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  1. LukeA

    Newby from Southampton

    I might see you around, never normally that side of Southampton but I do a few occasions :). Yeah I rarely see a 370, see mainly 350’s. Yes I will be down Beaulieu on the 29th but won’t be taking mine down :( if your down there I’ll be sure to come over to anyway and say hello :)
  2. LukeA

    Newby from Southampton

    Welcome im from Southampton too, where about are you if you don’t mind me asking? im from Totton and see a couple Zeds going round but don’t think any on here
  3. LukeA

    07 grey/silver

    07 plate DE bonnet. Coming out of Southampton sat at the traffic lights around 9:15 tonight. Older gentleman driving I was in a white Seat Ibiza
  4. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    I guessing I missing that Yeah but you can do 100 and it just feels like cruising along. If your not prepared to pay the consequences then don’t do it as I learnt
  5. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Yeah anything over 96mph is instant court summons. I’ve seen the guidelines for court but it’s always up to the judge on the day. Was just me on my own being stupid trying to get somewhere to quick. I don’t believe you can get arrested for for speeding as I know people who have been done for 140mph and just a court summons. Pretty stupid really as he pulled me over and reported me and on the way home what’s stopping me from doing 100+ again and possibly crashing
  6. Thanks, I’ll guess I just have to get the ABD bulbs save money in the long run
  7. Looking for a pair of D2S bulbs for my HR, does anyone know of any reliable places to get some? Pref 6000k/8000k auto bulbs direct seem to do them for £65 a pair and I don’t trust eBay that much. Thanks
  8. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    I said to them that I’ve had my licence since 2013 and I’ve just been banned for 4months for speeding and you(dvla) have asked for my licence to be sent back and I can reapply for a licence when my ban is over as the court told me and the letter from you(dvla) states. What does this me for the date of my licence. He replied it will be a new licence and will have a new date as my current licence is now invalid. I don’t think he really had a clue what he was talking about as the way he made it out was that I now don’t have a licence at all now and it’s cancelled but I might just insure the car and say I’ve had my licence since 2013 and if anything is said then I’ll just play dumb and hope it works. I totally agree with what everyone is saying as there is no point in giving me a licence with a new date, I’m just saying what they told me but hopefully the person I spoke to was just misinformed. I’ll just wait it out now till my licence comes and hopefully prove the dvla wrong.
  9. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Yeah I completely agree photo card date shouldn’t matter. The insurance company’s are saying cause I’ve been banned and my licence has been taken back by the dvla and I’ve had to reapply for a new one, that it’s classed as a new licence again.
  10. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Yeah I’ll just wait and see what happens, hopefully their wrong. I’ve just spoke to someone at work who was banned for a year for drink driving and he also has the new date on it, different to speeding but guessing anything over 56 day ban limit has a new licence. I spoke to elephant and go skippy both not very helpful. I was banned for 14 weeks 2 years ago but as it was under the 56day limit I kept my licence. At this current time the dvla has taken my licence and will issue and new one when my ban is up.
  11. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    So after some phone calls to insurance company’s and dvla, I have found out that the date on my licence will be reset to this year when I get it back(new licence). Insurance company’s will use my new licence date from this year. No retest though so atleast that’s something.
  12. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    I won’t be using any mortorways for 4 months or any roads for that matter
  13. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    I hope it doesn’t reset then I get to keep the zed i was caught at 120mph on the motorway and been done before for the same thing so the ban was longer this time
  14. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Ah sorry I see where your coming from now. I was led to believe that the photocard is your licence and I see that the date on the photocard wouldn’t matter as its only tells the date of me recieving the photocard. I just don’t want the insurance company to turn around if anything happens and say I only had licence from the date on the photocard. Ive pm’d Dan and I’ll see what he says
  15. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Yeah is pointless it being reset to 0 but is something the court might do to “teach me a lesson”. Doesn’t make sense if would change to this year as I’ve already had it 3+ years before now. When doing insurance quotes they ask me how long I’ve had my licence, I’m guessing it would be the date the licence was issued and that changes my insurance drastically, just by changing that one answer. I’ll PM Dan and see if he can help. Thanks for the help