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  1. crank sensors are or can be temperamental mybe removing it and putting it back in helped but thats just a guess, also cleaning them may have helped, best thing is keep an eye on it for a few days. Glad she is running aganin though Got your PM will reply soon
  2. You seem to have taken the right steps so far. OK in no paticular order, The light on the dash should blink slowly when just a constant "blip" about 1 a second when the car is locked, off when unlocked. So yes possible NATS problem. The charge light on - a battery tender is just that not a charger so possible battery fault or the battery tender is not giving enough charge, but a week should do it - possible battery fault as well. Cranks but not starts - NATS I'm leaning that way also worth checking is the main coil pack loop earth this is a poxy little black wire with the circle type end and a 10mm bolt through it found on the left hand side top of the cam chain cover just below the pal;stic engine cover. Clean the bolt as well! Next setp is battery off for 30 mns plus reconnect (make sure you have 12V+) close all doors and bonnet, lock the car wait 1 min then unlock jump in and (fingers crossed) you are away. If not it's onto the normal is there fuel, spark etc tests then CPS etc etc. I say NATS due to flat battery thats my feeling at tyhe moment but I've been wrong before Good luck mate
  3. @ OP Check the drop links (I've snapped one in the past) if not that it's a bush or 2 that have worn. Its not usually something you can see unless they are hanging out but they have worn out most likley on one of the control arms. Not so sure on the 370 depends on age but IMO the ARB on the back end of a 370 is a bit whimpy to start with - upgrade made a huge difference on mine.
  4. What you think I haven't been up to my neck in it ???!!!! To be honest I have been really busy with loads of stuff, work is manic and there are possibilities of some major changes in the company in the next few months, if these do go ahead then there will be some lifestyle changes for me and the good lady wife. This has also got me thinking about my current project list along with the huge number of other things (not necessarily car related) that I want to do. There is a very strong possibility that I will bin the Pop Z project as something has to give and I can't bring myself to let go of the Radical just yet!!! Believe me when she is running right (which is not very often ) there is nothing like it as a driving experience, or at least nothing else I can afford to do! I also do not have a limitless supply of this thing they call money and you can only spend it once - being as I'm getting older (read got old) there are a few other things we would like to do which unfortunately also cost money! So if anyone wants to do a 350 or 370 LS swap drop me a PM I have an LS engine and gearbox that would drop in a treat going up for sale It's not all doom and gloom though so do not fear, We still have to get round to another complete redesign on the Radical to stop the bloody thing melting / blowing up on track, The Electric go carts project is still being progressed and I still have the GTR in the "Stables" for those occasions where a pleasant drive out is in order I'll catch you up on the E Carts soon as we built another one and in the meantime this happened. Yes I had to collect @Beb 370 after it broke down Original diagnosis was CPS, also the battery died and would not take a charge, Beb replaced the CPS and put on a new battery, The Z then started but wasn't right, I diagnosed a seized aircon pump from what I could see looking between the rad fans and the engine (not much) Unfortunately I was close it was something sized but it turned out to be the Supercharger !!!!! The Zed is currently in the Zed Shed II in bits while we try to source a replacement C38 – 81 Rotrex SC! Not sure what happened, the cause is oil starvation, but we have no idea where the oil went, the reservoir was checked on a regular basis, I found no leaks, split pipes or damage to the oil cooler. There was no oil in the undertray or on Beb’s drive (which is block paved and you would see it). My current theory is that the seal on the main shaft went and the oil pumped through the engine, but we will never really know what happened. More on that story soon. Keyser Maximum Effort
  5. I'm a definite maybe at the moment Will confirm as soon as I can buddy
  6. Thanks Alex - I was going to posta a I can't help at the moment @TobeZ350 so talk to Alex he is your man
  7. You have ramps - Awesome - best colour as well Now you just need a second shed to keep all the bits in while you build the Zed
  8. I'm in 1. Andy James 2. Humpy 3. Maz (gg2040uk) 4. MatthewThain 5. Keyser the imposter - Maximum Effort 6.
  9. Me I'm the supervisor I personally don't report to anyone (except Mrs Keyser when I'm in need of plasters / medical attention and dripping blood - happens more often than you'd think ) But I do have the T-Shirt to cover this - What you can't see in that picture is the last line of the notice - Here is a close up There are a few Notices in the Zed Shed Keyser





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