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  1. Maybe you can borrow @Keysers wife? Extra points to him for getting the wife to hoover the garage. Thats pretty impressive! The only time wife goes in mine is to dump some of her crap in there & take up my valuable space.
  2. I used "Supercoat polyurethane heavy duty high impact floor paint" which was £43.99 for 20 litre barrel of the stuff, so loads cheaper than what you`d get from DIY shops. Got it off the bay and you can get it any colour of the rainbow (nearly). I went for mid-grey which looks like same colour as keysers. Prep wise, I basically swept the bare concrete floor, then pinched the wife's dyson and hoovered it all a few times to get rid of any dust ( & spiders, hahaha the wife wasnt happy!). Some people say you should seal the bare concrete, or do this or that, but I just rollered it on, nice thick coat. Gave the new garage extension a couple of coats and it looks a treat. No more dust, you can just sweep stuff up. So much easier to clean. I need to do the rest of my garage as that has old polyurethane paint on it which I put down 10 years back. That lasted really well over the years. It did chip in a couple of places, but its had a lot of heavy use with working on cars / bikes over that time.
  3. Looks awesome, same colours as my garage/workshop, you may have even used the same floor paint. Mine needs another coat but it will be a mission moving everything out (or around) to do it, but I need to do it while weather is hot so it drys quickly!
  4. I had an old man wave his walking stick at me in rage once when I accelerated past him at about 15mph. I think it was that the car sounded like it was going fast but it wasnt really.
  5. rabbitstew

    Quick Jack

    They have a self locking mechanism which automatically locks in at 2 height levels as you raise the car up. Its all very secure and solid. I triple checked everything before I dared to go under it the first time.
  6. rabbitstew

    Quick Jack

    That's the one I have. Awesome bit of kit. Expensive initial investment but I got my moneys worth easily when I used it working on my Mini earlier in the year. They are very solid bits of kit. You just slide the ramp under each side of the car, connect its compressor to a car battery, hit the up button and the cars up in the air. On the Mini I could get under it and easily drop the exhaust out without anything being "in your face" like it would be on axle stands. I also dropped the front subframe and wheeled that out easily with loads of clearance. When I was setting the ride height up it was so handy. Adjust the ride height, drop it down to the ground and check, then back up in the air to adjust some more etc... so easy. They also have the benefit that they are portable, unlike a fixed 2 or 4 post ramp, so you can take them to track days etc easily. Also with a 2 or 4 post lift I believe you need to re-enforce the garage floor to handle the weight. The quickjack customer service is also good. I had an issue with a leaking valve once - gave them a call and they posted one out next day delivery for me without any questions. That costco price is very good.
  7. I had mixed comments about my zed. In the main I had a lot more positive compliments. I very often had complete random strangers coming up to me and saying how nice the car was. People completely ignoring more expensive cars and staring at the zed. A lot of kids especially seemed to appreciate it. I assumed because they recognised the car from Gran Turismo or Fast & Furious etc.. However I did have few people making negative comments like shouting out "w@nker", or randomly sticking their finger up at me. Absolutely no idea why as it wasn't as if I was speeding or driving like an idiot. I just put it down to jealousy.
  8. Its time like these I am glad I live on a hill. Was thinking the other day, must be terrible to have to decide quickly what to grab and take with you. Guess it could be a good selling point for chopping the sports car in for a Transit van as you could get more in, in a time of emergency.
  9. Brief update.. I managed to get the Mini in the garage over the weekend and up on the ramps. I checked over all the rear suspension and it was all torqued up correctly. hmmmm.. So then I took the rear shocks off - literally a 5 mins job if that - undo two 13mm bolts & one 21mm bolt. The top strut nut looked fine, but I tightened it up more until it wouldn't go any tighter. Reassembled and hey presto the very scary rear clunking noise has now gone. Hopefully it will stay like that!
  10. I used to love the styling of corvettes, the early stingrays, through to mad 1970`s "hot wheels" style stingrays, then the C4, even liked the C5 & C6 when the styling seemed to get more aggressive, but in my opinion it seems to have gone down hill since. The C7 looked less like a corvette and now this C8... just looks really odd to me. Looks like someone has taken 3 or 4 different cars, chopped them up and welded them together.
  11. Pretty mental really, when you think of what else you could get for a lot less money.
  12. Yep, indeed, the bodywork is so thin you dent it polishing it. I did spend some time back in 2013 cutting out rotten sills/bumper mounts and welding in new stuff, and the metal was so thin it was silly. But that's why they were so quick, they weighed nothing! With the wheels, I needed new tyres for the original speedlines and because they were a strange size (195, 55x13), they weren't cheap, so it worked out cheaper for me to buy a 2nd hand set of TSW alloys with decent tyres instead. This was back in 1998(ish). You can still pick up the original wheels cheap enough, so I may get a set at some point, if I ever get the spare time to work on it!
  13. See your from Peterborough? My 5 used to terrorise the streets of Peterborough for many years! They used to be really rare around that area, I only knew of a couple of other 5`s back in the late 90`s.
  14. I still have my original one from "back in the day".... Fortunately I never ever saw the point of the whole "Max Power" thing, so spent a fortune on performance modifications rather than mad bodykits. I will get it back on the road again one day....



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