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  1. Flashback

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Looking good!
  2. Flashback

    Computer modelling for bodywork changes

    Thanks guys, I'll take a look at those. Its some bodykitting that I'm thinking about doing, I have a front in mind, but recenty I've been thinking the whole kit is not for me, so wanted to do some 3d modelling of the zed where the rears and skirts could be put on and turned around to see from different angles and colours.
  3. Flashback

    DB Nissan 350z GT 05' *bye bye RAYS :(

    looks like they needed it mate, top work.
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone have any experience of any software that can be used for modelling of new parts on a car as a way to visualise bodywork and colour changes? If so what's good to look at and how easy is it to use?
  5. It will be a cracking buy for someone. GLWTS!
  6. Flashback

    Milltek exhaust East Sussex

    I have the same setup and agree with Coldel. Nice and quiet leaving the house, so great for neighbour relationships but much louder with your foot planted.
  7. Flashback


    It was a highly modified short wheel based zed, one of a kind.
  8. Flashback


    Lol you should have seen the zed Andy was driving last week!
  9. Thanks again Chris and Kim for being such great hosts. Wonderful to see everyone and look forward to catching up with you all again soon!
  10. Still coming down if that's ok?
  11. Flashback

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Here you go mate.
  12. Flashback

    Changing coolant

    You shouldn't mix coolants of different types and different colour signifies different coolant type. So you will be better off draining everything and then having it flushed, then refilling with the recommended coolant. Here's the forum guide for refilling:
  13. Flashback

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    I think the other thing to bear in mind is the reason people awant to purchase either car. Certainly the application it is to be used for by the purchaser is also going to have some level of influence over the future price of either the 350 or the 370. For me personally there's a more emotional attachment to the 350 than the 370, but that's entirely down to getting to drive one on a track all those years ago and thinking "I need one of those!" Its also older so therefore requires more jusitifiable maintenance and upgrades due to age of the OEM components. Yay modding time! I love the 370 as well, it's a much better car in many ways but by that same token that means there's less to change or improve IMHO. Vastly better interior for example and rev matching being two great assets for the 370, but then again would you prefer a full retrim and heel and toe in a 350? Its down to the individual choice and neither is right or wrong and that's what makes these cars fantastic. Over time as we go out to the far future I suspect there won't be much in it pricewise. Both will be classic big engine RWD sportscars, they are just on different points of their curves and you see that with virtually everything. Cars, bikes, furniture, computers, you name it they all start relatively at a high, drop low and when there's virtually none of them left become expensive again that's just the way the world works.
  14. Flashback

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    So am I and mine will be 22 years old by then.