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  1. Fingers crossed its just some sort of oddity on their website, unless they just dont like turbos now. Have to say I was pretty impressed with the quote of £280 for a stock turbo. Compared to the £900 I had to pay for my 350z a few years back.
  2. My insurance is due for renewal also. Last year I really struggle to get a decent quote on the 911 due to its modifications. Fortunately LV came in at £420 for it, then only charged me £40 to add the Mini halfway through the year. This year cheapest i've found is £280 for a stock 997 turbo or £550 incl mods. I've just tried to get a quote as a new client on LV`s website only to be told "sorry we dont insure that type of car" when I key in porsche 911. So will have to give them a call and see if they no longer insure porsche`s or if they will let me renew my policy and if so how much!
  3. If Bulb are anything like British Gas they will not even notice. Last summer BG didn't notice that my daily gas usage went from something like 50p a day to £20 a day for 2 weeks, then went down to normal. Even in winter when my wife puts the heating on full blast all day we only used £5 of gas per day. When I raised it with them, they just said meters dont lie. The fact it was working correctly now clearly showed that it wasnt a fault with the meter as they dont just "fix themselves", I must have used the gas and they transferred me to a "how to use your energy more efficiently" team who told me useful stuff like turning the heating off when not at home etc.. When I asked what an earth would I have to be doing to use £20 of gas a day in the middle of summer when it was 36 degrees outside, they had no explanation at all and just repeated their "meters dont lie so you must have used it" line. Looking back through 3 years worth of usage, ive never used more than £6 a day. In fact, my entire street combined probably didnt use £20 of gas in a day in summer. But there you go. That's customer service for you! That Tesla power wall looks pretty awesome, but like you say £10k!!!!
  4. Lovely looking car and a good price. As others have said its the wrong time of year to sell a car like that. If your not desperate id wait until spring time. But then you have to look at what price you might get in spring time compared to taking a cheaper offer now. When I was selling my HR, I found it very hard and in the end had to take a hit and part-ex it which was gutting for me, but I didnt have much choice.
  5. I have had the Milwaukee m18 fuel 1/2 impact gun for a few years now and my god its awesome. Its been a life saver when I was rebuilding my mini. Stuff like hub nuts, i didnt even bother knocking out the locking tab on them - just wacked on the 32mm socket and bang, off in seconds. Some of the chasis bolts on the mini had never been undone since they were put on new 16 years back and were rusted solid, but the milwaukee soon blasted them off. Very powerful indeed. In fact, I was so impressed with it I bought pretty much all of the rest of the M18 fuel range and have not been disappointed.
  6. Both of mine were induced, fingers crossed yours will go smoothly, but prepare yourself that it may not go to plan. In both cases the induction caused issues and we were rushed at high speed into the operating theatre where I had to dress up as an extra from Holby City and watch the panic ensue as they had to get the baby out ASAP. They don't mess about and its quite horrifying to experience. So lots of good luck there if you are going to be there for the birth. Easily 2 of the most stressful situations i've been in and I really wished they had pre-warned me of what to expect during & after. That's certainly a big moment, when you realise how un-babyfriendly your house is and have to start baby proofing it. Its amazing how fast they can move too. My youngest was walking at 6 months, but the eldest decided the best way to move about was to drag himself along like a wounded soldier until about 10 or 12 months. Still at that stage Peppa Pig is your best friend. They will happily sit there as still as a statue for hours if that's on the telly.
  7. Not much help to you as I am nowhere near the North West, but I have the Corbeau Clubsport XL in my Mini and its very comfortable. Like you, I couldn't try one out before buying so I was very pleased once I fitted it. Easily one of the most comfy bucket seats I have used. I am tempted to get some for my other cars too as they are very good value for money. One thing to note is that I went for the XL version. Lots of people recommended the XL over the normal as even though I am not fat as apparently it gives you just a bit more room.
  8. Yep guess the Mini is a BMW so you were right! Its going really well tbh. Been a cheap little runner and ive enjoyed driving a car where I can absolutely wring its neck and not end up facing a life sentence in jail. Its still got 200 odd bhp so its nippy enough. Can park it anywhere and not worry about it. Only downer is the boot is rubbish if I have 2 kids in the back. As a 2 seater though with the back seats down it has loads of room. M3 is a good car, so fair play. I didn't really like the Z4M. I looked at them when I got my 350z HR. I guess one thing which put me off at the time was Z4`s were everywhere, so didn't have that rarity factor which I was looking for. I remember actually having a bit of a race with a Z4M shortly after and performance wise it was neck & neck. The zero depreciation though or even free motoring if it goes up in value is extremely tempting and adds a whole new factor into it - which is one of the reasons I got my 997 turbo back in 2016, and looking at the prices now, it was a really good decision.
  9. Im angry looking with a shaved head and drive a mini! Some vast stereotyping going on here I think! My money would be on Cayman if you only need 2 seats. I didnt think the 350z to 370z was much of a jump. EDIT: That picture of the mustang next to the 350z, just wow. I knew the mustang looked big, but didnt realise it was so much bigger than a 350z. Makes the 350z look like an old MGB or something.
  10. I used this stuff on my black plastic trim and its brilliant, really restored it and its lasted very well over the last 12 months.
  11. Hardest bit is carrying all your gear / tools down to the carpark, then having to run back inside if you forgot anything. When I was at university, I often used to strip my old classic mini down in the car park and rebuild it.
  12. Wow, those seats look amazing! That will make the interior look miles better.
  13. I don't miss that bit of my commute at all. In fact, a few months back I moved our offices out of Cambourne up to St Neots, so I pretty much avoid all the A428 / A14 completely. I used to do A10 from Ely to Cambridge from about 2000 to 2008 and it was bad enough back then. Since then they have been building loads more houses. I used to use a bike for commuting for many years. Started off with a ZX7R, then Ducati 748S, then an R1. The same as with a car, it depends upon which bike you buy as to what sort of depreciation you will have. Running costs I found, servicing, petrol, tax and even insurance were all cheap. But id get through a set of tyres every couple of months. And whilst you can filter through traffic and would get to work & home with a big buzz as if you had just stepped off a roller coaster, the hassle of getting all the gear on/off plus riding in the rain/snow/ice was a pain. I think i've tried most options. For me I found the biggest cost per year outside of fuel was depreciation. For 4 years I ran a £700 old banger diesel. Did 50+mpg, serviced it myself. Due to its age various bits would go wrong, but in the main was cheap to run. Did about 80,000 miles in it then I sold it for about the same price I paid for it. So zero depreciation but boring as anything to drive. At the other end of the scale, I ran my zed for nearly 2 years, drank the fuel, expensive tax and due to depreciation (at the time) I lost something like £7000 over those 2 years. Nowadays, the depreciation on them is a lot less. I also looked at the 2 car option, but what I would save on fuel I would loose on depreciation & running costs on a 2nd car. Insurance especially always was the killer on a 2nd car. Besides, I just wouldn't get time at the weekend to use the zed anyway so it would just sit there if it was a weekend car. Everyone's "man maths" is different, so its really a case of putting all the numbers in a spreadsheet and working it out. Personally even when I was stuck in traffic, id love the fact I was in a fun car I loved rather than a boring commuter car and even now that's the case. And for me whilst its not the cheapest option, that "special" feeling alone is worth it.



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