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  1. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Hmmm, you might need to rethink that Ian as we will be doing the route anti clockwise this time around with the tour taking in the Cairngorms national park and the famous Spittal of Glen Shee, then heading to Inverness and north from there to Thurso, before heading west along the North coast. However it would be easy for you to meet us at Perth, which I think is going to be the main meeting point.
  2. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Where have you booked into mate ?
  3. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Hi mate, basically what happens is I put the route and hotels and booking contact details up, saying these are the ones I'm booking into and I try to get block booking discounts for us, not always possible but I try, it's then up to each individual member to phone and book, but if you want to be in the same hotel as the majority of members then I advise to book as soon as I post up the details, which will be in January, just after new years holidays. It's a Scottish bank holiday when we go and the hotels book up fast, as a few late to the party members found out last time and struggled to get booked, some even managed to be in different towns close by the official route and hotels, which kind of defeats the purpose of going with the group, so my advice is, if your serious about this trip is book as soon as I post up the details up. I post up the full route, towns, villages and touristy spots along with hotels and room rates once I've finalised it all. I tend to start my planning in earnest late November early December and have it all posted up in the new year or sooner if time allows, it's a lot of work pulling this all together, so keep checking in for updates.
  4. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    That would be good Ian
  5. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Think it cost me over £700.00 for my missus and me last time, I'd be budgeting around that mark and more if your coming up from down south. It's not a cheap weekend and we cover lots of miles everyday, so you need to be ready for that expense and hard-core driving, but with lots of photo stops en route. Its an amazing roadtrip, I've lost count how many times I've done over the years and still never bored of it.
  6. Irn Bru

    Pair of new Eibach pro spacers 25mm

    Approved but please edit for where pickup may be an option
  7. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    I will be starting to look at routes and hotel accommodation in the next few weeks lads, we've got 16 attendees so far so looking good for numbers. Does anybody have " must revisit" parts of the NC500 that they'd like incorporated from previous trip. Not promising I'll be able to fit everybody's wish list in but as last time there will be parts of the trip where we will / may split the group up for a specific revisit spot. Applecross will definately be incorporated as that's just a must do, so fire away lads with your suggestions and wish list ideas. Also going to look at different towns / villages and hotels from previous but may well end up having to go to previous hotels, just depends of route and roads I plan in. Also, for the guys in the NC500 WhatsApp group, this forum post will be the only place I will be posting up the route plan and spefics so please make sure you continue to dip in here for the latest updates and info. Cheers.
  8. Irn Bru

    Funny Smell Under Hard Acceleration

    Most likely to be clutch burn, do you know / have record of if and when clutch was replaced, 100k mileage would be a good indicator it's on its way out if not previously done
  9. Irn Bru

    Back in the Nissan family

    Aye, not much activity on the forums but pussbook is pretty lively with chat
  10. Nice one @Colden100 Great trip by the looks of it
  11. Irn Bru

    'New' visitor

    At age 31, I'm on the first year of my own insurance policy ever, so I'll leave the engine mods for now! (Company car for a while and parents before that) My other car is now a Volvo S60 as I have some sprogs. and don't forget to tell your insurance company on your mods already done, car looks ace
  12. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Put your name on the list Ian
  13. Irn Bru

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Add your name to the list guys
  14. Irn Bru

    Back once again..

    Welcome back, quite a come back too it has be said. Pics please