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  1. LukeA

    Differential Thud/Clunk Sound

    I remember when I bought the car I would plant my foot down (in 5th and 6th) and would hear a thud. This was the start of 2017 and the work I only had carried out till now to do with diff and transmission is fluid changes for both and clutch change. Ive only just changed the diff bushings recently but haven’t had the noise in a year now I would say
  2. LukeA

    Differential Thud/Clunk Sound

    Iirc I had this when I bought my 2007 HR and the only thing I did to the diff was get Horsham to change the diff and transmission fluid. I can’t remember hearing it after that but didn’t really notice it before. Might be worth changing the fluid while it’s in the garage. Sorry can’t be more help haven’t had the noise in a year and didn’t do anything but fluid change to diff
  3. LukeA

    Radiator Fill and Coolant Bleed Guide

    I had a hard time bleeding my system and found a spill free funnel that helped sort the issues of trapped air. Hopefully this will help others if they have any trapped air: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lisle-24680-Spill-Free-Funnel/dp/B00A6AS6LY
  4. LukeA

    Eling car park

    Private plate: V6 ECJ sat in the car park next to my house by the little toll bridge in Eling (Southampton)
  5. LukeA

    Name this part please from tonneau

    I got some off eBay not genuine but they do the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Plastic-M5-M6-M8-M10-Thread-Seven-Star-Shaped-Head-Clamping-Nuts-Knob-/262958329580
  6. LukeA

    Buying a 350Z

    Welcome Tom im in Southampton and go out driving at night after work around the Lyndhurst/ Brockenhurst area never really see any zeds about though :( if if I see you I’ll pop up and say hello
  7. LukeA

    Sorted now mods please lock

    Looking for the drivers side air intake hose if anyone has one for a HR. Alresdy tried Zmanalex but he has none in stock. Edit: sorted now lock please
  8. Came next to me and a mate in a white seat Ibiza at the lights over Redbridge flyover. Sounded decated and had side skirts. Around 8:15pm **53 BUF
  9. LukeA

    toyosport exhaust

    Got one on mine and had it for a year+ with decats, I personally love the sound (very raspy but decats so expected). Fitment is dog s**t, one exhaust tip sits lower(very noticeable) then the other and has a rattle now with heat shield. Had one previously on my RX8 and same fitment problems again. Get what you pay for though, think I got mine for around £230 off eBay
  10. LukeA

    Newby from Southampton

    I might see you around, never normally that side of Southampton but I do a few occasions :). Yeah I rarely see a 370, see mainly 350’s. Yes I will be down Beaulieu on the 29th but won’t be taking mine down :( if your down there I’ll be sure to come over to anyway and say hello :)
  11. LukeA

    Newby from Southampton

    Welcome im from Southampton too, where about are you if you don’t mind me asking? im from Totton and see a couple Zeds going round but don’t think any on here
  12. LukeA

    07 grey/silver

    07 plate DE bonnet. Coming out of Southampton sat at the traffic lights around 9:15 tonight. Older gentleman driving I was in a white Seat Ibiza
  13. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    I guessing I missing that Yeah but you can do 100 and it just feels like cruising along. If your not prepared to pay the consequences then don’t do it as I learnt
  14. LukeA

    Reapplying for licence

    Yeah anything over 96mph is instant court summons. I’ve seen the guidelines for court but it’s always up to the judge on the day. Was just me on my own being stupid trying to get somewhere to quick. I don’t believe you can get arrested for for speeding as I know people who have been done for 140mph and just a court summons. Pretty stupid really as he pulled me over and reported me and on the way home what’s stopping me from doing 100+ again and possibly crashing
  15. Thanks, I’ll guess I just have to get the ABD bulbs save money in the long run