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  1. That should've been me but boss lady had other plans for my Saturday morning 😹
  2. will try and come by in the new vehicle 😎
  3. valy

    2jz gte 370z

    As per title will be interested to know if anyone did it on the 370z in the UK 🤔 I know it's been done on 350z and there were loads of threads with costs etc but not much for the 370
  4. Wondering if I should resurrect this thread 🙄
  5. Hello stranger! good to see you back in a zed 😎
  6. my 370 is up for sale on FB market place,slightly lower than your budget as well and comes with the Nismo V2 kit as well as loads of other aftermarket parts
  7. still for sale? might get them for my spare rays
  8. stunning place !! some very cool modified cars and some not so much 😅 but obviously will always get this the cars on the Gt Revolutions stand though 🤩👌
  9. sad news indeed I suspect when you are a highly skilled individual on track you may think this will apply to other sports as well and perhaps take unnecessary risks?
  10. Sweetttt!!! have a safe trip ! I need to visit Japan soon,it's been on my bucket list for a while
  11. hi mate,interested in the headlights,will send you a dm
  12. valy

    Torqen 370z "Zorst"

    that sounds lovely !!
  13. Indeed Top Gun 2 has been brilliant to watch 👌
  14. valy

    Torqen 370z "Zorst"

    Don't think I have made more clips of mine but I do run with Torqen Helmz resonated test pipes 😅 bit loud on cold start but very nice tone after,v8 roar soundalike 😁
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