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  1. Hi All I'm selling a bespoke bash bar I had made by a proper roll cage welder who makes FIA reg cages. I've decided not to drift, so I'm selling it on. Its primed and has holes for the original crash bar fixings. It fits into the standard bumper perfectly. Price £220 Postage £20 Thanks J
  2. For Sale One used Extreme 350z twin plate spring ceramic 200km clutch and light flywheel. It's done no more than 9k in my car since new and it is in excellent condition. It's just been serviced and checked by CG Motorsport clutch specialists in Leeds and it passed with flying colours, they recommended I sell it for £450. I find this unit a bit too grabby for me, but it is awesome if you like that. Price, for clutch and flywheel package...£430 Inc postage and packaging Cheers J
  3. For sale A pair of Invidia test pipes in very good condition, they've done 9k. Tarnishing has occurred. They sound great and are very well made mid priced pipes. Selling because I had to get cats to compete in events. £50 including postage and packaging No bolts or gaskets are included. Cheers J
  4. Hi Im interested. We will need to get it onto a courier truck though, woould that be possible
  5. Hi Il take the slam panel if its still going Thanks
  6. Hi Alex, ive pm'ed you
  7. Hi All Is there a DE oem front bumper available out there thats not needed? Any colour will do. Im down in Cornwall so courier would need to be arranged, its a bit of a faff but I would really appreciate it. Il cover the cost and some beer money! Cheers for looking J
  8. Hi Anyone got a DE front bumper they dont need anymore, colour not important but gunmetal would be good I can arrange a collection Many thanks
  9. Sorry for late reply, been away £120 plus £20 for postage if you are still interested
  10. Can anyone help with one of these, Its a DE '05 350z . I dont want to buy the whole unit really just for the cap so thought Id ask around Thanks
  11. Ive got a pair, DE ones not being used
  12. Hi Z people Does anyone know if il need a oil pick-up spacer if I install a larger oil pan. Ive seen spacers used when an oil pan spacer was installed, but not sure about this setup. Cheers J
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