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  1. Ian

    Evo r

    How’s the fit on them? Wondering if evo-r have sacked Stevie wonder from doing their quality control
  2. I don’t think there are many decent garages in the area any more tbh Certainly none that I would trust tbh
  3. Done a few mods to this since getting it I removed the cheapy Autometer boost gauge & installed a Defi BF boost gauge & contol unit, Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel, Works Bell Hub, Pioneer headunit, HKS AFK V2, changed all the dash bulbs to red, the inteior and boot bulbs to bright white LEDs & installed the 350Z aluminium footrest, brake pedal and clutch pedal. I also have the accelerator pedal to fit once I figure out the best way of fitting it I've also fitted a Cusco carbon fibre strut brace & carbon skinned my fuse box cover I've spent ages detailing it as the paint wasn't in the best of condition despite a respray. I've got it looking OK from a distance but I think it will need doing properly again in the future. I also removed the rear wiper & removed the rear spoiler - Looks a million times better without it - just need to find a spoilerless bootlid in green now so I dont have any holes I've also bought a Bullet Exhausts downpipe, I just need to get my wideband bung welded into it before I install it
  4. Dewinged Made the interior a bit more modern
  5. I may have some depending on which ones you need
  6. Ditch the plate altogether and stick it in the windscreen
  7. Aye. That thing Definitely has COVID - his sense of taste has gone
  8. The only thing worse is that black and green veil side thing that keeps getting whored all over Facebook
  9. Ian

    What car next

    No probs putting baby seat in the back of my A5 coupe prefer it to a 4 door because at least now she can’t sit there pulling handles and playing with the window switches constantly
  10. Ian

    What car next

    At that budget and requirements I would find it very hard to look past the RS5. I daily an A5 and it’s the perfect car IMO. When I sold my 350, I was tempted to sell the Audi also and get an RS5 as an all rounder
  11. Ian

    What car next

    Going rate for them unfortunately all skylines are ridiculous prices at the moment - the Americans are snapping them up ready for 25 years old to import. 34 GTRs are in excess of 60k these days and that’s not for a good one either. I struggled selling mine 8 years ago for 25k - really should have kept that car. And the R33. And the Supra





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