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  1. Where the straps are riveted to the support bars started pealing back on mine. The "fix" which the Nissan main dealer did on mine was to add rivets to it. I suspect maybe someone has used a cable tie on yours to do similar. Id be tempted to replace it.
  2. Tell me about it. I washed my 911 Tuesday, first time in months and I looked out yesterday and it was covered in dust again. Less than 24 hours. It does sit outside on the drive though, but so annoying. I dont remember having this issue with my other black cars, so not sure why it seems to happen all the time now. The dust is nearly like sand or sawdust.
  3. Google own Waze, so I suspect the alerts are probably exactly the same. I've not used the google maps nav for a very long time, but does it also show accidents, broken down cars & hazards also? If so google are probably using the Waze datafeed.
  4. rabbitstew

    What do we think

    Lorry drivers do this all the time. I always wondered how do they know how much or how many times they can re-cut the tread before the tyre goes BANG!
  5. I had an issue on mine when i was only a few years old with how those fabric straps were attached to the metal rods which go over your head. On mine, the tension pulled the metal retaining bit back from the length of the bar. Nissan took it back and just riveted it back in place. Cheap & nasty fix but it seemed to help.
  6. Speed camera detectors these days are pretty much as waste of money. I have a Valentine One which ive had for as long as I can remember and is highly regarded as one of the best out there. Back in the "olden days" fixed speed cameras were all radar based and the Valentine happily picks them up from about 1/2 mile away and alerts you with virtually no false alerts. However, for the last 15 years or more all the new cameras like the Truvelo ones are all infra-red and so any radar based detector is useless against them. Thats fixed cameras. Mobile cameras are laser, and units like the Valentine One will detect this and alert you, but with laser, they only have to hit your car with it and they already know your speed before the detector has alerted you. The only way around that is laser jammers which start getting into dodgy illegal territory. To get around the modern speed cameras, some radar detector companies have branched out, adding functionality where they can store the locations of all fixed cameras and then based upon the units gps location it can alert you in advance. However, this is where free apps like Waze come in. Waze has all the locations for fixed cameras in it already as well as being an excellent sat nav app. Its driven by users who can upload any mobile speed cameras they see as well as accidents, roadblocks etc. I dont go anywhere without having Waze on in my car, its saved me hours of being stuck in traffic and I cant remember the last time I saw a mobile speed trap it didnt already know about. There are other systems, such as blu-eye which relies upon a different approach. This detects the police radios they use and alerts you. A few years back this might have been of use, but all emergancy services used the same system, so you would have no idea if the alert was a police speed trap, an ambulance or even a traffic warden. The police have since been switching their radio system to a 4G based system which will render these type of "detectors" useless. So in summary. Just download Waze an use that for free!
  7. I love my Cooper S, great fun car which you can just absolutely wring its neck. Mines probably about 220bhp with its mods and that feels just about right with its handling. Plus I can park it anywhere and not really worry about it.
  8. Guess it depends on which supplier your garage uses. ECP & CP4Less do them for £140 for the front ones, tarmac as above does them for £75. Ive no idea what Nissan charge for genuine ones but I suspect it would be a lot more.
  9. Some great pictures of my grey HR roadster on parkers website with he L66 UST plate on it.... https://www.parkers.co.uk/nissan/350z/roadster/review/
  10. My Twilight Grey 2007 HR Roadster was one of these promo cars with the LUST plate originally! I found a review online with loads of pictures of some bloke thrashing it around a track after I had bought it.
  11. Your blue wall above is correct. Its 2 metres from the ground level. You could do it slopping like in the blue or stepped. My neighbour went with the stepped approach which is what you normally would do with fence panels. I am assuming the ground the other side is on the same slope from what you said above so it should be fine. Boundry fences very often cause arguments as to where the boundry is. I was lucky that my neighbours either side have replaced my boundry fences this year at their own costs - even though technically one of them is mine. An erring on the side of caution they put the fence so it was on their land, which means ive actually gained a foot each side of garden! Result all round for me! I found my local planning officer to be very friendly & helpful when I undertook my house & garage extensions the other year. I could just call him up and ask him stuff and he would advise accordingly.
  12. I like the original 964 turbo, those lines are aweome. I have a 997 turbo and that looks more like someone took a 964 and sat on it. I agree with Attak, the later ones after the 997 dont look as good.
  13. I have race pipes on my Ducati and it is obscenely loud, but never had any issues with MOT. I have seen it where the tester has put down as an advisory that "exhaust is excessively loud" before, but never a failure. Speaking to a tester once a few years back they said (at the time) that the rules were a vehicle shouldnt be louder than a similar vehicle. He also did say that as nearly everyone has a sports exhaust on their motorbike then they do all sound the same anyway.
  14. Whilst you say Porsches dont catch your eye, the Porsche 996 turbo`s seem to be at rock bottom prices at the moment, people buying them for low £20,000`s. I cant see them ever getting below that. They have been in the mid to high 20`s for the last 4 years or more. That's a lot of car for the money. At that price you are looking at cars with about 100k miles on them which from experience is nothing. You could use it as a daily driver or a weekend toy without worrying about the mileage, sell it in 5 years and make money on it. Maintenance wise, they only need a service every 2 years or 20,000 miles. A major service cost £360.





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