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  1. 1. 14N - PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow - PAID 3. Buster - PAID 4. SHEZZA - PAID 5. Kingsley - PAID  6. Amyzed 7. davey_83 - PAID 8. Panman - PAID 9. glrnet - PAID 10. G1en@waxandshine - PAID 11. andy James - PAID 12. Humpy - PAID 13. Scott370z - PAID 14. Bradley 15. cob1980 16. Liviu - Paid 17. Nso93 - PAID 18. StormtrooperZ - PAID 19. jamesmac 20. Richn370 - PAID
  2. Just asked him now and he says he is coming and will buy the ticket now
  3. feel bad for you as you seem to have come across a rather annoyed police staff on the day It is a funny one,as usually most of them will be fine ,until you get the odd one who just trows the book at you....
  4. valy

    Stancey Whips

    ...that 370 is indeed very nice
  5. valy

    New Wrap

    that is why I would like this because of the colour shift...I mean...u get bored of one colour you just look from a different angle
  6. valy

    New Wrap

    wow..that is a niceeee rolling shot Andy
  7. valy

    New Wrap

    ....COPY CAT... Looollll didn't know you have invented the deep space wrap with 3M don't take it serious though,just joking matter of fact I have been contemplating for quite some time to get this done on mine probably one of the best wrap options there is atm
  8. Hi all, Taking my 3 piece Work VS XX for a refurb and colour change(powder coating) next week. I will be taking them apart myself this weekend but not 100% sure on a few things. Sealing them after getting them back...what will be best to use? tigerseal ? serious stuff? Also what is the best torque to do the hardware bolts at when putting them back together? 20 ft lbs? Thanks!
  9. also keen in seeing that artwork again...that zed is just spectacular
  10. Interesting... and not far from me,I am in : 1. Andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N-PAID 4.SHEZZA x2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6. N1ck x2 PAID 7. BUSTER x2 PAID 8. Shire x2 paid 9. Humpy x2 - PAID 10. Monkeybrain1234 PAID 11. Nso93 paid  12. Wheels 370z x2 PAID 13. KG350z PAID 14. Vid x2 PAID 15. Umsterx2 PAID 16. KBAD x 2 PAID 17. Valy x 2 tickets PAID
  11. got mine today and absolutely loving it,great craftsmanship thanks!!!
  12. will be on the show and shine ... don't shoot me as I am already being branded a traitor every time I do this technically speaking will still spend the day together see you all there



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