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  1. Or indeed with a lot of other companies - Sky TV is a prime example. Forking out £100 a month for TV, but as soon as you threaten to leave they drop that down to £50 for 12 months as well as giving you Sky Q for free, an extra Q box, plus 4k, free internet etc. etc. etc. Then 12 months later you have to go through the same process & repeat.
  2. Strange that!!!!! Just goes to show you how much profit they try to make. What really gets me is when you phone them up the first thing they do is to go through all your details again to make sure they are correct as if thats the reason why the renewal premium is high when 9/10 your details are probably the same as they were last year and its purely their greed which has caused the high premium.
  3. Are MINI`s really this bad? My wife announced last night she wants a Mini Convertible and showed me some £2k ones for sale locally. I know classic mini`s inside out, but know absolutely nothing about MINI`s. I drove one once, but that was just moving a mates gf`s car around on their drive. I remember thinking it was cute/quirky and could well be fun to drive. But then again I also remember being in a mates cooper when they first came out in 2001(i think) and thinking that the ride was terrible. A quick look online, and I think for her sort of money it would be something around 2006/2007, which more than likely will have 100k+ miles on it. Probably the Cooper I guess or maybe even the ONE. Obviously at 100k+ miles stuff will need replacing, But mechanically, what sort of problems do they have, anything major which commonly goes wrong? I know a few people on here have had them in the past.
  4. On the plus side, when you pick it up, it will feel like a rocket ship if you havent been driving it for ages!
  5. Wish I had known this when I had my zed. It always annoyed me, as a roadster it had auto down on both windows but only auto up on the drivers. Great post!
  6. They know that a lot of people just cant be bothered to shop around. All insurance companies do it - regardless of if its house insurance, pet insurance or car insurance. Old people especially seem to just assume that's the price & pay it. My parents were royally ripped off for years and years with their insurance`s by having a false sense of loyalty to their insurance companies, believing that as an existing customer they would be looked after. Whenever I get my insurance renewals in, it nearly always is twice the price I can get the same cover elsewhere and have to play their little game. Its a pain, but something you have to do each year.
  7. Awesome! I always wanted a VX220 turbo. Preferably in yellow! Not sure if I will ever get one now as the prices have gone up quite a bit over the last 10 years!
  8. Your probably right there. I saw 178mph on my ZX7R once back in around 1999 I think it was and I was about 10ft behind a Fireblade who was absolutely flat out. Didnt think anything of it at the time, was like doing nothing. Until about 20mins later at about 50mph my mate on the Fireblade overcooked a bend and went through a hedge, out the other side and started to plow a farmers field for him. He ended up in hospital with one arm broken in 2 places. I had to call 999 and get him off to hospital, but at the time the main concern for both of us was to get his bike recovered and safely home to his garage. By the time I visited him in hospital the next day, id already done a full assessment of his Fireblade and what it needed to get back on the road again and that was all either of us was worried about. I just cant imagine doing 178mph in a car though, like you and Ekona said it must be down to your brain just not being used to doing it in a car. Im sure maybe if I did those sort of speeds every time I went out in my car id soon get re-programmed. (or in jail! )
  9. Its quite odd really. Ive fell off (well highsided) a motorbike at 120mph before and you soon loose momentum and slide to a holt. 156mph in a 911 however is a different matter. I find 120mph on a bike feels like nothing. Indeed, my R1 will hit 115mph in 2nd gear. Feels stable, solid and a quick touch of the brakes and you stop quickly. However if I hit over 120mph in my 911 it feels very fast and I start getting nervous. With the mods, my car in theory should be able to top 200mph, and people do at vmax, but I just cant get my head around doing that sort of speed in a car. Dont know if other bikers feel the same or whether I just have a strange mind set. The #speedkills thing gets me. Speed doesnt kill, its inappropriate speed which does. You can be doing 70 in a 70, but if its thick fog and ice thats inappropriate. Doing 100mph on a deserted 4 lane motorway would probably be safer. That said 156mph is quite a hefty bit over the national speed limit and I cant see any judge thinking that would be acceptable. My local newspaper is forever putting stuff up where local people have done speed traps in the local villages. One the other day said 80% of drivers were speeding..... 80% certainly didnt crash, in fact noone did!
  10. Admiral was one of the companies who didnt want to know! Maybe they have changed their minds recently.
  11. Problem here is that you can only use your NCB on one vehicle. When I looked at buying a £500 old banger to run in the week I figured insurance companies would be over joyed as it meant the risk of me having an accident in my more expensive car would be significantly less. However, when I spoke to various companies, as I was using my NCB on my main car, it meant I would have no NCB on the old banger, which meant it would cost a fortune to insure, making the whole thing not financially viable. Even when I looked at so called "multi car" policies, the premium they wanted only applied my NCB to one car. I have heard of people where companies have happily mirrored their NCB on other vehicles, but no companies offered to do that for me. What I had to do several times in the past when I have needed to use a 2nd car for a week or so, is to take out temporary day by day insurance. I believe I used Adrian Flux last time. It wasnt cheap.
  12. Judge owned it! Well, makes a change from the local vicar who only used it to drive to the church on Sundays! Good luck OP, seems a very good price to me for the spec etc.
  13. When I had my 350z i would put in tesco 99 some times and v power other times. It may be psychological but i "felt" the car was more responsive with v power. I experienced the same with my 997 turbo. I actually approached the subject with my tuner when I had the turbo modified and remapped last year and he said he wouldnt touch tesco 99 with a barge pole. He said he has experienced a lot of problems trying to tune cars running it and he always uses v power as it gives better knock protection in his experience. So ive stuck with v power since. Actually filled up this morning £86. Performance cars aside, Ive always run my diesels on tesco diesel and had no problems at all. I must have covered more than 275k miles using tesco diesel, probably even more.
  14. Glad you got it all sorted out in the end. I was with Admiral for 6 years before moving elsewhere, and based on your experience it kind of puts me off ever going back with them!



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