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  1. Flashback

    PopZ - First Rod Build and other Zed Shed Antics

    9 ... But I'm bipolar so let's call that 10. Let's have a fan club. 
  2. Flashback

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    1. SHiuperStu x1 2. glrnet x1 3. Wingchun8 x1 4. cs2000 x1 5: Zmanalex x 1 6: Jay84  7. Paul K x1 8. Eatonm90 9. Andy_Muxlow 10. Kev T 11. andy James X1 12. Jack94 x1 13. cob1980 14. Grumpyoldjanner 15. Killick.z 16. Ricochet 17. OranginaZ 18. Scorpion 19. Flashback
  3. Flashback

    [SOLD]Headlights, Pads and Spacers

    Sold - thread locked
  4. Flashback

    [SOLD]Vertini drift wheels

    Sold - thread locked
  5. Did the bonnet go in the end?
  6. Flashback

    [SOLD]350z parts clean out.

    Sold - thread locked
  7. Flashback

    Engine Revs.

    Yes please Paul, get a thread going of the restoration stages, that would be a great read.
  8. Flashback

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    Looking good, fancy coming to clean my car underside Veeg?
  9. Flashback

    350z Autumn pictures

    Looking great as always mate. Some nice work in the engine bay there too.
  10. Flashback

    370z missing from the Zed Shed

    She is a beauty and good to know she's gone off to a good home Beb!
  11. Flashback

    Pcv valve required

    I got mine new from @Adrian@TORQEN but @ZMANALEX may have some used too.
  12. Flashback

    Changing the PCV valve

    I changed mine a few weeks back. It's dead simple and takes probably ten minutes at most with hand tools.
  13. Flashback

    Nissan 350Z: Spotted On Pistonheads

    That's a good price on the resale silver that they've picked out.
  14. Flashback

    Welcome to LazyTrips

    Welcome along Sasha, have you got any examples of the website in action that the members can take a look at?