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  1. I think Paul K and a few others from Kent died that one out last time Matt. What time are you aiming to be there? We'll need to work out meeting point and time somewhere near Oxford.
  2. How are things going with this Jo? Do you need any deposits or anything?
  3. OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Good luck for attempt #2 @andybp
  4. TAIWAN 350Z

    Is that the J Spec front? Welcome along.
  5. Guess the car part

    Morris minor?
  6. Guess the car part

    Fiat 500?
  7. Sounds like a plan coming together.
  8. Interesting blog on why choose certain pads our rotor types

    Yep some really good reading in there.
  9. Not too far from me really, if you went Bagshot sort of way.
  10. 1) Humpy 2) Stuggerz 3) Flashback ... looks like you need a blue car to be in this convoy!
  11. I'm between the M4 and the M40 so can easily get a meet point. Looks like your route will go on to the M40 at J9. Shall we find somewhere near there to meet up?
  12. Meet test

    some text
  13. 350Z W brace Required

    That doesn't look too bad at all, have you thought about a wire brush and some hammerite?
  14. Hi guys, this may well have been covered multiple times but I read this earlier today and thought it had some good info for people new to brake and rotor types on what sort of setup might work best for them, dependent on what they use their zed for. Brake Rotor Blog Brake Pad Blog
  15. I'm in between the M4 and M40, so could easily meet you on route Steve?