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  1. Bought back memories for me when skimming of brake discs & drums were the norm! Now its rarely done any more. Glad you got the problem resolved!
  2. Your not taking into account the population growth over the years though with that 10 year average, hence you need to look at the age standardised figures. Interestingly the population back in 1918 (according to the ONS data) was nearly half what it is today, which just goes to show how massive the number of deaths they had in 1918 compared to the size of the population was back then. Absolutely crazy amount of deaths in proportion. Although without diving deeper im not sure if there is an easy way to know how many people died of the Spanish Flu back then or how many were part of the 876,000 w
  3. I think "modelling" is a key word there. Anyway, all this talk of death numbers got me wondering, so as a matter of interest I have just googled to try and see what the historic yearly death rate is for the UK, regardless of what they died of and one of the first results was a link to the Office of National Statistics, below. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/adhocs/12735annualdeathsandmortalityrates1938to2020provisional If you download the table from the ONS its quite interesting, you can see death rates yea
  4. In the past when ive needed temp insurance on a car - whilst i was selling it - i managed to get a short term insurance for a few days ffrom adrian flux. However, it cost a stupid amount as I couldnt use my main 28 years NCB on it. Id get someone to trailer it to the shop as I think that would be the easiest way.
  5. Looking ace. I had to do a similar amount of cutting/welding on my Renault 5 GT Turbo the other year when I started on that. Was one of those situations where the you cut out, the more rust you found.
  6. And so it begins again..... Picked this little baby up last week. I didn't really need it and am not looking forward to the inevitable "hairdresser" jokes, but it popped up on an alert I had setup and was too much of a bargain to turn down! Unlike the black one, this one doesn't really need much doing as it came with FSH, new MOT, brand new exhaust, new suspension bushes, 4 previous owners, bodywork pretty much mint with perfect panel gaps all around. New Uniroyal tyres, new DAB radio, new brake discs/pads and it looks like the wheels were refurbed not so long ago. It d
  7. Lovely car. I've always wanted one of these but don't think I could get away with it having bought another Mini Cooper S last week.
  8. I havent got one for sale, but I have replaced the screen on one and its pretty straight forward and you can get screens cheap off ebay, so what I did was to buy one with a cracked screen for next to nothing and just replace it. So always an option if you get stuck.
  9. Oo-er front end looks lambo, side looks lambo/ferrari and back looks lotus. Be nice to see one in the flesh.
  10. "with a heavy heart"........ hang on, your not Boris Johnson are you?!!!!! only kidding, good luck with sale. Im a biker myself and fortunate that I have managed to hang on to my collection of bikes, even though I seldom get to ride them these days. Better than money in the bank at the moment.
  11. I have a couple of CTEK MXS 5.0`s on the cars which I dont use on a daily basis just to keep them topped up. Its quite a clever battery charger and monitors the battery condition. It can even revive some completely dead batteries. You can hardwire a connector to the battery so you just plug it in. Or, if the cigar socket allows, you can get a cigar adapter and just charge it through there. I do it both ways on my cars. I think i paid about £60 or so for mine. Previously I have also used £15 LIDL / ALDI chargers to do the same with good results.
  12. Could have been worse, I was reading about the bloke who bought 2 pizza`s with 10,000 bitcoins back when that amount was only worth £30. Now they would have been worth £300 million.
  13. I remember having a conversation with some lads at work a good number of years back, and the consensus was that we had missed the boat with bit coin.... little did we know. Musk seems to be having a good laugh with it all atm. Months of hyping up bit coins then now claims they are bad for the environment. Surely tesla`s arent much better. Who knows where bitcoins & the like will go. Some say bitcoin will be $250,000 end of next year. They are about £34,000 now so thats big increase. There is a lot of talk about a global currency crash happening before long with all
  14. It used to be the case that police didnt check with other forces as to whether you have previously done the speed awareness course within the 4 years - so if you got caught by a different force to which you previously did the course you could just keep quiet and do the course again in the other area if it was offered to you. Not sure if thats still the case. Doesnt help if your caught by the same force you got caught by before though. Id always take whatever they offer you with regards to points/fine and avoid court if possible. In my younger days I thought points meant prizes and
  15. Wow, looks and sounds awesome! Good idea on the cat. I need to do similar with my mini and that might be an easier approach than I was thinking. Keep up the good work, looking forward to on-road videos once its MOT`d.
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