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  1. Ian

    Cat support bracket

    Sure I have one in the garage. I’ll have a look later
  2. Ian

    350z Blanking switch

    I’ve got a couple for sale
  3. Updated parts list. Shell has now gone so limited parts left that are not listed
  4. I've been trying to work out a way of stretching my car allowance to get one for work
  5. Sounds like how mine did with full Tomei setup. Was embarrassingly loud
  6. I didn’t think it was possible to make a 370 any uglier than standard but well done Nissan that’s hideous
  7. I’ve got a Makita one and it’s useless on anything other than lightly tightened bolts
  8. Ings http://www.superiorracing.com/Exterior-Ings_1_Type_E_Long_Nose_Body_Kit_-_350Z.html
  9. OP updated with parts available. If anyone is interested in the shell, i am open to any offer as long as you come take it away



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