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  1. Haha no matter where they are in the world us blokes love to stop off for a kebab! 🏎️🍖😆
  2. Incredibly interesting project and some great skills to try doing this all. Top marks to you!
  3. Agreed, very good calendar this year @Stutopia. Congratulations for the owners of all the cars as there's some nice pictures here.
  4. Definitely use the key lock once per month to keep it working. Replacement from Nissan takes around four months until arrival and will cost around £140 for the pleasure. Then needs fitting.
  5. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T 3. Jack94 4. Harrison140 5. davey83 6. StormtrooperZ 7. andy James x1 8. Andy_Muxlow x1 9. zzIncubus x1 10. ILikeDolphins 11. NeeZ 12. Ricochet 13. Grumpyoldjanner 14. Flashback x1
  6. Very true they do both have their merits and people will have their favourite. I think they all now have a much harder time justifying new phone releases as the pricing is ridiculous due to the feature war driving the need for such high end hardware specs. Going back to your original point though Dan now that they are using high end camera sensors in phones it's becoming much harder to define a difference to the human eye and hence justify a step up that way.
  7. OnePlus are the best Android phones IMHO. I've had Apple, Samsung and OnePlus and it's really the best of the three for me. Pixel have some awesome tech that's actually streets ahead with their radar facial recognition but the phones are generally under market spec and should push the standard features users expect a bit more and then Pixel would be a really serious contender. IOS is OK but Android is a more intuitive, flexible and powerful platform. You just have to relearn a little after being Appled. Once this happens you'll never look at Apple again.
  8. Who cares Stu.. three hours and twenty four minutes to find out!
  9. Flashback


    @MONKEYSOCKS I've replied to your PM so that you know what to do. Expect it to cost some money to fix including ordering a new barrel for the door from Nissan. @coldel All Vauxhalls should come with a spare battery as standard! What's so special about your one?
  10. Welcome to the forum guys. Do you have any examples of the work you've done that you could post as pictures? I know there's a link to the website above, but it would be great to see some live examples here.
  11. It's looking great. I love that red on it.
  12. You just have to be careful with them as they can have a few major draw backs. The biggest one is a sticky throttle leading to excessive acceleration. Once this happens its pretty difficult to fix as you'll pass 88 mph and end up back in 1955 where parts will be very hard to come by. The second problem is your £40k buy price in 1955 money will then equate to just over £1M today. It'll be incredibly difficult to sell on at that point without making a major loss!
  13. That's looking really good Andy, its going to be fantastic when you're finished.
  14. 1) Payco - KSSS DAT - Datsun SSS Coupe 2) andy James - AJ07ZZZ 350z 3) zippypooz - N44SSN 350z 4) Darkside - DK 5IDE Z Rocketbunny 350z 5) Rs2oo - V6XXK 350Z Roadster 6) Jamie_T350z - UK04 ZED 350z 7) MatthewThain - FA53 FZZ 350Z GT 8) Seb PR02 SEB - JDM 350Z 9) Panman - P44 AAN - 350z 10) GranTurismoEra OIG 3702- 370Z 11) CalvinPomfret - CA11 VNO - 370Z Nismo 12) Stephanie - V6 SYA 350z 13) Olly350z - KD53 DGZ 14) Flashback - HJ54TBZ - 350Z 15)
  15. Sorry Martin but I'm going to have to miss this year's Ace meet as I'll be out the country.
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