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  1. hahahahaaha!!! glad its not just me. Whenever I get in the wifes car I always put 2 or 3 "bags for life" in the boot as she NEVER remembers to take them and always ends up buying 2 or 3 more each shop. We have millions of them now.
  2. I run a Corbeau Clubsport XL in my Mini Cooper S and love it. Bought it without trying and am genuinely very surprised at how comfortable it is. The car has sport suspension, so its a firm ride, but the seats so comfy I have no problems using the car as my daily commuter doing 90 miles a day in it. Im 6ft and 14.5 stone, quite broad shoulders/arms. The other big plus is that it only costs £200 new delivered including side mounts and sliders. Worth a look.
  3. Wow, now that is a bit different!
  4. Its been a while since I looked at the zeds calipers, so look at a few pix online, but I think that small circle bit above the bit you mention is where the brake nipple is. If I remember correctly (and I may be wrong) the zed`s calipers have 2 brake nipples - one each side. You can see the other side one in the pic. They are usually in very tight so you will not be able to get it out with cutting a slot & using a screw driver. May have to drill it out and re-thread it. Garages are used to that kind of thing, so it shouldnt be much work. On the plus side, if the fluid llooks fine and brake feel is okay then I wouldnt worry about it just yet.
  5. One of the headlamps on my mini was very cloudy and worn out. I got reasonable results from the macquires headlamp restoring kit. It comes with a polisher mop you can stick in your cordless drill as well as all the abrasive compounds etc.
  6. Good spot, looks like the outer brake nipple is broken off in that picture, so you will have fun drilling that out and fitting a new nipple. Rainbow brake discs normally mean they have overheated. Odd how that has only just happened after 7 months of use though. Id be tempted to fit new discs and get some which will work fine with the red stuff pads. Ive not use red stuff pads before, but id be checking if they are okay for your use etc and if not get something else. Id also check the pistons are moving freely in the caliper etc. Brake fluid should be changed every couple of years anyway and it isnt (normally) an expensive job to do. The biggest problem is nipples can snap off, which incurs more labour cost for the garage to fix, but usually you can feel an improved brake pedal feel afterwards. Brake fluid wont have caused your disc to change colour though.
  7. Welcome! Firstly, congratulations on joining the forum. This is a friendly place and lots of people here to help you with any advice etc you may need. Its a buyers market atm so my advice would be to take your time, shop around, look at a few cars and dont let your heart rule your head. Familiarise yourself with the various models, options etc, costs, problems etc. Oh, and check the insurance before you buy!
  8. Very true. Once they see it`s been in an accident (even if only cosmetic) people start thinking the worst. Places to advertise, well I have always sold my cars on ebay. I put them up 99p start with no reserve and it will always fetch the market price. I always check before hand what the sold prices are so I know what to expect and if im happy with what the market says its worth then on it goes. Downside is that you do get the usual muppets offering you £100 etc but I just ignore them. Last car I sold, bidding got to £2000 with a few days left and one prospective bidder came out, viewed the car and gave me £2600 cash for it. The ebay fees are high, but I think are cheaper than autotrader etc...
  9. Looks good. When I bought my HR Roadster it was in the March time and I remember we still had frost. Still, I had the roof down nearly every time I drove it unless it was raining. You can stick he heaters on nice & warm and drive along in a bubble of warm air. You will have loads of fun!
  10. What a bummer. Talk about bad timing. Still, you have got all the bits on it ready for painting. Personally I think its a great price, but the market for a buyer will be slim, especially for someone happy to buy a car needing painting, not to mention this time of year. I would say get it painted first, but then there didnt seem to be much interest before hand when it didnt need the painting. I take it you have advertised it in the usual places as well as on here?
  11. If its knocked the alignment out then double check it hasn't bent any of the suspension components too.
  12. For me, looking back, things like the "selfie" (which i still do not understand why people want to take pictures of themselves for) seems to jump out. "Social media" becoming more prominent with people being so called "influencers" or whatever. Fake news also. That seems to be more of a thing now, although I guess its always been there, but maybe now people are being more aware of it. Political stuff seems to have been prominent too - like Trump getting in, Russia hitting the headlines more, plus all the UK political stuff which has happened over the last 10 years. From a personal level its been quite an eventful decade. I started it working as a labourer getting £50 for a 10 hour day having been made redundant from my normal line of work. My Girlfriend dumped me. I had lost all my life savings due to an Icelandic bank collapsing and my car had broken down. Not much else could have gone wrong really. But over the last 10 years, I met my wife, got a decent job again, bought a new house, had 2 kids, bought a 911 turbo, had house extended massively and things couldnt be more different to how they were at the start of the decade. On a negative side, all my hobbies & interests were put on hold back since getting married, i've only been able to socialise with my friends about 3 times since, i've a lot more grey hairs and im wondering "is this it?".
  13. I dont know what they normally cost, but I think thats a great price! You would have to make sure it was seriously tied down though, and I would strongly recommend putting a concrete base down or some slabs if there isnt a solid base already.





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