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  1. Open bonnet, lift up brake fluid reservoir panel and its right in front of you above the brake servo.
  2. Don't forget to check the one way valve under the scuttle.
  3. Thanks Alex, I did think it would be a toughie.
  4. Hi All, thinking about refurbing my front bumper and wondered if the black mouldings underneath are available anywhere?
  5. I have the same exhaust and clutch on my HR coupe. If i'm moving I can hear chatter from the clutch when I pass close to other cars or buildings, maybe you hear it more being in a roadster. The increased chatter is normal.
  6. Yep , the Iron Bridge, used to climb over it during my time with the Parachute regiment.
  7. Hi all, does anyone use any sort of cover/film for their 350z headlights to avoid the UV damage? Mine are fading again already.
  8. Very nice, what's the cost of those re profiled wheels?
  9. Here you go. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/lights/624-350z-hr-nismo-jdm-front-side-clear-corner-reflectors-markers-b61d0-cf50a.html
  10. Lost any clutch fluid? sounds like slave cylinder failure. The OEM ones are made of cheese.
  11. Ah ok, my bad, still looks awesome.
  12. Gorgeous, I'd kill for a set of those LMGT4s.





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