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  1. Interesting options... yeh not sure 911 is in budget unless you went for a 996 egg variety. rs3 back to 350z... would never have thought that’d happen
  2. Just wondering really... I’m a former 350z owner (2004). what would you buy next in the same vain as a 2 seater sports coupe? And if not a coupe what else? Needless to say, better oem performance, let’s says budget is 10-20k - yes I know that’s a huge range but just want to see what people see as a decent upgrade from a 350z.
  3. Hey Erni, just thought I'd send you the link for my website - let me know what you think and if you know anyone else who might be interested - please forward on. www.theblackrunrally.com Hoping to run the Welsh run in sept if I get enough takers... at the moment I'm just charging cost only, to see how it all works out. I'm going to do a trial run of the route anyway towards end of this month - if I can fill up the 7 slots. So if you and anyone else interested to tag along, your more than welcome - but anyway I'm wait and see what reaction I get over the next week to the website before s
  4. Yeh I'm actually thinking 2 nights stay (Friday morning drive out from cheshire (oulton park) - and two nights stay at two different locations. I've got the route all planned out - but if your happy to share the routes then sounds good too. Activities also I have a few points worked out, but more ideas the better Dates I was thinking 14-16th Sept (more to do with cost and availability - due to not much time left before weather turns. Anyway I've just finished the website and will be set to go live for tomoz - so let me see how what response I get, then if your still in
  5. great, thanks guys, and appreciate the thoughts and comments. Yes totally agree with the time required to organise...and yes I'll be aiming for next summer, rather than this summer. However I will be organising an informal Welsh rally, for this year (mid-september and last drive out of the year for those who store their cars during winter) if you guys are interested. Basically something where I take care of organising the routes, and hotels only, with a very small additional fee for me to cover PayPal fees to receive payment and book the hotels. This would be very small numbers due as its m
  6. Hey all So I'm looking to setup a new European rally and was wondering if I can get your thoughts. If you guys n girls have 10 mins to spare I'd really appreciate you filling out the following questionnaire. https://goo.gl/forms/G6OJuFR0R47V6jII2 You don't need to submit any personal info - the questionnaire is purely to see the what people look for from an organised tour - and identify what can be improved on. Feel free to skip the first page - this is just a little info about myself. Thanks in advance and please forward onto any fellow car enthusiasts who are not i
  7. Thanks Rich, just realised never replied back to this post! i have a standard exhaust.
  8. So I've been getting P1147 and P1167 codes every so often and have finally decided to get them both replaced. Can't seem to find info on which two O2 sensors these codes correlate to. Also if anyone can recommend an online store to buy brand new ones from - don't really want to spend hundreds getting from Nissan.
  9. If anyone has a set of original 350z Rays forged alloys that they want to get rid of, let me know how much u selling for. Based in Manchester - can pick up if required. No re-furbed alloys in a colour other than original alloy colour.
  10. Hey All, So I want to install an iPad mini myself as a complete replacement to the BOSE head unit. I want to completely remove a standard car audio head unit. Is this possible and are there any guides on here to help me with the wiring - or is there a connector/wiring that I can buy off the shelf that can hook up the iPad to the existing 350z wiring loom? Ps. I do not want to change the existing Bose Amp, and speakers - I just want to add iPad mini/iphone/ipod music connectivity - ideally an iPad mini. I know I can just buy any bluetooth stereo as a simpler solution to connect
  11. Thanks guys. temporarily - I'm now just thinking for speeds sake to just use the regular harness without steering wheel controls - which has two adapters which seems to be plug and play - unless its' a defo no no - I don't want to damage circuits etc. (attached picture) Once I have more time, I'm going to attempt to shed red mod.
  12. Hey all, firstly I've searched on forum but a lot of the guides have pics missing at mo. Apologise but this the first time attempting anything like this, so please simplify for me if poss. 1. I'm replacing Bose head unit only, keeping everything else standard. 2. I've bought a Sony single din stereo 3. I've bought the ICT harness with steering wheel control and the Sony Patch lead. 4. I've bought the single din faceplate adapter. I've uninstalled everything from the dash, and Bose unit is out. I've fitted the Sony stereo into the single din adapter. Now I'm stuck on connect
  13. Hey All I'm looking to install a new clutch and flywheel. I can't seem to find a definitive list of options available to me on the forum, (if there is please point me towards it) My Z is standard VQ35DE, but am planning on various upgrades over time (I'm not planning on anything major - just upgrading the elements as they need replacing) It's my daily driver - so do not want anything too further down the track route. I like the idea of lightweight flywheel/single mass. Would just like 3-5 options going from OEM, to something that can handle a significant increase in torque
  14. Hi guys, I'm about to buy a 2004 350z with GT pack. As far as I aware there were a only 3 different models 2003-(2005) 350z 350z with GT pack 350z GT4 But I've just discovered that there might be two different versions of the 350z in the UK? Track & Touring. Is this an american spec that I'm getting confused about? The car I'm buying is with the Touring alloy wheels and not the RAYS forged. Is that the only difference between the two models? I'm all about the driving experience - i.e. I like driving fast and not bothered about the ride. Do the wider rear Rays alloys fee
  15. Thanks guys, yeh.. There's a few going in piston heads one example below... And i'd be willing to go up 6k but want to avoid that if poss as i've just started looking and am willing to wait. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/350z/nissan-350-z-v6-uk-gt-pack-2003/1465239 so if anyone here needs to sell theirs urgently - I'd be a quick buyer for the right car. I guess i'd consider anything upto 90k milers And yes, my email is username...
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