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  1. B Pillars arrived, exactly as described. In Very good condition. Many thanks
  2. Sounds like a bit of a knock on that too, hard to hear over that ticking but can hear something on pick up, likely worn shells.
  3. Really tempted by those B pillars, would £200 buy them ?
  4. Some amazing photo's there, looks like it was a superb road trip all round. Such a shame people don't appreciate what we have on our shores.
  5. Probably cheaper to throw an engine in if its getting to rebuild territory
  6. No Didn't bother, issue fixed itself when I put the sort tails on Downside is, I can't hear much at all these days
  7. Only up the road from Manchester, give me a shout if your doing a bit of a meet i'll try get over
  8. Think Forensic detailing on youtube cover a few of those recently, think a decent paste wax out performed them
  9. No worries bud, they do finish things off nice. Cover is from a member trader @RDON he may have 1 or 2 left. I know stock was low.
  10. Think only the expansion tank is pressurised, I changed mine for the Nismo one and added a cover to the standard one on the rad Both from Torqen
  11. Probably the best car review i've ever read. Honest and bang on the money, as a 2019 Nismo owner not a single thing I can disagree with. Great work
  12. I don't 'protect' as such, but clean them, metal polish and coat with a spray wax and buff.
  13. Im glad someone else is as mad as I am, was on my back with metal polish on the resonators the other week
  14. As said, the 350 is a bit of a lard arse, but you can still man (or non binary) handle them on a B road. Yeah there are many things that will be quicker or more nimble on a B road. But to be honest the extra weight just means you have to be a bit better at throwing it around, just remember there could always be a tractor round the next blind one, a bit more weight and front end will serve you well
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