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  1. LukeA

    HR oil gasket problem?

    Throttle response is better, didn’t make a massive difference. I believe it was around 20bhp but didn’t really bother me as I knew not to expect much. Pops and bang map is fun though
  2. LukeA

    Portsmouth Area

    I’ll be working so won’t be able to make it but enjoy the view guys
  3. LukeA

    Portsmouth Area

    I’m from Southampton and would be up for a meet, I go down Portsmouth now and again
  4. LukeA

    HR oil gasket problem?

    I got use to the light being on now. I had my idle fixed then had a remap straight after, you might save a bit on the uprev as I believe you need the licence to sort the idle out
  5. LukeA

    HR oil gasket problem?

    Horsham sorted my idle out on my HR and removed the immobiliser and the little red light stays on now. Can cover it or just leave it if it doesn’t bother you
  6. LukeA

    Battery advice

    My zed was off the road for 4 months and the battery went flat but charged it up and works perfectly, is a risk of it completely dying though
  7. Just remembered my insurance company wanted a photo of my driving licence but I never got round to it and I only have a month left of insurance. They didn’t change my monthly payments in anyway, I’ll have to double check now
  8. LukeA

    Cooling fans

    Clean the motors, easy diy and I did it and only took a few hours
  9. LukeA


    Torqen has a service hatch, much better then standard. Can’t go wrong with it Torqen currently on sale too
  10. I thought they can’t change it as both parties agreed to it at the start. Best call them, I’ll be watching mine if yours has changed. Unless you havent told them something when taking out your policy such as convictions, claims etc as I know these will affect your product straight away.
  11. LukeA

    CT55 *** Azure blue

    Parked outside a house in Shirley (Southampton) looks standard, non gt
  12. Welcome, loving the zeds, get some berks decats cheap and reliable. I’ve had my berks for nearly 2 years now no problems
  13. LukeA

    cats and exhaust

    De or HR? i have good condition cats for a HR that I wouldn’t mind you borrowing for an mot if you decide to keep the decats and need some cats for a few days then return to me
  14. LukeA

    Horsham appreciation thread

    Had a fair amount of work carried out by Jez and his team over the last 2 years and they were faultless all the time. Recently had a high idle fix and uprev done by the guys they were very helpful and excellent service