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  1. Monaro??

    I'd say all v8's are expensive to run and maintain, having owned nothing but v6 and v8 cars for the last ten years I honestly rate them as vfm cars and I am seriously considering trading up to the cls55 amg next month. Some nice examples up for sale atm......... supercar performance at budget purchase price. Easy to get even more power from them too. Been doing a lot of research on them lately but I still love my Zed and worry I may regret it, although the thought of a v8 supercharged 500 + bhp sldege hammer of a car would no doubt ease the the heavy heart of passing her onto someone else. I've not had FI car for years so maybe time to go there again !! Good luck with your search and decision.
  2. Ireland road trip May 2018

    Time to resurrect this road trip thread guys. Rough iternery as follows: Dates 25th - 28th May 2018 (Friday to Monday) ** THIS DATE IS FIXED** Expecting to do 800 -1000 miles door to door (estimated from the NC500 tour we done 2016), Ireland approx same size as Scotland but I have no idea of the roads setup over there (Ireland members please chip in with this as I'm gonna need a lot of help for this roadtrip). Starting point Belfast and heading north and anti clockwise. Overnight stays still to be confirmed as with full route. As I have said, due to me not having any experience of the Emerald Isle this is going to be difficult for me so I need help please. Ideally want to do a route that takes in the great bits of Ireland but get there using as few motorways as possible. I don't think the roads will be anything like the NC500 route with single track and passing places so need advice. Quite happy for the route to criss cross all over the place to get to see the sights and drive great roads, doesn't necessarily have to be all costal roads, as nice as that would be. "Looking" to cover similar daily mileage as on the NC500, that being 200 -250 miles per day. @gaz300 @KyleR So....who's in ?. 1: Irn Bru +1
  3. Number One Choice of Colour

  4. New Kid

    from another Ginga owner
  5. Help and advice needed

    I'd advise getting your solicitor to write up the "contract" tbh. That way your keeping yourself right. Might cost a few bob but better safe than sorry.
  6. How to make my 17 370z Nismo faster (HELP REQ.)

    Welcome. As with all na engined cars, it's the following Make it breath better - cold air intake and filter Make it exhale better - new exhaust and decats Re map it, and that's about it. For the the parts you'll need pop over to the Torqen Web site. As for the warranty, then id check with your dealer
  7. After 2 months with Berks + Cobra

    Are exhaust bungs an option for your system ?
  8. My 'Black' leather seats for 'Alezan' seats

    Pictures with name and location required for approval Jimmy, same rules as selling bud
  9. , as above a auto electrician is needed. But ill bet it's all to do with the aftermarket imobilser install.
  10. Famous Nissan 350Z . . spotted for sale

    That'll be a long wait for a sale at that price......... unless my lottery numbers come up tonight
  11. 350Z - Cobra Sport Exhaust

    Approved but can you edit / update your location for collection purposes
  12. limited edition! 370z Nismo key rings

    Can you update pic with your name on a bit of paper please. I'll approve it just now but please update op. Appreciate it's for the club but rules still apply..... I would think.