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  1. will be on the show and shine ... don't shoot me as I am already being branded a traitor every time I do this technically speaking will still spend the day together see you all there
  2. I have a pair of tinted DE headlights for sale but they don't have the balasts,nor the 6 pin connection or indicator bulbs If any good just send me a pm
  3. I am sure there are two ways to get to the event,one over the bridge and one through the tunnel...although the bridge might be your best bet...or just in
  4. 7am at McDonald's ,Link Road, Evesham WR11 2UT
  5. 2 of us going from Evesham 7am could have a 5 car convoy from here let me know if interested
  6. as you can see I managed to get my new depo headlights installed,not without a bit of a headacke since my car is a Jap import and had to change from 8 pin to 6 pin connection.Youtube as always saved the day and managed to find a good tutorial there. downside is that next morning they were already condensating ...kind of expected this seeing the reviews for them on the states forums... sorted one thing added another one to sort on the list great progress right also started to respray my centre console parts in gloss black
  7. time for another small update Melbicks meet today,which was good (but damn cold) here are a few snaps of the zed and a fellow blue rocket bunny
  8. yup,couldn't agree more with Andy we always struggled to keep around 10 cars convoy,imagine 80
  9. great meeting today guys,thanks Davey once again for organising this would have loved to be there a bit earlier and not circle around for 30 minutes trying to find the place or a fellow zedder that I can follow nevermind ,got there in the end here are some of my pics
  10. better fill up with petrol before this
  11. http://jdmcombe.com/club-members-zone/ select 350zuk the pass is 350jdm
  12. 1. Nso93 - Paid 2. cloud1440 3. 14N 4. ShortPaul 5. Silverthorn - Paid 6. Valy - Paid 7. Liviu 8. Pagan - Paid 9. Liamm56 10. Umster  11. EzeePzee - Paid 12. andy james- paid 13. Lewis Schwier 14. SHEZZA - Paid 15. Terence 16. Jamesmac 17. Humpy 18. Killick.z 19. kG350z - PAID 20. Buster - paid 21. Andy_Muxlow - paid 22. Daveo132 - paid
  13. definitely , both my current rocket bunny 350z and my old green veilside 350z have drawn the most attention from all the previous cars I owned (m3/celica/x5/civic) at one point when my rocket bunny was lime green it got to the point where I got too much attention,people were starring everywhere I went and while some might think this is cool....it isn't and started to dislike it so I removed the wrap and went for a more subtle look in murdered black
  14. project ticking away nicely ,looking forward to see more progress



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