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  1. How much for those cam covers ?
  2. Willsy1980

    What can I get for my budget

    Id go manual all day long, picked mine up. Non GT as heard the sat nav is a waste of time, i'd ever use CC and the leathers don't have as much grip for your arse. Manual DE 19,000 miles Roadster, body work pretty much spotless barring the usual stone chips on the front £6500- Knocked him down to £6000 as it needs a new roof skin. That was 3 years ago.
  3. Willsy1980

    Recon engine

    Thought it sounded super cheap to be honest. I will keep you in mind should the need arise
  4. Willsy1980

    Looking for my old Z

    Wish I hadn't looked at my old Focus ST, she was pampered when I had her, then got mistreated and abused. More advisories and fails than miles now Seems to be off the road. R.I.P Dannii
  5. Willsy1980

    Recon engine

    Out of curiosity, is that 2k for engine out, replacement in too ? Or is that extra ?
  6. Willsy1980

    Help with 207cc please

    Hahaha yeah, I pretty much said the same to the Mrs. She was all 'I thought you knew about cars..' the response was a simple, 'it's not a real car, it's French'
  7. Willsy1980

    Help with 207cc please

    All sorted, there are 4 bulbs plus 2 side lights and main, swapped the lot, now they work. Im guessing some sort of loop used, one out all out ? Thanks for the input guys.
  8. Willsy1980

    Help with 207cc please

    Yeah both bulbs were clearly blown and black inside, not checked voltage though. Just weird how its gone from fine to dead in a day on both bulbs. Dash indicates lights are on and no fault showing either.
  9. Willsy1980

    Help with 207cc please

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can assist with a weird issue with a 207cc 2009 Mrs was driving to work and a headlight failed (dipped) so told id get a bulb pop it in job done. On her way home the other went, so off to Halfords get a 2 pack of bulbs fit them and nope. Still not working. Checked the fuses they are fine, weirdly they have a fuse for left and right ? but all 4 fuses for side lights and headlights are fine. Main beam work and indicators. Any suggestions ? (other than burn it, or don't buy French cars xD) Cheers
  10. Willsy1980

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    Yeah pop that Stereo out, sounds like its been wired in wrong, probably just wired into a hot 12, just hope its not been butchered into the loom somehow.
  11. Willsy1980

    3D Printed Wheels Anyone?

    Would probably make a great potato masher.
  12. Hi ... have a Y section  if you need one

  13. Don't suppose you have the y-pipe back for sale do you ? Mine has just failed at the back box joint.
  14. Willsy1980

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Not surprised the 911 and 996 were cheaper than a scooby, such a bad rep on the Impreza's some deservedly so.
  15. Willsy1980

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Seen loads of mentions for the 350zed but you want LHD so maybe something from the states like a Three Fiddy Zee ?