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  1. You gonna insulate the roof Ian? I would them metal ones condensate and drip ..... just a thought EDIT: Although that may not be metal is it that fibre stuff?? Looking good though
  2. Can I park on the end of you lot? If not I'll just be Billy no mates (as usual)
  3. Check your engine earths - especially the one on the top front above the power steering pump - its the end earth point for the coil loom. It's only a 10mm bolt into the front cover but the ally corrodes take it out check the wire for damage give it a clean and put it back on. There is also any earth to chassis on that side make sure it's good. May not be it but won't do an harm Good luck
  4. Hi all, The annual BBQ and celebration of my eldest daughters birthday is set for Saturday the 3rd August, so clear your calenders load up the camping chairs and head on over Resident BBQ Chef @Beb will be cooking all kinds of strange things as usual BYOB drivers are expected not to drink!!! Place limited(ish) Get ya name down if you fancy coming along. 1. Keyser
  5. A DC motor will run backwards if the polarity is reversed so the polarity must be reversed, I would guess you put the caps on backwards but I have never actually stripped and refurb'd the fan motors so I don't know that for sure, just seems the only simple thing to reverse the polarity.
  6. Quick update - The table is in the garage First job was to get the other table top or steel plate off, not sure why they loaded it with a fork lift, all you need is an @Beb to lift it off (Sorry Beb I forgot to Photoshop the cable out At this point Beb had to leave so I ended up at this point with the table - The rest was far to dangerous (stupid) to take pics but the end result was ........ started to strip it down starting with the draws Don't think they have been opened in a while But it did have a CD took the old wooden side off and the vice Next thing to do is see if I can sort the slight sag in the top longways front to back More on that soon but this is evening work so only a couple of hours a night. Keyser Maximum Effort
  7. I'm sure cost is/was a factor, more and more parts are plastic, I did the thermostat on an Astra and the complete assembly that feeds the heater holds the thermostat and the temp sensor is all plastic. That's the first clutch cylinder I've seen that's plastic, maybe I should try something newer than a 55 Pop
  8. What @Ebized Said - Come on Matt get with the program
  9. I fully agree with what's been said and hats off to the guys n gals that step up and organise (I should do more) @andy james is awesome to have in my area and does loads of event stuff we keep saying we will meet up and get something else going and he does the Breakfast meets I try and give you all something to read by tinkering in the Zed Shed As an additional point - It will be the annual Zed Shed BBQ soon and if you put your name down and don't attend then ........................... More food for me and @buster
  10. Is that slave cylinder plastic? great work as always
  11. So this happened today ........................... I popped into my local scrap yard hoping to buy a bit of plate steel for the top of the new welding table, I wanted something the same size and about 6-8mm thick, They don't have that light wait stuff but they did get me a piece bigger than I needed and a LOT thicker than I needed - It's like 12mm thick!!! This table will have it's own gravity However they asked why I wanted it as I usually get small light weight stuff, I told them I was building a welding table - "Ahh you want a welding table" they say "we have one even has a vice on it" Now I have been looking at getting another vice for my welding table and they are expensive I actually want an old one as they are better IMO they can take the abuse, any way they show me this table and it's huge but they are asking less than I would be paying for a new vice. I nip home measure the garage work out where I can fit it (after a complete change of plan for the table I'm building and all my current tools stand setups). I let them know I'll take it and pop over to Tim's as he happens to have access to his dad's plant trailer which I borrow and I now have this outside The Zed Shed II With vice As an added bonus it also had this - No handle but I can sort that Most people are asking - How are you going to get it off - Simple I have no idea I'll work something out I'm sure Keyser Maximum Effort



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