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  1. What would you do?

    Depends on what work pattern you think will suit you. Personally id go for Job B, even if the long term prospects arent as good. Weekends off, plus finishing at 4pm each day sounds great to me. Before I got married and was able to hang out with friends, all of them would be off at weekends - so if i worked a weekend id not be able to hang out with anyone. You can always change jobs again in the future.
  2. The ZXR400 is a cracking bike. Ive a ZXR750L2 in my garage ive had since 1996/97. Was my first "big bike". Crashed it loads in the early days, when I was young & foolish.... oh... wait! EDIT: Not implying you are foolish, more that young people are more likely to crash as I proved when I was that age.
  3. Red 350z Coupe F* MTD, Cambourne

    Good stuff!
  4. That is mental!!!! My first car was an 850cc classic mini which (if I remember correctly) had about 30bhp. Very true. It seems that insurance companies do take age over experience. My mate passed his bike test the other year, aged 32 I think, and his first bike was a ZX6R. Think it only cost him something like £400 to insure it. Mad really as back when I passed my test, the normal route was a 250cc bike, then maybe a 400, then maybe a 600cc. I think a lot of it might be bikes are cheap now. You can pick up an old R1 like mine for a couple of grand. A lot of the born again bikers dont seem to think that 35 years back a 1000cc bike probably kicked out 80bhp. Now its over double that. To make you feel better, I just renewed my bike insurance and its costing me £80 to insure both my R1 and Ducati 996 on a multibike policy.
  5. Gutted about my Z

    It does shake you up when this sort of thing happens. I had someone pile into the back of me when I was stationary once. He must have been doing 60mph easily. I was thrown back with so much force it ripped the drivers seat clean out of the floorpan. For months and months afterwards id be paranoid about the same thing happening again. You would be sitting there and see a car approaching from behind and start finding yourself flinching. Not a nice experience. As others have said, the onus is on the other guys insurance company to fix it all up and get you a courtesy car to use in the meantime. Hopefully the garage will make a good job of the repair, but make sure you thoroughly check it all through. When my wife had her car repaired once, I had to send it back 3 times before they finally did it properly. The first time they had even used the completely wrong shade of paint on the repair. And this was a big national repair company.
  6. BMW 645Ci Manual Coupe £7495

    I still think that boot spoiler is a bit too small! GLWS
  7. £1995 on autotrader

    My thoughts exactly! Id be very eyes wide open looking at this one.
  8. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    3 grand! Thats pretty mad how cheap you can get one for. Thats a lot of car for the money.
  9. Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

    ^^^^^^^ Awesome! Welcome to the 911 club. When I bought my 997 turbo, the 1 week wait to collect it was absolutely agonising.
  10. Spotted just now, 1pm in Cambourne, Cambridge. Cherry Red 350z Coupe, Plate was F* MTD. Had a sports exhaust on it. Sounded good!
  11. Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

    If its a 911, the OP would have had to have had quite a big bag of cash!
  12. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    Im always very wary of car dealers selling cars needing work like this, especially when they say "no comment on why its smoking" etc.. My thoughts are is that they pretty much know exactly whats wrong with it and it just not financially viable for them to fix it and then sell it along side their normal cars. MOT history doesnt show anything scary, it was only MOT`d 11 days ago. I always thought an engine management light showing was an MOT fail, so whatevers happened to it may have only just happened.
  13. Guess it all depends upon experience. By the time I got my first car at 19 I had been driving my parents cars on private land for 5 years. I remember on my very first driving lesson when I was 17 I was doing 3 point turns, reverse parking, everything most people wouldnt do until much later. But looking back now, how I used to drive in my 20`s scares me, and that was with much less powerful cars. I didnt get my zed until I was in my 30`s and felt that my attitude towards driving and risk taking was more appropriate. But everyone's different and it depends on how sensible you are really.
  14. Very much like the A14 near Cambridge. There was something like 4 or 5 fixed cameras on the stretch from Peterborough to Cambridge, and yet during a daily commute it was impossible to get anywhere near the 70mph speed limit. The only time you could was at 2am coming back from an airport run or something. There were lots of accidents, which usually involved lorries. The answer? Spending £600k (if I remember correctly) on installing average speed cameras along the entire length. The result? Still loads of accidents and you still cant get anywhere near 70mph. Only people it catches are those 2am people making good process on a deserted road.
  15. Reminiscing

    I was locked into a 7.5% fixed rate mortgage for a long time in the 2000`s. This was when the rates happily dropped down to nearly nothing. In the end I paid a large penalty and got out of the mortgage and switched to a variable.