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  1. Life has a way of slowing down the fun projects At least you managed a bit of progress, all my projects have been very slow this year! My track toy hasn't got as far as the dyno yet and we blew the engine the year before! Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming (when you can)
  2. The dedication shown here not to mention the attention to detail..................... its awesome
  3. annnnnnnnd I'm late to the party All causght up now though Amazing build sir Will be following along with intrest, please keep the updates coming.
  4. First post ammended with whats here and whats gone
  5. Yes I can see that is confusing - it meant collect from me here not posted but they have gone sorry.
  6. I think I have replied to everyone, we have an ordely queue going just waiting for yes/no answers before I move onto the next in line
  7. Loads of intrest I'll get round to the PM's in order as soon as I can, been asked for more info on the wheels. they were on @Beb Zed I think (I could be wrong) they are Rota GTR 18" Not sure of offset but they fit a 350z fine. J size estimate Rear - 9 - 9.5" Front 8 - 8.5" Currently running 235/40 on front and 265/40 on rear. Michelin Pilot Sports fonts have a few mm rears are close to markers. They are not perfect hence the price, few pics. On Bebs Zed More pics -
  8. Hi All, This lot has been in storage for over a year under tarps or covers in the Garage, need to clear some space for my new projects Mods - Took some pics a week or so back but didn't get round to posting so took a couple of pics today with new date hope that is OK. This is all for collection I can ship but the price goes up! Looking for offers to get it shifted ASAP More photos available just ask.
  9. You sure it's oil? If you drove on a wet day and the water got in the disks it could literral be rusty water spinning out of the vents - thats why it would be in line with the disks. On the other hand you could have washed her and let the water stand a bit before driving, would be more likley to happen if she was parked up for a while before a good old wash as well. The big dots are when you stop - hopefully it will clean off if you get to it quickly.
  10. Very nice Steve - The things you miss when you turn to the dark side aye
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