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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, at least these are a quick and easy check, if its the cat would that give a more smelly exhaust too ? The earth above the PSpump, where does that fasten too ?
  2. Willsy1980


    Someone posted up a bit of a horror story about the Pirelli's not long ago so i'd avoid those. It's also best to try and keep matching brands front to rear on the Z, it can cause unpredictable and somewhat terrible handling mixing brands. I can recommend the Rainsport 3's had those as my last set all round, about £102 for the fronts and about £125 for the rears iirc. Got 18 months out of them before they were done on the rear, fronts had some life left but would have been advisory so swapped them all. Giving the Nexen n'fera a try this time, fitted to the new Porsche's as standard so thought why not. So far, a little noisier than the RS3's and wet grip is down a little too. As for lifespan, well we shall see.
  3. Sorry to bump, but any suggestions ? Please
  4. Chernobyl was a fantastic series. I feel they could have made it considerably longer and had more on the miners and bio robots if only to give more respect to their self sacrifice. Not sure how accurate it is but I heard they got bonuses the equivalent $100 (us) each. Looking back, its lucky the disaster was not far worse, huge chunks of Europe could be an exclusion zone to this day. I've been wanting to visit for years out of respect for those who gave their lives, many not by choice, to potentially save us from some pretty horrific after effects. Needless to say, the wife has told me in no uncertain terms if I go I can't comeback.... She doesn't really understand most of it though. Going back to early in the thread, about Ulna and the 4 megaton bomb. I think it was probably worded wrong, had the core melted down and reached the water tanks then the resulting explosion from the steam would have had the same force as a 4 megaton bomb, but the fallout would have been worse, iirc with the prevailing winds etc the material/contaminated rain could have reached as far as Britain. When you go, hope you have an amazing trip and I look forward to seeing your photos
  5. Right, where to start... Few weeks back was on the M'way doing 70 uphill, needed to accelerate so powered on to 80, 85 and it missfired logged codes 0300 and 0303 Random and Cyl 3 So, thought plugs. Replaced all the plugs, they were pretty knackered looking and no oil in wells etc. Drives fine round town, missfires like hell at M'way speeds but no codes, so thought coils. Replaced coil 3 with a new NGK from Alex (only did the one as that was the highlighted cyl) Again, fine round town, crap on M'way. Today, got 5 second hand coils tested them with Mulitimeter resistance of 1.3 on pins 1 and 2 for all coils so all good. Stripped it down to swap them all over barring number 3. Had a thought to test mine on removal, all come back with 1.3-1.4 on pins 1 and 2 and the new NGK had 1.2 so all good ?? I also undid all the plugs, Cyl 5 seemed a little loose. Torqued them all back up to 24nm popped coils back in put everything back went for a drive. Drives perfect round town, got on the bypass booted it to 5000rpm in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, fine. Popped it through 5th into 6th upto 100mph (private road obvs) and it threw flashing CEL again, so stopped at asda read code, p0300 so random on 1 or more again.... so cleared it popped reader in to missfire mode drove home no issues and nothing picked up. Yet idle is fine, round town fine pulls through range fine and not logging code again. Im now stumped. Any advise ? Do I run a cleaner through it ? buy new injectors ? is it just knackered ? Sorry for the long post but im losing my mind on this now. Steve
  6. Bit of compound and elbow grease should sort it
  7. Try and get a sheet of 'Helicopter Tape' if you decide to replace it, it's much more resilient to damage. They use it on the leading edge of the rotors, so it can take a pounding.
  8. Sorted Mods feel free to close.
  9. I'd say TDI North in Warrington are your best bet, if you want someone with a good reputation. Other than that any good mechanic should be able to do them.
  10. If no one wants the seat, would you remove some good sections of the material and post them ? I'll pay you for them happily. I don't want the whole seat and distance is a bit of an issue. I just need some cloth to repair my seat.
  11. Willsy1980

    Seat Material

    Strange request, but does anyone have the material from the blue/grey ish cloth seats. Just looking for a piece about 6 inch by 6 inch. Im starting to wear through on the drivers bolster and need to patch it temporary before the foam gets ruined. I know the match may not be 100% but im fine with that for now. Let me know how much and i'll paypal the money over. Steve
  12. yeah but ill do all 6, no point pissing about I don't think.
  13. Possibly the spring that opens the side bit that moves ? or the one that pops it out when you push it at a guess.
  14. Ah right, so a pain to recode ? Would have let him have it for the price of postage, sat in the loft doing nothing.





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