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  1. Hi mate, I haven’t yet sorted it but since I changed to the resonated exhaust tips I can’t hear it lol! I think it’s something down in the firewall/bulkhead but I gave up. I can honestly say that I’ve had no issues with tramlining, I have spacers on it now, but never experienced it with or without those. I hope this helps?
  2. Thanks I’ll take a look at those
  3. Well I’m still running the Dunlop’s that Nissan installed when I picked the car up in Feb. keeping them white isn’t an issue as I love to sit and do things like that, plus I clean her like every 2 weeks lol. just still very unsure...
  4. RichCox350Z

    Tyre Paint

    Hi all, Whats everyone’s opinion on painting the logos/branding on their tyres? Nothing too gaudy, just white to match the car. Any pictures would be helpful if anyone has done? TIA Rich
  5. Hi all, Has anyone tried or fitted a DAB system into a 19’ 370 Nismo? It’s the one complaint I have about the car, the lack of a DAB radio in a 2019 car! Was toying with installing a kit myself as I done plenty of stereo installs in my time. any help or guides would be appreciated! TIA, Rich
  6. I had one advertised in the buying section but no worries if you’re now sorted?
  7. For Sale: Original HKS backbox from a 2019 370Z Nismo. Been ran for around 600 miles. You can see from the pictures how good the condition is. £300 ONO. Collection is preferred from SN12 area due to its weight, cash on collection is fine. Or Paypal via friends/family and I can keep it secure during lockdown. if you do want it couriered then it will be around £25-£30 postage roughly. **** Exhaust will be going on eBay shortly, so please let me know ASAP if you want! **** Any questions please ask.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone messed around with changing up the standard Bose speakers & sub that's fitted as standard in the later 370Z & Nismo's? I think the sub/bass is good - but could be a lot better. I also find some songs don't come through as clearley on the front speakers, so looking at upgrading. ideally looking for someone who has done a build or step-by-step? TIA Rich
  9. I am tempted to, but typically - the morning of going over to Nissan. It stopped. Only to return a few days later when the weather was a lot colder, and I had to do a very small journey. I'm tempted to think it is the fuel purge valve overworking aas the fuel hasn't wanred up fully yet. I think a longer journey is in order this weekend to see if it does it both before & after. Unless anyone has any other suggestions?
  10. Hi all, My 2019 370 Nismo seems to have an intermittent loud clicking noise from the back of he engine bay towards the bulk head. Sometimes does it when cold, sometimes when warmed up. I first thought it was a noisy belt tensioner, but then after close listening I can hear it from behind the engine cover/back of the engine?? No performance issues or anything out of place in the running/driving of the engine. any suggestions or previous experience with this would be greatly welcomed! TIA Rich
  11. You joke... but for the time being - that's what I've resigned to doing!
  12. Heat shields were all fine... Now I’m completely stumped.. back to the plastics I guess?
  13. So after many tedious hours hunting for the elusive sound, removing various panels and packing them with 2mm 3M foam stripping, refitting etc. I managed to find one possible culprit. 2 very annoying plastic retaining washers on the AC pipes going through the bulhead were loose. They would not re-locate so I cut the little f******* off!! Since putting it all together it still makes the vibration when engine is cold, after normal operating temp has been reached it then subsides. Leading me to think it's something metal which is expanding when hot and then obviously not making any sound. I'm heading over to a mates garage this weekend to get the car in the air so I can check all heat shields etc.





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