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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MODIFIEDuk/permalink/2389493341368020/?sale_post_id=2389493341368020&sfnsn=mo
  2. Thanks for the input lads, will do some more YT research and look at routes for getting there, might just pull a wee road trip together for it next year
  3. Aye indeed mate, was looking to try incorporate the Yorkshire Dale's on the route down as I've read good things about them. Appreciate there will have to be a fair bit of motorway on route but if planned properly could probably take in some of the best English countryside routes
  4. Hi mate, yes the festival of speed event, just watched some highlights of it this morning on TV. Looks like it would make a great road trip.
  5. Always wanted to do this event and toying with the plan of doing it next year. Any members been and can give their experience of it ? Travelling down from Scotland so would be looking to turn it into a 4 / 5 day road trip with other members if they fancy it and having 2 days at the festival and the rest taking in the sites and roads of England getting there using as little motorways as possible.
  6. @ZMANALEX may be able to help you
  7. Moved to correct sub forum
  8. Thanks mate, maybe you'll make the next one
  9. Guys, planning for next one already, probably 2021 and looking to go to Mallaig, Plockton, up the west cost, across the north coast to Thurso / Scrabster and getting ferry over to Orkney for the day. Will start a new post once I start the planning
  10. Great trip again guys, great to meet up with the grandees of this event and the noobies, hope you all enjoyed it as much as me and Adele.
  11. Hi Ben, welcome to Scotland, glad you've had a blast. Difficult to say tbh and there might be a group split from when we head off on Saturday morning as a few of us are cutting off the north east corner and going diagonally to Kyle of tongue / Durness . Some others might want to go to John o groats, sorry cant be anymore specific than that atm.



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