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  1. Just had the windscreen replaced due to crack and it is booked in for an mot next week (29th) few photos to show new windscreen
  2. When I was 20 I had an RX8 and it was 1.7k a year and a 350z would have been 2k+. I’m 24 now and my insurance on the 350z is £800 a year, it might be worth you waiting another year like I’m doing for another car. A year makes a big difference to them for me. Also insurance is done on postcode, mileage amongst other things and these make a massive difference. Saying I do 13k miles a year makes it £600 more then saying I do 9000 miles a year edit- forgot to say it’s £400 CHEAPER a year if I declare mods. Mess around with your quotes and you’ll see the difference. Little things like on one day it will be £1.5k the next day it will be 1.4k I dunno why by there prices change a lot, also try at night around 1am if possible as I was getting cheaper quotes somehow at those times
  3. I have some for sale if your interested
  4. Brand new Hel break lines, purple. No box as it broke. Bought from tarmac sports but never used. Front and rear lines. £65 posted used Berk decats around 35k miles on - £115 posted Motordyne xyz pipe resonated around 35k miles on, little bit of damage where it scrapped as car was lowered but fully working. - £370 posted HR front bumper clear reflectors used - £60 posted Any inspections/viewing or collect instead from Southampton
  5. Yeah I understand the windscreen will put most people off but if I get it done under my insurance it will cost me full price when I go to cancel the insurance after I sell it. I had a windscreen replaced under insurance on my old car and it doesn’t affect their premiums and you don’t have to declare it and it doesn’t affect your ncb or policy in anyway, I’m not sure if people understand that which might put them off, all they have to pay is up to £120 towards the new windscreen from their insurance company the main reason it’s cheap is because of the windscreen. There is a scratch by the drivers door handle looks like someone has done it with a key. In getting some some of the problems fixed in the next couple weeks and it’s now on cats. I’ll try and upload more photos but seems to not like my phone when uploading so takes a couple tries
  6. Yeah I’m gonna get the rattle fixed. The windscreen is on my insurance for £90 but when I sell the car I want to cancel my insurance and if I have the window fixed they will charge me for it I can stick the cats back on if anyone is interested and wants it like that
  7. Thank you, it does need a little tlc but still a HR at the end of the day. Just a shame they’ve gone down in price so much
  8. Haven’t had no interest so reduced it a fair bit for under 7k you could have a HR. New TYC fans on to
  9. Few little updates for mileage and price got my eye on something else now
  10. LukeA

    Fan shroud

    Ah fair enough I didn’t know if there was any upgrades you could do thanks for the help guys
  11. LukeA

    Fan shroud

    Yeah not really worth it I’ll just get the TYC fan shroud instead. Shame there’s not an “upgrade” fan shroud for the HR
  12. LukeA

    Fan shroud

    I was looking at buying them but checked here first so didn’t buy them in the end. No just standard HR rad. A lot lot of effort for not really much gain isn’t it? but I spose it would be good to do and could help other members do it
  13. LukeA

    Fan shroud

    Ah damn, I was reading a post that said the 03-06 fits the hr too guessing their wrong
  14. Price drop to £8.3k adding to many miles on it now



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