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  1. Really easy... -buy an oil syringe pump... -Remove fill plug (to make sure you can fill it before you drain it)... -Remove drain plug, drain, put drain plug back in... -Suck oil up in syringe and pump into fill hole until the oil starts come out the fill hole... Just Google recommended oils, some say only nissan, some say save some Penny's and get redline or Castrol equivalent, use some friction modifier in gearbox if notchy
  2. I bought this exact same kit last year before going on a euro trip, luckily not had to use it yet though but glad to see it works well. Not sure I'd like to use the tyre afterwards though I have ad08rs and use them on track but atleast it would get me home etc.
  3. This happened to mine, I found a drain coming from my stereo, never ended up doing anything about it just made sure I started it within every 2 days. I'd checked the alternator was charging and battery was good, and they were. Then after a month or two my alternator went caput. Changed the alternator for a 2nd hand one off zman and everything was good after. My car would last a good 2weeks before my stereo drain meant I couldnt start it. So I think when my alternator was on it's way out it wasnt charging the battery to max and was causing funky problems.
  4. Some people will do anything to upload pics and videos on Instagram and snapchat haha
  5. I've got to say thanks again to irn bru for organising this, this was my 1st driving tour with and I thoroughly enjoyed everyday rain or shine... bar the hour I was under my car in the pouring rain on a cafe car park Great to meet you all and hopefully go on another tour with you again.
  6. We thought you had gone to the waterfalls instead of doing the driving route, sorry Jim, I think Brian tried ringing when we pulled up 10 minutes after leaving fort William. Was a good laugh meeting you and Jan, glad you got the 370 home in one piece. were just passing Lockerbie now we will give you a wave
  7. I've got to say, I bought one and the screw backed out itself within 2weeks and the Z fell off. Fortunately asad sent me a replacement but that also failed within 3 weeks so I just gave up. Shame really as they are nice keyrings just need to use some super glue on the screw or something to stop it backing out
  8. Im from near Preston, I usually organise a drive out and get together in the north west if your interested. Snap... I went from s2000 to an 04 zed 3 years ago, I still miss the s2k now but the zed is a brilliant beast. Enjoy and welcome
  9. Ok that's cool, still a good 10 people then. Really looking forward to it now. See you in Edinborough... I'm setting off from Preston on Friday morning at about 5am to be at the meeting point for 8 30.
  10. Does anyone know how many people are still actually going to this?? I've booked and paid for the full weekend of hotels, It just seems like alot of people have dropped out in the last few weeks...
  11. I really like the look and shape of these, I was looking to get one last year but ended up getting an e46 m3 instead. I may get one next though I think. Never had a turbo or auto car before and the theres quite abit of tuning potential.



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