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  1. Go for a manual if you can, but the auto box changes ok but it doesn't make for a sporty drive. We bought one a few years ago and it was a nice thing to drive around town but they change slow and make for a far less engaging drive.
  2. Hi Sam, I know on all DE models the modules for JDM's are all different. Your IPDM will have a part number sticker on it and you have to match that number exactly otherwise you will have issues. Please try and get me a copy of the sticker and I will try to help. Best regards, Lee - 07725 882063 (whatsapp and pics of IPDM)
  3. Only the HR engine 350z and the 370z's. Your car will consume oil so keep checking the oil level
  4. Hi Simon, Where are you based? On the cars with this issue we have seen water ingress into the BCM in the driver footwell or into the IPDM unit under the scuttle panel in the engine bay. I would take a look under the bonnet at the IPDM unit. It's on the passenger side under the scuttle panel the there is a rubber one way grommet (as a water drain) underneath the unit. Chances are yours is dislodged and you have had a load of water come through the hole. Look for green discolouration on contacts as that's where the water has been. If it's not that then look at the BCM in the drivers footwell, again looking for signs of water. Last thing is that it could be the switch if a drink has been poured into it. I have all modules and switches in stock if you end up needing any If you don't fancy doing it yourself we can do it at Falcon Performance in Teesside for you. Good luck, Lee :thumbs:
  5. Awesome build project! Looking forward to further updates and pics
  6. Welcome to the forum The power issue with your seat is the switch as we have replaced loads of them. You can remove the switch and if you are a capable it comes apart very easily and then just clean up the contacts but be careful not to lose the ball bearings. As for seat cleaning leather wipes and hide food has always worked best for me. Have fun!
  7. I have a new pair of hinges and one of the bonnet rams (maybe both) if its going to get repaired dicky. I'm in Middlesbrough
  8. Ye its a water drain from underneath your IPDM unit located next to your battery under the bonnet. It looks like the old style JDM one as the UK Spec was more of a 'J' shape. You need it in to stop the water coming back up and into your IPDM unit. Hope that helps
  9. My vote would be A45 AMG or M3 E90/E92
  10. Hi Dan, I think I have one! Just need to check. I will take a look tonight and PM you
  11. to the forum! I have asked Aaron the NE regional events organiser to try and organise a Teesside meet in the next month if you fancy it?
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