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  1. I'll have a crack until others who probably know more than me come along Do you check your oil regularly and if so is it going down? Do you have to top the car up a lot? This would be the easiest way to tell if you are burning oil in my opinion What colour is the smoke on hard acceleration and start up? Generally cars will use a bit of oil especially after the age and mileage most of the 350z are now
  2. @Cornwall-Bow PM me if you are interested, might be able to sort something out with shipping
  3. Hello, Just wanted to check if my for sale post had been missed? believe it meets all the rules but has been pending for a while
  4. Please find for sale my 350z Cobra Exhaust I removed this from the car due to a rattle which at the time I didn't have time to investigate, but in hindsight should of waited until I had time as I believe the issue is just the tailpipes (I have videos of what it sounds like and what I believe is causing the issue which I can send). The rattle for me occurred on start up and low speed manoeuvres such as taking off from traffic lights etc but otherwise sounds amazing and really gives that great VQ Sound. I am looking for £215 for the exhaust - Collection from Bracknell
  5. No worries, I think I used the smallest or second from smallest nozzle I guess start with the smallest and see how you get on as you can also move to the next size if needed. For smoothing it out anything with a flat Sharp edge should do, I found smoothing from the windshield out to the A pillar gave a better finish then going down the length of the windshield if that makes sense
  6. I used Granville black Silicone Sealant, picked up a 40g tube off Amazon for around £4, more than enough to do the corner
  7. He certainly did! very cheap and easy fix
  8. Finally got round to this, could do with a bit of tidy up but you can't tell unless you are looking for it and most importantly it has fixed the wind noise making the car a lot more pleasant to drive
  9. As it might be useful to you I ended up going with the Toyosport and have the stock cats still, at Bedford last Monday it tested at 78 dB. I'll be back there at the end of this month by which time the exhaust will have quite a few miles on it so will be interesting to see if this changes at all.
  10. I gave my coilovers a good soaking in ACF50 when I put them in, obviously won't keep them clean but should stop them rusting
  11. Hi Neil, From your Videos it looks like Bedford is your local track, as I will be at Bedford a few times this year and looking for a new exhaust setup. I am just wondering if you have any concerns regarding the Noise limits with your new setup?
  12. Thanks Alex, Will give that a go!
  13. Hi All, Excuse how filthy the car is as it needs a good wash. On the motorway the other day I noticed a lot of wind noise around the driver side, I checked the window which looks fine, however, looking at the windshield trim it doesn't go all the way to the edge which to me explains the wind noise at motorway speeds. I Assume the trim across the top of the windshield can be replaced on it own, but reading other threads it seems the whole A pillar needs to be replaced to replace the trim on them? which also look like they are starting the fail
  14. There are some customisation options at the top of the site next to the messages icon if you haven't checked them out already but I don't think you are able to remove it. Looks like you might have yours on the left side? Which does seem to throw everything off a bit, personally I quite like it but have mine on the right side which looks better I think
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