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  1. Tesco carpark, Hindley yesterday around lunch time ish.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like it, just one of those that stands out in these more green and eco focused times. Refreshing to see that not all models are lost to the hippies yet
  3. Is it me or does that look like it was designed 25 years ago and they just decided to release it now ? Greta will be so happy, the little darling will jump for joy
  4. You can just grind down a 10mm HSS bit, leave a little point as per the first one you linked Never bothered buying a specific bit to do it. Any old 10mm HSS that's dull, rip it down on the bench grinder and drill away.
  5. Welcome along, with a combo of the haynes and member knowledge on here. You should find everything you need. @ZMANALEX will likely have most parts you are going to need too What year and variant are you rebuilding ?
  6. 21 ? I looked the other day just out of curiosity and ones older than mine and with more miles going for 26k to 32k The Mrs saw it and told me I should sell and make a profit.... I almost asked for a divorce
  7. From a personal point of view, the Nismo is night and day with the 350. Just better in every possible way. Didn't think it would be as big of a jump, but it really was. For me now, the only logical step would be to a 911 or GTR. So on that basis, i'll be in the Nismo till my final day
  8. Hi Coz, Anything you can do on the 370z coolant pipes. Don't want the full kit (bottom hoses etc) mainly the top hoses and the ones for the top tank etc Cheers
  9. Don't do it guys, sell the kids. Madonna will pay good money
  10. More deals added: https://www.autofinesse.com/en/black-friday
  11. Hahaha I know, it's like the rest of my shopping list I have
  12. They were doing £40 off if you buy 4 of the same too, so if you have a mate needing tyres the same size One order 4 fronts the other 4 rears
  13. What if we both promise to buy ?
  14. Yeah they look to be in mint condition too those, price reflects that obviously
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