set....
  5. thanks guys,much appreciated! there is always something left to do though ,need to get a rear diffuser,spray the door handles,readjust the rear arches for better fitment,etc,etc...
  6. one more for the collection
  7. thanks Davey for that link but everything will get resprayed including the tappers if the boot gets only sprayed....if I get all blended in they will be covered anyway
  8. back to the actual build now and I have decided to take step 1 out of 2 and remove the rocket bunny ducktail from the old boot,reinforce where required and reattach to the car. for step two I need to decide if blending in is what I want or just a boot and ducktail respray.... anyway here are the pics:
  9. Kaze Mesh nearly ready

    they look very good looking forward to see the finished product
  10. Another One Goes Gold - Thank You Coldel

    Thanks Col,you have done a great job on here as far as I can tell
  11. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    make it 20 for me as well please,I'll probably use the extra 4 on show days instead of my locking wheel nuts
  12. Can I easily replace my door?

    If that fails I have a spare set of doors as well in kuro black
  13. Japan on holiday - any tips

    you better get some pics up