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  1. Fluke's interior overhaul

    Looking good That really stands out Excellent work
  2. digital afr

    I'm happy the programme was simple for you, must just be me that looked at that and though - "his keyboard has had a funny 5" As always a great solution looks to be on the horizon
  3. Well I had a great day as well I now have a new "Point of interest" on my Sat Nav - its a cone on the skid pan - I spent so long staring at it and sliding past it we thought it only fair it get it's own entry Learnt a lot had a great day with great instruction and some like minded petrol heads to share it with. We were all brilliant at any given challenge when watching from the sidelines I will be back for more
  4. Project: WeaponiZed

    Looking very cool As with all big mods loads of little problems but the solutions are top notch - keep it coming
  5. 6th time lucky?

    Good luck with her mate
  6. Returning Z owner - feels good!

    Be fun to see what you do with the 370
  7. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    Nice write up Dan
  8. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    I do like those seats
  9. Fresh 350z Owner

    to the forum
  10. Thanks all.

    Don't be a stranger and enjoy the Lotus
  11. 350z doors are locked shut

    I would check all the fuses first - then you need to get the door handle apart and start checking to see if power is getting to the switches, there is an online manual on the forum somewhere and that has the wiring pinouts and power feeds you need to look for. Good luck
  12. My N/A DE Build

    Great work, great story, keep it coming mate
  13. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Sept 2017 .

    Sounds GREAT! I'd probably take it a little slower while you run her in though Good to know that you have started thinking about the big "First Key Turn" day Hope it comes as soon as possible for ya Where are you based (I'm sure I know) wanna drop in and see this