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  1. Hyundai Nexo - rated at 500 mile using NEDC, projected real world at 370 miles range. Launched 2018.
  2. Toyota launched its first production fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the Mirai, in Japan at the end of 2014 and began sales in California, mainly the Los Angeles area, in 2015.[15] The car has a range of 312 mi (502 km) and takes about five minutes to refill its hydrogen tank.
  3. From an article on EV chargers: Ultra-Rapid DC chargers provide power at 100 kW or more. These are typically either 100 kW, 150 kW, or 350 kW – though other maximum speeds are possible. These are the next-generation of rapid charge point, able to keep recharging times down despite battery capacities increasing in newer EVs. For those EVs capable of accepting 100 kW or more, charging times are kept down to 20-40 minutes for a typical charge. Even if an EV is only able to accept a maximum of 50 kW DC, they can still use ultra-rapid charge points, as the power will be restricted to whatever the vehicle can deal with. As with 50 kW rapid devices, cables are tethered to the unit, and provide charging via either CCS or CHAdeMO connectors. So really its not negligible at present as that's still 5-10 times as long as filling up on either petrol or hydrogen. Either way both can become viable options over time, but I think hydrogen would be much easier to scale as we already consume over 70 millions tons of hydrogen daily. Many of the arguments for either still revert back to having a sufficient and sustainable power supply, ultimately a green one or we're just robbing Peter to pay Paul. Realistically none of them are right now, petrol or electric via either method.
  4. For me hydrogen power is the best way forwards, what better emission to end up with than water. Once again though the cost in producing the fuels is a current challenge.
  5. Do like those tool boxes, where did you get them from? Zed Shed 2.26 looking great!
  6. Everything is a modern day something.
  7. Definitely keep the oil topped up and give it a check once every week or two. At 120k it's likely using a bit more oil. You can also go up to maybe a 10w40 as a little thicker oil may help. DEs have the worst dipstick design in the world ever. I always follow sound advice I gathered from the forum when checking oil.
  8. That's a cracking place and a great read.
  9. I must say that after seeing this in the flesh on Saturday it's even better than the pictures let on. Oh and yes I will get some new wheel nuts!
  10. At least it's not covered in mud like mine right now after a trip over to H-Dev.
  11. That's a much more Bob look at the back. Love it.



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