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  1. I'm looking for a cheap set of rear 350Z Brembo calipers. Not bothered by condition or if they come with disks and pads, just need them as cheap as possible
  2. This can be closed now, I dont have any Z parts left, they all ended up over the tip
  3. I’m aware of that. but as per your 1000hp thread, it’s not as easy as just slapping a turbo on and driving off into the sunset.
  4. ive got everything to put her back together apart from a gearbox, rear diff and driveshafts. managed to get a good deal on an RB26 that once I stripped down had forged rods and pistons and came with a pair of r34 turbos, Garrett 2860-5 turbos and a power fc. I will do a build thread eventually but work have blocked this place on our web filter and I only ever use my work laptop or phone these days.
  5. S14 went in March and was replaced by an R32 GTR. Currently collecting parts to rebuild it but obscene pricing slows it right down
  6. RSW used to make a RHD version for the Z. I had one on both my cars. failing that just remove the 3 centre dials, 60mm Defi’s fit there perfectly
  7. I doubt it fits anything as well as it should do. It seems your mind was made up before starting this thread so it’s all been a waste of time really
  8. For £7k supercharger all the way but your gonna have to get a used supercharger kit to get the installation included in the price. how mechanically minded are you? I’ve done both supercharger and twin turbo setup DIY and the supercharger is super easy to diy
  9. yeah but gone from 2 seats to 4 which means we can go out as a family which keeps the wife happy. Happy wife happy life and all that crap
  10. it’s long gone unfortunately, wasn’t practical sinking money into it with a toddler to ferry about building an R32 GTR from a bare shell at the moment which is a lot mor challenging than a Z
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