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  1. Flashback


    I'll leave that to our forum tyre guru, but as a rule why do you think things half the cost are that cost?
  2. Here's a little just before sunset one I have from a while back....
  3. Looking very nice @Stuggerz, for some reason Azures are always a favourite of mine!
  4. I voted remain but I'd rather shoot myself in the face than give my vote to Corbyn. Decisions, decisions hey!
  5. Struggling with the password @AndyJames.....
  6. Would be great to get @SuperStu to comment as he has the best real world experience of both.
  7. Yes it's a PITA but it's doable. Actually better to do it a slightly different way, so if anyone ever needs to know PM me.
  8. She's a beauty @scobie140, good luck with the sale!
  9. I'll definitely be up for this one.
  10. It will most likely a rev up being 2006.
  11. Mine are still spot on after two years. Mainly road with the odd bit of track. Can't fault them at all. My setup: GT1s, Superpro all round and 20mm drop from stock.



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