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  1. I’ve taken the car back now as I didn’t want to give them any more money. I will contact them and ask again for the breakdown as they said they would keep it on record for if I wanted to go back to them...... If I don’t get anything from them and worst case is I need the full part, do you know how much that will set me back? Thanks for all your help!
  2. Sorry to be a pain but they wouldn’t tell me anymore than that. However from having a look on here and other forums it seems other people have had similar problems and they say it’s the actuator. Is that what is in the image? I have no idea
  3. Yep learned that the hard way..... I have a 2009 370z GT ultimate edition. It’s the driver’s side locking mechanism. They wouldn’t give me a part number.
  4. Hi all, So my drivers side door has been playing up for a few weeks now. The door won’t open after it has been locked but will open from the inside. Finally took it to Nissan to get them to check it and after a £200 diagnostic check they confirmed that I need a new locking mechanism and wanted another £450 to replace it!!! Does anyone else think that this is ridiculous? Should I try and buy the part used and get someone else to do it or just take it back to Nissan? Many thanks, Henry
  5. Okay thanks guys. I did have a minor panic attack when it happened but at least it’s nothing too bad.
  6. Hi all, So this evening something fell off the underneath of my 370z when I went over a big pile of horse poo :’( I’m hoping someone can tell me what it is / is it important? It wasn’t hot when I picked it up so I assume it’s some sort of heat shield ? Thanks for any help, Henry
  7. Hi everyone, I picked up my GT ultimate 370Z last weekend and as I’m a new member I thought I would jump on and say hi.





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