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  1. Hello. Are the alloys still available? How much am I looking at to have them shipped to Greater Manchester? Cheers!
  2. It's an 04 DE by the way. Thank you.
  3. Took the car for a drive. 35 mins later something evidently was wrong, flashing CEL. Pulled over and it stopped. Then started again and stayed solid - I got a P0300 code for random multiple misfire, however it didn't sound like it was misfiring and pulled just as well as it usually did. Nursed her home (only 2 minutes) but realised a very odd sound coming from either the gearbox or engine area, alongside a 'whining' sound when at idle... Any ideas? Video here: https://v.redd.it/bq6gu9dngn071
  4. @ZMANALEX hey mate, I know I've messaged you already regarding a clutch kit but wanted to confirm that if the clutch slave cylinder for the 05/07 will fit an 04? Or are they different between the years? Cheers. @Mikey_S my reg is T8HHS, if you wouldn't mind running whatever checks you need and just confirm if that's OK? The main thing I need is the flywheel and clutch. I have asked Alex to check on Friday if he has any oem clutch kits and flywheels in stock and it'll likely come down to price but the exedy is really attracting me ngl!
  5. Hi Mike. Is this all still available? I know you have said it's suitable for a DE/Revup - I have a non-revup DE, 2004 Reg 350z. Do you know if it'll be suitable? Cheers.
  6. @HEADPHONES looking clean bro! Lovely spoiler on the back of your Z. I'm saving up for a ducktail spoiler soon. But first i'm getting a rear diffuser to liven the back end up a little bit I think. The centre in Middleton is lovely. I'm due a visit to Rusholme soon, I miss some arab food and some moonlight for dessert 😋 Will defo give you a beep/flash/wave if I see you out and about @JBaron wow man your 370 is looking lovely!! I normally come through middleton past the cop shop/bus station and up rochdale road through harpurhey when I go to manchester, i'm sure our pat
  7. @HEADPHONES - defo wasn't me, I'm in a 350! Photo attached for you though so you can keep an eye out... I'm usually around the Rochdale/Middleton/Manchester areas. @Tinyflier - as long as you don't show us up and take off whilst we're flooring it, feel free... If I hear any turbos spooling up I'm not gonna be a happy chappy 😂😉 @Rob350 - I'm game. Let's do it! I haven't taken her on any twisties yet, nor have I sent the back out coz I'm too scared... Hell, I've only turned traction control off once, go easy on me!
  8. I've never been to a meet before despite owning a fair few cars and being a fanatic for many years. Anyone fancy arranging a meet with me and hopefully we can get some heads together?
  9. Will I smell of oil burning from an exhaust after spraying this on myself? Will I sound like a VQ when I'm running down the road? If the answer is a no to either of these, it's a no from me unfortunately...
  10. My cats have now died a death sadly and I don't really want to go down the decat route. I got some cheapo HFCs on ebay but they're terrible and popped the day after installation after a high speed run. I ideally want stock cats but wouldn't mind decent HFCs like the kinetix, berk or tarmac sportz ones. Hit me up if you're selling any of them!
  11. Are the decats still available and will they fit an 04 DE? Thanks.
  12. Hehe to an extent I do... I just made sure I did plenty of reading on the forum before I made my account, I didn't wanna get flamed for not reading existing posts 😂 and thank you very much! Funnily enough, I was actually looking at a stubby the other day but decided against it for now - I think I shall just leave it as it is in that case. Cheers again 😊
  13. Hello everyone. I'm based in Greater Manchester. I used to play NFS Underground on my PS2 when I was a kid and always loved the look of the 350Z (and the Toyota Celica for that matter). I bought a Celica last year and whilst I enjoyed it, I wanted something with a bit more oomph so I started searching around for a good 350Z. I finally bit the bullet a week ago when I found one that I fell in love with. It's an 04 reg DE with 116K on the clock, which I got for £4K. Its body needs a little TLC but apart from that it seems to be quite alright
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