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  1. Tbh they came on the car I bought and I’d already bought a new set a few months before. Im a sucker for something shiny so just gonna got the new ones
  2. I've got them on my TT car and didnt think they were that loud TBH I've got a set for sale
  3. Mishimoto Cooling fans for a DE 350Z £125 Delivered
  4. Ive got the rad support and ps cooler. I’m assuming that DE ones are the same as HR?
  5. Ian

    Engine coolants fans

    I’ve got a mishimoto shroud and fans that I’ve just removed that will be going up for sale soon if your interested
  6. I’ll see if I can get them off mine in one piece today for you. Do you need both sides?
  7. I've got a pair of black ones going up for sale soon. No rips or tears but could use a thorough clean
  8. £30 delivered
  9. Sold it and bought it back with about a million cars in between
  10. I know the date on the paper is out of date, Im just lazy and didnt get round to posting it yet :P Perfect upgrade for JDM cars £35 delivered



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