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  1. Hi, thanks.. been 4/5 years since the s2000 so hard for direct comparison, but the Honda was a go cart and only really rewarding when vtec kicked in in higher revs, the z is much more refined but so far seem a lot more capable/comfortable/powerful/better sounding and better put together, feels like a proper car unlike the S2K which seemed more like a big go kart if that makes sense... (all personal opinion obviously, a mate has a z and swapped for a S2K purley for the “Go cart” feeling.)
  2. Thinking of getting rid!! It’s great for a month or two but the other 10 it drops stuff on the car! Sap/pollen/leaves /twigs/seed pods like bullets! Proper ruined the paint work on my old Evo before I knew the damage it could do and left it there for a couple of days! its good for the shade, but you have to keep cleaning it while your cleaning it!! doh!
  3. Cheers for the welcome guys.. couple of pics, completely standard as far as I can tell currently (although I think the gear leaver boot has been changed!! Motor is in great nic full nissan service history (looks as though it had the “big” service every year! body work needs bits done, bit of a crack and a dodgy spray on one front corner and the plastic panel on the back for the roof is bubbling a bit.. wheels need refurb, may go for new.. not sure on weather to mend the front and stick a lip on or possibly go aftermarket and skirts etc.. here is how it stands currently! After a good clean and detail today!
  4. Hi all, Just picked up a 05 350z Convertible today. 4 hour dive home was fun in every weather across all kind of roads! will probably be pickling your brains over the next few months while sorting little bits out!. I am Japanese car enthusiast, my last few toys have been Supra, S2000 and I got rid of a Exo X last week to free up funds for the family car and the remaining went on a well looked after Z'.. will be looking to tidy and update bits as a on going project ( but not like my previous Supra project that was 8 years and around 15k after purchase price! (even family cars have been Mazda, Lexus and I've also just bought a xtrail so proper full on Nissan family now!). so hi, and sorry in advance if I repeat old questions or just ask stupid ones! (I will try searching first!) catch you soon Ian (or E like my user name!





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