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  1. damn that is low haha,well done on the prize well deserved also cool shots !
  2. yes I am running spacers all around
  3. ok,so I can confirm now that it was indeed the wheel bearing hub making the noise. New one is in and problem sorted
  4. yes,did this as one of the first checks when I started hearing the noise
  5. quick update,fitted the tie rods but hasn't sorted the problem so onto the next idea which is getting a new wheel bearing hub
  6. If they are good and you want to get rid of them I can have yours mate if you can post them to me,I am happy to cover the postage as won't be much.just send me a dm and will arrange all
  7. thanks mate,tie rods are cheaper then a lower arm so might try this in the first instance and get both sides done any suggestions on brands?
  8. I had this on the back as well from the axle which is well known bug on the 370's ,but just had it sorted and upgraded with a kawasaki castellated axle nut
  9. Hi gents! Got an annoying clicking noise from the suspension on the driver side front of my 370 but unsure what exactly is. Gets worst when turning left and goes when driving straight Are these the bushings in the lower arm perhaps? do they usually get changed or a new lower arm is required if this is the problem? Thanks
  10. It is just a matter of time before most of us will catch it and our best bet is a vaccine. I had it last month and so did my wife and daughters. Me and my wife struggled a bit for the first few days in but after made a normal recovery. My daughters had no symptoms, but that being said, after nearly loosing my mother in August (1 month in ICU) and my grandmother in November (3 weeks in ICU) I would encourage anyone to get vaccinated before they realize it's too late and then risk losing someone close.... I will still get vaccinated when I will be offered the vaccine but for me will pr
  11. valy

    370Z front bumper

    got one in G41 that I took of my 2010 370z GT available,just send me a dm and will provide more details
  12. now this type of project I do like looking forward to seeing how this takes shapes
  13. a Nismo will hold value better over time and if you have the money you are probably better off getting one
  14. looking better and better mate, definitely one of the coolest zeds in the UK
  15. I think there is a spring washer (40037-1CA0A) that goes on before the nut and apparently when using the kawasaki nuts an extra one on each side is needed to bring the nut forward a bit(I am reusing the ones I already have on there but need an extra 2),hope it makes sense
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