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  1. rabbitstew

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I had the same thing happen with a brand new Ducati 748S back in 2000. Only 600 miles on the clock too! If you have been riding Ducati`s for the last 13 years, getting on a screaming 4 pot will be interesting! I actually have an R1 and a Ducati 996 in my collection and have to say I love riding them both, but completely different characters. The R1 just screams and screams when you rev it. You can wring its neck and its so quick. It just accelerates and accelerates until you think "woah, id better stop". Whilst the 996 is a heavy old Ducati, the R1 feels just so much more nimble. The Ducati however has the sheer character, noise (open clutch & race termi`s), more extreme to ride and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up everytime you open the throttle. In general with the Ducati I find myself being lazy and keeping it in higher gears rather than change down, whereas the R1 im working the box a bit more. Ive had a couple of kawasaki`s, nothing new though, but they used to be great bikes. I did 40,000 miles on my ZXR750L2 which ive still got, and had a ZX6R for a while. Build quality was good and I never had any issues.
  2. rabbitstew

    350z T shirts

    Large blue one for me too.
  3. rabbitstew

    500nm and they are on

    Thats low!!!
  4. rabbitstew

    Audi rs6 litchfeild stage 3

    Your right, the brother in law has a 3.0Tdi A6 Estate as his daily. Its pretty quick, really nice interior & gadgets, handles like its on rails and returns a half decent mpg. He still wants an RS6 though!
  5. rabbitstew

    Audi rs6 litchfeild stage 3

    Nice family cars, but I think the mpg would kill me.
  6. rabbitstew

    Just too funny not to post...

    My eyes!!!! Absolutely hilarious.
  7. rabbitstew

    £734 for a key for my Fairlady

    My neighbour lost the key to their Peugeot the other week. They had some mobile car locksmith bloke come out and from what I gather he gave them a new key and programmed it to the car. I wonder if theres something like that near you, which may well be cheaper than the dealer.
  8. rabbitstew

    Roadster advice please

    Mine was a 350 HR Roadster and loved it. Had roof down 9/10 times I drove it. Great looking car and loads of fun. Quite rare around my way so used to get a lot of attention whenever I went out in it with completely random people commenting "nice car mate".
  9. rabbitstew

    Back from Honeymoon

    Thats not the only thing there will be less & less of now your married!!!
  10. rabbitstew

    2nd Hand Bargain? M235i Coupe/Convertible

    I quite like the M235 & M240, even the old M135 to be honest, cracking cars. Has to be the coupe though, the hatch back doesnt do anything for me.
  11. rabbitstew

    Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    I tend to find I keep cars for a good while. Looking at my last 3 cars, ive kept them 4 years, 18 months, 4 years and ive had my current car for 2 years now. In general the biggest loss you make is in depreciation when you come to sell a car and if im happy with a car I dont see the point of changing. I did very briefly toy with the idea of moving my current car on a few months back, but instead invested in having its suspension all setup correctly for fast B roads. Now I cant see me ever selling it unless I have to. Ive also several boxes full of performance upgrades for it sitting in the garage waiting to fit. Unfortunately my house builder is spending all my cash like its going out of fashion so the car upgrades will have to wait a bit longer.
  12. I have found Peugeots to be cheap motoring over the years. For example, just some of them from memory... Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 - Cost £650, did about 14,000 miles over 18 months. Replaced front bumper (£50). Bit of paintwork (£50) Sold for £2200. Peugeot 106 1.5d - Cost me £800, did 80,000 miles over 4 years. Replaced lower front wishbones (£20 each), diesel cut off valve (£4), rear wheel bearings (£50). alternator (£100). Sold for £850. Peugeot 307 HDi - Cost £2200, did 60,000 miles over 3 years. Replaced top mounts (£20), Replaced one suspension spring (£30). Returned 65mpg every day, sold for £1600.
  13. rabbitstew

    Arthritis Charity Effort!

    Good luck Col.