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  1. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    thanks for organising this Davey,great meet to start the 2018! now hurry up and get all those nice pics up
  2. Nathan's 370

    good news , fancy a convoy to Cross Point meet this Sunday ?
  3. Colour.

    well,technically speaking orange is a mix of yellow and red which means if I say it's orange then definitely is yellow at the base
  4. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    this car seems familiar https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201801303227016?radius=1500&model=370 Z&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&sort=price-asc&make=NISSAN&postcode=wr113ga&page=10
  5. I have updated the title now
  6. Nope,it is not mine and I don't know the seller but perhaps seems like a good buy for someone who's after one, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/nissan-350z-with-Rocket-Bunny-Kit/142687128238?hash=item2138d0caae:g:2VQAAOSwhcNafizX
  7. Injen or Takeda Intakes ?

    I have an Injen intake this time but is hard to tell if it makes much difference as my Motordyne exhaust and Art pipes cover all the sound area If I were to chose I will go either Injen or AEM (had both)
  8. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    Not bad at all,they better shut down the place for us Davey
  9. ok,will try and get some on here when I do it
  10. good to have the Zed b(L)ack , and I thought I continue with making the rocket bunny full again so I have given the front splitter a good clean and reattached it to the car next stop is the rear diffuser
  11. wanted>kuro black rear bumper small cover?!<

    it is an option ....
  12. wanted>kuro black rear bumper small cover?!<

    bump! anyone has a black one available?
  13. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    been watching this build for some time now and I got to say those are some impressive numbers considering how a standard Zed behaves when the road is just a tiny bit wet I can only imagine what yours is like,I wouldn't even dare to go close to it in the weather conditions you got there anyway well done for all the work and do get that clip on here
  14. Mars next stop :)

    the main downside to all the above is that there is no 'warp' travelling and takes an eternity almost for things to happen ...
  15. same here pal,I am not one to keep cars standard mine came through so much lately and still have a list to do....