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  1. I pmed regarding the coilovers, hopefully I was quick enough for 1st dibs. If you could let me know if I was fast enough that would be great. Cheers
  2. I will be looking to organise something in a month or so round the bolton by bowland area. Meet up near clitheroe, lancashire and drive on some twisties. Just waiting for things to relax a little. I've organised quite few over the years.
  3. I've PM'ed mate. Cheers
  4. Hi, I'm after a set of 20mm and 25mm spacers also after some coilovers, please let me know if you have anything. Cheers Rob
  5. Thanks guys, looking at getting the torqen spacers although itl be a few weeks till there in stock. If anyone 1 has any second hand spacers or coilovers that would be great, let me know. Cheers Rob
  6. Its standard appart from a scorpion backbox. I believe it's been a members car for near the last 10 years. So now I'm after some spacers... what's the best size?? (I've forgotten what were on mine) it will be lowered on springs and is on standard Ray's. I read 20mm front and 25mm rear is the widest you can go without rubbing. Is that true?? Or should I go 15 front 20 rear?? Cheers guys... Hopefully get chance to organize another Z meet now I'm/shes back in the fold
  7. So I had a silver 350z for 3 years ago, i ended up selling it and getting an e46 m3, which I love and has now turned into a track car over the last 3 years. My girlfriend loved the Z big time and drove it quite often. Since selling it she has always wanted her own. Anyway three years later, last friday I treat her and PX her mx5 and put the rest to, to get her a Z... she is absolutely beaming. Heres a quick pic on friday when we collected it...
  8. I had this on mine, I just got a file and filed like half a mm off the brake pad metal backing plate to allow them to slip easier and not bind.
  9. I hope you do bud, last years was brilliant.
  10. Theres a spray called spidex that keeps spiders away and stops them making webs, a mate is a security camera fitter and uses it around the cameras and says its brilliant
  11. That's nothing to be worried about mate, new tyre, new bulb and a suspension arm that's it. £400 max, and thats paying someone to do it, 2nd hand good condition bearing and suspension arm/Bush off zman, then tyres can be anything from £40 - £200 depends what you want. Get on ebay and get a pair of used decent tyres for cheap. If the Bush/arm and bearing are that bad It must have been making a horrible racket for a long time, how did you not notice?? Tyres down to the cords.. cars need to be maintained you know. If you keep up with maintenance thro
  12. Really happy to be fair.. it's gone shiney glass like again, I've got some scholl s30 and panel wipe on order, should be here by Wednesday. Gunna go over the megs with scholl then panel wipe the side I did with the g3 and megs and scholl that side. Thanks for the advice @ilogikal1
  13. Heres after 3 passes with megs ultimate compound...
  14. Heres a pic so you can see the colour. The rear arch pic is before I did any painting
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