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  1. Hi Anyone got a DE front bumper they dont need anymore, colour not important but gunmetal would be good I can arrange a collection Many thanks
  2. Sorry for late reply, been away £120 plus £20 for postage if you are still interested
  3. Can anyone help with one of these, Its a DE '05 350z . I dont want to buy the whole unit really just for the cap so thought Id ask around Thanks
  4. Ive got a pair, DE ones not being used
  5. Hi Z people Does anyone know if il need a oil pick-up spacer if I install a larger oil pan. Ive seen spacers used when an oil pan spacer was installed, but not sure about this setup. Cheers J
  6. FOR SALE Brand new high capacity oil sump for 350z Complete with fixings, original box I bought this on ebay as a chinese import, I paid the import duty on it and its all good, except that I dont need it now as i wont be doing any track work this year. Il be making a loss on it. Its perfectly good quality and will do the job nicely to anyone that dosnt want to pay the astronomical price for the american ones. Price........£120 ono postage included Thanks for having a look
  7. Hi, Im after a 350z gear shifter stick with no knob If anyone can help please let me know Any help much appreciated
  8. Jam1

    Zed photo 1

  9. et 12 front and back They do miss the Brembos nicely!
  10. The front wheel is 19 x9.5 Tyre is 250 35 19 Super sport I hope this helps J
  11. Hi C j I will have a look and let you know this morning. I have new tyres on the back as I bought the wrong size pilot supers sport, too wide
  12. I have a set of 4 19" Varstoen Es1 Wheels in Hyper Silver with machined Lip for sale I love these but have to sell to fund other car work. They look amazing on the car and always turn heads. Rears are 19 x 10.5J, 275 35 r19 Tyres Acceliera ( a very good Indonesian Tyre imo) Fronts are Michelin Pilot Supersports They are in excellent condition. They have not been used much, just summer wheels and very low mileage. Always been garaged, washed and protected with alloy wheel protector. I have looked after these fastidiously! There is some very minor miniscule worm like corrosion on one of the wheels, that could be sanded out no probs but i dont have the time, and one tiny nick in one the rims that the tyre fitter did, virtually unnoticable, apart from those minor imperfections they are in excellent condition They have brand new tyres on the rears, only done 100 miles I hope the photos do them justice There are photos for each individual wheel for close inspection Thanks for having a look Im in Cornwall, so I could meet up as far as Bristol if needed, or courier can be arranged for £100 Paypal only please Asking Price is £1100 ovno
  13. Hi, does anyone know if the rear height sensor can be deleted. Its attatched to the rear subframe [Brown wiring plug mounted next to diff bushing) and ive just refurbed the rear underside and was wondering if it was really necessary to put it back on. I have seen some cars without it and the Haynes book does acknowledge that it may or may not be present! Thanks J
  14. Hi, thought id throw this over the forum I am looking for a passenger side short output shaft if anyones got a spare old diff knocking around. Thanks for having a look



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