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  1. Before I fit my o2 spacers I was a bit concerned that the engine wasn't burning right or the cat was dying etc that's why the fault stayed even though I changed sensers and swapped them left to right but I took it to my friendly garage and got an emissions test like on your mot and everything came back fine and as it should so it me feel a bit less concerned about fitting the spacers and kind of hiding the problem I suppose. My guess was it was an electrical fault
  2. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    Just a quick bump to to remind people about this meet/drive. Get your names on the list and enjoy a nice morning out with an array of cars. I've got 11 people on the M forum, 4 on this list so far and a couple on Facebook so it's going to be a good one.
  3. Rob350

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Very non nom
  4. A couple of pics, now I'm remenissing. One of the zed whilst I'm here lol
  5. That's a fair coincidence, the same cars and in the same order as me haha, you've clearly got good taste Although I am really eager for a porsche even just for a year then get a 370z. so if money allows I'll get a Cayman s if not a 370 and put porsche dreams on hold. my s2000 never had issue at all from 100k to 118k apart from a worn chain tensioner but you could remove the drive worm inside, sand blast it to rough it up again and put back together (a little tip i learnt off another owner, new ones were £270) I had 52 reg with hardtop. Id have another one in a heartbeat, brilliant little car and better looking than the gen1 z4 or boxster competitors.
  6. I went from an s2000 to a 350z when I had it, now in an e46 m3 but my next purchase will Definatly be a 370z when I'm bored of the beem as the z got me hooked
  7. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    Well So far there's 8 people coming off the bmw m forum in m3/4s and an amg a45 and every time I've done a drive out there's been around 10 zeds so it's looking like there will be around 20 cars for this meet and drive. I'm going to post it on Facebook tommorow as I know there's quite alot of people who don't use the forum as much as fb. should be a good day out. Nice roads, nice motors.
  8. Rob350

    Recolouring of existing OEM Leather Seats?

    You can get leather dye will really good results, there's a guy on m3 forum the has just dyed is grey leather interior to cinnamon and it looks amazing, he says it's still soft etc and he just used some letter protector after words to help prolong the colour although because it was dyed it's should stay regardless. I don't know how you'd get on making black, yellow though
  9. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    1. Rob350 2. Davies700 3. Glen 4.
  10. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    Be good to see your hill climb car aswell, I only saw it in its mere stock days. It's also a slightly different route to the one you came on I think, quieter and better roads
  11. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    1. Rob350 2. Davies700 3. 4.
  12. Rob350

    Northwest Meet/Drive out 7th April

    1. Rob350 2. 3.
  13. SUNDAY 7TH APRIL... MEET AT MITTON HALL, NEAR CLITHEROE, LANCASHIRE With all this snow it's got me looking forward to drier times and a nice meet and drive out again. The last few times I've done this weve had 10 or more cars with some people traveling an hour or 2 to come along so its always a good turnout. I'm looking to go on the same route as last time which is an hours drive, stop at a nice cafe then an hours drive back. Theyre quiet roads with a white line all the way full twisys and veiws. I'm organising it for the first Sunday in april which is the 7th. I thought people that lock their cars up behind bars for winter will be able to blow the dust off them with a nice drive MEETING... As usual meet at Mitton hall near clitheroe in lancashire for 9.30am and set off at 10am. Also when we get back to mitton hall, if people wanted to stay out abit more if they have come a long way, there is another route I can take people on after which is around 1.5 hours start to finish but I'll ask people on the day what they want to do. Get your name on the list please guys, the more the merrier and get it into your diary. Iv also posted on the bmw M forum as I now own an M3 so there will be a nice array of cars. Cheers Rob
  14. Rob350

    Anyone changed fabric car seat colour?

    You can take the fabric off, but you have to take the seat to bits. I've been speaking to my mother in law tonight and she's good with a needle and thread, I think we're going to try and just basically wrap some black material over the top and staple and stitch it to the red material, the center cushons come out easy enough so that will hide any staples etc. Then in the future if I decide to sell the seat on I can remove the top layer of black fabric and have the original still intact and unworn underneath
  15. Rob350

    Anyone changed fabric car seat colour?

    I saw that stuff, apparently very good but it takes a lot to change colour like there's not much colour dye in the spray. I saw a few vids and it took nearly 3 cans to change a grey pillow to black. I'm looking more at autobrite or autoglym black dye in a spray bottle. Read that a few people have used it on headliners etc and is pretty good. Like you say though red to black Is going to be tricky. But even if it goes dark grey it will be better than bright red