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  1. Sorted Mods feel free to close.
  2. I'd say TDI North in Warrington are your best bet, if you want someone with a good reputation. Other than that any good mechanic should be able to do them.
  3. If no one wants the seat, would you remove some good sections of the material and post them ? I'll pay you for them happily. I don't want the whole seat and distance is a bit of an issue. I just need some cloth to repair my seat.
  4. Willsy1980

    Seat Material

    Strange request, but does anyone have the material from the blue/grey ish cloth seats. Just looking for a piece about 6 inch by 6 inch. Im starting to wear through on the drivers bolster and need to patch it temporary before the foam gets ruined. I know the match may not be 100% but im fine with that for now. Let me know how much and i'll paypal the money over. Steve
  5. yeah but ill do all 6, no point pissing about I don't think.
  6. Possibly the spring that opens the side bit that moves ? or the one that pops it out when you push it at a guess.
  7. Ah right, so a pain to recode ? Would have let him have it for the price of postage, sat in the loft doing nothing.
  8. Where are you based ? I have a OEM head unit if you're interested ?
  9. 6 Plugs done, 3 hours. First time i've stripped anything off so don't think it was too bad. Seems to run better than it ever has so far, need a long motorway run to see if the issue returns now... Number 6 is a right arse to swap. One thing that did 'happen' P1136 quick google 'Potentially fried ECU' Panic time. On closer inspection I didn't reconnect the cam sensor near the airbox... Safe to say, they were knackered.. Update: Still misses under load at 80 in 5th/6th Coils next I guess....
  10. Sorry to jump on this one, but getting a similar issue, drives fine upto 70ish at 80 or above missfires. More noticeable up hill. EML flashes for 10 seconds then stopped, logged P0300 (random missfire on one or more) and P0303 (Missfire on cyl 3) Ordered plugs to fit but is it more possible its the coil pack ?
  11. Id go manual all day long, picked mine up. Non GT as heard the sat nav is a waste of time, i'd ever use CC and the leathers don't have as much grip for your arse. Manual DE 19,000 miles Roadster, body work pretty much spotless barring the usual stone chips on the front £6500- Knocked him down to £6000 as it needs a new roof skin. That was 3 years ago.
  12. Thought it sounded super cheap to be honest. I will keep you in mind should the need arise
  13. Wish I hadn't looked at my old Focus ST, she was pampered when I had her, then got mistreated and abused. More advisories and fails than miles now Seems to be off the road. R.I.P Dannii
  14. Out of curiosity, is that 2k for engine out, replacement in too ? Or is that extra ?



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