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  1. bit excessive to say the least 🙈
  2. Thanks Dave, that's what I was referring to I tend to service my car yearly and I do about 6k miles Servicing a car just because the years go by doesn't make sense to me...imagine changing the oil after every 1000 miles....🙄
  3. In my opinion it is well priced...I haven't seen anything with such low miles in ages As to service stamps...what in the world do you guys expect when it's only done 9k miles I just hope some of the messages above are pure banter rather then opinions as that will be embarrassing 🙄
  4. obviously 🤣...about time ...
  5. valy

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    I have to agree with Adrian and the majority of owners do ,because almost everyone these days wants one
  6. Got one brand new sitting in my garage ,sprayed in G41 black for my 370z zed but still debating if I should put it on or sell it ....
  7. bump,taking offers on this. surprised it's still available at this bargain price 👀
  8. Check my Akrapovic I have for sale here on the forum,will save you some cash and probably give you the sound you after 👌
  9. I ll text you details on Messenger Sim
  10. Will do you a good deal Sim 😉
  11. bump , accepting offers on it
  12. Hey mate,nothing too fancy for a year or so,will go suv for a bit
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