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  1. Hello, used this once to get mine out and has been sat in garage since. Anyone interested? Open to offers https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-motorsports-rear-differential-bushing-removal-tool-p-11086.html
  2. I am in Crowthorne, are you based in Berkshire? I've sold it now
  3. That's a tad far @Olly350z If no-one else is nearer then I will pm you. Will be in Hertfordshire this weekend as well.
  4. @ShortPaul No problem mate, thanks anyway. Hopefully
  5. Hello, Anyone in Berkshire with a Mk2 Nismo 370 who would be kind enough to socially distance meet and let me have a look around the car. Sold my 350 and considering a couple cars. Happy to pay for your time, cash or alcohol lol
  6. Anyone got good condition OEM cloth seats? I am looking to swap out my tired leathers.
  7. Awesome looking Zed! I believe I was driving alongside you about a month or so ago on Mill Lane Bracknell
  8. Dam, that's a lot cheaper than I thought. I'll go for that approach too and go for the door handles as well
  9. @pintopete58 They look awesome, how much did it cost?
  10. Im guessing you mean wouldn't?! I think id rather go for the covers than paying for wrapping and I've no wrapping experience to give them ago myself. Might take the gamble, some US youtubers have gone for the Chinese covers I believe and the fit looked surprisingly good.
  11. Hi guys, Has anyone ordered and fitted Carbon Mirror covers from China? Am thinking of doing a couple CF bits such as those and a Side Skirt extension nothing too far and was worried about them being a sloppy fit, I can't find any UK supplied. Example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Carbon-Fiber-Side-Rear-View-Mirror-Cover-Cap-for-Nissan-350Z-Z33-2003-2008/273906919258?epid=27024816039&hash=item3fc61fe75a:g:1VkAAOSwpzRcQF~Y Thanks
  12. @nozb2k Ahah that's fair enough. It's meant to be gloss looks shiny in sun but hopefully a hand polish when the lacquer fully dries will help.
  13. @nozb2k looks good the gaps don't look anywhere near as bad as mine lol. Just waiting on sealant to arrive to fill it in.
  14. I recently bought the exact same lip and I’ve found the fitment to be poor too. Quite a big gap on both sides different places, I trimmed the middle section down fairly easily and am planning on using some sealant to fill the gaps and the whole way a long to get an even look. Hoping it’ll turn out alright and may brush paint the sealant to match the bumper and lip.
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