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  1. Hi, Sorry for not responding for a few weeks, I realised you were right with the noise being louder from the drivers side. I ordered a alternator pulley as it was cheap but have now discovered than it was only the pulley and not the one way bearing that I ordered, from this I am guessing it is more likely to be the PAS pump. PAS Fluid is basically black instead of red or clear, guessing doing a fluid flush would not solve this? I doubt the PAS fluid has ever been changed. Fluid level is halfway between min and max (cold). Pitch of noise does increase with e
  2. Hi All, A few details on this issue: Does not occur on cold start, only when the engine goes above 3000rpm and then the noise stays for an inconsistant amount of time. The car has done 116000 miles, the automatic belt tensioner, both idler pulleys and the surpentine belt have been replaced within the last month. I believe the noise is slightly louder from the nearside (right side in the video), can an ac pump casue a noise like this? I have read some past threads and this noise could also be the power steering pump, I could not co
  3. Hello All, Hope you are all doing ok during this year which I can only describe as a major kerfuffle I have a few questions regarding my gearbox and greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to reead through this. Apart from the VIN number is there a way to identify whether I have a CD009 or CD00A gearbox? The car is a 57 and I heard that CD009's were put in up to the end of 06 but cannot verify that. To give some context, the car has now done 111500 miles and needs 5th and 6th gear synchros replacing. I bought it at 110000 miles and cannot see
  4. Thank you to all that have welcomed me. Admittedly it was a tad soul crushing learning that my purfect z does not exist from factory, however this opens up another route. Please feel free if this is not the correct thread, but could you guys give some advise on buying cheaper 350z hr's, are ones with over 100k miles ok, are there specific things I should look for and avoid? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all, My name is James and for some dumb reason I have decided that in 2004 when a certain need for speed game released I wanted a 350z. I have naturally made life hard for myself and ideally am after a hr gt in sunset orange if such a car exists. I am finally able to afford one and would really like to get involved in this community. So Do you guys know of any 350z hr gt's in sunset orange for sale? and Advise on getting involved with the forum/ club
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