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  1. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Thanks mate - I can't take all the credit I stole the idea from someone else after I decided my build had to many possibilities for alignment problems.
  2. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    In other news, I decided I needed some new toys in the "undecided new name" Shed II BUT I have no space and the "machine room" is a mess after stripping a Zed, Mrs K painting a dressing table she didn't like (then deciding after painting it she still didn't like it ) and the arrival of a large amount of steel sheeting there is no space The big pile of boxes is new tools - so I'm going to have a tidy up and a rearrange to get everything in! This is probably not that interesting but it's another reason for slow progress on the PopZ build, well that buying new cars, selling cars and actually having a life outside of the garage. (OK the last part may not be true I don't really have a life outside the garage ) More this weekend
  3. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I was there !!!! And back on topic Now @Beb thought he would sneak away in my 370z but while he was distracted with the boost I whipped his Zed into the "undecided new name" Shed II and took it apart That will teach him Why, you may ask, would I do such a thing? Well as you know I was trying to recreate this - and I had got to here However all the measurements had to be projected, that is to say as I had no solid datum point and the shape is quite complex. I had to take any two points create a straight line from those then take a measurement from that line to work out where the top shock mount and upper control arms should be located. I am worried that these are not accurate enough and given the lack of adjustment on the front of a Zed I am worried that the alignment can not be adjusted enough to be spot on. This is the very start and if the chassis or suspension is not spot on the finished car will never drive true. I will no doubt add adjustable parts where available to allow some ability to dial in the tracking but I really want it to be as close to OEM when I start as possible. My solution after getting my hands on a still together Zed - Make these - find out they don't work so change them into this - Then using my new toy tool I cut some 50mm blocks and bolted it all into the Zed repeat on the other side and then weld up a frame to hold everything in place, The frame is mounted to the cross member so it will always sit in line with the chassis rails. I ended up with a nice template The theory is I can now bolt it to my cross member attach the chassis rails then build the mounts in exactly the right place Keyser Maximum Effort
  4. Keyser


    What he said ^^^ Have to be a lot of 350 to hit those figures - need pics and full spec it might be a stunner
  5. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Given the current range of vehicles in my collection we could go for - Popz Radical, GT-R, Invincible (occasional) Zed Shed II How does that sound??
  6. Keyser

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Looking Good
  7. Passenger side rear arch for reference
  8. Keyser

    350Z Fuel/MAF/Running Problem

    Clean the MAF and check the engine earth see if that helps - borrow Andybp (above) MAF to test, I've just taken a MAF out of the Zed I stripped if you need to actually replace it.
  9. Keyser

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    Following this be interested in another rear mount build Welding is practice, practice, practice - I spent a couple of weeks teaching myself aluminium Tig welding this year and got to a passable level
  10. Keyser

    370z missing from the Zed Shed

    Glad you’re enjoying her already mate. I was fully prepared for the departure but I’ll still miss her He looks happy about the sneaking off
  11. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I'm sure that's not how the conversation went Matt
  12. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    What a great community this is Thanks for the very generous offer but you'll have to get in the queue @mattross1313 has text me already and made a similar offer. But it's nice to know you guys n gals have my best interests at heart
  13. Keyser

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I like to think that @Sam Mcgoo was just holding it for me, checking everything was spot on and then it just took him a long while to detail it before I could collected
  14. Yup 370z is spoken for it will be leaving the Zed Shed very soon. i may keep the GTR for just a few weeks or longer