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  1. @ATTAK Z at your behest I look so cool
  2. Nope on a diet - lost 1.5 Stone since January OK Send the doughnuts anyway
  3. Hi, @ZMANALEX is reffering to me as the guy up the coast, so you owe him a beer for taking the time to PM me - you'll have to post it as he is in Scotland In different times I'd come take a look at the car with you but I had almost the exact same issue with a Zed a few years back, the fault turned out to be a poor engine earth if yoy take off the front black plastic top engine covert on the left hand side you will see a 10mm bolt holding down an earth lug, that is the earth pont for the injectors and the coil packs, if that has corrosion under it (an it will) the car will turn over throw no fault codes and not start - we tested it on a working Zed if you disconnect it the Zed won't start but will turn over until the battery dies. So whip it off and give it a clean, you can also try putting a jump lead from the engine block ddirect to the battery negative to make sure you have a good engine earth, but that may not be required. Yes it could be that simple mine was but took ages to find! Good luck, I'm in Bournemouth and happy to help if I can
  4. Gooooood Morning - Hope you lot are keeping well??? So some more from the Zed Shed II - this time it's current I was on this yesterday I decided that I would investigate what was causing "The Bug" to not go forwards and backwards - well it does but it clunks and grinds and ocasionally locks the back axle so ...................... On the ramp - it's not wide enough for both Start stripping the back end down one bearing fell apart Not terminal it can be re-assembled and greased up Next challenge was to get the "reverse assembly" out - I have no idea what muppet came up with the design but you can't slide the assembly far enough right to clear the drive shaft, it took me an hour to work out how to do. Check the drive shaft Had to get this off by moving to the right Good game good game - But I did it Drained the oil and took it apart Found the problem Just need to find a replacment, thats fun as the factory that makes them closed 8 years ago More soon Keyser - The Hermit.
  5. Welcome back @glrnet long time no speak mate I've been waiting for you to mentioned the war but I had to wait for @The G Man to make a passing reference and use that as an excuse! Which leads me nicely on to todays caption competition after @ATTAK Z superb entry yesterday Meanwhile back at the "Shed" I have some very poor pics of the repair I did on the Go-Kart seat Bit tatty and a hole in the bottom so add some fibre glass I relined the inside as it had loads of holes from mounting and was cracked in one place Applied the resin Let it dry and sanded it down. The end result Just need a bit of foam padding and then get Mrs Keyser to make me a new cover and it will be good to go I know I posted somewhere else, the work in this update was done a while ago just not had time to bore you lot with it, however at around the same time 2 new toys arrived Firstly - @Beb found this on FB Market place at a silly low price as it was no longer a runner the previous owner had only had it a few days, the V5 hadn't come back in his name yet anyway it broke and he just wanted to move it on - we obliged and went halves on it as a new project/toy, it is waiting to get into the Zed Shed for a strip down to see what has broken, it's something in the back axle My new toy was also delivered - Beb decided not to go halves on that though I have only done one mod on it so far, I'll post pics soon. BE SAFE! Keyser - One Man Alone in his shed!!!!! (Some say he didnt have friends before social distancing )
  6. It's only funny cause it is so true I just get to look at my toy at the moment Might wash her again, just for fun though
  7. Hi all, thought I'd try and break up the monotony with a little update, On a completely different note, after reading what @The G Man posted on another thread it reminded me of some pictures I found while tidying my desk draws a few days back – Ahh it seems like a lifetime ago – I still remember the sales speech in the recruitment office “Join the Army, travel to strange exotic lands and meet strange and exotic people” Yeah didn’t mention that these exotic people would be shooting at me did yah!!!!! Anyway up next we have - Its a junior go-kart chassis that the Mad Scientist ( @Beb) found for us on FB Market place - best bit was we got lost on the industrial estate when we went to collect it, knocked on the door of the wrong unit and and met some guy detailing his Lambo So that made us anothe 30 mins late as we made a new friend However we got the Go-Kart and I took it apart then cut some bits out that I won't be needing Then I took another perfectly good full size Go-Kart chassis that Beb and I bought from the bay last year and cut that up Now to Frankenstein the two together This gives me twin bearings on each side so now I should be able to either cut the old axle in half or make 2 new ones, the idea being that with twin motors I can drive each rear wheel independently and not worry about a diff. It also means I can modify the Go-Kart cornering that lifts one rear wheel to corner into a system that keeps all 4 wheels down on corners hopefully that will improve road holding That's the plan - more soon as well as some other completley unrelated things happening in the Zed Shed II, including but not limited to a fibre glass seat rebuild and a 40 year old table refurb All the best guys n girls stay safe Keyser (The crew is social distancing so it's just me, myself and I )
