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  1. Still for sale? Can you post better pictures ? Are Spacers (and what size) in the price ?
  2. Still hope to hit few trackdays before, so will pop if all stays in tact Can't really wait - would be my first meetup in Z.
  3. Just wanted to share my appreciation for my F-lady this Christmas Finished just now, think effects are amazing - guy at MOT centre wanted to charge me 40 quid to sort this out, took me 30mins and those looks like brand now for 10ner. How did you guys treated your ladies ??
  4. Just bought a set of 2nd hand great deal Federal 596 RS-R 235/40/18 mildly used with lots of meat. Now im mostly thinking of skidding, but since it's not standard, wondering is anyone running those and does it still feel good/better or maybe worse ?
  5. Im a freshman myself and already jealous of those rays !!! But wait, do you know what you're doing with that amp ? Are you planning to solder some EEPROM's soon as well ??
  6. I'd take those spacers with brake lines in a package, pm sent
  7. Mate, im interested. Located in London, so ... i'll look for some cheap courier options. As davey_83 said, any option to post more pics? are those straight rims ?
  8. good stuff mate i got rid of FB few years ago, and avoiding as hell i'll prob, launch GIMP for some VT on those pics ...
  9. I'm googling and i can't find stock orange 350z with gt spoiler, with rear window louvers, with black wrap(paint) roof. Any one seen/have it handy somewhere ? Just like this one from tarmacsportz, but different pallet Always loved that on DeLorean's, wanted one on my car one day, and i think ZED is perfect for that. Also that'd be my first useless car mod
  10. How big cans you've (above isn't to much oil really - ie. RBs like to spit ALOT) ? I assume ppl go bigger on track... or does those engines not throw up that much even under load ?
  11. hehe, i need to try one of those one day, legend to drive thanks mate, great to hear this actually do something good to traction, as i was pretty much just sorting out rust for MOT as cheaper OEM replacement.
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