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  1. P.S I probably wouldn’t bother changing it , they are noisy even when new you’ve probably just tuned your ears into it or heard it as you’ve drive by a wall. Can change it if you please though see if it’s a little less noisy, they don’t cost much If I remember correctly .
  2. Good to hear mate you can relax now 😮‍💨
  3. @Dave G hi mate have you tried unplugging the evap purge solenoid yet? Just out of curiosity to rule it out. Fingers crossed and touch wood it’s nothing serious! I had a few restless nights thinking about all the expensive things that it could be 🫠. I used to use Fuchs titan race pro a 5w40 , seemed to dull down any tappity noises . Maybe worth a try !
  4. No problem at all mate hope it helps!
  5. No problem mate . Here’s what it looks like https://www.z1motorsports.com/intake-mas-and-hoses/nissan/oem-hr-vhr-evap-purge-solenoid-p-11312.html And the attached image shows the general location, sits just tucked under that cover at the back of the engine
  6. Hi mate I changed my oil to Fuchs titan race pro s 5w40 (I’m sure, will check later and confirm the weight) and this seemed to dull the noise down. I know the evap solenois which sits at the back of the engine drivers side can be noisy! I replaced this but turns out they are just noisy at times, I also replaces the vvt valve incase it wasn’t forwarding the timing correctly but this made no difference. I suggest having a listen / feel of the purge solenoid while it’s running , too see if that’s similar to the noise your experiencing. Then turn the car off and remove the electrical connection on the valve and re start the car which will remove the ticking from the solenoid. This might be what your ears have just tuned into and once you hear it you can’t un-hear it. The titan race oil is ester oil which is recommended for these, I know some dealerships don’t bother and just use cheapest of the cheap so maybe a new oil And filter to be on the safe side. on another note I’m probably 10,000 miles if not more after that post and “touch wood” seems to be fine
  7. I boycotted the dealership and have since went to a garage in my area well known for Japanese servicing, repair and tuning . He recommended Fuchs 5w40 race pro for the z’s. Don’t know if anyone will back it up over the 5w30 but can see who else replies . As for the the filter I can’t comment , I used a genuine one.
  8. Changed the valve and it’s still ticking but It was never noticeable beforehand
  9. Yea it’s quite noticeable when driving close to a wall or past cars. and as far as I know it diverts the vapours from the fuel tank into the canister or into the cylinder to be burnt off, there’s probably a more in depth description but that’s just my rough knowledge of it. Trying to see if anyone has changed it and if it has gotten any quieter , I know it never used to be this loud.
  10. Did the replacement dull the noise down? I’ve got the same on an 18 plate 18k
  11. Update:- I followed the ticking to the evap purge solenoid , unplugged it and the ticking stopped so that’s hopefully the only out of tune ticking i hear. are these always mega noisy or does replacement quiet them down
  12. I just had my 18 plate nismo serviced at Nissan and they used quartz 5w30 , I’ve started to hear knock since that service 500 miles ago, anyone ever had experience of quartz 5w30 and are dealers not ment to use ester 5w30
  13. Any way I can upload or shred a video
  14. It happens Clutch in or clutch out incase it helps
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