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  1. Tasty collection of stuff, kinda wish I still had the 350
  2. Only thing I never liked about those was the front arches, just way too much gap. Had they done a lower cut on it then it would be perfection in a retro shell. Clio V6 meets Nans car meets Testarossa. Madness
  3. Is no one at the shop older than you able to get 1 day insurance on it and pick it up ?
  4. Sounds about right, I knew it was peanuts
  5. Don't care if they make it £3000 a year, im keeping mine and doing all I can to offset the green fleet
  6. Ouch! I get the low tax bracket on the 370 £160 ish a year
  7. Damn right, that crusty bird @*!# is lethal
  8. @12 mins or so..... But worth a watch, everything has its price too
  9. Main areas were where the quarter panel meets the sill infront of the rear wheels, over the arches filler cap area. Anywhere dirt and or water can pool really. Usually find seaside cars are the ones to avoid, salt kills everything As for insurance, you will find the purchase price has little to no influence of annual cost, a 2k Z will cost the same as a 9k Z its the up keep that will differ massively. Other things to look for are Oil level, regular services etc etc but I don't think they will be an issue on that one, seems to have had a loving home. Happy hu
  10. How much depends how you have it done, cutting them out and replacing them isn't cheap. Just sanding back filling and paint is cheaper, but it will comeback again. But to hazard a guess, either way you're looking at £600-1500 with paint and labour.
  11. From the sounds of the ad, its been quite well looked after. Good tyres on it, CSC done and braided lines so not been maintained on pennies over pounds and seems a genuine example for its age. He mentions the rear arches are starting to go again so they may need cutting out and new welding in so factor that into your budget. Other than the usual used car buying advice, its one that is probably worth viewing. Read through the buyers guide one here, go over the car thoroughly and don't be afraid to walk away. 5-7k Z's always pop up for sale
  12. Clarification on the EcuTek connect, that allows you to BT to a iPad or smart phone to control the map selection, TC settings etc. Not the actual map or license ?
  13. Going off that valuation, if I park the Nismo now. In 15 years I can ask 100k for it
  14. A member with a similar name might be of help to point you in the right direction @ZMANALEX
  15. Not much help for the battery issue, but if the steering lock is starting to fail. Pull the fuse for it asap
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