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  1. If you caught it early, you may be super lucky and get away with just replacing the shells. Drop the sump and see how bad it is, if the crank is marked up, then you are looking at major work. Just bear in mind, replacing the shells wont solve the root issue but will get it running again, how long it lasts is a bit of a lottery.
  2. Should be done as part of the service at a main dealer
  3. Ok. I draw the line at this. Wearing a Nismo watch in a Kia.... Where is my complaint writing pen, ill lend them my car for the shoot if they need
  4. Yeah custom made, £49.99 delivered, absolute bargain. Decent guy too, sends you the cad images etc so you can visualise it and change if needed.
  5. Ah sorry bud, wasn't ripping off your idea. Was originally going carbon, but the carbon had a flaw in it and looked really crap so he pulled it off. The colour is a BMW metallic red, can't remember the exact name but its a pretty close match to the red on the splitter and skirts etc. As for the tints, just had to go Limo tint, saves having to keep the boot cover across so no one see's your stuff Getting the lights, DRL's and splitters done next, going with a 2 part wrap on the headlights, smoked PPF for the lenses and then a dark tint over the orange indicator section, rears just smoked
  6. Fingers crossed my pipes are onsite, you can fit them while im there
  7. OEM knob was a bit of a nob to get off. I won in the end.... For sale: Nismo OEM gearknob, slightly used....
  8. Ok so some more stuff has happened.....
  9. Sorry to semi hijack this one. I assume the cats will be the same on the Nismo, can you send me the part numbers/cat codes when you swap them. Im going to get HFC's on mine but will scrap my current cats with the local scrap dealers, should get a decent bit of cashback for the precious metals, i'd expect they cover about half the cost of HFC's. But for a price I need the codes Cheers
  10. Were ? They still are However, that one is kinda cool. Based on the fact all the shite they glued to it hides the rust
  11. I stand corrected, don't know why I though Bridgestones ? All I know is they are crap But knew 100% those were not stock tyres
  12. Was more thinking if its had new tyres for some reason and they have fitted the wrong sizes, that can send the ESP mental. If factory tyres they would have been Bridgestone Potenzas. Ive never had mine flash on a dry road in 3rd at 4000rpm in a straight line, few times out of a corner if really pushing on but just seems a bit weird.
  13. Don't suppose you took note of the tyre sizes ? unless it was very wet or slick roads I wouldn't expect the TC light in 3rd doing pulls.... I'd be taking a much closer look at that Z before parting with any money, that corrosion in the exhaust really does not look right for the age and miles.
  14. Well in that case, its worth double that. Rare = ££££
  15. I assume you get the other 39 with it ?
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