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  1. rabbitstew

    dodgy car sale

    Same colour as my old one too. Lovely looking car, and I think your right, that looks like a janspeed K1.
  2. rabbitstew

    dodgy car sale

    Didnt realise it was a roadster! Awesome. Mine was a roadster and it was so much fun. I had the roof down 9/10 of the time all year around. Even in winter. You could stick the blowers on warm and just drive along in a bubble of warm air. I had a few issues with the roof on mine, it liked to stick half way down sometimes and also above the drivers head, the metal which held the straps around the horizontal support bar started pealing back. Only other thing with the roadster is depending on how loud your exhaust is, the noise inside the cabin could be seriously loud. I had a cat back K1 exhaust and it was 96db inside the cabin. So loud the wife refused to go in the car again............ which wasnt a bad thing.
  3. Price? Have to say however, great advert - loads of details, and lots of good pictures. Good luck with the sale.
  4. rabbitstew

    dodgy car sale

    I would be getting a quote from Nissan for some new cats personally including them fitting etc.
  5. rabbitstew

    It's new 911 time!

    pmsl!!!!!!!!!! Just get an older one for £15k as they all look the same right?
  6. rabbitstew

    Front plate fitting

    Fits fine, i did the same on my zed. Got a roll of double backed number plate adhesive tape from halfords and it stuck the plate on like supper glue, even though the bumper is curved. When I swapped the plates back I had to literally saw the plate off as the tape was so strong.
  7. rabbitstew

    It's new 911 time!

    Hmmm. Without being negative, I think it looks just like the old one, but with a weird space ship looking rear end! Really not sure what their designer is thinking. The interior looks pretty space ship too compared to my 997`s interior - which is very old & dated now. Dont think I will be trading my 997 in for one just yet....
  8. rabbitstew

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    This thread is a great read. Sounds like the sort of thing I end up doing to what should be a "sensible" daily car.
  9. rabbitstew

    BMW with no dipstick?

    oo-er thats just weird!
  10. rabbitstew

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    Looks really good, the stance, the wheels, the ride height. Very nice.
  11. rabbitstew

    BMW with no dipstick?

    Thats one thing which does annoy me about my 911. You have to warm the car up before it then tells you theres hardly any oil in it. To be fair though, it uses hardly any oil, so I do only check it every now & then - usually when im stuck in traffic!
  12. rabbitstew

    Nest Learning Thermostat installation

    It does get quite expensive when you start adding devices, although you can usually shop around and use other brands etc. as long as they use the same protocol. The main thing is to decide which hub you will use, whether it will be nest or another brand. Each device seems to want you to use their hub etc, but all are compatible usually. I use the smart things hub, with their motion & door sensors. I know if any external doors are open/closed, incl garage etc. Motion sensors are handy to automatically turn on lights etc. Sockets are great for things like turning on the xmas tree lights this time of year. The door sensors are handy also for catching people out. Like the cat feeder lady who charged us for 20minute cat visits whilst we were on holiday when in reality she was in & gone within 5 minutes..
  13. rabbitstew

    Nest Learning Thermostat installation

    I installed Hive in my house last year so I could keep an eye on how hot the wife has the heating whilst im at work. Luckily I have a combi boiler and so literally there are just 4 wires to the hive - live, earth, boiler on, boiler off. Took me 5 mins to setup. It is great though, I have had Samsung Smartthings for many years now and I can set a rule so when the wife leaves the house it turns the heating right down, then turns it back on when she gets home.
  14. rabbitstew

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Just had a thought. How are you going to approach the new Individual Vehicle Approval scheme stuff as from what I was reading they are getting quite strict on things now. You cant just use the donors cars v5 etc. As a side, i found a pic of my old Ford Pop!