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  1. Mars next stop :)

    So what your saying is you are banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to convincing some people of the obvious. - I agree but no idea how you can do anything about it.
  2. diy individual throttle bodies

    Still upset as I have no phenolic spacers and you now have 10!!!!! I have one of those finger belt sanders I recently purchased and my impressions so far are - it's pants as soon as you apply any meaningful pressure the belt comes off - it may be me but not found it to be much good so far, I go through sanding disks, flap wheels and all other sorts of sanding paper at an alarming rate, I but it in bulk these days Keep up the good work mate its coming along and those little cut-outs will either be a great success or they will become "those f'ing cut-outs" I hope its the first one for your sake I spent the weekend repairing an oil line on a certain V8 engined 350z and then repairing a broken plug on my trailer winch so no fun tinkering and making things
  3. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Feb 2018

    Great work Leon - and Sooooooo clean you are meticulous in your attention to detail it's a pleasure to see Of course you will have to buy another one when you finish as you will be bored Looking forwards to the video
  4. Mars next stop :)

    Love Discworld - I want the luggage
  5. Mars next stop :)

    Is this a disk where sunlight moves slowly, more like treacle due to the strong magical field? Are turtles involved?
  6. nearly crashed

    Fair point - lack of information may be the problem here
  7. nearly crashed

    I agree with fluid leak, However I was under the impression we had dual circuit brakes - which is supposed to stop all 4 corners failing in the event of a leak. Just curious as to why that didn't do it's job - unless the leak is before the ABS of course then it would make sense sort off.
  8. Mars next stop :)

    After a quick Google - Disco is a musical style originating in the early 1970s. Also a few have said they don't care if the earth is flat or a globe. I DO! If it's flat can someone tell me where the edge is please I don't want to fall off There Be Monsters!!!!!
  9. Mars next stop :)

    Thanks @Flashback its nice to know my efforts are appreciated
  10. Mars next stop :)

    OK They said you can eat the results so I've done the chocolate experiment about 40 times - to confirm my findings Now are there any doughnut experiments to prove the curvature of the earth as I am willing to try these - for science of course The lake experiment with the laser - if he was lower at the far end then the earth is still round we are just on the inside of the curve - what he needed (as said above) was a reference point in the middle of the lake.
  11. Mars next stop :)

    Won't stop me posting on here !!! I'm entitled to an opinion and as soon a Ekona tells me what my opinion is I will let you know
  12. Mars next stop :)

    Some interesting comments on this thread I just thought I'd throw in a thought I shared with @Wasso on the phone just before the launch - If this Car with a mannequin in a space suit in the drivers seat is still floating around for the next few hundred million years and the earth gets destroyed without a trace, I'd just like to see some other intelligent life form that has just discovered space travel to be sending there first "manned" (aliened?) mission to space and have a red roadster float by with some guy in it - Now that would be amusing. a real WTF moment On that possibility alone it was worth doing (given that they had to have some payload to test the rocket with) That's my current input I will now leave the intellectual banter to you lot again
  13. diy individual throttle bodies

    It's all over bar the shouting then! Just whack them on hook up the linkage and slap a controller on - Test fire on Sunday? Impressed as always mate
  14. Mars next stop :)

    Watched it all live - brilliant The two boosters landing was just epic, third one missed the autonomous landing barge though still amazing and we now have a car in space