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  1. LOL, can a Mod move it over to off topic, ta.
  2. Evening All, has anyone on the forum had Refractive Lens Exchange? If so does it live up to expectations? I hate glasses and contact lenses are troublesome for me. I also have the beginnings of a cataract in my left eye so will have to have that sorted some day anyway.
  3. Open the cover over the brake fluid reservoir/servo and et voila.
  4. If the one way valve is blocked swapping the pump feed isn't going to make a difference.
  5. If the pump is running then its the one way valve.
  6. My new toy, itching for lockdown to end.
  7. All sorted, took a run up to Scott at Abbey on Thursday, SAS was 360 degrees out! still baffled as to how I managed that. Along with a four wheel align they sorted a broken eccentric washer on the nearside rear toe arm and pumped up the tyres all while I waited. Sterling work guys.
  8. Just been out and had another look, with engine running, when i turn wheel full lock to right lights come on again but not when I turn full lock to left.
  9. Exchange. Took it off again and moved it back one spline but now Slip light and ESP off light are on. WTF? Update, took it off again and turned back so that notches line up as before, lights no longer on but brakes apply themselves if I drive over 5 mph, what to do?
  10. Morning All, so after changing my steering wheel for a Royal it's down to the right by about 1/2"or more. I lined up the notches on re fitting so what's happened? Do I take it off again and move it back central or get the front aligned? Very annoying. Thanks for any pointers guys.
  11. When you locate it simply pull washer pipe from the valve and replace making sure the direction arrow is pointing the right way. Hafrauds, motor factors or ebay for £1.80 ish, easy peasy.
  12. Open bonnet, lift up brake fluid reservoir panel and its right in front of you above the brake servo.
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