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  1. Just need good weather and a nice drive/catch up
  2. Will try and make this and drive to Torqen after anyone up for a convoy
  3. Haha already got a similar pair mate,bought them a few days before he advertised his
  4. nice seats pair of seats glwts still need to find time to install mine but looks wise are gorgeous
  5. All sold now,mods please lock
  6. congrats mate! you even went for an auto this time Enjoy !
  7. got my pair of 370z headlights for sale, £800 fixed ,priced for a quick sale (a set of new ones is around £2k) can also arrange postage for them as long as the fees are covered by the buyer a good option for someone that wants to customise them they come without the front bumper support,in rest in good working condition
  8. wow,great job this must be one of the cleanest zed out there,love the atention to detail !
  9. Yessss my view as well love them ! very soon hopefully will have the adapters in and can start fitting them
  10. Thanks! not sure at the moment,they are 9.5j ,so will be a square setup ,which I think will allow me a 25mm adapter front and probably 30mm adapter rear...will have to wait and see
  11. Has got the fuses already with the cable so no need to swap anything,just plug and play. Thanks, although I said I will stop building my next car ... this is actually a proper zeditus incurabillis
  12. Did someone say New Wheellsssss ? Here they are ! Forged multipiece SevenK Nika-S 20 inch wheels: they are not brand new which allowed me to save a bit on them as they are a fortune ,so they came of a bmw 5x120 with a square setup (next thing,waiting for adapters ) In the future I have in plan to relip them but until then will just see how they fit first
  13. Ok,so here goes the update first,decided to use mesh on the cf bonnet ,same as I did on the front fenders as it will have that finished look so more tiger seal,mesh and cable ties definitelly happier with the final result moving on,I managed to get the first set of Morimoto headlights in the UK,big thanks to @Adrian@TORQENand they are absolutely stunning,a must have upgrade!!! only thing required is using the old bumper bracked from the standard headlights ignore the front bumper gap as it's just temporary (new front bumper on it's way )
  14. haha I know....I need to update this thread now (very soon)





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