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  1. @ZMANALEX may be able to help you
  2. Moved to correct sub forum
  3. Thanks mate, maybe you'll make the next one
  4. Guys, planning for next one already, probably 2021 and looking to go to Mallaig, Plockton, up the west cost, across the north coast to Thurso / Scrabster and getting ferry over to Orkney for the day. Will start a new post once I start the planning
  5. Great trip again guys, great to meet up with the grandees of this event and the noobies, hope you all enjoyed it as much as me and Adele.
  6. Hi Ben, welcome to Scotland, glad you've had a blast. Difficult to say tbh and there might be a group split from when we head off on Saturday morning as a few of us are cutting off the north east corner and going diagonally to Kyle of tongue / Durness . Some others might want to go to John o groats, sorry cant be anymore specific than that atm.
  7. Check the mot history on it also, always worth a look on line to check its past fails / passes history as well as the recorded mileage
  8. The one on the south side of Perth, just after you leave the M90 heading into Perth. It's on your right heading into Perth. Here's the post code PH2 8DX
  9. 10.30 -11.00 at Tescos all being well with traffic
  10. Only one full weekender has had to drop out and one or two day trippers. The list is as it was before Tom had to pull out
  11. I'll message you on here when leaving or PM me your mobile.
  12. Not got a clue mate tbh, but from last time we were all ready to head off about 10.00 each morning..... iirc



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