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  1. Personally, think they do more harm than good. Be far better off getting a detail done and a good ceramic coating. Covers trap moisture, dust gets in, ready for you to unwrap a scratched up mouldy mess of a car in spring. Coat the paintwork, and let it sit. The sun does far more damage than a bit of rain and snow ever would
  2. Yeah was pondering just getting OEM filter, I know the K&N ones are garbage so been a little wary of non Nissan stuff for warranty purposes. As for the 5w40 I know its better for high temps, but im going on the route of changes every 5k so change while its still fresh and not end of life sort of thing
  3. Thought it would be better to revive an old thread than start a new one for the same thing... These suitable for a quick pre winter oil change ? Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-30 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil £59.44 IN STOCK Service Pack: 5 litres Oil Filter | Febi Bilstein 32099 £9.95 STOCK AVAILABLE: DISPATCHED IN 2/3 WORKING DAYS
  4. Snowfoam, without a doubt Alien Magic. Not the cheapest but the dwell time is superb. Bright colours and scented good enough to drink (please do not drink) Cleaning, pretty much only Auto Finesse. From soap to fall out remover, tar and glue, citrus wash, wheel cleaners. A selection of their soft detail brushes and a set of the stiffer bristled ones for wheels/engine bay Sealer, super quick and easy Auto Finesse Lavish. Snow lance it onto a wet car let it sit for a minute or so and rinse off. Dry and a 'Ceramic' coating that lasts a good few washes. Usually wax over it if attending a show, just for that extra pop Wax again Auto Finesse Fusion. Bay dressing, Dressel from, yup you guessed Auto Finesse. Metal bits, well the short tails, Autoglym metal polish
  5. On the 370, the textured ones are internal clips, the bumper ones are smooth, hence the part number I linked (I somehow lost one of mine) Im starting to think, Nissan just used whatever push clips they had laying around at the time, could be different on 2 cars of the same model and year 🤣 Your best bet is to just get an assortment of used ones from Alex, will have some spare too then.
  6. They are not identical, but the ones for the 370z are CLIP: 01553-09321 may be a useful point to start the hunt. BTW they are £2.45 each at Nissan Go on Ebay, probably get 20 for that price
  7. Great day out yet again, massive thanks for arranging this. Apologies from both myself and the wife, she was suffering with a headache at the llanberis stop, with 2.5hr drive home to do we had to get off. God help her when the HFC's go on and the Db's go up an notch Managed to make it home with just 45 miles of fuel left in the tank, 1+1/2 tanks used. @GranTurismoEra hope we didn't drag you off route heading home, was flashing to say goodbye, not 'follow me' 🤣 After todays period of national grief, I will return Zara from 'Racecar' to show pony with a much needed wash.... Again, thanks for organising @davey_83
  8. Cheaper ? Yeah 100% you seen the price of the Tesla mod ? £1700
  9. Anyone going to this run need 2x 370 intake boxes, come with the front extensions etc Let me know and ill bring them with, otherwise going in the tip saturday
  10. Fingers crossed I shall be joining you Sunday. Looking forward to a chilled cruise on those roads. We made the mistake of joining a Rampage Rally recently, over the Snake Pass, not 20 minutes in and a balloon in a focus RS went off at 80+ by all accounts missed a propane tank by mere feet, wrote off the home owners car, Garage, Wall, Trees and his own RS. Luck would have it, him and his wife walked away with minor injuries. Lets hope this decent weather holds out for some good photo opportunities
  11. Nah I'll just buy more HFC's if they do. That £700 will pay for the remap
  12. I've been offered £700 scrap just for the cats off mine, just need to get the HFC's fitted now
  13. I have a Nismo rear silencer, 5k on it if you're looking to do a 'Nismo cat back'
  14. Ive not gone to great lengths as such, I was doing it the hard way to be honest. Buying counter sunk M6 and Dome top M8 bolts in Stainless from Pro-Bolt, counter sunk washers in Red from Exo-sport. For things like Expansion tank cover, head lights, cam sensors, power steering tank. Im actually thinking of re-planning and replacing a lot of them, the anodised 'Red' is a little pink for my taste But the likes of Torqen do kits in a variety of colours (just didn't have red when I was doing mine) As yours is blue, there is a kit that matches yours quite well, certainly a good starting point for the swap out. Feel free to DM me anytime can send you links to bits ive used
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