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  1. This is something else, following with interest! Great stuff so far
  2. It was the videos they did on the 350Z that kinda swung me into getting one for myself
  3. In case anyone was on the fence with these cats.. Car went through the MOT a few days ago first time with no issue. As others have (probably) already said, just ensure the tester gets them nice and hot before putting them through the test. Happy is an understatement, now my exhaust is all bedded in (Cobra resonated Y-pipe back with these cats) it's such an addictive noise. Under 3ish-K rpm it's maybe a touch louder (moreso on cold start) than before putting the cats on, but nothing that will p*ss off most understanding neighbours.. Over 3.5K though is a different story
  4. No worries, I'll be buying them regardless, but thought it was worth a go Purchasing them imminently Cheers, Dan
  5. @Adrian@TORQEN cheeky to ask (but always worth a go haha).. any deals to be had now/black Friday? I'm hovering over purchasing a set for my DE
  6. FWIW I work on a university campus (but not for the university) and despite these people being 'alledgedly' highly educated, from all over the world, doing masters/PHD's and the like, they may as well be thick as pig ****. Parties on campus broken up by the police only to be moved somewhere else on campus, no sense of personal space, how to queue or even how to wear masks properly... it's like they just don't care and I have to proverbially bite my lip to the point of bleeding sometimes. I shall be glad when my contract ends in the coming days and I don't have to deal with such morons anymore!
  7. I echo others when I say, your posts are keeping me (semi) sane through these testing times. I got laid off just as this (The C word) was all kicking off and have struggled a bit mentally ever since, so it's nice to have a constant (your posts) to come back to You may end up with a sideline in making home gym equipment, the way people/companies are hoarding and overcharging punters for second hand equipment... though your latest contraption may be a bit much for a regular persons spare room gym
  8. Give this link a try, plenty of pictures: Centre Console Removal It's relatively easy to take apart, but be wary of the white ribbon cable. It's quite delicate so take care if and when you remove it. From there you can see if it is indeed a loose cable/plug connection.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one... winds me up every time it comes on (which seems as frequent as every other ad break these days apparently).. I'd be straight outside and squaring up the little sh*t at that time of the morning. Luckily I live in the countryside, so the worst I get is woken up v.early or late at night by the farmer opposite when he starts/returns in his noisy Defender during the peak harvest time. I can forgive him for that though
  10. Assetto Corsa on PC.. nothing really comes close to mod-ability and despite being a fairly old game now in real terms, its community keeps it very fresh with its add-ons for dynamic weather, additional cars, tracks etc. Most recently spanking it along one of Tokyo's expressways in an S30 fairlady.. extremely cool Console wise, I did have a soft spot for Project Gotham Racing on Xbox. Arcade wise, had to be Sega Rally!
  11. I made the most of it and picked up one of your replacement W braces, as it was an advisory last year
  12. It would depend on whether you wanted something nice to look at or just the functionality of being able to play old school arcade games? If it's the latter I'd suggest looking into investing in a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie over a dedicated arcade machine such as the one you linked, and then just stick it in a spare HDMI port on your TV and enjoy the nostalgia. Retropie
  13. I don't think there was much in it weight wise and all that power through the front wheels... but the noise. yum! Much nicer than the VAG 5 Cyl engines that's for sure
  14. I had a Broom Yellow 20VT, Gtech chip, manual bleed valve and a forge BOV.. Those were the days! Checking the MOT history it sadly met it's end due to rusty seat belt anchorage points in 2016 on 128k
  15. The boring person in me says something comfortable and practical, as the roads where I live are absolutely dire and the wife hates the Z because it's too low and too noisy (it really isn't)... ...but the kid in me lusts for another Fiat Coupe 20V turbo, the noise from the 5 Cylinder and the wooosh coming off the the throttle is something else. Although it's comfortably less powerful than my current Z, the power just seemed more raw and somehow faster?! Meh!
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