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  1. I've just done a Rear Wiper Delete. If your happy to pay for postage (probably just drop it in a jiffy bag) then i will send you that. Drop me your address in a PM. I cant get to the Post Office until Friday mind. I will send you some photos of it tomorrow (cant remember what condition its in, think its in good nic tho)
  2. Rear Wiper delete and Stubby Aerial fit. Pound for pound the top 2 must do 'modifications'
  3. That’s a good shout
  4. Alright guys... I've have an unusual button near my TCS Off button. Please find photo. @marzman You seen this before on the JDMs?
  5. There's a lot of strange negative press on the JDM import, with little to no reasoning other than preference or opinion rather than facts. The fact of the matter is, its what you want that counts. I wanted an Auto box, so i was out of options on getting a UK spec as they are not available in Auto.
  6. Did you ever get this sorted?
  7. Looking for a Bluetooth unit and or sat across if that’s even possible. Going in a JDM.
  8. Ahh ok. Thanks for the info. Where about a is the 1 way valve situated?
  9. Lynchyy


    There’s a few on eBay. Just making sure nobody on here wants to sell on.
  10. Thanks for all the info. Looks like its a pipe blockage from the pump to the front screen, as ive swapped over the rear and front tube at the motor side (so technically when i press the rear, it should now operate the front) but it still doesnt work. Tried to blow compressed air back through the jet and no bubbling at the tank. I will buy from wash piping and re-route i think.
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