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  1. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    No that wasn’t my car they used, there was a massive debate over on the RX8 owners club about whether it works or snake oil. To start with I thought it was bs but decided to give it ago and I noticed a tiny increase on low down torque on the rx8 but on the zed you wouldn’t even think it was there. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it unless you had a rotary and wanted minimal gains that you barely notice. You get naff all out of it for £400 My insurance company saw it as a “performance mod” once I explained it
  2. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    I bought the kit from http://www.hydrogenhybrids.uk.com/rotary-engines/ and the car was not mapped the kit was just bolted on
  3. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    http://www.projectrx8.co.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?470 i haven’t done any tests on the zed or heard of any being done. As far as I’m aware I’m the only person with this kit on a zed.
  4. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    It’s only a small amount nothing manager and managed by amount that can be produced. The amount being produced isn’t enough to cause problems for anything. There was a lot of testing for it and experiments and I understand it can be seen as snake oil but it worked for me but every has their own opinions on it It has no effect on high rpm’s, on the RX8 I noticed a difference with low down torque and that was it, nothing amazing just tiny bit better for the car.
  5. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    basically a small tank in engine bay filled with de-ionised water that takes hydrogen from water and puts it into engine i had an RX8 before and there was a lot of talk about hydrogen helping with the engine and keeping it clean. It was there to help a tiny bit with low down torque but nothing amazing since the car had none pretty much anyway I figured why not take it off the RX8 and stick it on the zed but didn’t really notice any difference
  6. Anyone had their zed engine carbon cleaned?

    I’ve had no problems with hydrogen cleaning my engine. In fact I have a hydrogen kit in my 350z that produces hydrogen and puts it into the air intake. It’s starts producing hydrogen from when I start the car till when I turn it off. I’ve had the car since January 2017 and had the kit installed the whole time and I haven’t had any problems. Wouldn’t hurt to get it cleaned unless your that worried about causing problems
  7. New mods and install coming along nicely

    I have the SPH-DA120 but mine never looks like that. I have connected it via Bluetooth and cable but I have to use apps like AppRadio for it to mirror my phone. I must be doing something wrong
  8. New mods and install coming along nicely

    Looking good what app are you using with your radio? I like the layout of it but can’t find it.
  9. Was in harestock(Winchester) around 9ish tonight. I was behind you as you turned left and floored it then popped and banged
  10. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    I do try and keep it quiet but doesn’t normally go well lol
  11. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    Aha yeah that was me. It’s a toyosport with decats, you’ll probably hear it when it goes past lol
  12. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    I work nearly all weekends so doubt you’ll see me around :/ I very rarely stay around your road for longer then an hour, more of a pick her up and go back to mine
  13. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    Should use it as a daily much more fun If I remember right I believe that was the one
  14. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    Thanks, I was wondering if you lived there or visited as I rarely see it, maybe 5 times now there use to be a 350z with aftermarket exhaust and modded in 2016 I use to see a bit, same road was that yours? I use to have a dark red Rx8
  15. Black 07 southamton/ 370 winchester

    Yeah that’s mine, thanks for the offer will have to do that just saw yours about 40 minutes ago parked outside yours again, it does look lovely