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  1. This happened to mine. Turned out the Battery was on the brink. New Battery sorted it right out.
  2. Anybody know these? Im back home tomorrow, so could check on the car.
  3. Gents. Quick one if anybody knows. I don’t currently have my car as I’m working away otherwise would have checked myself but does anybody know the dimensions for the Seat Rails and are they flat? I’m looking to put the Juke Nismo seats in the car.
  4. Which head unit is this? I really need a new head unit. Mines a JDM as well. Was it a simple swap out?
  5. Lynchyy

    Tick Over

    Thanks for the reassurance gents. Just noticed it low but obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last 6 months.
  6. Be cheaper to fly them up on a private jet than a 350z to Bournemouth haha
  7. Lynchyy

    Tick Over

    What’s the ‘normal range of tick over revs on a DE? not sure if I’m just going a bit loopy but I think I’ve noticed mine really low. when warm it ticks over at around 800revs. Seems low to me.
  8. Wish i was closer !! After some Wheels and an Exhaust.
  9. What are the key dimensions i need to look for when buying Alloys? Ive spotted these: Advert says Wolf Race 205/40ZR17
  10. @Andy_MuxlowWhere do you get the side window vents / grilles?
  11. I dont have steering wheel controls. Just looking to put bluetooth in the car. Anybody know if its just a straight swap? Looking to buy something this weekend and possibly fit.
  12. My 350z is JDM, so not sure if i can straight swap to a UK spec Combi or not. Also looking for the 3 centre dials, again in UK spec.
  13. Hoping someone can help or has experience with putting some ICE in JDM. Ive found 3 head units I really like. Just wondering if these are plug and play in the JDM 350? https://www.very.co.uk/pioneer-sph-da130dab-2-din-62-inch-touchscreen-multimedia-player-with-smartphone-connectivity-via-usb-cable-supporting-apple-carplay-dabdab/1600262222.prd https://www.very.co.uk/sony-xav-ax1000-car-stereo/1600446734.prd https://www.very.co.uk/sony-xav-ax3005db-car-stereo/1600446733.prd or if anybody has these units and suggests not getting them.
  14. 2004 Nissan 350 Z 3.5 V6 GT Pack Manual JDM FRESH IMPORT | eBay
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