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  1. You sure it's oil? If you drove on a wet day and the water got in the disks it could literral be rusty water spinning out of the vents - thats why it would be in line with the disks. On the other hand you could have washed her and let the water stand a bit before driving, would be more likley to happen if she was parked up for a while before a good old wash as well. The big dots are when you stop - hopefully it will clean off if you get to it quickly.
  2. Very nice Steve - The things you miss when you turn to the dark side aye
  3. Morning all, hope you all had a great weekend, I’d like to say that I have already learnt a lot of ways to not fit a rear mount turbo, it’s been quite a learning curve already! We, Tim the co-owner has been helping where possible although Covid and his imminent house move are keeping him busy, spent the first day trying to come up with a suitable location for the turbo that allowed clearance, we also had the added constraint of trying to keep the original outlet. This is because the Hayabusa kit we have uses a specific design and modified turbo, Shaun at Big CC racing who supplied and dy
  4. Hello Again, Yes I’m back I’m sure you have all missed my updates and my apologies for dropping the ball on that, normal excuses apply mainly life, nothing to bad I’m pleased to say just hectic with work as Covid has caused many changes for us and we have had to restructure to accommodate them. Also, even though it is hopefully a decade away I have started making retirement plans ……………. Yes, I am that old! This has resulted in a company merger with another company I have worked with for about 15 years, the amount of paperwork, solicitor and accountants etc requi
  5. Pure dumb luck is my guess The mad scientist has supplied made me some HUGE battery packs for one of our electrical projects, they may be yet another attempt on my life Thanks mate To be fair the posts are about 2 weekends behind where I am actually at as I missed a week posting, I usually post one week behind, but as I'm not getting every weekend in the Zed Shed you do catch up from time to time. Last weekend which was basically Sunday morning in the shed will be a very short post It's coming along though and plenty more project
  6. Morning all, As is now normal I’ve been to busy to post, I’ve been to busy to do anything! Ended up working this Saturday but got a quiet afternoon on Sunday so took the R8 out for a spin – That was fun, decided to go and find an ice cream in the New Forrest, beautiful surroundings gorgeous weather and I got to drive my toy Meanwhile back at the Zed Shed I am back on The Bug, Still lots to do but you have to start somewhere so I started at the back with the luggage rack as this holds the rear lights which all need replacing, Not impresse
  7. A very good morning to one and all, I’ve been manically madly stupidly busy! Both with work overload and I’ve managed to get all those projects that spiralled out of control during lockdown back in some semblance of order So sorry I didn’t post last week far too much on, but to catch you up; I took the new shelf and tool holder that I made for the lathe apart I also took the back cover off as it is hammered Then I had to pop out shopping Got the vibrating sand sifter out – worked w
  8. Morning all, Back to normal with work 5 days a week and only weekends to do all the normal stuff around the house associated with being an adult (I don’t do the adult thing very well ) Did manage to get the powder coat oven finished this weekend I put the top bar in and added stops, so it won’t fall out Then a nice big bolt to keep the doors shut Needed handles but the SMEG ones are different lengths So I cut them down pushed the end fitment out and put it back in the now shortened tub
  9. Morning, Quick update before work Onto the wiring then Started with a hole for the cables Started laying in wires Took a while but got all the switches wired up in the end I used a plug from the Smeg so the control box can be removed if required Mounted it onto the oven Put the elements in and ran the wiring round The back looks like this now
  10. Don’t give me any more projects I have 3 on half and 2 more waiting to start not to mention I need to get the Radical in ASAP if we are to have any chance of a track day this year!! Anyway……. Morning all, Managed to get some time in the Zed Shed over the weekend, Saturday morning was spent finishing a job for work (the paid kind) and tidying up then back to the powder coat oven – I really need to get this finished but the little bits take so long but I’ve put so much time and effort into it now I’m not going to cut corners and spoil it at the end! Today I ha
  11. Sneaks back in as if nothing happened Morning all Well work came back with a vengeance, we are as busy now as we were on the first week of lockdown! All the work that has been on hold for the last month or two is kicking off and everyone wants in NOW! Add to that a new project (work project not fun project) has snowballed into something bigger than we were expecting and needs to be ready by the 1st of July and I’m back on 12 hour days! I have not managed even an evening in the Zed Shed this week, the good thing is if I’m working hopefully I’ll have some money
  12. Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend So I got a bit done on the oven, Hoping to get these side projects cleared over the next two weeks and then get back to some work on the vehicles, The Bug first though as I’d like to have that in one piece and maybe even get some use out of it in the summer! The mad fire foam has dried So I trimmed that down and test fitted the window frame, On the small door The foam had a big hole in it right where it is most needed, not sure why,
  13. I know, I know, Thing is I now I have gone the powder coat route I need the oven done before I can crack on with The Bug but I will post the coplete build when I get to it, should be starting back on that in the next week or so, depends how long it takes to finish the Oven and put the lathe back together, the good news is that after The Bug the next two projects are vehicle
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