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  1. Yours was a stunning example of the GT4 mate, gorgeous looking cars and well capable
  2. Absolutely Stu, and snowflakes were exactly that ........snow flakes. Nowadays days modern living and politics are constant non event groundhog days and childish bickering that achieves absolutely nowt
  3. I'm saying nothing................... I'd probably have to issue a ban for myself
  4. After my Zed went I bought a e46 m3, had it a few months and swapped it for a R33 Skyline GTst, liked the beamer but never fell in love with it, my R33 however is a different story. Absolutely love the way it puts out its power and personally I think it's one of best looking cars nissan has produced and has that feel of exclusivity, which I like in my cars. However if I had 12k laying around I'd bite scobie's hand off and buy his charged 350z green monster for sure.
  5. Argh ffs Jim, that's a dull one mate, glad you're ok though
  6. Approved but please edit and update with collection or delivery details, costs etc
  7. Hi Rob, what edition of the M did you buy ?
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MODIFIEDuk/permalink/2389493341368020/?sale_post_id=2389493341368020&sfnsn=mo
  9. Thanks for the input lads, will do some more YT research and look at routes for getting there, might just pull a wee road trip together for it next year
  10. Aye indeed mate, was looking to try incorporate the Yorkshire Dale's on the route down as I've read good things about them. Appreciate there will have to be a fair bit of motorway on route but if planned properly could probably take in some of the best English countryside routes
  11. Hi mate, yes the festival of speed event, just watched some highlights of it this morning on TV. Looks like it would make a great road trip.



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