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  1. Looking forwards to this. I take it I can just buy another ticket for a friend who is coming down with me now without having hassle at the gate @andy james?
  2. 1. andy James (350Z) PAID 2. Payco (510) 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) 5. L. Schwier (370Z) PAID 6. S. Killick (370Z) PAID 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z) 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z ) 11. Azurez33 (350z) 12. nismoandy (350z) PAID 13. Flashback (350Z) PAID
  3. Looking good mate, but seems like your number plate fell off somewhere on the drive.
  4. No not heard of them, I do have the Moog ones you ordered and know they are as good as the originals.
  5. Haha, you should have parked up for a cheeky few at the front of the house!
  6. Even had an 8% off voucher, so comes in under £25.
  7. I must say I love it. Best thing Nissan have done in ages.
  8. 74MPH and ULEZ friendly? 💪🏻
  9. Definitely a great car, GLWTS Col. You thinking large turbos, NA or electrical thingies?
  10. Unfortunately guys I have been booked in for something with the family that I can't postpone and so I'm going to have to miss this year! 🙁 Have a great time and hope to see some of you soon at one of the local meets.
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