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  1. Newbie!! What's it worth

    Welcome to the forum! If the one you are looking at is a 313 HR then they are quite rare. Mine was a 2007 HR roadster and if I remember rightly there was only a couple of hundred of them made compared to the coupes. When I bought mine I had to pay a premium for the roadster as there was only 2 for sale within 100 miles of my house. I'm not sure what prices are like at the moment, but they have tended to have held their value quite well over the last few years. Checking on ebay/pistonheads/autotrader can give you a rough idea of asking prices for that year/model. Besides roof & tyres id check service history, as well as those items which need doing outside of normal servicing, such as spark plugs etc. They are great cars, I had loads of fun in mine.
  2. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    I think ive seen everything now!!!!
  3. Project Garage

    You say that, my builder actually suggested I should turn it into a 2 bed flat. He was deadly serious too! I was like "where would I keep my toys though?!"
  4. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    I bought a new BMW the day before my wedding and didnt tell the wife-to-be. I just turned up in it. Then I had nervous few weeks whilst on honeymoon worrying about my new car left sitting on my drive whilst I was away!
  5. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Good choice. When I got my car, I did toy with getting a lower model but had that same niggling doubt id wish id gone for the better model. So I just went with the better model for a start and havent looked back. You have to wait until September? It killed me waiting 10 days to collect mine, I dont know how id cope waiting 6 months! argh!
  6. Project Garage

    Rains stopped play at my place. However, ive given the builder the go ahead to extend my garage whilst he`s here (man logic and all that). Should mean I end up with a 11m x 5m (internal measurements) garage at the end of it. Tomorrows supposed to be nice & sunny so hopefully things can get moving again then.
  7. Project Garage

    Looking good!
  8. Project Garage

    The brickie my builder uses wont lay bricks if its below 2 degrees as apparently it makes the cement set a funny colour or something. To be fair to the guy, he`s not workshy, he knocks up walls like he`s been knocking back some speed.
  9. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Ah, if the loan includes the depreciation value like a PCP deal then you are correct. I assumed, maybe wrongly, that the loan was purely on the original value of the vehicle and so the OP would be paying £11k in interest and repayments on the loan, then when he came to sell the vehicle would be hit by the depreciation cost.
  10. This was mine....
  11. Project Garage

    Yeah rain has been a pain. My front garage extension and house extension are all about to kick off. Ive now decided I can extend the rear of the garage by 4m also.... which should turn it into a quadruple garage, but apparently i have to wait until the other works finished first due to planning or something.
  12. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    £297 x 36 = £10,692, plus deposit is £11,192 you are spending. £10,992 loss in depreciation. Add them up and thats £21k your loosing over 3 years. Sure some of that is depreciation, which most cars will have, albeit at varying rates. The rest is interest on the loan etc, but either way, its still £20k over 3 years. As I said, each to their own, if your happy with that then fair enough, but id be either looking at a cheaper way of getting the cash, or buying something which wouldnt depreciate as much etc.
  13. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Everyone is different, but from my perspective, your numbers are saying you will be loosing £20,392 over 3 years? Doesnt sound very appealing to me.
  14. Storage solutions

    There may well be specialist companies who can do this for you, but i suspect they arnt cheap. Do you know anyone with room in their garage? Or you can hire garages from some local councils - which might be another option.
  15. Lovely looking car! Good choice!