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  1. Good choice, they are apparently great cars!
  2. Depends if you need it FIA approved or not. I fitted a Corbeau Clubsport XL in my Mini the other week and am so pleased with it I am thinking of fitting one in my other car. £200 also which I felt was good value. Looks pretty much the same as that sparco and comes with side mounts & sliders so its up to you if you use them or use them & a mixture of them and other bits.
  3. Get a MINI! Thats what i did.
  4. If I was a "normal" 911 owner and only used the car at weekends, Im pretty sure if I sold the car today with "normal" mileage I would have had 3 years of free motoring. Compared to the £3k a year I lost in depreciation on the cars I had previous, thats pretty good going. I think your doing the right thing, especially as you still have the love for the Z.
  5. Another plus for the Edinburgh museum, we looked around it once and its pretty interesting. I remember the technology section well. It was also free to get in if I remember correctly. (well, you give them a donation). Anyone remember Howards Way? I have the boxset of that on DVD. I remember growing up watching it, amazed at the brand spanking new 1987 Metro Turbo, mk1 golf convertable, and all those other late 80`s cars which were in it.
  6. I managed to get some time on the mini over the weekend. I fitted the new clutch slave cylinder, literally a 5 minute job to remove from the front of the gear box and swap for the new one. But then you have to bleed it. I connected up the power bleeder. One quirk with the mini`s slave cylinder is that you have to bleed it with the piston fully compressed. BMW offer a special tool to do this which isnt cheap. So I hunted around the garage to see what I could knock up instead. After trying a few ideas I came up with this.. Bit of wood, 2 very long screws and what I think was the bump stop off the old rear shocks. Either way, it worked really well! Air all bled out and now we have a clutch pedal again. To make sure, I tried a trick id read about before - I wedged a lump of wood between the drivers seat & clutch pedal and kept it fully depressed over night. Now, much to my relief, it feels like a normal clutch pedal! Phew!!! It was then very much a case of re-assembling the car again. This took me about 4 hours in total. I had to refit the radiator, hoses, then flush, fill & bleed the coolant system, had to refit the air conditioning condenser, front crash tubes, the front crash beam, front bumper, starter heatshield, exhaust manifold, lamba sensors, coil pack, etc. etc. etc. Fortunately I remembered where all the bits went and only had 3 bolts left over Then I dropped it to the ground to see what the ride height was like as I had just set it to middle of the height adjustment range and... Yeah that's bit too low I think. I couldnt even get the ramps out from under it. So I cranked it up a bit more. Strangely the back I also set at the middle of the range and yet that was loads higher, so I had to wind that down a bit. End result is: I am pretty happy with that. Its 25mm lower all round than it was when I got it, but I am not sure how if the car already had lowered springs on it or not. I need to find a stock one and measure. The picture angle doesnt show it, but its still got a bit of the stock rake forward so the back is slightly higher than the front visually. The car also started up straight away. Always a very nervous moment, and after taking a deep breath I tried the clutch out. It works perfectly. Wow. Not that I doubted my ability but I was actually quite surprised. But the power steering wasn't working now. Sigh..... drove car back into the garage, back up on the ramps (these quick jack ramps are awesome. You just sling the underneath, press a button and the cars 3 ft in the air. These mini`s have electronic power steering and I knew there was 2 plugs which I had to undo to disconnect it when I dropped the subframe incl. the power steering out from under the car. I removed the power steering fan and had a look. Much to my relief, one of these connectors had become loose. Plugged it back in, and all was good. Another big Phew! I have been using the car for work this last couple of days to give it a good test. There was a grinding noise from the front passengers side, but that turned out to be the brake disc dust shield catching the back of the disc. Not sure why that got bent, but a bit of crowbar action fixed that. Other than that it all seems sound! The verdict. Well the car now handles miles better. It really feels so much better. The shocks are just the right stiffness, nice & firm but comfortable. The old car was so crashy. Thats all gone now. Steering feels solid, precise and the car feels much more planted. I had assumed the dunlop runflats on front were responsible for all the skipping & sliding but now the car actually grips. So much so that I may put off replacing them for a while. The new drivers seat is very comfortable and supportive and even the difference in replacing the steering wheel for the later one is surprising - it feels chunkier, more sporty and the interior looks 100% better as a result. The only bad point is that the car