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  1. Changed the valve and it’s still ticking but It was never noticeable beforehand
  2. Yea it’s quite noticeable when driving close to a wall or past cars. and as far as I know it diverts the vapours from the fuel tank into the canister or into the cylinder to be burnt off, there’s probably a more in depth description but that’s just my rough knowledge of it. Trying to see if anyone has changed it and if it has gotten any quieter , I know it never used to be this loud.
  3. Did the replacement dull the noise down? I’ve got the same on an 18 plate 18k
  4. Update:- I followed the ticking to the evap purge solenoid , unplugged it and the ticking stopped so that’s hopefully the only out of tune ticking i hear. are these always mega noisy or does replacement quiet them down
  5. I just had my 18 plate nismo serviced at Nissan and they used quartz 5w30 , I’ve started to hear knock since that service 500 miles ago, anyone ever had experience of quartz 5w30 and are dealers not ment to use ester 5w30
  6. Any way I can upload or shred a video
  7. It happens Clutch in or clutch out incase it helps
  8. Not that I have noticed, doesn’t seem to be a specific Rpm, as soon as I touch the accelerator when idle it starts ticking and gets louder the higher rpms I go
  9. I’ve recently started hearing a ticking noise when pressing the accelerator both moving and stationary, I’ve narrowed the noise down to behind the engine on the back end of it, it’s only just started the past day or two and it’s only when the revs are increased from Idle, I’m swaying towards fuel damper but looking for some other suggestions . Thanks will upload video or pictures when I can
  10. I will get some Pictures this weekend then when I’m home before it’s dark and I’ve had a chance to give them a clean and I will send you them, see if your interested . Would be rims only, I just put mps4’s on the front and they for the wheels I’m looking to get .
  11. Did you just sell them in eBay or a forum?
  12. Thanks guys didn’t realise my post had went live as I was waiting in my account registration being confirmed. That’s roughly about what I was thinking they go for, that’s plenty to get the wheels in after aswell and I will take the tpm’s out prior to sellin them then.
  13. I’m wondering what the v2 nismo wheels actually sell for, I know what they are new and what people list them for but what do they realistically go for. I have mines newly refurbed in black copper but I’m looking to sell them and get some jr3’s
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