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  1. motordyne paired with art pipes sounds amazing! had it on my 350 and now also wanting one for my 370 that will be my choice
  2. Headlights now sold,mods please lock,thank you
  3. Not available now,mods please lock ,thank you
  4. Hi, I run bmw wheels pcd on my zed and use a 15mm front and 25mm rear adapters,not many good ones available there though,I run H&R ones
  5. looking good Adam glad someones looking after it as it's a nice build
  6. bump bump still for sale, accepting offers on them
  7. unless we went back in the time machine to 2010 Veilside is a bit outdated... and I actually owned one as well which was not bad
  8. Yes,just replied to your DM now
  9. They are indeed a great upgrade !
  10. Guys,I have managed to purchase a set of Recaro seats from a Juke Nismo RS and need to install them in my 370z GT Read a fair bit on the web about options and the conclusion is that I just need a pair of Recaro Sportster CS Rails to make it work Can someone that has done this confirm? Thanks in advance These are the ones:
  11. Hi all, Got my set of black 370Z forged rays for sale,they come with tyres. They are in need of a respray ,while rear tyres are also on the limit so will need a change very soon Price £625 ono collected from West Midlands,WR11
  12. valy

    370z Amuse rear bumper

    the chances of finding the right Amuse bumper are very very slim I'd say ,few copies about but wouldn't recommend any after seeing how they look compared to the real one
  13. valy

    370z Amuse rear bumper

    just bite the bullet and get one from Fly1/Torqen as I am doing
  14. Just need good weather and a nice drive/catch up
  15. Will try and make this and drive to Torqen after anyone up for a convoy





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