seems to turn in too quickly. It feels like its got rear wheel steering. I suspect I need to change the adjustable rear ARB to the softer setting which is a 10 minute job when I get chance.. But all in all - it feels like a new car now. Awesome. The car even got over speed ramps at work with no stress and no bottoming out anywhere at this ride height! Performance wise, the blowing exhaust has gone so the £35 replacement manifold was well worth it, the car also actually seems to rev quicker now. I noticed that the terminals on the old coil pack were badly corroded (common issue), so I cleaned them up, which also probably helped with this. So whats next?! Well hopefully now I get to drive & enjoy it. I still need to redo the fuel-filter seal, but as long as I don't fill the car more than a 3rd its not a problem. I didn't bother fitting the quick shifter or the adjustable rear control arms yet, so maybe they will be on the list at some point. I have also noticed that the drivers side rear wheel still has less negative camber than the passengers side. I am wondering now if maybe the trailing arm bushes on that side are worn, so I will investigate that at some point. Also the rear screen`s window tint is peeling off badly, so I may have a go at re-tinting that myself. I figure if I bodge it up I will just take it somewhere & have them do it properly. I was actually quite sad as I cleared all my tools away on Sunday and cleaned the garage up for the first time in weeks. It kinda symbolised getting to the end of the project. Looking back all in all it was quite fun, and nearly everything went smoothly. Sure it cost me a bit more than I expected - I am working costs out atm and will post them so everyone can see the breakdowns. Maybe I can off-set the costs by weighing some of this scrap in? Thanks everyone for reading and I will update you how I get on with driving it!
  7. That was the scotch VHS tape advert. Some cracking adverts back then. I remember the toshiba computer one where the kid wants a computer and his dads saying dont get that one as it will be obsolute within a year and the kids assures his dad it wont be. Needless to say in reality the toshiba computer tanked. I used to like the Russ Abbot & Des o Conner hamlet adverts, they were pretty funny. Oh and the Harp lager advert with Lionel Blair. Those were the days!
  8. I have a 997.1 Turbo, manual. Had it over 3 years now and done 40,000 miles or more in it as a daily. I use it all year round and it lives on the drive. Its surprisingly practical! I have 2 kids seats in the back for when I do the school run, and when the kids have sleep overs at the in-laws I can fit all their going away toys/suitcases/bedding etc in the frunk & passenger foot well. Can get a fortnights tesco shop in the frunk also. I bought it from a highly respected indi and never bothered with any warranty. First 2 years it cost me about £250 each year in parts. (oil & water temp sensors and tire pressure monitors). Year 3 cost about £1600 if I remember correctly (clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder and accumulator). So cheap motoring. However, last November I had the car completely checked over as part of some performance upgrades I was having done and had anything which was showing signs of worn replaced to future proof it. Stuff like coolant cross over pipes, brake discs/pads, suspension top mounts etc. etc. Whilst not urgently needing doing, it made economic sense to do these whilst they had the engine out. The cars now approaching 110,000 miles and drives like new.
  9. I would avoid that first one. Its a 996 but has 997 front end on it to make it look newer. It also looks like it was off the road for quite a long time in 2018. Very often people do the 997 conversion if the cars had an accident. Id have a look on the 911uk forum. A lot of good knowledge on there, buyers guides, which garages to avoid etc. I love my 911, its been a cracking car as a daily for the last 4 years. Its not really cost me any more per year than other cars I've owned. But if ultimately you want a Maserati then it makes no sense to get a 911 in the interim. Id wait.
  10. The wet day seem dry comment is spot on, the cornering grip in the wet is just staggering. Im sure I read some sizes of the MPS4S were getting N rating finally so it might be worth checking on that. I didnt bother with a warranty on mine so no such worries.
  11. Totally agree. My 997 turbo came with a brand new set of P-Zeros on it. They lasted 14,000 miles and the car handled shockingly with them. I swapped them out for MPS4S`s and the difference was staggering. Night & Day. I could now "feel" the road and the grip is unreal. To top it up, I've done over twice the mileage the P-Zero`s lasted and they still have loads of tread left on them.
  12. Did it come with the glue? As some of the reviews on there say it didnt? For the money I might get one just to repair my tyres as/when.
  13. Cheers! yes, they appear to be made out of plastic. Maybe that's why they are only £25!
  14. Ah, good point, it may well do thinking of it. Maybe colour scheme & style of wheels can help that. Go for an old Ford colour etc.



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