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  1. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    Well seems like a nice Sunday drive to work up an appetite. 1. davey_83 - Lunch 2. Mopedmark - Lunch + 1 3. Silky - Lunch + 1 4. Shezza - Lunch 5. nissanman312 - Lunch tbc 6. antnee - Lunch 7. JamesT2992 - Lunch tbc 8. CLASSIX - Lunch + 1 9.Niknik350 - Lunch + 1 10. Flashback - Lunch +1
  2. Wheel arch extensions - recommend?

    It does look lovely though. Where did you get the paint job done?
  3. A few bits up for grabs

    Hi Mik of course you can, just give me a pm.
  4. A few bits up for grabs

    Hi all, I've a few bits that need a new home after an early spring clean, so if they'd be of any use to you then let me know. First of are some 5mm universal shim spacers that I have, nothing special but if you want them they are yours for free, just pay the postage. Fyi as with any spacers you may need longer studs fitted dependent on your wheel design and offsets. Next is a good old OEM Bluetooth module first me 80 quid way back then but happy to let it go for 20. Be warned you need a pretty old phone for it to be of any real use, modern phones just won't work on it too well. Thirdly I have some brand new Whiteline ARB bushes, front and rear. I didn't need them when I replaced mine ARBs as I had some nice Superpros to go on instead. £45 for front and rear together.
  5. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    What happened to it Andy?
  6. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Andy James + Kat Shezza Valy Keyser Paul k + Dawn Nso93 Humpy G1en Rickdon VeilsideZ Andy-Muxlow +1 possibly Bob94 Buster and Netti Winkj(if I get her back) Teejay+1 Flashback
  7. Ripped off

    I agree with you there @coldel as the money they are making would make being in business seem pretty pointless. It wouldn't even pay for a day or two of being open with all theiroverheads.
  8. Meister r zeta crd vs tein flex z coilovers

    I went for MeisterR GT1s and have to say they are great. Whichever you decide on make sure you apply an anti rust coating to them when they go on and then every 6 months.
  9. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    Looking sweet Andy
  10. Calling Basingstoke (and other) Zed's

    It's not too far from me so might pop down depending on when.
  11. Rozzers pull a Z struggling for traction

    Not seen either of those around the area, but will keep an eye out so as not to get sideswiped by crap driving. The second one had some pretty distinct stickers on it.
  12. What Game are you currently playing ?

    It's a bit of an old one but playing Killzone Shdowfall right now..
  13. Horsham appreciation thread

    I just wanted to send a massive thank you to Craig and Graham @ H-Dev for the truly awesome set up they've performed on my suspension. The car is a completely different beast now and is just amazing through any twisty stuff. As always the guys were fantastic during the work and although I missed her dearly, the week it took to do this was completely worth it. @Jez @ H-Dev @Gareth@h-dev I salute you and the team!