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  1. looks like everything is sold now ? or do you have any of those: louvres ? carbon bonnet? cd009 ?
  2. Yeah, I'm not going there anymore since I've got rid of stock exhaust. They failed 'stock?' McLaren 570s on static test in front of me... While ago I was black flagged in my almost stock CRX, it was hitting V-TEC just before and after last hairpin, just next to the mic lol... These days I just got Doni or Snetterton, I don't bother to do static, very relaxed on drive by, and amazing tracks. Much better than Bedford imo
  3. Why so late... Assume you've got spare cd009 to go for cheap now ? Btw. quaife or samsonas ? 😉
  4. Mate would you mind taking dimensions? im thinking of different application: IS300 alu radiator.
  5. what is is set up to atm lock wise ?
  6. Lots to ask, but... Turns out I'm stupid and I assumed V-power is as standard as in UK and Europe... Just tuned my Z at Horsham this week on RON 99 from shell, wanted to make sure I make it for the bash... Now, came all the way from ldn, and can't find shell petrol station?? Apparently they only have diesel and 95 here!!!! What??? Is there anyone with any connections to source stock 350z ECU in Ireland (best in close proximity to Mondello Park) ? I can't even express how awesome that would be!
  7. Decided to take a risk... worst case, i'll get a new engine @ the price of Greddy pan Anyways, so far so good. Did a trip to SantaPod DWYB, sent it and went back. No leaks/cracks etc. Quality seems very good, it's a heavy item (almost 3kg). Fitment is perfect, much bigger then stock, clears nicely in place.
  8. Searching whole internet so far no luck... maybe someone have it at hand ?
  9. Hi, all Torqen BBK users. I'm considering the upgrade mostly for the track use. Did anyone tracked the car with this kit , how does it hold back ? Any critical failures ? Any feedback appreciated !
  10. Anyone tried this ? ebay-link 150 quid at time of this post, it's bigger and over 2x cheaper than cast aluminium greddy... I don't care about what label stuff has, only concern is quality (it's not very critical part, +++ OEM is f*cking rusting == no quality already) If someone is running this and did + 10k miles, i'll take it
  11. I honestly just and only asked does anyone have a spec for this JR product Other than that, think it's just a good conversation, but true in wrong section haha That's some good info
  12. This is very shallow statement. would you ever consider plastic spacer ? material used and forging matters. Think there was forged Eibach PRO spacer... where others are only CNC'd shitty aluminium blocks ... (don't have exact details..). Anyways i'm running on eibach atm, they take serious beating at track/drift and holding well. But need another set, so considering this one. This is sort of spec I'm looking for...
  13. Is there any spec of those, i struggle to find anything online. Eibach has full spec available easily. Wondering how those JRs compare
  14. Anyone found good one? Brand/colour code would be appreciated ! Who supplies those to retail?
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