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  1. Definitely a great venue and got to see everyone. Thanks @Payco for organising a great day!
  2. Flashback

    Japfest Silverstone - 5th May 2019

    @AndyJames is already well engaged with the other clubs and will I expect have something of an update fairly shortly. I'm on it chap. Have access to the group chat of all the z clubs and as the date for the Classic at Silverstone is only provisional on their website many hotels are already sold out! Huge event in its own right which means it will take a massive effort to pull the Z gig off. Will keep you guys posted.
  3. He would need something like that as the current propeller at the front barely looks like it can take off properly.
  4. Flashback

    Busters new toy

    Nice little guide Bob.
  5. Flashback

    Wow this is beautifully done

    Wow what a fantastic build!
  6. Flashback


    Congratulations Mark!
  7. Payco - lunch zippypooz - lunch HoundDog - lunch Nissmoandy - lunch Ebized - lunch(s) to be advised Adrian @ TORQEN - no lunch Darren-B -lunch Paul - lunch Seb - lunch Olly - lunch (Maybe bring Skyline too) Darkside - lunch Paul K+1 - Lunch Stephanie -Lunch Flashback - Lunch
  8. Flashback

    How did that happen?

    I think you should build a time attack special. Start cutting weight saving holes whilst you ponder upon it and then realise it's a great idea! Then drop in the ls and add a few turbos on top for good luck...
  9. I can make this if you've room for one more guys.
  10. As long as it's a nice breakfast hey!
  11. Flashback

    Clutch kit and fly wheel

    They are more noisy than dual mass fly wheels. Other than that the car will accelerate faster with single mass fly wheel the engine can gain higher revs quicker.
  12. Flashback

    Interesting Read

    Do it, you know it makes sense Dan!
  13. Welcome along fellow Berkshire sender! Nice start point for your plans there. Great looking zed.
  14. Flashback

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    It does need a winch for climbing walls James Bond style.