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  1. Banana arm ball joint. Just done mine with exact same symptoms, tried everything to diagnose inc pry bar etc. Just because you have replaced recently doesn't mean it's good, mine was less than a year old and sub 500 miles. Get a mate to hold the arm near the ball joint and with handbrake off grab opposite wheel spokes and jolt down, your mate will feel it.
  2. Haha, meant to put the all important word CLEAR.
  3. As per title, saw a pair on here a couple of weeks ago for £45 but can't find the listing, an help appreciated.
  4. Spotted in central Brighton this morning, also a couple of times in Henfield recently. BXX/DXX ? Sounded nice with single exit exhaust.
  5. Abbey Motorsport is only an hour from you.
  6. And mine on the 8th October. Torqen Hfcs fitted July 19, Hks panels, Up rev remap and Ark Grip.
  7. Try Under body Protection in Lindfield. Let us know how you get on, I haven't contacted them myself but was thinking of having the same.
  8. I can vouch for Scott and Mark at Abbey, just had mine sorted and the car feels much better for it.
  9. Hi Asad, front and rear for me please. 350z Coupe.
  10. Hi David, i'll take the Z badges with postage to Brighton, paypal ? Pete.





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