  8. My hero!!! I had 240 rounds of 5.56 for my SA80 and 9 rounds in my Browning my thoughts for when the hoards came over the hill was "That's 248 for them and one for me" feck the bayonet I'm not that brave 5 minutes is a bit optomistic an SA80 on full auto including mag changes= I'm out in 3 mins tops Work from home - I have been for the last 10 years So no change there. I work in IT Support the work load has doubled apparently someone has to setup all this remote working and get some old laptop that has been laying around the house for years probably with Windows XP setup for remote access We are doing 90% remotley but still covering sites for Server outages and major issues, just keep my distance, I have basic PPE and wash my hands a lot. Obvoiusly site work has dropped off and all installs/upgrades are on hold. Huge thanks to all the supermarket workers keeping us in food despite all the muppets bulk buying, and hats off to all the NHS / care workers along with the police and prison gaurds still doing what it takes! A sincere thanks from me!!! Speacial mention to sewage workers cause that's a s**t job Sorry @andybp couldn't resist Hang in there guys - My thread will be updated soon to give you something other than daytime TV to keep you amused
  9. Thanks for looking mate that is the build thread but it was over 70 pages it's now 8 - O well not the end of the world. Thanks for looking
  10. I can't find my old build thread for the 350Z "The Bitch" my links are not working, tried a google search - its probably just me but can anyone save me some time and give me a link? Thanks in advance. Keyser
  11. Well hello, I’m back by popular demand, Well not that popular and no demand but I’m back anyway Loads been happening in my life with work (my actual job that pays for these silly hobbies), My hobbies, new projects with the mad scientist aka @Beb, The long-suffering Mrs Keyser’s kitchen refurb and even a new car. A few updates to get you up to speed on the latest shenanigans. Apologies if I already posted any of this but with so much going on you need the background so ………………… Previously in “Zed Shed antics – Something Will Happen” @beb got me into “race night” it’s a bit like fight club except everyone talks about it and pretty much anyone can get an invite This is basically a bunch of nutters with various Go-karts, scooters quads etc that are small, fast and dangerous (brakes are a very optional extra)! Every few months we all meet up and at a secret location we run these things round a Go-Kart track – it’s mental and great fun!!!! Beb and I are building Electric versions of these mini racers, Beb is perfecting the art of electro therapy while building our battery packs - well he keeps shouting "Ouch" and his hair stands on end, I assume thats what he is doing He is now striping out motors and adding sensors and other strange things ??? So we built a test rig, based on an old Go-Kart from the bay Here it is with a test battery pack and one of our motors, we have been through about 5 motors to see what will actually get us moving and how much power they draw. Motors are scourced from anywhere Beb got the lower 2 I found the top one on a scrap fork lift Mine was awesome but is so heavy the Go-Kart does not actually steer anymore O we didn't add brakes it makes testing more exciting! close up of the temp drive shaft - went big after we snapped a couple. I also invested in what I hope to be the "Daddy" of elctric motors after I found a couple of refurbished ones for half the new price abou 9-10HP so that should be intresting. We then rebuilt the E-Quad from scratch, new chassis new battery pack, new seat and even powder coated it. Battery pack- Designed to fit in an estate car. Downside was we snapped both the drive shafts so that is back for an "upgrade" I also made a spacer and some extended axles That allows the quck chnge from short to long and then you can have dualy rear wheels - More soon Keyser and the Zed Shed Crew
  12. I'm just waiting for the mad scientist to hook up the car battery to my chest and we are good to go
  13. Bit of as loaded question that, it’s certainly different and yes I would say better but lets quantify that in the interest of fairness, there is nearly a decade of technology advances between the two so it would be disappointing if it wasn’t better, I think it fair to say a newer R35 would probably be better to drive. I’ve only had the R8 since Wednesday and had to sort the paper work, insurance Tax etc and it’s been raining all day today not to mention work, so only had a couple of drives in it, one with the wife – she really likes it - so it will no doubt go missing on occasion. First impressions are that there is less drama about the R8 over the R35, put your foot down and it calmly gets on with it when the GTR kicks you in the back and launches towards the horizon. However some of that is actually me The problem with a V10 naturally aspirated engine behind your left ear is its LOUD so I was changing up way to early it revs to eight and a half and they do say you need to keep the revs high to get the best out of them, I’m changing up at 6,500 then when I went in a bit hotter kept her above 5K through the corner and floored it the R8 kicks you in the back, so maybe as much drama if you know how to drive it properly It then gains an horrendous amount of speed in very little time and distance and you ease off again as you panic In other words, I need to get used to her and take her on a track or over to Europe to see what she can really do! I got the post 2016 upgrade version which is a different car to the pre 2016 version or so the reviews say. Not driven a pre 16 one long enough to give a fair comparison, this means I get loads of nice things like the newer chassis , Audi Virtual dash, driver select, push button start etc so it is a very, VERY nice place to be and nicer than the R35 but again it’s a decade newer! The new R35 has a newer dash and layout inside. The drive is so different it’s light, nimble the brakes are amazing and it’s a pleasure to corner, none of this is an insult to the R35 that is an amazing car as well but different. R35 – Like driving a bigger more powerful 370z - I loved it!!!!!! R8 – Like driving a slightly bigger more powerful MR2 - I'm loving it!!!!!! That sort of different ones more like a Go Kart the other a rally car both amazing in their own way. I did not get the Plus version in case you were wondering, the plus has more power and a fixed wing a couple of extra driving modes but less refinements, however a remap gets you 600HP or a remap and a new zorst gets the same power as the plus – for £10K less and you keep the refinements guess what I'm doing when the warranty runs out I’ll be able to tell you more after I’ve owned it a bit longer Keyser





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