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  1. Oo-er front end looks lambo, side looks lambo/ferrari and back looks lotus. Be nice to see one in the flesh.
  2. "with a heavy heart"........ hang on, your not Boris Johnson are you?!!!!! only kidding, good luck with sale. Im a biker myself and fortunate that I have managed to hang on to my collection of bikes, even though I seldom get to ride them these days. Better than money in the bank at the moment.
  3. I have a couple of CTEK MXS 5.0`s on the cars which I dont use on a daily basis just to keep them topped up. Its quite a clever battery charger and monitors the battery condition. It can even revive some completely dead batteries. You can hardwire a connector to the battery so you just plug it in. Or, if the cigar socket allows, you can get a cigar adapter and just charge it through there. I do it both ways on my cars. I think i paid about £60 or so for mine. Previously I have also used £15 LIDL / ALDI chargers to do the same with good results.
  4. Could have been worse, I was reading about the bloke who bought 2 pizza`s with 10,000 bitcoins back when that amount was only worth £30. Now they would have been worth £300 million.
  5. I remember having a conversation with some lads at work a good number of years back, and the consensus was that we had missed the boat with bit coin.... little did we know. Musk seems to be having a good laugh with it all atm. Months of hyping up bit coins then now claims they are bad for the environment. Surely tesla`s arent much better. Who knows where bitcoins & the like will go. Some say bitcoin will be $250,000 end of next year. They are about £34,000 now so thats big increase. There is a lot of talk about a global currency crash happening before long with all
  6. It used to be the case that police didnt check with other forces as to whether you have previously done the speed awareness course within the 4 years - so if you got caught by a different force to which you previously did the course you could just keep quiet and do the course again in the other area if it was offered to you. Not sure if thats still the case. Doesnt help if your caught by the same force you got caught by before though. Id always take whatever they offer you with regards to points/fine and avoid court if possible. In my younger days I thought points meant prizes and
  7. Wow, looks and sounds awesome! Good idea on the cat. I need to do similar with my mini and that might be an easier approach than I was thinking. Keep up the good work, looking forward to on-road videos once its MOT`d.
  8. We are fortunate and unfortunate in that so much information is available online now. I am sure there some people whose research involves just looking on facebook. (and seeing only what facebook want you to see), but you can access thousands of medical research documents from sources like lancet, bmj, pubmed etc. Documents which have been peer reviewed by top medical professionals around the world. You can even view interviews with some of the most highly qualified & experienced Doctors / Professors in the world, people with 40 years experience in virology etc and hear what they think. The
  9. Here's my observations. I have been surprised by all the manipulation / filtering social media are doing to make sure that people can only see what the tech companies want them to see. Facebook / Youtube / Twitter all have said they will delete anything which doesnt agree with what they want people to think. Even posts by world reknown medical experts who are quoting actual facts get deleted. Google has always pushed content it wants to the top of its searches but is going even further now. So called "Fact Check" websites are popping up and expect people to believe that they are co
  10. Wear wise, I run MPS4S on my 997 turbo and got 25,000 miles out of the rears. The fronts are only half worn at that mileage. Pretty amazing really when the previous set of P-Zero`s only lasted 14,000 miles and were down to the canvas all round.
  11. Where the straps are riveted to the support bars started pealing back on mine. The "fix" which the Nissan main dealer did on mine was to add rivets to it. I suspect maybe someone has used a cable tie on yours to do similar. Id be tempted to replace it.
  12. Tell me about it. I washed my 911 Tuesday, first time in months and I looked out yesterday and it was covered in dust again. Less than 24 hours. It does sit outside on the drive though, but so annoying. I dont remember having this issue with my other black cars, so not sure why it seems to happen all the time now. The dust is nearly like sand or sawdust.
  13. Google own Waze, so I suspect the alerts are probably exactly the same. I've not used the google maps nav for a very long time, but does it also show accidents, broken down cars & hazards also? If so google are probably using the Waze datafeed.
  14. Lorry drivers do this all the time. I always wondered how do they know how much or how many times they can re-cut the tread before the tyre goes BANG!
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