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  1. Sorted, thanks guys.
  2. Hi all, i want to clean my MAF sensors today if poss, do I have to go through the pedal dance procedures after if that's all I do? Thanks.
  3. Gov MOT history site says it failed on 22nd November. 7 advisories, 3 majors and the 1 dangerous. i'd be asking for my money back.
  4. Afternoon all, so went out to the car today (HR 350z) and noticed a damp patch on the road, feeling around underneath, the drip seems to be coming from an open hose that I can feel through a hole around the passenger side footwell. Looks and feels like water, any ideas guys? Any pointers much appreciated.
  5. After 6 months of Z ownership I thought I should say hello to all of you. With the Sun shining I thought I'd bunk off work, give her a good polishing and then head off down the road, window down listening to the Arc, happy days. Hope to catch up with some of you at the local meet.
  6. What's the shield under the diff in the second picture? My 07 HR doesn't have one, should it?
  7. Hi all, firstly. last night I removed the passenger grab handle to wrap the control panel and yep you guessed it, the top bolt was last heard rattling to the bottom of the door. Can anyone tell me if the top and bottom bolts are the same size? Secondly, can anyone tell me why my alarm won't sound? i've tried the holding buttons down on the key fob thing, it also takes two presses of the unlock button to unlock the passenger door, any advice much appreciated guys.
  8. Hi Ian, still doing these? how do I order/pay? cheers. Pete.
  9. Those look the nuts, what size tyres would go with these?
  10. Thanks all, have ordered the 20/25s
  11. Hi all, picking up a 350 next weekend which has Rays and Tein springs fitted. What would peoples advice be on spacers? 25r and 20f o.k? Would like to order them this week so here for when I pick it up, thanks all.



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