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  1. 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) buster 4) SHEZZA 5) umster 6) AntelopeSam 7) Lewis Schwier 8) Killick.z 9) Silverthorn 10) MatthewThain 11) KG350z 12) Justthejedi 13) monkeybrain1234 14) Valy hope nothing else gets in the way
  2. why not Caffeine & Machine forum meet Davey ? Haven't been there yet and could be a great spot for a forum meet
  3. valy

    Midlands Meet's

    where is @davey_83 when we need him
  4. valy

    WANTED: pair of headlights

    Yes,all sorted now,managed to find a clip on youtube about it.I have an Import 350z hence the issue. thanks,
  5. valy

    WANTED: pair of headlights

    how did you go from 8 pin to 6 pin connection? what diagram have you used?
  6. valy

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    stunning,car looks spot on
  7. it appeared to me Adrian that you tagged me in something here and I was getting all excited looks like I still have to wait a bit
  8. lights are in will aim to fit them soon
  9. valy


    I like that,I am now toying with the idea of getting either one of these or an x6...downside is x6 has only 4 seats as far as I know...but yeah great cars,had 2 x5 before already but previous model
  10. all I can say is that with people like this you will never resolve things the nice way,I'd say punch him right in the face but that would just bring other complications ,go down the hard way on him, sounds like he is a total as' anyway
  11. while this animal cruelty is indeed upseting I am glad you didn't post something with people in it as that would have been very sad,like the syrian boy washed up on a beach in Greece a while back which will probably stick with me forever probably the saddest thing I have ever seen....
  12. valy

    WANTED: pair of headlights

    niceeee! looking forward to get mine delivered,hope is not too difficult changing them over
  13. ohhh,that is easy,5% back and small side windows and 50% fronts