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  1. Theres a spray called spidex that keeps spiders away and stops them making webs, a mate is a security camera fitter and uses it around the cameras and says its brilliant
  2. That's nothing to be worried about mate, new tyre, new bulb and a suspension arm that's it. £400 max, and thats paying someone to do it, 2nd hand good condition bearing and suspension arm/Bush off zman, then tyres can be anything from £40 - £200 depends what you want. Get on ebay and get a pair of used decent tyres for cheap. If the Bush/arm and bearing are that bad It must have been making a horrible racket for a long time, how did you not notice?? Tyres down to the cords.. cars need to be maintained you know. If you keep up with maintenance through the year doing little bits here and there you dont end up with big bills like this in 1 go Although this is only a small bill to be honest and you were thinking of scraping... New pads and discs all round are 700ish, 4 new tyres 400ish, then the rust... These aren't cheap cars you can just beat on and forget about. It's not a peasant pergeot where parts are cheap as chips
  3. Really happy to be fair.. it's gone shiney glass like again, I've got some scholl s30 and panel wipe on order, should be here by Wednesday. Gunna go over the megs with scholl then panel wipe the side I did with the g3 and megs and scholl that side. Thanks for the advice @ilogikal1
  4. Heres after 3 passes with megs ultimate compound...
  5. Heres a pic so you can see the colour. The rear arch pic is before I did any painting
  6. I used rattle can lacquer, also it's on an e46 m3. So I'm thinking I may use the megs ultimate compound on a foam pad to start, see how that goes, then get some scholl s30 to finish. Hows autoglym super resin polish for a finish instead of scholl?? The car is a light silver grey in colour, I'm also not after a 100% perfect finish as the silver colour makes the swirlies barely noticable. I'm just after bringing back the glass glossy shine.
  7. Thanks illogikal, I was hoping youd come to save the day I clayed the whole car today and that made it 10× better, it left the lacquered area feeling smooth (not glass smooth) but like sanded smooth or original paint that needs a really good clay. I thought I'd see what the g3 would do and It came up really shiney and glass like smooth so I dont think it's bad enough to need wet sanding. I'll get some pics tommorow morning in the sunlight to help. But for now would you reccomend the s30+ on a foam pad? With it being a light cut polish, if I do need to go a little bit deeper I could use the woolly buffing pad. Also to help me understand the cutness of different products... on a scale of 1 to 10 say, (1 being finishing polish and 10 being wet sand) If Scholl s30 would be 1, where would the megs ultimate compound be on the scale of 1 finishing polish and 10 wet sanding?? I really appreciate the help, straight from someones mouth instead of trailing threads and discussions getting confused on polished bliss lol
  8. Sorry for the long post but I'm trying to explain where I'm at.. cheers So I repainted the rear arches, only about 20mm around the flat arch edge. Colour match is good but as I sprayed the lacquer coat i tried to blend to the rest of the arch, anyway it has now made the arch like a matt finish. It feels smoothish to touch but not glass like the rest of the car. It almost feels like it needs a good clay bar and you can hear the roughness when you wipe your hand over it. On one arch I used farcella g3 scratch remover paste on a buffing pad which has made it glass like smooth and shiney again. My question is... I'd like to use a proper polish to make it shiney glass like, what polish should I get?? Also should i use the fluffy buffing pad or proper foam polish pad??? The g3 paste has done a brilliant job but I think it's full of fillers like a glaze so if I deep clean the car again I'll be left with matt arches again and have to reapply the g3 paste everytime I deep clean the car. I'd like to properly polish it so if/when I deep clean the car again in a year or so I wont be left with matt looking arches. I hope you understand. I've got some Maguires ultimate compound, I've read about some 105 or 205 polish maybe?? Any advice would be great, there are soooooo many different brands and products of polishes etc it can get confusing on which is best for my application.
  9. This is a build series done by some American youtubers, Throtl. It shows them figuring out, mocking, fabbing and fitting up the Tesla drive train on 350, I think it's crazy the fact that you literally can fit anything to anything within reason with some metal and welding skils (and money) They are also fitting a genuine liberty walk 350 to 370 front end conversion wide body kit. This is going to be a crazy car. I kind of like the 370 front end aswell. These are the 3 episodes so far... Part 1 Part2 Part 3
  10. I'm selling my red recaro SR3/Speed I had in my e46 m3, I've now got fixed buckets. This comes with recaro double locking sliders. I bought the seat 2nd hand and bought the sliders brand new 12months ago. £200 collected from clitheroe lancashire. Also selling 2 sets of corbeau sliders brand new unused £20 a set. For more pics or info just ask. Cheers
  11. Rob350

    Club Calendar 2020

    I know I should have bought a calendar but are we gunna get to see some pictures of.. "The Chosen Ones" ?? lol
  12. 8k is an absolute bargain. I was also in the same boat, really want to own a Porsche. After the zed I seriously was looking at getting a Cayman s but my budget could only afford the bottom end of Caymans so I've put it hold for another year or 2... one day..
  13. Rob350

    Sun strip

    I put one on, after 6 months I were sick of tapping the wiper myself so i cut out round the sensor, to be honest it really doesn't look that bad. Stick your strip on then see how you go, you can always cut the sensor out after if need be
  14. I went there for the 1st time a few months ago, and got caught out having to use the overflow car park. There was plenty of scraping and funny looks off people walking by lol I thought it was very good for the entry price, had a go on all sorts of arcade games and went on the vr rally driving simulator for abit, I think we were there for around 2 hours.





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