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  1. I'd say up to 5cm, anything more than 5cm/50mm and youl have no front bumper or exhaust left after a few days driving.
  2. No problem guys, there will be more..
  3. Just a quick reminder for people, meeting from 9 30am at mitton hall to set off at 10am, anyone and any car is welcome. If anyone is going to be abit late please post on here as Ill check this thread before we set off to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. See you guys tomorrow, looks like a dry day also
  4. A quick update guys... It's looking like this will be a good turn out. We've got 7 zeders on the list and 15 M cars also a gtr I think so over 20 of us. Iv spoke with the hotel and theyre happy for us to meet up there. I'll post up the route below just incase some people lose the pack, atleast then they can follow the route on the nav and catch us up. Theres no junctions for us to stop at so everyone should be able to stay together. https://maps.app.goo.gl/PbvWG See you all next Sunday
  5. Get yourself along bud, you coming in the 335? Just stick an M badge on it and youl blend it lol theres 14 M cars coming aswell as the Z gang
  6. On track I set mine to 31psi when hot front and rear
  7. Been using these for the last 3 years, I nearly went with mpss like everyone else but so glad I didnt, they handle teamwork well and arnt to bad In the rain. A little expensive but worth it
  8. The holes on the rail don't line up with the holes in the seat so I'm going to have to drill my own Here's a couple of pics of it both ways
  9. I'm pretty sure I know the answer but just want someone to confirm please. I've got a recaro sr3 and just bought some recaro sliding rails for it. Does the seat mount to the 'male" part of the slider? Or the wider "female" part? Only reason I ask is I think you bolt the seat to the "male" part of the slider and the "female" part to the car but doing this means you push the handle down to slide the seat. Every car I've been in with sliding seats you pull the handle up to slide. Also if by any chance anyone knows the size of bolts needed to mount the rails to the seat that would be great. Cheers
  10. Hope you get it sorted in time, not seen a zed with the rear louvers on before and would be good to see the nos build.
  11. 1. Rob350 2. Davies700 3. Glen 4. Ridz 5. Slates 6. 370Des
  12. Your more than welcome bud, come along and meet a few fellow local zedders I'm sure youl enjoy it. I'll get you on the list and hope you can make it. Where abouts are you from?
  13. Hotels for the 3 night is around £300 depending on where you stay and then fuel and food, i think ian who organises it says its around £800 all in food fuel and accomadation.
  14. 1. Rob350 2. Davies700 3. Glen 4. Ridz 5. Slates
  15. Before I fit my o2 spacers I was a bit concerned that the engine wasn't burning right or the cat was dying etc that's why the fault stayed even though I changed sensers and swapped them left to right but I took it to my friendly garage and got an emissions test like on your mot and everything came back fine and as it should so it me feel a bit less concerned about fitting the spacers and kind of hiding the problem I suppose. My guess was it was an electrical fault



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