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  1. Very nice, what's the cost of those re profiled wheels?
  2. Here you go. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/lights/624-350z-hr-nismo-jdm-front-side-clear-corner-reflectors-markers-b61d0-cf50a.html
  3. Lost any clutch fluid? sounds like slave cylinder failure. The OEM ones are made of cheese.
  4. Ah ok, my bad, still looks awesome.
  5. Gorgeous, I'd kill for a set of those LMGT4s.
  6. Hi and welcome, I too have a 07 HR and have just fitted a JWT lightweight SMF and uprated CSC from Torqen. Only done 250 miles on it so haven't been able to cane it yet but the car drives great, slightly heavier pedal, spins up faster, a little more chatter but can drive it much the same as OEM. Just need to lower the bite point on the pedal.
  7. 4 way stretch carpet, tons on e-bay.
  8. Hi all, is there a non return valve for the rear screen wash, if so where is it? Thanks for any pointers.
  9. Banana arm ball joint. Just done mine with exact same symptoms, tried everything to diagnose inc pry bar etc. Just because you have replaced recently doesn't mean it's good, mine was less than a year old and sub 500 miles. Get a mate to hold the arm near the ball joint and with handbrake off grab opposite wheel spokes and jolt down, your mate will feel it.
  10. Haha, meant to put the all important word CLEAR.
  11. As per title, saw a pair on here a couple of weeks ago for £45 but can't find the listing, an help appreciated.





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