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  1. Im still going to monitor the oil. Will be good to know regardless.
  2. Thanks guys. Im not 100% sure it was oil burning to be honest. Could just be cold weather, as the last few days when the weather has been warm, theres nothing at all out the back end.
  3. Let me know how yous get along.
  4. Keep spotting a black 350 in and around Nissan Motor Manufacture in Sunderland. Its soooooooo loud, can hear it 0.5 miles away (no joke).
  5. Thanks for all of the info. I will look to do the oil check and feed back.
  6. Sorry, some slight wording issues there. Start up revving, and noticed hard accel on a cold day (engine warm) Possibly happens on a warm day too, but cant see. Not had a chance to test the miles per litre. I service it every 3k. Its got 122,000km (or mix of Km and Miles).
  7. Any help with this guys? Only does it on start up.
  8. There's a place in Ashington called Tokyo Motors (think they are only on Facebook). They import cars, and they under body coat and seal all cars they sell. Not 100% sure they do that up here in Ashington or if its done before they get the car, but its worth a call to them. One of my mates bought a 350 from him, and it was a very tidy job underneath. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Car-Dealership/Tokyo-Motors-100922271686589/
  9. I’ve not tried an HPI to be honest. I will have a look at that.
  10. Hi all, what’s the telltale signs 🪧 f burning oil? my tailpipes smoke on hard acceleration. Is that a nailed on oil burner? Is there a fix? And what do I need to look out for (e.g is it terminal)?
  11. Thanks mate. Will give them a shout.
  12. Is there a way to see an import date, or check for previous plates?
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