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  1. OK plagiarised directly from the instruction manual I'm sure @cs2000 won't mind Start up the car and you will see the button light up. Notice the usual lights go out on the dashboard as normal after a few seconds. Briefly press and release the button, a relay will click and the button led will turn off. You will now have the TCS and Slip lights illuminated on your dashboard meaning the Traction and Vehicle Dynamic Control stability aids are fully disabled. I got this. (I'm sure I did) If you now turn the car off, wait a second and then turn it back on again, you’ll notice the relay clicks again and automatically disables the stability features for you! Again as I recall BOTH lights came up on the dash showing TCS was still disabled. To re-enable them, simply press and release the button again and the button led will illuminate. Now turn the car off and on again and the TC and Slip lights will turn off on your dash. Traction and Vehicle Dynamic Control are now re-enabled just like normal. You MUST turn the car off and back on and the lights will go off after the normal delay time. I can double check this for you tomorrow as I will be with Beb who now owns my old 370z that I fitted the kit into, but I'm fairly sure that we expected and got identical results to the 350z when installed. Hope that helps but I WILL double check it for you tomorrow as it was a while ago I installed it.
  2. Thats gone as well, got a few smaller parts, engine ancils and some interior plastics left now. All the suspension has now gone as well as the wheels.
  3. Yeah like I said just one SHORT story!!! Well only if you Really have to
  4. I only told one war story - You youngsters dunno you are born!!! Had fun, Hope to see you all again soon. @coldel It may be old but distinguished and rugged is a better description
  5. It's still here - no mountings - which are 4 long black self tappers thats all they come with AFAIK this one had one screw and 3 zip ties PM me if you want me to dig it out of storage
  6. Keyser

    A Humpy

    Nope don't know who that is???
  7. Great to see some progress mate
  8. I assume you mean the door glass seal? If so no, the rubbers on both sides were in very poor condition and therefore binned.
  9. Heat - that's what I did anyway - I have oxy acetylene though not sure a blow torch would do it - heat it then run a chisel round the lip and it should give, failing that I have cut one off with an air powered cut off tool - think big dremel but it's hard to not mark the shaft. Good luck
  10. Welcome along LS2 V8 With 350z engine Mounting brackets sitting in my garage - now that will drift Hope you get it sorted soon mate Plenty of pics of the build please
  11. 1. andy James- White Horse Full English 2. Humpy - White Horse full english 3. StormWhite -White Horse Full English 4. Beb - White Horse full English 5. coldel - Eggs Benedict 6. Gg2040uk (Maz) - American pancakes 7. Keyser -  - White Horse full English
  12. Not yet but I haven't got any felt on it yet
  13. Annnndddd in other, other news .................... Got the exhaust and turbo housing back from ceramic coating Got that all fitted on the rebuilt engine and we are off to Dyno on Thursday all being well, I'll let you know how that goes and try and get a video or two of the power runs Now onto something GREEN I bought this little latching relay from the bay 50p for scale Now this is for a GT-R mod I'm working on but I needed it housed in something, apparently Nissan heard about it and they said it was a brilliant idea and immediately dispatched a custom built GT-R upgrade box, and the relay fits like so Of course they had heard of my reputation so it came personalised O did I say Nissan sorry I meant @Beb who happened to have his 370z in the Zed Shed for some exhaust work and he also happens to have a 3D printer, so while I worked on the Zed he got busy designing on his laptop He is of course an expert in these matters and it came out perfect first time or maybe not No seriously huge thanks to Beb for offering to do it and producing the perfect box in the best colour What's it for ??? Stay Tuned Keyser Maximum Effort



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