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  1. Guess it depends on which supplier your garage uses. ECP & CP4Less do them for £140 for the front ones, tarmac as above does them for £75. Ive no idea what Nissan charge for genuine ones but I suspect it would be a lot more.
  2. Some great pictures of my grey HR roadster on parkers website with he L66 UST plate on it.... https://www.parkers.co.uk/nissan/350z/roadster/review/
  3. My Twilight Grey 2007 HR Roadster was one of these promo cars with the LUST plate originally! I found a review online with loads of pictures of some bloke thrashing it around a track after I had bought it.
  4. Your blue wall above is correct. Its 2 metres from the ground level. You could do it slopping like in the blue or stepped. My neighbour went with the stepped approach which is what you normally would do with fence panels. I am assuming the ground the other side is on the same slope from what you said above so it should be fine. Boundry fences very often cause arguments as to where the boundry is. I was lucky that my neighbours either side have replaced my boundry fences this year at their own costs - even though technically one of them is mine. An erring on the side of caution they put the fence so it was on their land, which means ive actually gained a foot each side of garden! Result all round for me! I found my local planning officer to be very friendly & helpful when I undertook my house & garage extensions the other year. I could just call him up and ask him stuff and he would advise accordingly.
  5. I like the original 964 turbo, those lines are aweome. I have a 997 turbo and that looks more like someone took a 964 and sat on it. I agree with Attak, the later ones after the 997 dont look as good.
  6. I have race pipes on my Ducati and it is obscenely loud, but never had any issues with MOT. I have seen it where the tester has put down as an advisory that "exhaust is excessively loud" before, but never a failure. Speaking to a tester once a few years back they said (at the time) that the rules were a vehicle shouldnt be louder than a similar vehicle. He also did say that as nearly everyone has a sports exhaust on their motorbike then they do all sound the same anyway.
  7. Whilst you say Porsches dont catch your eye, the Porsche 996 turbo`s seem to be at rock bottom prices at the moment, people buying them for low £20,000`s. I cant see them ever getting below that. They have been in the mid to high 20`s for the last 4 years or more. That's a lot of car for the money. At that price you are looking at cars with about 100k miles on them which from experience is nothing. You could use it as a daily driver or a weekend toy without worrying about the mileage, sell it in 5 years and make money on it. Maintenance wise, they only need a service every 2 years or 20,000 miles. A major service cost £360.
  8. Holy cow! Is that what they are worth now? I remember a number of years back a garage local to me had one in their showroom for £12,000 and it sat there forever. Mind you, this was about 20 years ago now. I saw a convoy of about 5 of them on their way to show last year, that was a real double take moment!
  9. Sounds like it. Noone would try to kill 2 people just to rob a house. Or at least you would think not.
  10. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!! Thats going to be a beast and 450bhp is good going! Good luck with the rest of the build.
  11. I saw this in the news and its something which is so easy to do. My wife is ordering stuff from Amazon & Next like crazy during this lockdown, plus local farmers delivering eggs, we have veg deliveries, milkman now, local bakery delivering cream cakes, plus Tesco, Morrison & Iceland. Shes even arranged for an icecream delivery today from the local ice cream man. We literally have 4 or 5 deliveries every single day. Its never been so busy, its absolutely ridiculous. I have CCTV covering every inch of the place but thats not really much use. One thing I have done is make sure the Porsche is locked away out of sight in the garage and that blocked in by 3 other cars as I did hear of people seeing flash cars on drives, breaking in and nicking the keys. My front door is a very expensive solid composite door with anti snap/pick/drill locks but thats no use if you happily open it to welcome the deliveryman/armed robber. I may have to keep a bat near the door from now on.
  12. That might actually be twilight grey like my HR was as I dont think they did gunmetal grey in the HR`s.
  13. Getting permission to shoot on land is a nightmare, very hard. I was fortunate that my old house had a garden which was about 150foot long, and was perfect for back yard plinking. Id setup beer cans at random distances and practise on them. My Aunt has a small holding and endless amounts of rabbits so I used to shoot there. I remember eating Rabbit sandwiches every day for weeks when I first went ther. Air rifle`s have become really popular this last 5 years or so and theres loads of shooting grounds now - but like you say, not open atm, but ideal for the future. Id definitely recommend the s410, very nice gun, easy to service yourself, pcp it has no recoil & you can hit pellet on pellet at 45 metres no problem at all. Buy 2nd hand and it will hold its value. The newer s510 is also nice as well as any of the Weihrauch range, but then you start getting into a lot more money & not really getting any benefit over an s410. Compared to a break barrel you will be amazed. 200 odd shots out of 1 charge. The Theoben Rapid gets like 450 shots or something stupid.
  14. Lovely! Mine was also an OU57 roadster also from Scotland, same colour as yours! Lovely colour.





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