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  1. Keyser

    I broke me Knob !

    But have you made a nice replacement???
  2. Keyser

    I broke me Knob !

    Nah needed I needed to change it anyway the old one was looking tatty
  3. Keyser

    Drifters - can you help?

    I was thinking somewhere quieter maybe head out Blandford way?? This sort of make my point though - other than breaking the law where do you go? I don't mind paying but I can't find a place to go ............ yet
  4. Hi All, I went on one of those drift experience days last weekend (bought it in January when they had a 60% "early bird" discount ) Normal sort of thing you expect from these things, not enough time in the car but better than some of the super-car experience days and given what I paid I'm not disappointed. I went with a mate and we were chatting on the way back about the cost of it all, for a learner you can get a BMW and weld the diff and away you go for a very small investment, of course if you want to go big you can spend a lot of time and money to build a proper drift car. Now I'm not saying I will take it any further than the drawing board but the biggest thing that leaves this dead in the water is Where can you go? Apart from Tesco car park where can you actually go and practice? I'm not talking about after you can actually drift with some consistency I mean practice. Plenty of quite good courses with 3 to 6 hours in a car 1 to 1 instruction, again fine but after that you would want to practice and I'm struggling to find places to do that in the South of England Dorset area. Even in the Midlands where there is more companies doing instruction there are few "practice" days, a few "drift days" bit like a Track Day but I don't want a track to start on. I want a big area to get it wrong on There used to be an event every week or so near Bournemouth airport but even if that is still running its access to the concrete walled circuit with 6 other drivers for 20 mins at a time, I think I would just annoy other drivers and no doubt smash the car up. Is this the way of it or am I looking in the wrong places? Any help or input appreciated.
  5. Keyser

    I broke me Knob !

    Hi All, I was taking my centre console out this weekend and I had a issue with my gear knob, now I've had fun with both 350 and 370 knobs before but this one was really stubborn! After it was removed the whole inside was blue from the thread lock they had liberally applied. The thing is it looked like this after it came off O well not the end of the world I have a spare after market ally one from my 350z days and it looks naff as it dosn't meet the trim, but a lot of them don't. But I thought I'd take leaf out of @andybp book, I know he would get out his technical drawing kit do some calculations programme his CNC machine, carefully source some stock, spend a day making a mount to hold said stock at the exact angle and then produce a work of art - my version .................. I grabbed my precision measuring equipment (rusty old tape measure) carefully sourced my stock (bit of ally from the scrap bin) Double checked my measurements Looks about right I then placed it in my lathe (I don't have a CNC machine) Then using my high tech measuring and alignment tools (yes all by eye ) I made this - Finished it looks like this and fitted - Happy with that and please note @andybp no fingers in the pics - see I'm learning Drive safe. K
  6. Keyser

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Hey now @andybp you're lucky thats not my finger in that picture or I'd be looking into copywrite infringement!! Keep up the good work, Then I need a set for the 370 so if you could just pop over??? Keyser
  7. @cs2000 I'll have a dig around when I get the Radical out of the garage and can get the 370 in and let you know. Happy to try one if we can figure out if it should work
  8. What do you need to know about on the 370? I can probably check it out and possibly bring mine over so you can have a tinker Cracking Mod though
  9. Keyser

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Looking good mate Keep up the good work
  10. Keyser

    'New' visitor

    along Great start to owneship keep up the good work
  11. Hi All, Sorry for late reply - finished the BBQ packed up with help - thanks to the late stayers Then out to Castle Combe at 5:30AM today and just back. Shout out to @Jez @ H-Dev Who was there in his 350z with the biggest wing I have ever seen on one We were both suffering the heat as were are cars and Turbos but fun all the same. The BBQ was a massive hit this year The whole family had a great day thanks all that came and you missed out if you didn't!!!!!!!! Special mention to Beb and friends who did an awesome job cooking the food - as always Thanks @Beb See you all again next year I hope
  12. Keyser

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Ahh the ingredients have arrived just need the chef to put it together and cook it up now What power can the solid state relay handle?
  13. And we cry with Joy that you live in that Kent Got ya down as a definite maybe for this year mate - Buster said he will eat your share if you are a no show
  14. Keyser

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Awesome engineering, modifications and now big words - your talents have no bounds
  15. Sorry was the excuse - I live to far away??? Come on you can do better than that!!!!!!!