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  1. hi paul thanks for the reply unfortunately i matched the number on the lip and its for the DE which wont fit on mine, i am after the one for a HR same lip but the code on the inside should say ( BLF-NS3506GT) to fit mine as the grill placement is different for both cars i think ,but thanks a lot for the reply. H.
  2. Hi this is a bit of a long shot but by any chance a=has anyone got one of these lying around that they want to sell 350z (HR) GT front splitter (not the nismo n1 that everyone has) from tarmac sports as they dont have it in stock atm and the wait time on it is unknown so if theirs anyone selling one give me a shout thanks.
  3. hi got mine done from horsham my 5 maps are: 1.perfomance map 2.perfomance with pop and bang 3.valet mode 4.number 1 again as theres not much you can do to an n/a 5.ignition switch- car wont turn on unless u input the right map setting. hope this helps.
  4. hi thanks for the reply yes the issue is that it never worked from the beginning so that is the reason im asking if anyone has experienced it before as even the tuner was surprised as he has never had this issue with any other car with it not working when the file said all the factors where at the right place but i will check the throttle sensor and see if that resolves anything thanks.
  5. hi all just asking if anyone else has had the issue of the launch control not working (pinning the throttle to hold the revs at a certain point) on a uprev arc tuned 350z (HR) everything else works , : flat foot shifting,rolling launch .etc : that u get. Any ideas or any one had any issues with it before would be helpful thanks.
  6. hi pal first off all just wanted to ask what is the make of the single exit you have (isr) ? and also it would not be a fair representation to you to the hear the cobra as mine isn't stock i have berk test pipes and a megan racing y-pipe on mine so its alot louder and dronier than it was when it was just the cobra. ideally would like to swap with a tomei straight on to avoid hassle of someone not having an exhaust on their car lol if i get a tomei ill be happy to give you my cobra for a fair price no problem. also, looking clean headphones.
  7. im local to cheadle and i see an orange one quite often up and down kingsway is that urs with the nismo spats/side skirts.edited to say mines a roadster btw not coupe.🖖
  8. HI yh thanks for the replies cool to see more Mancunians repping the 350z starting to see quite a few around on the road here is a pic of my trumpet on 4 wheels.
  9. hi guys got a stainless steel cobra exhaust on the car y-pipe back so just the resonated mid pipe and cobra back box,similar to pic below and im looking to swap it out for a tomei ti exhaust as i want something a bit louder and like the single exit look its been very will maintained and only been on the car around 15k miles located in Manchester lemme know if anyone is interested.(mine is the rolled tips not slash cut btw).
  10. does anyone know any garages in Manchester that have fitted decats and a y pipe to a 350z and can get mine done cant seem to find anyone to get the job done thanks.
  11. hi would you be willing to sell me the y-pipe on its own if so what condition is it in and will the mesh need replacing/does it have any leaks, also only a 40 min drive away from crewe so should be able to collect thanks.
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