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  1. Brakes and tyres were done for the first track day I did, as I had read a lot of reports of people suffering with stock brakes plus I was a bit worried about the weight and eating consumables compared to my last car (MX5 NC) I ended up swapping the fluid for RBF600 and putting PBS ProRace in the front. For my current level/experience I am quite happy with this setup as didn’t experience any brake fade, pad transfer etc but granted was only doing short sessions on the day
  2. Thank you both for the advice! sounds like adjustable arms probably aren’t as high as priority as I first thought especially as I don’t plan to lower the car, potentially some to replace the upper front arms if I do find I’m struggling with the lack of adjustability there. But I will look to put my money towards ARBs for now. Car current just has a factory spec alignment I guess it’s best described as I.e. a local tyre shop made sure it was within spec on their Hunter 4 wheel alignment machine. I do plan to take it to most likely H-Dev in the early part of next year to get a more specialist alignment
  3. Thanks for your feedback, I have taken the car to Bedford this year and plan to do a handful of track days next year so really just looking to have some fun and enjoy it on open pitlanes not really looking to go crazy just address the stuff that will aid this. I have some parts coming to address where I thought the car lacked on the day which was mainly the stock suspension with body roll and diving into corners. But I think you have given me some good info regarding adjustability and hit the nail on the head with I can always see if its good enough then change more parts if needed instead of feeling like I need to do it all at once and get it perfect first time
  4. Hi All, I've been searching through the forum lately doing some research about suspension setup, there is a lot of topics surrounding the need for adjustable camber arms etc when lowering your car. However, is it still worth getting the adjustable arms if you don't plan to lower your car but are going to use it on track? I assume the additional adjustability is a benefit and will allow you to dial in the alignment especially on the front?
  5. Ry-B

    Racing Hart RS721

    Certainly seem to be rare as a quick search through the forum returns a couple of people mentioning they had to import them with one nearly paying 3k. Quick google search shows someone selling a set in your spec on a US Supra forum for $2200 a few year back. I guess what it really comes down it is what someone is willing to pay and you are happy to let them go for!
  6. Ry-B

    Ry-B 350z

  7. Welcome! Great looking car, hopefully will see it around as based near your location
  8. I was able to build some pressure yesterday ended up jamming the clutch pedal down with a bit a wood overnight. That seems to have helped and have just spend the last two hours bleeding it doing 5 pumps, crack the nipple, waiting 5-10 seconds then repeating. Seems to be holding the pressure now after cracking the nipple and there is no air coming out, only get a dribble of fluid out though which isn't what quite what I expected as I thought it would flow a bit more but as there is no air I believe it is all good
  9. Thanks Dave, managed to get there in the end but did put up quite a fight, now having the fun task of trying to bleed the clutch which of course isn't going to plan
  10. Hi all, Replacing the slave cylinder and also swapping to a stainless steel line, hit a bit of an issue trying to get the OEM line off from the hard pipe, I’ve got the clip off but assume it’s threaded with the 10mm nut which I can’t get to budge . Any advice on how to do it? Many thanks
  11. Thanks all! looking forward to being part of the community
  12. Hi All, Now that I'm the owner of a 2004 350z I thought it would be best to introduce myself. I've been on the forum since late last year and since then have been on and off looking for a 350z as I struggled to find one I liked. I picked this up yesterday and what stuck out to me was the history as the 2nd owner seemed to really take care of the car, documenting everything he had done (with lots of pictures) each year and putting it into a very organised folder for his 10 year ownership. Which is quite impressive and I fully intend to keep this documentation going! Bit dirty at the moment so will need to give it a good clean and will need a set of tyres soon, however, price was negotiated accordingly so if anyone has any suggestions for tyres let me know! I previously had a MX5 NC with Avon ZV7 on which I thought were great but not sure how they would handle a heavier car. Thanks for you time!
  13. Ry-B

    MOT history advice

    Thanks for the replies, I have been keeping an eye on the forum for a while but nothing seems to have been coming up lately. Probably everyone enjoying their cars during summer! Will definitely view the car still and have a good look as other than this it ticks all my boxes so either way will get closure.





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