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  1. As I’m a young driver and my insurance is high I tried for 3 weeks different times of the day and night, running around 3 quotes a day and the difference is crazy. I was first offered a good quote 1.8k and accepted it. Kept doing the quotes and by the time of the renewal I had got it down another £100 in those 3 weeks just by getting quotes at different times of the day and night. Same insurer with different quotes each time and every time I rang them up and they just dropped the price to match it when I found cheaper. On the phone each time was the best price they could give me but then 3 days later I would ring up again with a better price from the same insurer. This was 2 years ago on my rx8 and using comparethemarket.
  2. LukeA

    Mps4 set for £478

    There’s also £25 Goodyear tyres when you buy 4 so you could get a set of eagle f1 asy 3 for around £405 delivered
  3. LukeA

    Mps4 set for £478

    Just bought a set for my 18” rays. Correct sizes for £478 inc delivery blackcircles with a 10% discount using code: MICH10 I believe the offer ends the end of the week hope this helps anyone looking for some
  4. Nice car out of budget and don’t want to go over really. I think I’d rather have the lotus evora over that
  5. Still can’t make my mind up, I’ve still got to wait till the zed sells so gives me time to think. I’m gonna need a while thinking Yeah not a bad looking car just doesn’t grab my attention but starting to realise nothing that grabs my eye is in my price range. How I love expensive taste :/
  6. this is what happens you don’t sleep properly combined with a lot of overtime at work, if anyone wants to use my new word feel free I don’t take responsibility if you look stupid though
  7. Yeah was stupid times for me, was caught doing 120 on a motorway and that’s only what they could prove apparently. As as for the 4c it’s a nice looking car and would be good for me but over budget like the R8 otherwise I would get the R8. The corvette is okay just left hand drive Im just trying to stay under 25k and don’t want to go anymore but thanks for the optionions
  8. Oh god lol I hate civics just remind me of teenagers in McDonald’s car parks. I know the new one is totally in a different league now but still don’t like it
  9. As said below I’ve heard a few times the A45 AMG is boring and I was interested in it before. I would something that has amazing handling but does make me think about test driving one. I’m not scared of pushing it to its limits hence 2 speeding ban for 110+ A car with a soul is a good way of summing up what I want. I currently have a 350z for a daily so you can tell I don’t need much room or anything that would define a daily driver for others such as good mpg or rear seats
  10. What’s the handling like on one of these? My mate did mention it the other day after seeing the Grand tour and got me thinking so could be a possibility.
  11. Yeah I get the value will go down drastically. The suspension was aftermarket. I believe the ome suspension was around 6k for a full set
  12. I was surprised when I looked as a brake set on a R8 is around 1-1.5k and the clutch was 2k. The only problem was the suspension as it tends to leek but a coil over set is 1.5k. I have my dad who owed a garage for many years and rebuilt a gt40 plus many others and all his contacts so won’t be to bad if I get into difficulty with it
  13. I do like the look of them but more of a crusier so I’ll pass on that one. Tbh I’ve never driven one but it’s the same as the Porsche I just don’t see a beemer that I like the look of :/ the Gtr is to much for maintenance costs for me. Im still looking at its hard to find something as good as the R8 as it’s a sports car but good daily at the same time just a shame on the price maybe I’ll save for another year or look for one that’s crashed and repairable just no frame damage
  14. Yeah I think Aston’s are out of mind as it’s a GT car. The evora I haven’t looked at that much so will have a better look into that one but as you say if a decent one is to much then that’s out too. Yeah I’ll see what I can do for test drives maybe a Porsche will change my mind when I drive it. As for the Gtr’s I thought they were a lot higher around the 30’s but seeing there that low I might have a look. I will he taking servicing costs and maintenance cost into account as well and I know the Gtr is bad for this thanks for the help guys gives me a few ideas but still not certain on a choice yet
  15. Thanks for the help guys The Astons have dropped a lot in value which made me think of it nearer to 25k budget then an R8. I woukd prefer to stay away from anything above 25k so the Alfa and F type are out for me. The 911 is a good shout and personally I think would make the best car for me just I really don’t like them Test driving one for me is difficult as I’m only 24 and look about 18 so dealerships don’t really trust me understandably though my other option is a written of Audi R8 and fix it up, I have the people behind me to do it and help if anything goes wrong but it’s just the risk. Dont like Bmw’s, lotus Evora I have been looking at which is on my mind. As for merc cars there are really nice and the c63 sounds amazing but not sure on the handling of these especially when it’s round the forest and nippy corners.



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