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  1. Am I missing something here ?

    Does seem a bit strange to me. Why spend £60k on a 370z then only do 6000 miles in it before selling it? Surely you`d want to use it. I know id certainly want to get my moneys worth out of it. Sounds like its barely even run in. If the plate is worth anything, why not just put it on retention and sell it separately. Can be done in 5 minutes now online apparently and costs (iirc) less than £100. Sounds like the owner just wants a quick sale.
  2. Ceramic Coating

    Need to sort my daily out at some point, its getting trashed atm. I only get time to wash it once every few weeks and so its getting ruined in this winter weather. I washed it yesterday and noticed some weird stuck little specks all over it. Bit like tree sap but really hard. Managed to get some off with a bit of scrubbing but think it will take a good day to get them all off unless I get it machine polished. May have to book it in somewhere soon. Either that or just wrap it...... hmmm.
  3. 118mph and suspended sentence?

    As a biker, from watching that clip, my opinion is that regardless of what speed he was doing, the guy is not a very good rider. There's a lot of hazards he should have taken into account on that short clip and reduced his speed accordingly. Traffic, the cross roads, all those SLOW markings. Personally id be doing a speed where I can stop in time if I need to. You never know what idiot drivers are around. The usual cause of accidents like this, is that the biker comes into the bend hard, realises the bend is sharper than they expected and panic brakes. Braking on a leant over bike has the effect of standing the bike straight up. So the only direction you will go is through the hedge. The ironic thing is, if the biker just kept their cool and leaned the bike over further, and managed the throttle, they could have made it around the bend perfectly fine. Ive seen this happen loads of times, especially happens when your racing against a mate, trying to catchup and let yourself get carried away and overcook things. However, looking at the video, the bend is so mild its virtually not a bend. On the face of it (legalities aside) 118mph shouldnt be a problem. However the rider seems to make no attempt at all to lean over. He`s on the middle white lines nearly and just goes straight off the road. Very strange. In wet conditions you could get tyre slipping on the white lines which could throw you off, but its a sunny July day. So who knows what actually happened, maybe some mechanical issue? From the longer clips online, the guy apparently had no idea what road he was on, or where he was, so he may just got distracted and overcooked it. Sentence wise, there does seem to be a huge variation in what judges give out. Had the biker been coming the other way and did the same thing he could have hit a car full of kids coming the other way etc. As it was, theres no doubt really he was street racing as you have the video evidence of him racing the other guy and looking at the longer clips online, they both do some very questionable overtaking earlier. Personally I think the sentence or penalty should have been more from the way they were riding. As a side note, its making me think about NOT wearing my helmet cam when im out on my bike now!
  4. The worst day

    Very sobering reading indeed and puts your own problems into perspective. I dont know whats going on atm but over the last few weeks I am hearing more and more things exactly like this, where people are tragically dying young and out of the blue etc. either through accidents or cancer/illness. Maybe its co-incidence, or maybe its a sign, but its certainly making me think a lot about life & death atm. My condolences to everyone.
  5. Number plate exposure on line

    Can be quite useful if you are researching buying a car. A friend of mine was about to pull the trigger on a car once and through the powers of google found the car on an owners forum with the previous owner asking about how best to repair the car after a very major accident. The owner had even thoughtfully uploaded pictures showing the car`s damage etc. all stuff the seller hadnt told my friend.
  6. Monaro??

    When I was in Australia back in 2011 for a friends wedding, one of the bridesmaids kindly let me take her boyfriends Monaro for a test drive. (very kind of her as he wasnt even at the wedding lol). I did write a review up on here at the time, but basically I wasnt overly impressed with it.
  7. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    My BMW 123d M-Sport coupe was £36k (if i remember correctly) new back in 2011 with all its options.
  8. War on pigeons

    An air rifle is ideal for pigeon control inside barns etc. Wont leave a hole in the roof. Something like a nice PCP rifle will be deadly accurate for a quick clean kill. If they are wood pigeons then even better, they are very tasty.
  9. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    Glad you have agreed a figure. In some ways its quite exciting having the money sitting there, no worries about selling the old car and are now free to get something new. Good luck with you hunting!
  10. He said he included fuel in that amount.... I was spending around £6200 a year on fuel when I was running my zed.
  11. As above, you need to put things into perspective. Garages, in my experience, do like recommending work which a car may "need". For example, my wife just took her Ford Edge for a winter checkup at the local main dealer. Its only done 8k miles. One of the "advisories" they gave her was that the tyres only had 4mm of tread on them. I mean, WTF! They will probably last her another year at the miles she does, but they were trying to scare her into getting a new set. As someone else mentioned, another classic is "brake discs have a lip on them". So what? Nearly all brake discs do. As long as its not badly worn then its fine. The car cant be that bad if its just passed its MOT. If your worried, id go through the list and try to prioritise which items will definitely need replacing shortly and which can be ignored. Then go to a more reasonable garage and get their opinion on those items and costs. If you do decide to sell, then, especially with your mileage, id get some sort of diesel hatch. Run that for a year or so, then move back into something sporty. Thats exactly what I did. I sold my zed and ran a 123d coupe for 4 years before jumping back into a sporty car. Modern diesels are nippy enough and you`ll save a fortune on the mpg. My 123d was 0-60 in 6 seconds as stock which wasnt far off my HR zed and handled like it was on rails.
  12. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    And come in under budget too!
  13. War on pigeons

    I guess it will only serve to move the pigeons onto a different tree so they wont be too bothered about it. Probably a bit more city-dweller-friendly than getting the 12 bore out like we would do around my parts.
  14. 2008-2009 upgrades

    Facelift was 2007, which is also the year the later 313hp HR engine came out. But, there was a load of late registered non HR cars which were registered 2007 & 2008. A quick check under bonnet should show dual air intakes of the HR engine. In general towards the end of the 350`s production run it seemed the cars had a higher spec to try and clear off the old stock, so a lot of cars will have sat nav and the GT pack. Roof material was the same as far as I know. In general the 350z hood is a bit clunky and prone to sticking. My car was only 4 years old when I got it and only had 20k on the clock, but even then the hood kept getting stuck as the Nissan main dealer was trying to demo me the car.
  15. Famous Nissan 350Z . . spotted for sale

    Thats been up for sale a good few times over the last few years.