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  1. From that anecdote, you would be the one full of @*!#.
  2. Swapped the rears to get through MOT. Passed MOT so I don't see the problem here. I'd still be running mismatched sizes even if the fronts and rear were swapped and I'd still have the same issue of ABS preventing me from braking while running the module. I didn't know there was an issue with the setup until the brakes would not apply. When I found there was I problem I fixed it and thought I would share my experience. Sounds like you just like an arguement on the internet.
  3. What does post count have to do with anything? Am I meant to sit and chat @*!# on here to build up 1000's of posts? Post count doesn't equal credability. Sure I could have 1000's of posts, not drive a Z and still be a ****.
  4. The wheel speed sensors freaking out combined with the module bypassing this behaviour is a danger, this is all I was pointing out.
  5. What exactly is your problem? Why would I say I had 19s on the back when it wouldn't have been true? You are coming off as an absolute ****.
  6. The post isn't redundant; simply posting for a bit of exposure on the topic. Did this guy reply to my post twice and still doubt what he read in the first place? The fact is, the burnout module allows the car to be driven with this setup and it jepordizes the braking system at times.
  7. Straight to the point with this one. If you are running the CS2000 burnout mod with mismatched wheel sizes, it can cause the ABS to prevent you from braking. I was running 265/35/19 up front and 205/55/17 on the rear; temporary solution for a couple of weeks. A number of times I had experienced the ABS catching while slowing down. The worst was when approaching a junction, I tried to brake and the ABS system was engaging, preventing the brakes from actually stopping me. Car felt like it was on ice and I couldn't get stopped at all, was going slow enough that it eventually did stop. But this isn't ideal at all, if somebody was infront of me I would have hit them. Just a PSA more than anything, running mismatched wheel sizes with the burnout module is not safe. Not trying to bash the module, I still run it in my z.
  8. Have you pulled your coilpacks and checked for oil? Could be the culprit for your oil use, especially on the DE. I'd even swap or clean your PCV valve.
  9. You are right, no super unleaded in the south of Ireland. If you are up north you can get 97, 98, 99 RON. Your closest location would be in Newry which is by the border. If that's too far, then octane booster will probably be your best bet. If you want to go the ECU route, then there are a ton of Jap part suppliers in Ireland.
  10. Looks like 2 dying coil packs are to blame.
  11. So I've done all the work last month, changed both valve covers, gaskets and all 6 NGK spark plugs. When I first start the car it's can sometimes run rough and will sound like a misfire, but it clears up if I rev the car hard enough. After that the car is running fine and will continue to run fine until I turn the car off again and start it a while later. I've checked everything over and it looks ok, everything is all tightened up and connected. I'm thinking of checking all the coil packs. But also thinking could one of the cats have been damaged when it was running hot.
  12. Looking for a set of decats for a 2004 350z.
  13. Took a stab at it being the valve cover spark plug seals and I was right. Pulled the coils on the passenger side, 1st was dry, 2nd had a very light oil residue and the 3rd made an audible pop when I removed it. Coil was absolutely soaked in oil and the spark plug well had a large amount of oil. Fitted a new cover and gasket and just need to do the coils and plugs.
  14. Hey guys, Over the past 80 miles or so, I've had 3 instances of the car sounding really rough like a V8 noise. Usually it has gone away after a blip of the throttle. Tonight I drove a couple of miles, parked for an hour and came back to the car. Started it and it was running rough again, drove it home and it ran very rough the whole way. At one point the CEL was flashing but went away. I put some fresh petrol in and finished my journey home. Looked under the car to see if there was anything obviously wrong with the exhaust. Noticed the driver side cat was glowing red hot under the remains of the heatshield. Planning to check the spark plugs and coil packs tomorrow, but wondering if anybody else has had this before. https://streamable.com/e3avx4 https://streamable.com/exj8wh
  15. Wonder if they'd do it any cheaper if both of us got a remap.
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