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  1. That's a cracking place and a great read.
  2. I must say that after seeing this in the flesh on Saturday it's even better than the pictures let on. Oh and yes I will get some new wheel nuts!
  3. At least it's not covered in mud like mine right now after a trip over to H-Dev.
  4. That's a much more Bob look at the back. Love it.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004cgm Subjectively this is what the BBC produced around a month ago.
  6. She looks fantastic with a great attention to detail. You've done an awesome job there!
  7. No I got Craig over at HDev to do it. I did a full Superpro rebush on everything and stuck some MeisterR GT1s on at the same time .... Oh and new front and rear ARBs as they were past their sell by date too.
  8. It does look to be a cracking venue, will have to get down there sometime soon.
  9. She's looking good Daveo have you tinted the headlights?
  10. The superpro ones are pretty good, I have them and would recommend.



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