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  1. Keyser

    Where the heck does this plug in?

    Lack of or to much?? Hope I'm right then your sorted
  2. Keyser

    Where the heck does this plug in?

    Look behind the shroud/panel - If I'm right then that wire passes through the panel and plugs into the expansion tube on the end of the air con condenser. Or the idiots guide - Thin shiny air con radiator has a pipe thing on the left end as you look at the car from the front. (drivers side) there is plug in the top of that pipe, your cable should fit that Hope that helps
  3. Keyser

    Lotus Exige vs Dangerous GTR

    Nice lap I think the GTR guy/gal?? just wanted to mess with your time he/she cost you a good few seconds on that lap!
  4. OK It is now call Project Elrond Ref Legolas are you not getting confused with Smeagol Either way it still only counts as one Not sure if I'm Gandalf or Gimli
  5. Keyser

    right hand door accuator

    These are from an 04 plate 350z, look different to me. Might help
  6. Keyser

    Z & the Ring

    First time I went some guy tried to get on the ring with a tractor As the rest say the first lap is an experience, take it steady keep right, after you have done a couple of laps you get into the swing of it and relax then it gets fun Also Docwra is spot on Pistenklaus do a cracking steak Here he is
  7. Keyser

    Ramps Free to good or bad home.

    What he said Near Bournemouth, PM me it you want to sort a day to collect them
  8. OK then, Stand by to cringe Now it was pointed out to me by someone that shall remain anonymous @andybp that I was basically building a 350z chassis from the ground up, this is all well and good but will it fit into the pop shell? Well the simple answer is no - not a hope in hell, did I let that slow me down? No So now I have front and rear suspension mounts made I got the shell off the old chassis and into the Zed Shed - a few measurements show that the bracing on it was not sufficient or stresses since they were fitted have caused it to bend out of alignment so add straightening it up again to the list of problems Anyway a few more measurements and the afore mentioned busy body and my suspicions proved correct - it aint gonna fit the body is to narrow for the new running gear! So I came up with a solution (some may say it's OTT) Bloody wide enough now isn't it So the theory is lay it over the suspension and fill in the gap in the middle Stay tuned to see how that goes Keyser Maximum Effort
  9. No not at all - well maybe a little That slowed down the Pop project but not other antics so we are all good Hmmm you offered Humanitarian aid but The PM said we had a Brexit deal - Just saying neither have actually happened yet
  10. Hi All Overdue update As i Have far too many projects and you lot seem to like seeing my antics I thought I'd just keep them all together I have done a bit on the pop I'm just not showing you lot yet as you will no doubt think I have lost the plot (spoiler - I have) Slowing down the Pop project is phase 1 of a top secrete project that @andybp is helping me out with However Phase 1 was completed when this arrived - Out with the old In with the new Spot the difference? No nor can I My Milling machine motor bearings are dying and the bed transverse feed is so worn it wobbles, The parts just for the motor were over £700 and then the bed would need work, I ended up chatting with a guy local to me that sells engineering equipment as well as servicing them he offered me a part exchange on mine which cost less than the parts (let alone labour) to repair mine. So that was a no brainer and I did the deal - just need to get it wired back in and I'm good to go Keyser Maximum Effort
  11. Keyser

    Ramps Free to good or bad home.

    Yes mate - they are holding a tarpaulin down Available to collect if you want them
  12. Keyser

    They Have Arrived.

  13. Keyser

    Finally got round to waxing my Zed

    looks good
  14. Keyser

    Exploding Windows

    Mental note - Don't shake hands with coldel he dosn't know his own strength Not had it happen in a car but it did happen to the back door of our old house, walked in the front door, closed it and the back door glass shattered Apparently the glass was under stress for whatever reason (moved or badly fitted) then the air pressure change was just enough to take it over the edge