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  1. rabbitstew

    Very Happy New Zed Owner

    My old zed roadster was the same colour. Lovely colour and looks amazing once polished up. Although mine was an 07 HR model.
  2. rabbitstew

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Woah... ZXR750RR ?? I always wanted one of them, ive still got my 1994 ZXR750L2. Unfortunately only RR bit on it is the exhaust hanger.
  3. rabbitstew

    Michelin ps4s review

    Good point. I have done 17,000 miles on my MP4S`s now and im still very impressed with them. The car handles like its on rails and its looking like i`ll probably get another 6000 miles out of them before they need replacing. Very good compared to the 16000 miles I got out of my previous Pirelli`s under the same use. As a side note, when I was at CG earlier in the year they were staggered at how well my car handled when they unsuccessfully tried to get it to mis-behave by taking very tight roundabout at a speed of double what you probably normally would. They were surprised until they realised the tyres were MP4S and said that would be why!
  4. rabbitstew

    How did that happen?

    Those pix! wow, nice bit of engine failure there!
  5. I did exactly the same! Had 8 or 9 years of driving rattly diesels and decided I just had to get back into a quick petrol car. Lovely looking car.
  6. rabbitstew

    Insurance renewal.

    Amazing how cheap they are now to insure. When I first got my zed back in 2010 I struggled to find anyone who would insure me. In the end Adrian Flux insured me at a cost of £1200. I had a clean license, lived in a quite cul-de-sac full of retirement bungalows, had 18 years NCB on my car and 15 years NCB on my motorbikes. The only "reason" they gave me for the high premium was that whilst I had many many years experience of riding high powered superbikes, I hadnt recent experience of driving high powered RWD cars. Which was clearly a load of bull as I was getting quotes of £400 to insure an M3 and £500 to insure a Lambo Gallardo (although 4wd but was worth like 5 times the price of the zed).
  7. rabbitstew

    K1 exhaust

    I had a K1 on my 350z, bought it 2nd hand for £150 which seemed to be the going price at the time. Fitment wasnt great on it, and my god it was loud, but for £150 i was more than happy with it.
  8. rabbitstew

    Brake Caliper Touch Up

    White looks good but would be a nightmare to keep clean!
  9. rabbitstew

    Getting Rid of a Car you found

    You can apply to DVLA for the logbook yourself. Ive done it before. They apparently write a letter to the current registered owner and if no reply happily issue you with a v5c. Then when you have that you can scrap it. Most scrap yards wont take it without the v5c, but who knows, maybe you can find someone who will take it. Maybe put out a message on your local facebook spotted page. With regards to tax/SORN dont worry about it. If its been sitting there for ages, then they wont chase now. Ive a couple of cars ive not SORN`d for years and had no problems. As another option, you could just stick it on ebay!
  10. rabbitstew

    Brake Caliper Touch Up

    Usually the chipping happens when people are taking the wheels on/off. My 350z had a few chips on the calipers.
  11. rabbitstew

    G1en's 80% race car 20% show car build

    Good stuff! Although braver man than me doing a hill climb in the wet.
  12. rabbitstew

    Grey 350z Coupe in St Neots

    Spotted this morning driving through St Neots, very loud grey 350z coupe. Had single sided exhaust on it. WM** HDL
  13. rabbitstew

    About to buy a HR

    Thats why they are rare, noone liked them. I had the Alezan ones in my Twilight Grey HR and they looked awesome. The gearknob however looked like it had done 80k miles when the car had only done 20k. They didnt wear well.
  14. rabbitstew

    About to buy a HR

    Rare seat colour too!
  15. rabbitstew

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I had the same thing happen with a brand new Ducati 748S back in 2000. Only 600 miles on the clock too! If you have been riding Ducati`s for the last 13 years, getting on a screaming 4 pot will be interesting! I actually have an R1 and a Ducati 996 in my collection and have to say I love riding them both, but completely different characters. The R1 just screams and screams when you rev it. You can wring its neck and its so quick. It just accelerates and accelerates until you think "woah, id better stop". Whilst the 996 is a heavy old Ducati, the R1 feels just so much more nimble. The Ducati however has the sheer character, noise (open clutch & race termi`s), more extreme to ride and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up everytime you open the throttle. In general with the Ducati I find myself being lazy and keeping it in higher gears rather than change down, whereas the R1 im working the box a bit more. Ive had a couple of kawasaki`s, nothing new though, but they used to be great bikes. I did 40,000 miles on my ZXR750L2 which ive still got, and had a ZX6R for a while. Build quality was good and I never had any issues.